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  1. Papa Dave in TN papadaveb17266@att.net. Did two for me and an excellent job.
  2. Here you go: #2 17, 221, 222, 223, 222 Rem. Mag, .30 Carbine #4 All .38 cal., 22 Jet, .224, 6 mm, 7.62x39 #5 Small .45 ACP #6 22-250, 30-06, .308 Win, .35 Rem. and others same size #8 45-70, 50 ae, 45 Sharps, 40/65, 7.65x54 Russian Hope this helps Deadwood Miner
  3. I have a Rossi 92 that i enjoy very much. Case hardened receiver, oct. bbl in .45 Colt. Use it for Wild Bunch.
  4. Millers was our favorite until Feisty and I got ripped off terribly on a take out order. Did not complain since we were 50 miles down the road when we opened the package. So, its lunch at the pavilian with my "great grand nephew" and others. Looking forward to another great match.
  5. Yes....Meant to say it will not happen with a Lyman shell holder. Had same problem with RCBS in .44 Mag. Went to Lyman and problem solved.
  6. This will happen if using a LYMAN shell holder. They are .025" smaller than all other brands.
  7. I have been a proud owner of a Stoeger Bounty Hunter by LONG HUNTER. It is the best double I have owned in my 80 years of shotgunning. Going on my fifth year of use without a problem with the Bounty Hunter..
  8. Chey-Cast Bullets - Cheyenne, WY. High quality product. Consistent in the reloader. Both coated and conventional designs. Great price. Fast and free shipping (in quantities of 2,000 or more). www.http://cheycastbullets.com. Super people. +1000
  9. Spend most of my time catching up on my long range pistol shooting with the T/C Contender and Encore at the family range. Done with the 22-250, .223 and .22 Hornet. Next on the list is 30-06, 7 MM TCU and .30 Carbine. Six more barrels to go if time remaining. I am going to pass on the 45-70 this time around.
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