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  1. Hey you CCI small pistol primer users, any issues with them used in Ruger Vaqueros? I found some new old stock in my reloading room recently (4,000 of them) figured I would try them in my revolvers, still have plenty of Federals for my slicked up '73s. TB
  2. Hey Buddy, You might want to post what caliber those RCBS dies are. TB
  3. I don't believe the repros were ever offered in a saddle ring carbine configuration. Cimarron offers one in the Crossfire Trail Configuration https://www.cimarron-firearms.com/products/long-guns.html?caliber=5754 Taylors offers one in a 26" barrel length, no saddle ring carbines https://taylorsfirearms.com/long-guns/cartridge-rifles/1876-centennial-rifle.html TB
  4. Thank you, I'll be sure to put them in the display soon. I also got the period correct bandolier from Fallon yesterday, it's dated 1902! TB
  5. A few dummy rounds would be great, maybe 4 or 5. You can bring them to the next match if you want or drop them off at the Heritage Center, its open Thursday through Sunday 10 AM to 4 PM, tell who ever is on duty that they are for me. Thanks
  6. In Prescott, AZ we opened a Western Heritage Center about a 1.5 years ago. We have a Rough Rider display there with a Krag rifle. I would be willing to pay for the shipping if someone has a a few .30-40 Krag rounds they would be willing to part with. They would make a nice addition to the rifle in the display case. TB
  7. Congrats to the both of you, good thing there wasn't movement between the shotgun targets. I am afraid if there was the student would have bested the teacher.
  8. Browning BSS w/ 20" barrels ≈6 lbs. SKB 200 w/ 20" barrels ≈5.5 lbs. SKB 100 w/ 20" barrels ≈5 lbs. These are taken from a bathroom scale, I do not have the means to weight them in pounds and ounces. Weights are approximate reads off the scale. TB
  9. I have 2 SKB's a 100 which has the factory inertia trigger system, I shoot Win. Low Noise/Low Recoil out of it all the time, never had a problem with the trigger system. The other SKB is a 200, which has been converted to mechanical triggers, works fine. I also have a Browning BSS, it's a little heavier than the SKBs, works fine, I do feel it does not open up as wide as the SKB's other that that, I shoot them all at various times. TB This topic should be moved from the classifieds to the forum!
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