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  1. As A 90 year old career bubblehead (SS) I agree 1000%. I refuse to give up.
  2. What about us 90+ WB shooters? Maybe Frontier Patron?
  3. When my RCBS puller broke the same way, I sent the piece to RCBS and they replaced it with a new part. Great customer service.
  4. About 6 months ago at a gun show I received a complimentary jar of clean shot. Great stuff and I am now working on all cowboy loads. Currently using 5.7 gr Cleanshot with 200 gr RNFP .45 Colt in Rossi 92. Yes, it is a hell of a lot cleaner than Clays.
  5. I noted when chronographing (sp) small primer .45 ACP there was 150 fps range of velocities. Careful examination of the cases showed a variationin the flash hole diameter between the three lots of cases used in the test. Velocities varied from 450-600 FPS. The results are approximate since I used drill bits to make measurements of flash holes. Cases head stamped "Federal .45 Auto NT" measured .095" Cases head stamped "Federal .45 Auto" measured .070" Cases head stamped "Blazer .45 Auto had slightly smaller flash holes than the Federal Load used was 4 gr. Bullseye, 200 gr LYMAN semi wadcutter and federal small pistol primers. Fired in 10" Contender bbl. When weather clears I will re-test with sorted brass, and mid-range loads.
  6. No cowboy guns anywhere in the show. Only lever actions were Henry .22 and .45 Colt. Marlin .22 were for sale used. Did see one used 336 30-30. The show was at the AG center in Lebanon, TN. and considered one of the largest. Most interest was in small handguns and selling like mad. People were actually in line at tables waiting to get cleared.
  7. Yesterday I attended a gun show at Lebanon, TN and noted very little rifle powder was there at reasonable prices, but no pistol powders. Some primers were available, not many and idiots were paying 60 to 80 dollars a thousand. I am happy I have an array of air guns in my toy box.
  8. Earlier this week I went to see my MD for annual check up who is also a reloader and shooter. He mentioned the local reloading shop had Federal SP primers all along at $80.00 a thousand. Who is crazy enough tp pay that?
  9. I have used 4 gr. Bullseye since 1982 with LYMAN 200 gr. semi wadcutter. In Ransom Rest it still shoots less than 2" at 25 yds. Barely reaches 150 PF. Weapon, partially accurized (SP) GI 1911.
  10. IMIS I will bring a few to the match Saturday so you can smoke them over. Deadwood Miner 45575
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