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  1. The rear sight was not standard from H&R, someone added it to the rifle, it is required to shoot in some of the SASS long range military rifle matches as they will not allow the use of a tang sight in those matches. I have one of the officers rifles made my H&R in 1973. TB
  2. I have a local pard that has a couple of 20 gauge SKB's for sale, send me a PM if your interested. One has been worked over by Johnny Meadows, and he has another one is a stock gun. BTW there are 20 gauge Winchester AA shells available in low noise, low recoil, just like the 12 gauge ones. TB
  3. Classic Laser Works, Taz & Single Rose. http://www.shootingbums.org/klassiclaserworks/ TB
  4. Recently learned of the passing of Lobo Joe, long time Arizona Territorial Company of Rough Riders and range master at Winter Range. I first met Joe when I came to Winter Range in 2007, in 2010 he asked be to be a posse marshal at WR. I enjoyed working with Lobo, I always thought he keep the shooters in mind and was a great asset to Winter Range. He will be sorely missed. See you down the trail Lobo Joe. TB
  5. Check out the SASS home page, there are links to Mernickle as well as a number of fine leather makers; https://www.mernickleholsters.com https://www.sassnet.com/Links-Main-001A.php TB
  6. Click on the rifle configuration you have i.e. 1866, 1873 etc. it will bring up a parts schematic, find the part # from the schematic and look for the part listing and price.Straight stock and pistol grip stocks are not interchangeable. VTI will usually respond in 24 hrs. as to availability.
  7. https://www.vtigunparts.com/store/shopdisplaycategories.asp?id=106&cat=Rifles VTI TB
  8. Old # 4 has some Browning BSS in his stable for sale. I found one at a local gun shop and had Old # 4 work his magic on it, am getting mine back from him this weekend. I have been shooting SKB's for the last 3+ years. Only problem I have had is the one I had converted to mechanic triggers would occasionally not cock the barrels after shooting and re-opening. I had it converted back to the original inertia trigger system problem when away. I have since sold it, and acquired another one that was untouched. I had Persimmon Dan work the gun over (it's 100) and it has become my main match shotgun.
  9. FYI, Looks like Ruger has had a price increase recently, the current price for a NMV is $829.00. They are in very tight supply. TB
  10. Johnny, There is a guy up here in Chino Valley that replicated the shotgun targets that DS Welding was making. We bought some a few years ago from him. I'll look up John's phone number, and email it to you. He builds first quality stuff. His business name is Arizona Bullet Casters, he also builds custom long range rifles. TB
  11. Merry Christmas to all of our fellow SASS shooters.
  12. Mudflat, We are still negotiating with Ben Avery for the final dates, probably first week of March, but that has not been nailed down as of yet. As soon as we know we will get it up on the web site. TB
  13. Here is some sound advice from one of the premier SASS lever action rifle gunsmiths. Palo Verde Gun Works, PV himself: "If your rifle is a .357, it may like ammo loaded between 1.510 and 1.550” over-all length. The ’73 will likely lever smoother and your Marlin or Rossi will likely feed better. Personally, I like around 1.530 in a .357 case with a broad-pointed RNFP bullet. The narrow pointed, truncated 105g bullet in a .38 case can be problematic in some rifles if loaded to .38 spl OAL. Some Marlins prefer around 1.510”OAL, others like up to 1.570”. Most Rossi’s like around the sa
  14. Hoss, I think that will work fine for you, heck you can always have it converted to mechanical triggers if you find a need to do that. Never had a problem with the inertia trigger system during a match. TB
  15. BTW, I have been using Federal Low Noise, Low Recoil, AA12FL8s in all of the SKB's no issues with inertia trigger system. TB
  16. Hey Hoss, Nice shooting with you last year at Comancheria Days last year, had a fun time on the posse, great match. I have 2 SKB's one is set up with mechanical triggers no problems, if you remember I shot one at Comancheria Days last year, a number of times it was not cocking the barrels, I would have to reopen it and close it to get it to fire. It also had been set-up with mechanical triggers. I had that gun switched back to inertia triggers and the cocking issue when away. I sold the gun last year and had another one set-up from scratch by Persimmond Dam with inertia triggers,
  17. Got it Bootless, I responded via email. Let me know if you didn't get it, I'll prepare the brass for shipment. Thanks, TB
  18. Lets give Bootless a couple of days, if he does not respond the brass is yours. I'll PM you with my address for payment. TB
  19. Hey Bootless, I have 300 used pieces of 44-40 brass, mostly Starline but other brands mixed in. How about $60.00 shipped to you. Let me know, turquoisebill@cableone.net TB
  20. I have some, let me check to see what I can part with. Probably 1,000 used if I have them. TB
  21. Throw that thing away and get the Hornady Cam Lock bullet puller. I've pulled hundreds of cowboy pistol and rifle bullets with it on my single stage press, 10 times faster than the hammer type bullet pullers. https://www.hornady.com/reloading/presses/lock-n-load-accessories/bullet-pullers-bullet-collets/#!/ TB
  22. Yes, when the national championship moves to Oklahoma they will use their own stage designs. I understand the match will still be called Land Run. We will use our constructed stages for EOT.. TB
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