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  1. Match results for the California State Championship are posted here: https://fe50a452-0ae8-4703-9ba9-a04d723acb30.filesusr.com/ugd/7edfb5_c86d3b45a2a44f66b9e869c13bc0e2a6.pdf
  2. Congrats to Leadfinger, great SASS shooter and a great guy! TB
  3. Winchester Serial # listig shows 1939 manufacture: 1939-866938 1940-875945 Looks to be in nice condition after the re-blue. TB
  4. From Palo Verde's web site, he is the premier "73 mechanic here in AZ: "The ’73 will likely lever smoother and your Marlin or Rossi will likely feed better. Personally, I like around 1.530 in a .357 case with a broad-pointed RNFP bullet. The narrow pointed, truncated 105g bullet in a .38 case can be problematic in some rifles if loaded to .38 spl OAL. Some Marlins prefer around 1.510”OAL, others like up to 1.570”. Most Rossi’s like around the same length. Marlins can be very sensitive about the over-all length and, reportedly, sometimes the shape of the bullet." TB
  5. The rear sight was not standard from H&R, someone added it to the rifle, it is required to shoot in some of the SASS long range military rifle matches as they will not allow the use of a tang sight in those matches. I have one of the officers rifles made my H&R in 1973. TB
  6. I have a local pard that has a couple of 20 gauge SKB's for sale, send me a PM if your interested. One has been worked over by Johnny Meadows, and he has another one is a stock gun. BTW there are 20 gauge Winchester AA shells available in low noise, low recoil, just like the 12 gauge ones. TB
  7. Classic Laser Works, Taz & Single Rose. http://www.shootingbums.org/klassiclaserworks/ TB
  8. Recently learned of the passing of Lobo Joe, long time Arizona Territorial Company of Rough Riders and range master at Winter Range. I first met Joe when I came to Winter Range in 2007, in 2010 he asked be to be a posse marshal at WR. I enjoyed working with Lobo, I always thought he keep the shooters in mind and was a great asset to Winter Range. He will be sorely missed. See you down the trail Lobo Joe. TB
  9. Check out the SASS home page, there are links to Mernickle as well as a number of fine leather makers; https://www.mernickleholsters.com https://www.sassnet.com/Links-Main-001A.php TB
  10. Click on the rifle configuration you have i.e. 1866, 1873 etc. it will bring up a parts schematic, find the part # from the schematic and look for the part listing and price.Straight stock and pistol grip stocks are not interchangeable. VTI will usually respond in 24 hrs. as to availability.
  11. https://www.vtigunparts.com/store/shopdisplaycategories.asp?id=106&cat=Rifles VTI TB
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