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  1. Most major matches will require you to register the motorized gun carts. I know at EOT this year they required a special permit, no cost but had to be approved. TB
  2. EOT, now at the former site of Winter Range, which was always a lost brass match. With 750+ shooters for the cowboy match and 36 posses with 20 to 21 people on each, there is not time for picking up brass for each shooter. Considering the cost of attending the match, (match fee, travel, lodging, meals, etc) the cost of the brass is minuscule. TB
  3. EOT 2022 Wild Bunch Stages Final Jan 28.pdfThe Wild Bunch Match was 10 stages this year and I believe it will be 10 stages in 2023, here is the Wild Bunch Stages from 2022, it should give you a round count. As the main match is 12 stages, average round count; 10-10-4, with a couple 10-10-6, or 10-10-2, just figure on 10-10-4 you should be OK. Don't forget the 4 stage warm-ups and the side matches on Wednesday, maybe some more ammo for those. TB EOT 2022 Wild Bunch Stages Final Jan 28.pdf
  4. He might have one in 20 gauge that has not been worked on. TB
  5. Mezcal, Charlie, If you are looking for an SKB in 20 gauge, contact Johnny Meadows, I believe he has some. TB
  6. Jakeleg, I sent you a PM with the payment information. Sorry Doc, I really don't want to sell an extra 100 pieces of the Starline, the Winchester brass is available. TB
  7. The .38-55 brass I have which I use in my Marlin CB .38-55 measures 2.080", both new Starline and new Winchester brass are the same length. I have 75 pieces of new Winchester .38-55 brass and 100 pieces of new Starline .38-55 brass I am willing to sell, prices are as follows: I am going to give Jakeleg the first chance to respond before I sell it to another buyer. 75 pieces of new Winchester .38-55 brass: $70.00 100 pieces of new Starline .38-55 brass: $80.00 Plus $10.00 shipping via USPS Flat Rate box. TB
  8. Jakeleg, How many pieces are you looking for, perhaps I can spare some. 75-100 pieces? TB
  9. Carnival annual match at Lincoln County Lawmen, (RI), standard 10-10-4, rifle and pistol sequence shot through windows, shotgun shot through a window that was askew (like 30° off of the level) the first shotgun shot engage the knockdown which had a chain attached to it which then pulled back the lid on a box with a helium filled balloon in it which you engaged through the weird window, then 2 more knockdowns from the right side of the stage front. TB
  10. Congrats Tom, welcome to the Regulator Group! TB
  11. I have refrained from posting on this thread, to set the record straight the buckle that the bingo winner received was purchased by a Arizona Territorial Rough Rider with his own money. No good deed goes unpunished! TB
  12. Randy, According to Sunshine Kay she is hoping to get them out this weekend, watch for them in your email. Randy, congratulations on your World Championship, it was a pleasure meeting you at the hotel. Funny we both shot in the same category. Thank you for your kind words regarding the Arizona Territorial Company of Rough Riders and our Ranger volunteers, the match would not happen without their work. TB
  13. Well deserved by a fine man, I have had the pleasure of shooting with him and his mom the last few Winter Ranges and this EOT. Congrats Robyn! On to the regional in April. TB
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