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  1. I have been extremely satisfied with 4.6 gr. Clay Dot and 200 gr. RNFP in my '92 ROSSI. Also used as 25 yd plinker with .45 LC Super Redhawk.
  2. Yes it was Sunday afternoon Crowd was very light.
  3. Here is my Gun Show report as saw it: More ammo than I have ever seen, new not old inventory. Where is it coming from ? All the dealers had it at three and four times its value. Primers were at 400 + per 1000. Small guns were selling cheap, like there is an overstock and the dealers are fighting for their share of the action. The weather kept the crowd down and also the gun prices. It was nice to walk around and dream of some pieces.
  4. Randy, this weeks gun show at Lebanon, TN primers were $400 per thousand.
  5. Several months ago I received a complimentary jar of Clean Shot from a distributor and have been using it in .44 Special. Loading 3.7 Gr Clean Shot with 185 Gr Chey Brand RNFP and Fed. LP Primer. Clean burner and measures well. I will get another bottle when available.
  6. I have been with Chey Cast Bullets for years and never had any problem doing business with them. Great people to do business with. Since I refuse to pay $75-$100 for 1 k SP primers it looks like I would not need bullets for a while.
  7. Correct my statement. My BAIKAL does not have the exposed cocker. PAPA DAVE probably can still help.
  8. PAPA DAVE did a great job on mine. He also has parts and directions if you want to do it yourself.
  9. CHEY CAST BULLETS is number one in my book. They are going to selling only coated bullets. They give a 5% SASS discount and free shipping when ordering 2000 bullets or more. Great people to do business with.
  10. I have a Long Hunter Stoeger and never had a problem in five years and over 500 rounds.
  11. Slowed down considerably since I refuse to pay the locals $80/1000 for primers.
  12. I shoot 2" rolled crimp in my Winchester 1897 and regular length folded crimp in my doubles. Also in the clone 97 I shoot folded crimp. Reason I shoot 2" rolled crimp in the Winchester, it will take six shells for Wild Bunch without modifying.
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