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  1. Nice to see EOT is going to in a place that is green and not brown dust.
  2. I found dies thanks to every one
  3. Looking for a set of RCBS .357 mag 38ps die set. Or any other good brand name.
  4. I'm on the way home from Winter Range. Will you a a check or a Bank check? let me Kown.

    1. Flaco Joe

      Flaco Joe

      Sure. I’ll take whatever payment is best for you.


      I’ll take PayPal at crocketts@mac.com, or you can send a check to:


      Scott Crockett

      2731 E Marianns Pl

      Wasilla, AK 99654


      Give me your address and I will put them in the mail tomorrow.




  5. I have a lot of non-cas guns and they set in the safe I like my 45/70's 30/30, 44mag. and SSAS guns the 223 has not been shoot in a long time.
  6. The Pedersoli can be made to fold back for cleaning by reshaping the detente notch then it will fold both ways.
  7. I would look at a Montana Vintage Arms Soule . I think the customer service is much better. I have some of each. Don't go to the cheap side
  8. Call RCBS they told me at one time they have it in there cowboy line.
  9. Congratulations to Jade Stare and Cobra Cat!!! That will make one big happy shooting family. No free lessons. Cliff some day I will give you a lesson on shooting long range
  10. Remington are the best ones to reload they are one piece plastic. I like Gun Clubs there is a lot of them around. Don't forget to wax them with pledge it also helps to clean them.
  11. I'm sure his knee will come out just fine the Doc are very good these days. I hope is not using a Doc that is in SASS
  12. I would shoot in that weather the only problem is the roads are not SAFE getting to and from the range. Gardner Kid from North Dakota
  13. Jabez owboy The 1.66 ichcs of dorp in your last post# 53. The 1.66 was that in inches or was it in MOA. I came up with a drop of about 4 inches from the firing line to the target at 300 yd. I'm just asking.????
  14. How long will the line be for the one sight in target and can you make sure every one can use it befor it is your round to shoot. I don't think that would be fair to all the shooter. some time there may not a line and on the other hand it may take two houres. DON'T PUT IN A SIGHTIN TARGET.
  15. Pigpen stick to your guns and don't change anything it is one of the best long ranges in the county. This will be my seventh trip and it always had fun. I have a set of targets like Winter Range uses and I'm not a local and I shoot at 5000 feet and 800 miles from Winter Range. I can hit 10 out of ten at home BUT WINTER HAS A BUZZER and when It gose off I cam miss some of them. Just relaxe shoot and have fun and you will do much better.
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