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  1. No, I have a plethora of .44-40 firearms, rifles, revolvers & plenty of ammo. TB
  2. There are a number of threads going independent of this one, I tried to start one in hopes others would add to it. Oh well, it should be a great chance to get some bargains. Lots of guns and cowboy stuff. See ya all on Thursday night! TB
  3. Here is a link to the man that builds race rifles, Palo Verde, check out tip #6 https://pvgunworks.com/palo-verdes-tips/ TB
  4. Johnny Meadows, Unfortunately Navy Davey has made arrangements for purchase, if the deal goes sideways, it's yours. TB
  5. More Shotguns for Sale at the Winter Range Swap Meet: 1) SKB 100, 20 gauge, complete action work by Johnny Meadows, 18-1/2" barrels pistol grip stock, $1,100. 2) SKB 200 E 20 gauge, English style stock, (straight stock) complete action work by Johnny Meadows, 20" barrels, $1,300. 3) Winchester 1897, Black Diamond, pretty much stock, barrel has cut it has choke tubes, nice condition, $600. These guns will be at the swap meet for examination. TB
  6. I think it's time for the moderators to close this thread before it goes completely sideways! TB
  7. A "P" was earned when the shooter fired 7 rounds at the plate rack as the stage instruction clearly state 6 rounds on the plates, if 2 plates should fall by a gust of wind or act of God, or the adjacent shot, the shooter still has to fire 6 rounds, not 5 or 7, 6. TB
  8. Sir you are incorrect, the specific stage instructions state engage the plates on the rack with 6 rounds THEN, alternate with 4 rounds on the the 2 buffalos. TB
  9. Hey PaleWolf, I wrote the stage. The shooter was instructed to engage the bell incorrectly by the TO, I was not on that posse. He was given bad instruction by the TO, there was no need to engage the bell! I understand he was given a re-shoot for that reason. My call was “P” & 1 miss. Missed shots on the stationary targets are designated as misses in the stage instructions. TB
  10. Kingsnake, Thanks for posting the actual stage instructions. As one can see the instructions were clear, engage the 6 plates on the rack with 6 rounds, then alternate for 4 rounds on the Buffalos. Shooter chose to re-engage the 5 plate after missing it, hence firing 7 rounds a the 6 plates, that's a P for not following stage instructions, that left him or her only 3 rounds left to fire at the Buffalos so hence the Miss. The shooter had an opportunity to make up the 5th plate they missed while engaging the plate rack by engaging the bell with the shotgun. They chose to shoot re-engage the 5 plate, "P" Can't be any clearer! TB
  11. The instructions were engage the 6 cowboys with 6 rounds, if the shooter fired 7 rounds at the 6 cowboys, that’s a P, and a miss for not engaging the Buffalos with 4 rounds. TB
  12. We will not start the swap meet early in fairness to our vendors who are open until 5:00, we ask people to wait until 5:30 to set their goods out for the swap meet. TB
  13. Hey guys, please follow the rules of this forum and abide by all applicable firearms laws. If your going to list firearms and other stuff please put prices on the items. TB
  14. Feel free to add to this thread if you going to the swap meet and feel free to list what you will have for sale. Yee Haw! TB
  15. If it doesn't sell at the swap meet I am willing to ship it to your FFL if he can accept shipment from a private party. The shipping cost will be on you, just what it cost me to send it via UPS ground. TB
  16. At the Winter Range Swap meet, Thursday February 27th, starting at 5:30 PM I will have a TTN hammered double for sale, made race ready by Johnny Meadows, all the usual stuff.$550.00. Also Norinco, 1897 Winchester clone, action work by Coyote Cap, set-up to feed from the mag tube for Wild bunch, very nice condition, shot very little, $450.00. In God we trust, all others bring cash. See ya at the Swap Meet, TB
  17. Hey Grizz, I'll hold the money and make sure Rattlesnake Slim doesn't buy you something that you don't need, Oh yea, Need has nothing to do with it. TB
  18. Hey you forgot Whiskey Row Gunslingers, Sunday February 9th, shoot'n and hollering starts at 10:00 Here is a link for you snow birds to find the range. https://yavapairecreationleague.net/info.php TB
  19. The Winter Range Swap Meet is open for competitors, conventioneers and vendors/sponsors to sell anything cowboy related they want, anyone can buy but you must have a badge as registered competitor, conventioneer, vendor/sponsor to sell at the swap meet.
  20. Hey pards, Thursday night February 27 starting at 5:30 one of the largest cowboy action shooting guns & equipment swap meets will take place at Winter Range in the main tent. Come in and shop have some fun there will be some great buys as there have been over the last couple of years! TB
  21. The Smith Shop sells a hardened set. http://thesmithshop.com/springkits.html Scroll down to the bottom of the page. TB
  22. AG, If you would ask at our weekly breakfast I would have told you that the majority of us that shoot .357 rounds from the rifle are using a 125 grain RNFP bullet. aka Roby DaVault, Addie Rose, etc. TB
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