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Lets see some dogs

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When we bought our new house, we built a dog pen in the corner of the yard. Keep all the dogs in one place, don't have dog poop all over the place for the children to step in.


But one of the dogs was a climber and one of them was a digger. So we ran a hot wire around the top of the pen and another one around the bottom. And we threw the dogs in the pen.


Tucker immediately went to make the pen his. So he goes over the corner and lifts his leg on the fence post. Zap! He jumped back then tried another corner. Zap! He tried the other two corners. Zap! Zap!


Finally he gave up and went and sat in the middle of the pen and shivered and whined.


We had another dog. American Eskimo? I'm pretty sure that's what they told me it was. It looked like a miniature Samoyed. And her fur was so thick, with her outer fur and her insulating undercoat, that when she was in the house she would sit up right next to the heater, so close that you can smell the hair burning, but it didn't seem to bother her. When we put her in the pen she sat on the wire. No problems. But then she had to pee, and when she squatted down, a piece of her anatomy that did not have that double thick coat on it touched that wire.


Got her attention.

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