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  1. Cherokee, my motto is "Don't Give Up". I am 92+ and shoot every match (with help staging guns) and plan to do so till a RANGE OFFICIAL says I am ubsafe. The cowboys are my real friends and it is their encouragement and my motto that keeps me going. If I listened to my doctor I would have bit the dust 20 years ago.
  2. My favorite is 3/4 oz #8 shot and Cleanshot powder #22 MEC bushing and Cheddite Primer and pink claybuster wad.
  3. I received my order two weeks ago. So far my card has not been hit.
  4. Me too, except .45 ACP-.39 Sp. back in 2002 and never regretted it.
  5. In 30 days I wil turn 92. Shot a Wild Bunch match last weekend. I will admit I had to enlist my grandson to be a gun bearer. Such fun that I cannot give it up. Two weeks till Cowboy Shoot. May 1, gives me 20 years in CAS. DEADWOOD MINER 45575
  6. I have had success with 3.7 Gr. of cleanshot in the .44 Special. Used most for Wild Bunch.
  7. Our condolences to you and the family. Your dad was a great cowboy and always found time to speak to Feisty Mama and I abou the great 1897 WSCE. May he rest in peace.
  8. Thanks for info. Just ordered 2 5 pounders for store pickup Monday.
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