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  1. Great points and info so far thank you. Haven’t been to Tucson since some simulator training a while back. Didn’t realize they much colder hadnt got that far yet so thank you for pointing that out early! Lots of great ideas, thank you again. I may have some more questions as I dig in.
  2. Good evening all, Planning out our kids school break time in February and thinking of flying into Phoenix. I’ll be looking at the inter web furiously searching and analyzing until fully paralyzed. Until then, good idea? We want to escape the rainy season for a bit, weather average shows around 70s and we would be there toward the end of the month, week before EoT I believe. Probably looking toward Flagstaff or Sedona area. We haven’t been down there for 20 years I guess it is now…Any good loops in and out of Phoenix to make to keep kids entertained or a base camp to suggest? Hiking, sightseeing, being able to go to a restaurant and general tourist stuff that kids/family would like. All input is appreciated as I know a lot of people on here from that area and frankly I value and respect your opinions more so than google by a long shot!
  3. If your loading pistol only and just checking an electric is fine and readily available..as set get one that does units you want. To further complicate things, if doing rifle rounds l personally really like my Hornady auto charge. That thing is great and they have a pro model now and RCBS makes a great one too I hear. For rifle by the time I seat a round the next charge is ready…and dead on.
  4. Your story reminds me…I remember as a kid many years ago getting to decorate someone’s car that was getting married. I got this genius idea to fill the vents with glitter and sparkly stuff, then set all the A/C to max so that when they turned it on…well you can imagine. It was a huge success or disaster depending on your viewpoint… What about blowing the helmet out with air compressor?
  5. I worked for a major Danish wind manufacturer in Colorado. They were anything but green…horrible and process to make the blades is not environmentally friendly at all.
  6. Tv station put out request on Facebook for stories regarding someone not getting the vaccine that passed away stories…they are getting quite the opposite… https://m.facebook.com/wxyzdetroit/photos/a.461583946134/10158207966696135/
  7. Come on man, our leadership has told us there is no correlation between being paid more to sit at home while not paying rent with not being able to fill jobs You have obviously fallen for “misinformation”, which means anything the current administration doesn’t agree with regardless of factual accuracy.
  8. As long as not overloaded won’t get wet. You typically have weight and balance checks done combined with weather conditions to know your situation before you take off. Directional airspeed is your friend. Yes, you can sit and hover at 2,000 feet but it’s the most unnatural feeling ever and I did not like it. I would take a high speed low altitude autorotation at tree level any day over a stationary hover autorotation. There is some strange comfort in being closer to the ground.
  9. I’d say it depends…likely at the height in the pic i would say some benefit from ground, and once over the edge would lose that…likely would be a drop but I can’t say how much. If pilot was able to gain some forward airspeed once over the side, likely while dropping it could in theory make it. It could also not have enough power to arrest a descent if started and could crash. A vertical take off would use the most power once out of ground effect. That might be safer to try to find out where you are…
  10. Yes and no…depends how heavy. As mentioned there is an “in ground effect” where the air coming through the blades hits the ground and creates a cushion like effect. The problem becomes moving through effective translational lift or ETL where you are out of ground and on your own gaining some lift through forward movement. Now if you had a 100 mile long highway to follow you could probably bounce it down it all day long or until enough fuel burnt off to lighten it. If you want to clear trees or obstacles it would get a lot riskier. Overloaded enough to get off ground you could possibly finesse it enough to get through ETL with enough room is the bottom line. You would have to worry about some flight conditions as well that could impact you such as PA\DA, temperature, winds etc. It would be possible to lose control or if you tried to land you may not be able to stop your descent.
  11. With 990 plus feedback it’s probably solid on his end, would bet a post office screw up. I’ve been on both ends of it, you are at their mercy unfortunately many times but with his communication and history it will probably just show up.
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