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  1. This is a photo of mine. The small lever is removable. Iver Johnson .22 caliber
  2. Thoughts & prayers for you & yours pilgrim God bless.
  3. Well welcome back into this great sport pilgrims & God bless. JRJ & SP
  4. Sent you info for James (602) 540-0682
  5. Yo Kid Rich; Bobby # (602) 540-0682
  6. sent you a Pm Big Country about a couple I have.



    e-Mail   jgp3749@cox.net

  7. Yo Big Country some more of the ends of slide. Hope this helps pilgrim
  8. Yo Big Country I have one that possibly can help you. I have to find it & will take photo and send to yah pilgrim. JRJ #414 jgp3749@cox.net my email
  9. China Camp he was a great shooter Shot. We were competitors.
  10. Yep! Getting involved into SASS then having The Wife, Son, Daughter, Son-in-Law, Daughter-In-Law, Grand Daughter all involved makes my whole day. Still have the wife, Son & his wife still involved. I always try & tell these kids that nothing better than Cowboy Action Shooting and being around all our friends cause that's what it's all about the others who are also involved. GOTTA LOVE SASS PILGRIMS: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh Haw & then some more.
  11. In 2010 at the Shootout at 5 Dogs Creek I was awarded Spirit of the Game and to receive something like that I'm proud to say I still feel good about it.
  12. Have you tried to call him? After 7pm.
  13. May he RIP. Thoughts & prayers for family.
  14. Cockney Rebel sent you a PM. Jackrabbit Joe
  15. sounds great will take it off your hand. Thanks Slim
  16. Cobra or Davis D22 derringer firing pin top one
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