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  1. I just tell the person timing me to just stick it right to my ear. God bless our old ears. Waaa, Haw.
  2. I have a Rossi Puma 16' barrel and it holds 10 .38 special at 1.50 OAL with no problems & slicker than owl crap. JRJ
  3. Get eleven .38's in the three we have.
  4. Big thanks to the wire and all involved.
  5. My QA / QC wifey checks every one & I use both the sizer & super sizer plus she gauges every one. Bad ones used in practice. Yeeeh, Haw pilgrims.
  6. That is very sad news and family in our thoughts and prayers. R.I.P. Wild Bodie Tom see you down the road some where in time.. Jackrabbit Joe & Sly Puppy
  7. Yo Goody thanks pilgrim. 11th Airborne Division 503rd Airborne Infantry Regiment Ft. Campbell, Kentucky 1954-1958
  8. Sorry to hear that Larsen felt that same way when we lost our Buzz. Take care pilgrim.
  9. Yo Kirk: Congratulations to you & your family with the news of the young uns. Its always a pleasure getting to be around you and the young uns and your wonderful wife Thanks for sharing the news on SASS Kicker & Cody. See you all on the range some where in time.. Jackrabbit Joe & Sly Puppy
  10. Arizona Cowboys club shoots at Ben Avery this Saturday May 11th. You can probably contact members there if looking.. JRJ
  11. Thoughts and Prayers out there for family comfort. God Bless and may he RIP onto other trails. JRJ
  12. Have three Ruger Old Model 3 screw unconverted, 4 3/4", Altamont grips, .38 / .357 but use .38 special only. Excellent with smooth action.
  13. Thoughts and prayers out there for you Winchester. God Bless & take care pilgrim. Jackrabbit Joe & Sly Puppy
  14. Yep that's quite an honor Matt Black Just like what Rance stated above it is some thing to cherish. Again congratulations. JRJ
  15. Congratulations Oklahoma Dee. Good shooting pilgrim. JRJ
  16. Tennis Balls , Cue balls, Eight ball.
  17. Yep those where the good old days when you threw your self down on the ground under the wagon and commenced shooting in the prone position. Yeeeh, Haw and yes remember the bed springs and jumping on those bed springs onto a horse and so on. Yep those were good days. And it still is today. SASS the only place to be with my rifle, pistols and being with cowboys & cowgirls. Yeeeeeh, Haw pilgrims. Yep, Thanks to all and Keep Yur Head Down & Your Powder Dry pilgrims. Best to you all; JRJ
  18. Use to travel to work at Palo Verde Nuke Plant and all my friends driving used CB's and I lived off the Famous Jackrabbit Trail in Buckeye, Arizona. So I used Jackrabbit as my call sign and in 1988 joined SASS needed an alias & used Jackrabbit & added Joe. So that's me Jackrabbit Joe #414. JRJ
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