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  1. Virtually the same, both made by Uberti, without the name on the barrel stamping you would not be able to tell them apart. I've had both. TB
  2. Moe T Vator, You snooze you loose, lightning revolver is sold! TB
  3. Are you interested in buying the lightning that I posted pictures of. Seems like just what you were looking for.



    1. Moe T Vator

      Moe T Vator

      Howdy Bill!


      Sorry for the delay. I am bouncing all over the country getting ready to go. 


      Yes. I’m very interested. Gun looks like it’s exactly right. 


      Would you take $425?


      Please call or text me as I am away from my computer most days. 





    2. Turquoise Bill, SASS #39118

      Turquoise Bill, SASS #39118

      Sorry sold it locally for the $475.00



    3. Moe T Vator

      Moe T Vator

      No worries. 

      Please keep me posted if anymore come across your path. 

  4. I believe the grips came with the pistol, it belonged to a shooter's wife. The shooter has passed on and the wife asked me to find a home for it for her. She bought it new and shot it very little, she did not shoot any SASS matches. Are you coming to Bordertown down in Tombstone in a couple of weeks? I'll be there. TB
  5. Here are the photos of the lightning, price is $475.00 shipped from my FFL to yours. There is a little bluing wear on the end of the left side of the barrel, and a few very minor scratches on the cylinder, No real turn line however. Let me know if you need more pictures. TB
  6. I have a lightning in 38 Spl. for sale, like new I the original box with paperwork. It’s the 4-3/4 barreled model, like new. I’m at Eldorado in NV until Sunday. I will post pics when I get home. TB
  7. Any chance you can post a pdf of the stages as one file? There are some good ones in there, we're always looking for new ideas. TB
  8. 1. At Winter Range & Bordertown (AZ State Championship) it is shot on the same day as the other side matches. 2. Winter Range & Bordertown charge $15.00 for the long range events. 3. It can take up to 5-7 minutes per shooter to complete the course of fire, (time to get set-up, shoot and get the next shooter to the line) 4. First is the # of hits, 2nd is total time to shoot it, very rare to have a tie. 5. One time through for score, if time and space permits, may shoot again for fun. TB
  9. Yes, they are steel bases, I used them in my TTN hammered double for a number of years. I started to have issues with the bases separating from the plastic hull, rendering the double into a single shot shotgun. I stopped shooting them about 4 years ago. TB
  10. You can buy the 1st Generation of the Apple iPad Mini's completely refurbished on Ebay for around $100. They are running IOS version 9.3.5 which ACES runs fine on. I bough a couple of these units over the last year or so to have as back-up. ACES runs great on them. Here is one of the units on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-iPad-Mini-1st-Gen-16GB-Wi-Fi-7-9in-Black-Gray-Silver-Grade-A-R/201313350869?epid=174178089&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item2edf35f4d5:m:mr90AFQI5Mo_EGan79ajhRg:sc:USPSPriority!86305!US!-1&enc=AQAEAAAB0BPxNw%2BVj6nta7CKEs3N0qXVrnRzbQdFXcvB2GnU3eAme%2F9mGyMT1Dw4iyq7B5vp7OTIjVIqFjieCQ%2BNf0rMdKV8OseLyU%2FTxRtsH%2FXNWzWqM9hnUGWonJcP4EQccwFnwAlMFpfGSSjSELg2DsLtecRzVhWfKE3DAzQZ3IotbNgNmV7MoVtJsU4sFtmHefF2x3VCX3ZUbQnMFpEFRx1FS%2FOIPCe%2FNmafG4f9w6poB5qL%2F3xqDDNGk6acvqG8RxrkMXUGPEH05LIztiYrTtSoRYI8bqBfbAURjfC1CObltTFj%2B1qJnUIKFX3HyRBps7N7W6qXkAnVMXoIv6%2FPNAVY6tYwgX%2F0X%2F0ZcP7Gl22zKAj%2FQbRN4TX1MwIIINdpb4FXkV2q4LnXDuRSYi8o0VVlTUsGEn%2B%2FpEnugon3M2psX0%2FR2BcTHQibpyuni%2FV4HmsvDPofBpM92Z%2FhkG3srOFjOz814rrGrMXMJP2nKBhDYQB5pc2pKYjfJZxnR0GfniKPc8fCHALGUFJ%2FEgOr907Iov2tIgZIoaDR2V2rj5qRZKmUUfn0G%2BQkYD%2FEBisTV9vBw4DOYMLlGJPlGn6S%2BHnwObtzS8FGMaPsQzGtbEt%2BtMA7&checksum=2013133508692d6ad72ee2a04470b6efcbf4ec35708a TB
  11. Here is the link to download ACES if you want to use that. http://acesscoring.com/download TB
  12. Which program are you using ACES or Practiscore?
  13. The are .pdf format, easy to post to a web site. TB
  14. Totes has is right, we have been using ACES with the HooToo portable router for over 5 years. Plenty of battery power to use on the range. Follow Johnny Longpants instructions and you'll be fine. Here is link to Amazon for the current version of the HooToo portable router. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074LHG47K/?coliid=I15LIL8UPZOQUM&colid=28FJLN0C4LP6E&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it TB
  15. No SB, wouldn't want to take your spot, too big a spot to fill!
  16. Are you all set with Posse Marshals? Have been one for the last 3 years, have not been called to do so. TB
  17. $10.00 for members of the parent club, $15.00 for non-members, under 18, shoot for free! TB
  18. I am assuming the gun is stock, no action work done. TB
  19. It was supposed to have been short stroked by someone in OK, he is going to contact the gunsmith. Don't know what other work he had done. TB
  20. It was a '66, only been shot a few times, not sure when the shooter had cleaned it last, but the firing pin extension, and firing pin came back at the shooters hand, it appears the small pin that connects the firing pin extension to the bolt broke upon the out of battery discharge. Shooter indicated that the lever was bent after the occurrence. Speculation that it was a bad round that failed to chamber, fiddling with the lever to try to get the round to chamber set off the primer and resulting round. Scary, fortunately the shooter's thumb was the only injury. TB
  21. A pard of mine out here in Prescott, AZ has a nice one for sale, includes marbles peep sight mounted on the tang with both screws (tang has to be drilled and tapped for that rear sight) and a Lyman globe front sight with changeable apertures, he is also including dies, bullets and some loaded rounds. He is asking $950. for the package. It is a JM stamped gun next to new condition. TB
  22. ARC, I sent you a PM regarding the match on 8/11. TB
  23. As stated earlier, come to one of our Whiskey Row Gunslinger matches, all of your reloading questions will be answered by seasoned shooters who have been doing this a long time. I have helped a good number of shooters get started on reloading. The components are readily available, most locally. We usually try to put a bullet order together for 10,000 bullets at a time, every couple of months, people can pick the caliber, weight and shape of the bullets, mix and match to reach 10,000. Most of us are shooting SNS Casting's coated bullets. https://www.snscasting.com TB
  24. Well, I was the club contact, i.e. Whiskey Row Gunslingers, here in Prescott, AZ that he chose to contact. When I made it clear that all the clubs here in Arizona generally have a round count of 10, 10, 4, he was surprised to find out he needed a 2nd pistol and a shotgun to compete. While it seems accommodating to let him reload one pistol to complete in a local match it's very unfair to the rest of the shooters on his posse, as it would make for a very long day for him as well as everyone else. He admitted he failed to do adequate research before he jumped in to the game. I invited him to come to our monthly match and talk with the shooters before he gave up his desire to shoot in this game. As of yet he has not taken the opportunity to visit a local club. I told him we certainly could fine some equipment for his to use on a short term basis but he had his own reasons for not shooting a 2nd revolver and a shotgun. He was also informed he would need a shotgun belt to hold his shotgun ammo and probably need a gun cart to transport his gear. He seemed quite surprised at those suggestions. I directed him to look at the SASS shooter's handbook. Hopefully the Arizona Range Captain reconsiders his decisions. TB
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