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  1. I use Wolf springs throughout the RIA 1911 to use in WILD BUNCH. As per Wolf warning, I would not dare fire hard ball ammo with too light recoil spring.
  2. At the Lebanon, TN gun show last Saturday they were going for $100 a box of 20 and people were paying it.
  3. Elmer Keith was the best. He sure was an inspiration. I was so engrossed with his .44 mag. development that I almost started to eat .44 for breakfast. Bob Milek was tops in developing loads for the T/C Contender. To this day I still shoot his .223 Rem. load with 24.5 Grains H-322 and 55 Gr WWFMJ and CCISRM primer, Rem. case. Bill Jordan. Enjoyed his love for the .41 Mag. There are many other great writers that have contributed so much to the shooting sport. DEADWOOD MINER 45575
  4. To be perfectly frank, I hate the Federal 209 primers. The last batch I got had many primers were set back in the cup. In both my Stoegers the firing pins could not reach the primers sufficiently to set them off. Went to Winchesters with no problem after 900 firings. DEADWOOD MINER 45575
  5. Feisty Mama bought a pair in 2003. birds head faux ivory grip and still uses them. DEADWOOD MINER 45575
  6. At age 16 for $50 I purchased one of the first Model 39a produced after WW2. It is a "c" model Serial C-XXXX. Still have it and use it regularly at the family range. After shooting it all these years, it has never been in the shop. DEADWOOD MINER 45575
  7. Yes, I find great differences in .44 brass also especially in case length. Case in point is Hornady Brass. I have found Hornady to as much as .020" short when once fired factory load.
  8. I'm still waiting for a category for us over 90. Would like to see it happen in my lifetime.
  9. Feisty Mama has an identical set she purchased in 2003 and still used them at about 400 rounds per month until primers got scarce. Never has a problem.
  10. I have been extremely satisfied with 4.6 gr. Clay Dot and 200 gr. RNFP in my '92 ROSSI. Also used as 25 yd plinker with .45 LC Super Redhawk.
  11. Yes it was Sunday afternoon Crowd was very light.
  12. Here is my Gun Show report as saw it: More ammo than I have ever seen, new not old inventory. Where is it coming from ? All the dealers had it at three and four times its value. Primers were at 400 + per 1000. Small guns were selling cheap, like there is an overstock and the dealers are fighting for their share of the action. The weather kept the crowd down and also the gun prices. It was nice to walk around and dream of some pieces.
  13. Randy, this weeks gun show at Lebanon, TN primers were $400 per thousand.
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