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  1. Mailed mine from the post office in Prescott, hopefully Newman won't be involved in delivering the mail to Quicksand. Looking forward to the 20th Anniversary! TB
  2. My wife and I are going to be in Prescott over Memorial Day. (We used to live there 25 years ago...) Is the SASS club going to be doing anything then?

    1. Turquoise Bill, SASS #39118

      Turquoise Bill, SASS #39118

      No, wevshoot the 2nd Sunday of the month, feel free to give me a call when you get closer to the date. 928-925-7323


  3. Thank Gateway, always nice to hear we are doing something right, we try to make it better each year! TB
  4. Hey folks, last chance for input to Winter Range, please fill out the survey that we sent you, we always want to make the match better each year! TB
  5. Arizona Cowboy Shooters Association Shootist, must shoot 2 stages out of 6 as gunfighter, 2 as duelist, and 2 two handed. TB
  6. Help Winter Range become even a better match by responding to the survey, it only takes a couple of minutes to complete and the WR board reviews all of the information to plan for a great time for all in 2020. Hope you had a great time this year, in spite of the weather, the match next year is a little later, Feb. 24-March 1, Ye Haw! TB
  7. Actually the policy went into affect this year, 2019. TB
  8. Congrats to my friend Grazer from pack in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts. Fine individual and competitor. Perhaps next year he will shoot in the gunfighter class and let the rest of Senior Duelists move up a place in the standing. TB
  9. We have already decided to do that Dead Head, there will be boardwalk in stage 6, which means we probably won't have rain on Winter Range again for 5+ years. TB
  10. He gave up his FFL about a month ago. TB
  11. Johnny Meadows is no longer an FFL holder, Legendary Guns is probably your best bet. TB
  12. Stage fronts are up, targets moved into place, here is a sneak peek at the front of the main tent. We built new store fronts and added new murals
  13. Non SASS gun, part of an estate, Browning Hi Power, 9mm Belgium manufacture with original wood grips, 4 magazines, Packmayer wrap around rubber grip also, Browning zippered soft case. $1,000.00 will have it a WR. TB
  14. Any SASS affiliated club may use the SASS logo as long as it is not sold for profit. TB
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