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  1. Pricing is where gladiator comes in right now with the year end. Yes, not Toyota perceivable quality but you can take the top off! Take it to the beach and trails and Home Depot
  2. Hear me out…2023 Jeep Gladiator. Available in manual and massive discounts right now. Sticker price is inflated but say a 54,000 optioned out Sport S with max tow and other goodies can go for 38,000. A lot of money but you get a jeep and a truck lots of deals to be had on these as they can’t move them right now. lesser trims would be much lower as well
  3. This little bugger just bit my pup tonight….puppy to the ER, anti venom, and an overnight stay…Thankful enough he will be ok and we can afford it..
  4. Just depends. Buy bulk of both if you can.
  5. Charley…since you are a veteran you qualify for their program…just go sign up. They have about 40% off plus right now an extra 10% off. Leupold VIP
  6. Not if a sabot…I don’t think a HE or MPAT either as all powder is behind the projectile. Maybe if it hit just right…without a google aided search I go with 95% chance of no
  7. I bought the 4 5/8 inch barreled 480 Bisley to go with my Alaskan. Only shot it once but similar to the Alaskan did not find it near as bad as expected. I didn’t mind shooting it just didn’t need to much and sold all my 480s and reloading stuff. I bought it a few years back when they were around 700 bucks and when they were going for 1,500 on GB it was too much temptation to let it go.
  8. Same. We lost our shepherd a bit back as I shared but the family didn’t want to be without one. There was no hesitation at all, we were getting another. Smart, loyal, protective…a dog with a reason to have it. now the puppy stage is harder than I remember and this one seems as stubborn as a Malinois we had..
  9. I can’t believe someone hasnt called law enforcement, tell them they will be concealed carrying, and record the entire arrest. It would be a multi million lawsuit payout….each occurrence. I’m surprised people are not lining up to do this with the police that oppose it playing along. This would be a very easy payday, Better call Saul.
  10. Who is going to stand up when they have shown they will use the full force of the collective government and media to make sure you are outed, fired, financially crippled, arrested, and incarcerated for daring to oppose the agenda? meanwhile those protesting the other direction have nothing happen to them and get full government and media support. Takeover a police station….MAGA hat = shot or jail while BLM/Antifa hat and mask = summer of love or media hero. Anyone with something to lose has been silenced by this administration.
  11. Here’s some irony….government promotion of battery vehicles gone wrong… https://www.yahoo.com/autos/ev-road-trip-promote-green-200423954.html
  12. I personally think that unless you live in a warm climate, are retired or have a very flexible job, commute only short to moderate trips that an EV is only an option as a second or extra vehicle. New bugs being worked out if them and the infrastructure all the time. Gas cars are so mature they have come such a long ways…battery cars and the charging structures will get there as well unless something else comes along before it happens. Batteries aren’t free and are a large cost…google some photos of a lithium mine. There is no free lunch…trade offs for either and depends on everyone lifestyles.
  13. It’s not a straight ratio. You can hit a “high earner” level where it basically caps it or greatly diminishes the size of an increase if pay does go up.
  14. I think if I watched people do that all time, at some point I would give in and just out of anger take something and hope that if everyone did if, they might change it… they should organize a “free day” where even the law abiding steal just to show them what’s coming at some point.
  15. I thought this was going to be about the new ammunition and firearms tax increase in Cali. The cartel is taking another 10% I have read…
  16. Dare you to play this one and not hum or sing it for a week…as much as you may hate it.
  17. In the PNW when bad weather was coming the locals made sure to stock up on Kale and wine, you know the necessities.
  18. So as a Florida newbie what does one on the east side south of Jacksonville expect? They cancelled school for the kids on Wednesday…no idea what to expect but the stores are packed. and my son almost ran over a gator on his bike today. Florida you rascal you….
  19. I had a couple Toyotas a few years back, just the Corolla and Camry. I found them very spartan and basic. Reliable yes but without a bit of personality….very similar to a Honda CR-V I recently had. They just didn’t do it for me, although as mentioned mechanically very sound. I got a Mazda 3 after a Corolla for a commuter and a world of difference. Mazda similar trim level felt much more upscale and driving dynamics were actually fun in the small sedan. Right now I just got a Subaru Ascent 2023 model and it’s fantastic. Drives great, string engine, love their soft Tex seats more than the leather. Perfect for a dog or kids, easy clean up. Picking up another outback for the kids next week, Onyx edition and the non turbo. Love the room and comfort, and they feel so planted on the road. Somehow they have a feel of personality compared to the Toyotas I have had. For those that have Toyotas do you view them as a tool or have a passion for them? I just wonder if people get just for the economic equation over time with the reliability or maybe you all find them more exciting to own than me.
  20. I’m gonna be the naysayer and suggest if he can get/buy a case of 200 rounds, legally of course not like someone forgets it’s in the back coming across the border to just do it. Assuming he’s not bench rest shooting and he maybe re zeros before a hunting trip that a box a year is probably all he is shooting. Of course if it’s about the bonding and fun go for it I have some unused Redding master/comp series 280AI dies that….you guessed it….have never been used. have fun!
  21. “Don’t make me assume my ultimate form” had me rolling….the dudes commentary while she’s doing this is hilarious. but shouldn’t they have had chicken nuggets at 10:30?
  22. The home was not complete without our GS. He can’t be replaced, he will live on through the new family member.
  23. I got a water softener instead for the new house. Quite exciting, it’s chamber holds six bags. make this in 45 colt please
  24. He wouldn’t use his new bed all the sudden. Then I noticed a few days ago he wouldn’t lay on his side. Trip to the vet yesterday and the bad news got worse today. The whole family got to see him off. Couldn’t have had a better dog, hard to say farewell.
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