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  1. Colt Frontier Six Shooters, one piece India Stag grips from Nutmeg Sports, roll stamped barrels, (Frontier Six Shooter) black powder frame, bullseye ejectors, case colored hammers.
  2. Chas, Dose that mean you going to shoot that scatter gun in local SASS matches? I been out here 11+ years a have yet have our paths cross at any AZ SASS matches. TB
  3. This is from the SNS Casting Web site, regarding coated bullets: "Over the years, we have noticed one common theme when it comes to dirty/leaded barrels...Powders with fast and or hot burn rates. Here is a link to a powder burn rate chart. https://imrpowder.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/2020-burn-rate-chart.pdf. We recommend powders with burn rates slower than the top 15 on this list, with the exceptions being Ramshot Competition, Red Dot, and N310. We HIGHLY recommend checking out "Alliant Sport Pistol." It's an excellent, cheap, and readily available powder that is made
  4. Like father like son, two winners, nice shooting boys! TB
  5. Match results for the California State Championship are posted here: https://fe50a452-0ae8-4703-9ba9-a04d723acb30.filesusr.com/ugd/7edfb5_c86d3b45a2a44f66b9e869c13bc0e2a6.pdf
  6. Congrats to Leadfinger, great SASS shooter and a great guy! TB
  7. Winchester Serial # listig shows 1939 manufacture: 1939-866938 1940-875945 Looks to be in nice condition after the re-blue. TB
  8. From Palo Verde's web site, he is the premier "73 mechanic here in AZ: "The ’73 will likely lever smoother and your Marlin or Rossi will likely feed better. Personally, I like around 1.530 in a .357 case with a broad-pointed RNFP bullet. The narrow pointed, truncated 105g bullet in a .38 case can be problematic in some rifles if loaded to .38 spl OAL. Some Marlins prefer around 1.510”OAL, others like up to 1.570”. Most Rossi’s like around the same length. Marlins can be very sensitive about the over-all length and, reportedly, sometimes the shape of the bullet." TB
  9. The rear sight was not standard from H&R, someone added it to the rifle, it is required to shoot in some of the SASS long range military rifle matches as they will not allow the use of a tang sight in those matches. I have one of the officers rifles made my H&R in 1973. TB
  10. I have a local pard that has a couple of 20 gauge SKB's for sale, send me a PM if your interested. One has been worked over by Johnny Meadows, and he has another one is a stock gun. BTW there are 20 gauge Winchester AA shells available in low noise, low recoil, just like the 12 gauge ones. TB
  11. I would also like Fast Eddie's contact info. I have a SKB 100 with some issues.





    1. Krazy Kajun

      Krazy Kajun

      Sent you a PM with info


  12. Are you interested in buying the lightning that I posted pictures of. Seems like just what you were looking for.



    1. Moe T Vator

      Moe T Vator

      Howdy Bill!


      Sorry for the delay. I am bouncing all over the country getting ready to go. 


      Yes. I’m very interested. Gun looks like it’s exactly right. 


      Would you take $425?


      Please call or text me as I am away from my computer most days. 





    2. Turquoise Bill, SASS #39118

      Turquoise Bill, SASS #39118

      Sorry sold it locally for the $475.00



    3. Moe T Vator

      Moe T Vator

      No worries. 

      Please keep me posted if anymore come across your path. 

  13. Hey Dorado,


    I would like to buy a half dozen of the pistolero pins for some pards in our local club.


    Can you email me a price and how I can send funds. Paypal OK or I can send you a check.




  14. Hey Folks, I don't know about you but I have a great deal of pleasure shooting with great people in this game. I am always willing to "give back" by helping out when I can. Those of you attending Winter Range next year (February 2018) consider helping out on Wednesday Feb. 21 for a couple of hours and enjoy the company of the people shooting all of the side matches. Please consider volunteering. please complete the attached form, scan it an email it back to me. turquoisebill@cableone.net WR2018Vol.Form1.pdf
  15. Caddo Kid, Consider yourself & Mack Hacker volunteers, I'll email you more info as we get closer, here is the form. Fill it out, scan it and email it back to me pard. turquoisebill@cableone.net Thank you! WR2018Vol.Form1.pdf
  16. Mike, 


    Any interest in an original Vaquero, blue/case color frame, 4.62 barrel length, shot very little, lighter springs installed, free spin paw, with original box, $500.00



    1. Mudflat Mike, SASS #20904

      Mudflat Mike, SASS #20904

      Non right now, everybody up here is looking for the smaller models


  17. Jabez Cowboy, Just so my simple mind understands this long range calculation, if I am sighted in at say 5,000' elevation and WR is say 1,500-2,000' that's a change of lets say for simplicity -3,000' how much of a drop or change should be expected? Thanks for this info, TB
  18. Mudflat, I you would like I can purchase a case for you at Walmart, I'll send you the amount and you can send me a check. Let me know, TB
  19. New Britain is the home of Connecticut Shotgun, Stag Arms, and World headquarters for Stanley Tools, owners of Dewalt, Back & Decker & recent acquisition Craftsman. TB
  20. Well Larsen, they may have some success as it is nearly impossible to get new SAAs out of Colts. They indicated they are affiliated with CT Shotgun, very high quality shotguns made in CT. I wish them success, the pricing is right in line with the MSRP from Colt on there SAA's if you could find one to buy! TB
  21. Sig is now in New Hampshire, large presence here in the US. Most likely the pistols will be manufactured by US labor, in the US, Make America Great Again! TB
  22. Charles, Already got you on the schedule for the mid day shift, we will be sending out a copy soon. Thanks for volunteering, TB
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