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  1. For those of you that registered for EOT 2022 watch your email for information on registering for EOT 2023. The EOT 2023 Shooter Application will go live on the EOT web site (endoftrail.org) on August 15th. Yea Haw! TB
  2. Two names come to mind, Old #4 and Johnny Meadows, both of which are located down around Tucson, AZ. TB
  3. I am sad to report that Judge U Harshly aka Bill Cookman, has headed for the final round-up. He was always fun to shoot with and his humor keep everyone in great spirits. It was my pleasure to get to shoot with him and enjoy his company. Here is a fitting poem as a tribute: A Cowboy Psalm Dear God, only You know when I'll reach the end of my trail, So I want you to know I'm grateful. A hundred times I've been thrown by life And a hundred times You've lifted me back in the saddle. Every morning I see Your smile in the sunrise over the prairie And taste Your breath in the sage on the wind. You put the aches in my bones at sunset to remind me that I'm still alive, And the stars in the midnight sky to keep me humble. I know that You love me. When I've thirsted You've been my drink And Your words have been my bread. You catch me when I tangle my spurs, You keep me from taking the crooked path. You gave Your Son for my immortal soul. And I know, Lord, that when I am judged You won't care how long I stayed on– But how well I rode. ©Copyright2002 Boston John Doucette
  4. Most major matches will require you to register the motorized gun carts. I know at EOT this year they required a special permit, no cost but had to be approved. TB
  5. EOT, now at the former site of Winter Range, which was always a lost brass match. With 750+ shooters for the cowboy match and 36 posses with 20 to 21 people on each, there is not time for picking up brass for each shooter. Considering the cost of attending the match, (match fee, travel, lodging, meals, etc) the cost of the brass is minuscule. TB
  6. EOT 2022 Wild Bunch Stages Final Jan 28.pdfThe Wild Bunch Match was 10 stages this year and I believe it will be 10 stages in 2023, here is the Wild Bunch Stages from 2022, it should give you a round count. As the main match is 12 stages, average round count; 10-10-4, with a couple 10-10-6, or 10-10-2, just figure on 10-10-4 you should be OK. Don't forget the 4 stage warm-ups and the side matches on Wednesday, maybe some more ammo for those. TB EOT 2022 Wild Bunch Stages Final Jan 28.pdf
  7. He might have one in 20 gauge that has not been worked on. TB
  8. Mezcal, Charlie, If you are looking for an SKB in 20 gauge, contact Johnny Meadows, I believe he has some. TB
  9. Carnival annual match at Lincoln County Lawmen, (RI), standard 10-10-4, rifle and pistol sequence shot through windows, shotgun shot through a window that was askew (like 30° off of the level) the first shotgun shot engage the knockdown which had a chain attached to it which then pulled back the lid on a box with a helium filled balloon in it which you engaged through the weird window, then 2 more knockdowns from the right side of the stage front. TB
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