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  1. Browning BSS w/ 20" barrels ≈6 lbs. SKB 200 w/ 20" barrels ≈5.5 lbs. SKB 100 w/ 20" barrels ≈5 lbs. These are taken from a bathroom scale, I do not have the means to weight them in pounds and ounces. Weights are approximate reads off the scale. TB
  2. I have 2 SKB's a 100 which has the factory inertia trigger system, I shoot Win. Low Noise/Low Recoil out of it all the time, never had a problem with the trigger system. The other SKB is a 200, which has been converted to mechanical triggers, works fine. I also have a Browning BSS, it's a little heavier than the SKBs, works fine, I do feel it does not open up as wide as the SKB's other that that, I shoot them all at various times. TB This topic should be moved from the classifieds to the forum!
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