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  1. It works fine, I've pulled 38 special, 357 and 44-40 no problem. TB
  2. Hornady Cam Lock bullet puller, I pulled hundreds of rounds, it works great. Just get the right size collet for the bullets you are going to pull. I've pulled rifle and pistol bullets no problem. https://www.hornady.com/reloading/presses/lock-n-load-accessories/bullet-pullers-bullet-collets/#!/ TB
  3. A brace of NMV in stainless, 4.62 barrel lengths shot very little with original boxes and paperwork, stock guns no work done to them, serial numbers are 3 digits apart. Price is $1,150.00 plus shipping to your FFL.
  4. Fireball, I send you a PM regarding this set of NMV in .357, stainless. TB
  5. Not so much on the crimp but somewhat sensitive to overall length. These rifles are made to run .357 Magnum rounds, running 38 Special will work if the overall length is within the range the rifle can tolerate. Here is a recommendation from one of the '73 rifle gunsmith that a lot of champion shooters have used. Palo Verde Gunworks, LLC "If your rifle is a .357, it may like ammo loaded between 1.510 and 1.550” over-all length. The ’73 will likely lever smoother and your Marlin or Rossi will likely feed better. Personally, I like around 1.530 in a .357 case with a broad-pointed RNFP bullet. The narrow pointed, truncated 105g bullet in a .38 case can be problematic in some rifles if loaded to .38 spl OAL. Some Marlins prefer around 1.510”OAL, others like up to 1.570”. Most Rossi’s like around the same length. Marlins can be very sensitive about the over-all length and, reportedly, sometimes the shape of the bullet." Palo Verde-Arizona TB 6
  6. Sorry Windy, the handles and rear storage box are permanently attached, the wheels could be sold for $150.00, and you would get the rear storage box and the handles as well as the the rest of the cart! TB
  7. Try Here: https://www.uniformswarehouse.com/custombadge?p=badge Here is what our local badges look like:
  8. For those of you in the Prescott area, our home range for the Whiskey Row Gunslingers is open for members with range privileges to practice, we are on private property, surrounded by Prescott national forest. We hope to be back to our normal SASS match schedule in June. TB
  9. One word of caution, Do Not over tighten the 2 Allen head cap screws holding the primer tumble assembly to the frame. Doing so will distort the cast body of the part and cause many primer feed issues. I purchased a couple of metric flat washers to go on those Allen screws to spread the tension out without deforming the primer feed body. TB
  10. Yes, I'm in Prescott, you could save the $20.00, we could meet at Cowtown some weekend. I won't be there this Saturday, but perhaps next Sunday 5/17. I'll PM you my phone #. TB
  11. Hanson Wheel & Wagon 16" diameter wooden gun cart wheels with light oak stain, 3 coats of polyurethane finish. 1/2" axle bore, very nice condition. These sell for $92.00 each plus tax and freight. $125.00 for the pair, and I''ll ship them to the purchaser for $20.00 anywhere in the lower 48 states. turquoisebill@cableone.net TB
  12. This gun cart is constructed of red oak, very strong, it will hold 2 rifles and 2 shotguns, the front lower box is removable for easy transport. The rear storage box is fixed to the sides and can not be removed. There is a provision for an umbrella which I will include with the cart. The wheels and handles purchased alone would be well over $100.00. I will deliver this cart to someone in the Phoenix area otherwise arrangements can be made to pick it up here in Prescott, AZ. I WILL NOT SHIP IT. Price is $150.00 firm. Contact me at turquoisebill@cableone.net TB
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