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  1. Yo-Ho Cholla I use to be member NCOWS back in mid 90's #433. But then got into more of SASS. Joined SASS March 1988. JRJ
  2. Just plain fantastic pilgrim. Love my Beretta rifle & Uberti Stallions
  3. Twelve mile reb y0-Ho do hope to see you at 4corners shoot this month. J&J
  4. Wow; So sorry to hear that my friend. You all take care & hang in there pilgrim. Thanks for the memories. Joe & Janet aka JRJ & SP
  5. Yo Painted Mohawk how are you & yours doing there pilgrim. Hope to see you at Border Town again. God Bless & take care. Jackrabbit & Sly Puppy
  6. Yep that's my Son & we are mighty proud of him. Great shooting my Son & congratulations. Sure wish we could have been there with yah. Love yah pilgrim. JRJ & SP
  7. What was the cost factor on these badges? Jackrabbit Joe #414
  8. Yes you are also correct on that. We must always be alert to this. Thanks again JRJ
  9. Most of the time there is a certain number of tickets made & no more added. Just saying.
  10. Lets be Kool folks everyone is not always on top of things as quick as others.. This is SASS where help is always a welcome word.
  11. A big congratulations to Texas Rooster on winning the El Patron category good shooting Rooster. Take care & see you down the road some where in time pilgrim. Jackrabbit Joe
  12. Howdy Doody Hellbender: We would like to get in on helping out with your club so count us in with purchase of ten tickets. Reply back to me via e-mail; jgp3749@cox.net Please forward address as to where to forward the gold. Jackrabbit Joe & Sly Puppy Sun City, Ariz.
  13. Bob James does excellent work. He did my Uberti Stallions. Few years ago and still working like new. Best of the Best. He also did some work on my wife's Ruger Black Hawks old model 3 screws. JRJ
  14. Yo-Ho Widder, welcome back to the good times. Take care & God bless pilgrim. Jackrabbit Joe
  15. Trailhead 2014 it was a great fun match. Wife & I had a great time. Wife 2nd Pl. LBW & Me 2nd Pl Ctl Baron. Jackrabbit Joe & Sly Puppy
  16. Well you can get them with or with out plow handle I have three others with plow handles. Don't take me wrong I was trying to help you pilgrim. JRJ
  17. Yo-Ho-James Henry Parker; Pedersoli recreated a Doc Holiday special and similar to the Uberti Stallion. Price is high though at MSRP $ 1250.00. Taylors a lot cheaper. I have a Uberti Stallion. Photo attached as to what you want it is not for sale though. Had my barrel cut to 4 5/8" and installed Birds head grip frame & grips made for same. It does have counter bored chambers. Shoots very well & accurate. Any way hope this helps for you & your Grand-Son. Taylors as I said great folks to deal with. Jackrabbit Joe #414
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