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  1. Gunbroker.com usually has some for sale. TB
  2. Totes, One thing about the Browning BCPR they are really made to shoot black powder. I have shot both, the traditional hunter and the BCPR, when I lived back east. I would suggest if you going to shoot smokeless look for a traditional hunter in either 38-55 or 40-65. Certainly the 40-65 will be more affective at longer ranges (beyond 300 yards). I have a smokeless load for both, depending on what you do, you can PM me and I send them to you. Enjoyed shooting Comancheria Days with you guys last year. Hope you make it to Winter Range, it our 30th Annual. TB
  3. If the revolvers are staged on the prop at the start of the stage they must be returned to leather at the end of the revolver string unless the stage instructions indicate they may be re-staged on the prop. SASS stage conventions. Shooter will earn a “P” if the are not returned to leather. TB
  4. Ace, I have a bunch of old cowboy tunes if you have something that will play from a blue tooth device. I can load them on my iPhone and then we can send them to the sound system via blue tooth. TB
  5. Sold to Barry Sloe, pending rec' of funds. Barry, I sent you a PM. TB
  6. https://pvgunworks.com/palo-verde-73-unjammer-tool/ TB
  7. You must have booked the economy room, you get a set of linen when you check in to make your bed, you have to bring your own soap, hot water is extra. My room comes with all of the those amenities. Heck there will even be some adult beverages available for free on our floor!
  8. Wylie X shooting glasses, prescription by eye doc, work great! TB
  9. Johnny Meadows is now living down in the Tucson area, he can help you. TB
  10. How about posting a “Who’s Coming” list
  11. Just checked Midway, "out of stock, no backorder" TB
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