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  1. The Smith Shop sells a hardened set. http://thesmithshop.com/springkits.html Scroll down to the bottom of the page. TB
  2. AG, If you would ask at our weekly breakfast I would have told you that the majority of us that shoot .357 rounds from the rifle are using a 125 grain RNFP bullet. aka Roby DaVault, Addie Rose, etc. TB
  3. Update January 2020: Work parties continue with preparation for the 29th Winter Range. Painting, repairing, building and organizing the vast array of props, stage fronts and the like for your Winter Range experience.
  4. It was pointed out a recent match by the Territorial Governor that if the shooter comes to the line with a cocked rifle and the shooter sets the rifle down and releases it from his/her hands the SDQ penalty is earned. The condition must be recognized before the shooter releases the rifle in order to determine if there is a live round in the chamber, and any the penalty earned or if they can continue on the stage. TB
  5. Potential Arizona Territorial Rangers, This is a fun and enjoyable way to see the inner workings of the biggest Cowboy Action Shooting match, you will get to work with some really fun people and join the comaraderie of a great group of people. You will thoroughly enjoy the experience. Heck we even feed you and give you a $1 a day for you effort's. TB
  6. Here are a few more photos from today’s Winter Range work party. Construction continues on the new stage fronts and our new cattle herd.
  7. Thank You Judge, I’ll make sure you are scheduled for the afternoon shift, long Range is good. TB
  8. How about a bump for Thanksgiving? We still need lots or volunteers! TB
  9. Here is the form for volunteers to complete and simply email it back to me to be added to the volunteer schedule.We will provide food and drink during your volunteer shift as well as nice pin that indicated you volunteered at Winter Range. Directions: Download it to your computer, it allows you to type in all of the information in the form, save it to your computer and then send the completed form back to me. turquoisebill@cableone.net WR2020 Wed.VolunteerFormrEM.pdf
  10. Howdy Folks, Well it's going to be Thanksgiving next week I hope you all have a safe and happy time on the holiday with family & friends. Before you know it, Christmas and New Years will be here, and then, Alias Winter Range 2020 will be here. In preparation for the event we need about 110 volunteers to help us run the side matches on Wednesday. If you could spare a couple of hours to help his run those events for your fellow shooters we certainly would appreciate it. We will supply food and beverages, along with a nice Winter Range Volunteer pin. We will confirm your event and time via letter prior to the match. We created an early way for you to respond to this posting. I have attached a pdf Wednesday Side Match Volunteer form. You simply click on it, it will allow you download it onto your computer. (You must be signed into the SASS wire) Complete the form on your computer, when you have filled in all of the information, save it to your desktop, then simply email to me. turquoisebill@cableone.net Any of you that have run a large SASS match know the value in having enough volunteers to run the match. I always think of volunteering as a way of giving back to our sport and helping other shooters. Thanks again for volunteering, attached is the form, on page 2 of the form are all of the events taking place. TB WR2020 Wed.VolunteerFormrEM.pdf
  11. They were given as shooter gifts the year before I joined the board, I'll find out from Frank Stillwell as he took care of getting these done. Stay tuned . . . TB
  12. Yup, lots of good times back there with my pards, Bushwackers are still active, a few of the old crowd still around, they still hold the Buzzard Boil. TB
  13. Welcome back Rusty, Bunch of us CT Valley Bushwackers are out here in Arizona, take care, have fun! TB
  14. I would also like Fast Eddie's contact info. I have a SKB 100 with some issues.





    1. Krazy Kajun

      Krazy Kajun

      Sent you a PM with info


  15. Amazing! Would love to come shoot there someday! TB
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