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  1. I have to chime in on Tri tip….if you haven’t had it, you can’t eat it at restaurants because most of them ruin it and you’ll think it’s terrible. It is the simplest cut of meat, with the least amount of prep or cook time that results in the best flavor for dollar. Season it with https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiw3aK2pZP6AhWokIkEHQ3DA4wQFnoECAwQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com%2FCattlemans-Grill-California-Tri-Tip-Seasoning%2Fdp%2FB07NWW75H3&usg=AOvVaw1YT_JNOvaBU4V8whjFPM5e Smoke it to 137.5 degrees which doesn’t take long at all, let it set in a cooler for 30 min wrapped in foil and then slice and eat. If you don’t have a smoker offset kettle it. better than steak, faster than brisket, and if you want you can take it up to 201 degrees and it will taste pretty darn close to brisket and cook much faster.
  2. Have not seen that one, my most depressing but good movie recollection is “The Road”….not the feel good movie of the year….
  3. I moved from being right on the Sound in WA to south of Nashville the first part of May. It has been hot, muggy, and miserable as hell since arriving. No one wants to stay, the humidity and heat is oppressive, and i frankly don’t understand all the love for this area and climate. miss this…. trick or treat on the docks
  4. Talk to the actual driver of the truck he will be the person to make the decision. If you’re taking a safer cabinet a lot of times they will load the safe then let you put your guns in it and it’s a hell of a lot safer there no pun intended than in your vehicle traveling. If they are cross docking and putting your stuff in storage this may not be the best plan but I have found most moving guys will take ammo guns and pretty much anything else if you tip them.
  5. Bob, can you get Santiago’s hot green Chile anymore at Safeway? It’s not sauce, but loved that stuff and Covid killed it at the stores…got it sent to me time to time
  6. So think Oregon and Washington going to merely call, or raise the stakes in the race?
  7. Was just on Broadway a couple nights last week. Hope he’s a fan of short frayed shorts, tan legs, and cowboy boots or it might be tough on him…. Very clean establishments, good fun and great music. Great food as well.
  8. A good lesson to NEVER use a debit card! No reason to unless you can’t get a credit card. Having 2k vanish from bank account can make things a lot more difficult than a couple calls.
  9. Amazon spent a ton on the last mile delivery. I thought overnight was great until i moved south if Nashville. I can now get order something 24.99 and over and get same day for free. Example….ordered some Monster Java Lite drinks at 10:40 am and had them by 1:30 that afternoon. Can get tons of stuff same day or pre 7 am for 2.99 fee if it’s less than 24.99….still saves gas and time. we are spoiled indeed. How long before others start shipping with Amazon?
  10. Flips pancake house is right off of I80 and is great near Bettendorf. The Machine Shed is very good as well. if stopping you can check out the John Deere Pavilion in Moline and grab lunch at either the River House or Johnny’s Steakhouse…both very good.
  11. If staying on 80 through Iowa you can’t miss the excitement of the worlds largest truck stop….
  12. It’s like it never occurred to the people that wrote the article why he had so much….
  13. I thought that was only in east TN? Lol
  14. I see you said “no” to new but Rams can be found for over 10k off sticker right now with high gas prices if you don’t plan to tow heavy or need super high capacity. you could get a loaded crew cab bighorn with full warranty for the same price, or spend a bit more and get all the upgrades. the 6.7 is great though. That year should be DEF is only thing I can think of off hand.
  15. Gents and ladies, I don’t drink whiskey, but have a conference in my new home state of TN. I am buying a bottle of TN whiskey for attendees as a gift of sorts. With a budget of 30 or under per bottle, what would you get local to Nashville or TN for whiskey? Right now my top choice is George Dickel 12 white label which I can get in volume about 21 per bottle, based on internet surfing and the guy at total wines input. Any suggestions from this much more qualified than me? Thank you in advance
  16. I’d change what you like… Some incentives and inventory are out there, maybe broaden the search. I have bought 3 new vehicles in the last year…two at MSRP minus military rebates and one at 2k under. All vehicles I wanted….just have to call multiple dealers. I like using Cargurus for a search, can set radius and sort.
  17. Had our car hit by smash and grab at 5:30 pm parked in well lit spot outside a bass pro shop and restaurant. Asked for tape from the owner, they had the vehicle, plate, and saw him circling the lot. you know what the cops did with that information? Nothing, not a damn thing. Didn’t even want it. If a firearm wasn’t stolen or over 10,000 damage you can call in and file a report so you get a number to give to your insurance. they most likely are not going to care one bit if you hand them a gift wrapped evidence package.
  18. fitting for todays topic. I almost ordered a rainbow flag for the backdrop of my home office just to be left alone and be able to be considered for promotions. Sad but true https://babylonbee.com/news/10-ways-to-survive-at-a-woke-corporation
  19. Try experiencing it from inside a Fortune 50 company. It is not about what you have accomplished or your character and work ethic, it’s about your gender and color for every job opportunity and filling the quotas. Oh and meetings about how quotas are a good thing and not driven by trying to meet a quota….yep you read that right. we have a pension plan and a nice 401k where I work and 15 year people are leaving in very high numbers as because they are white males they are suddenly toxic.
  20. Didn’t know they had stores…coffee themed so it goes here and visited it yesterday.
  21. Well for my 2 cents, rem 700s have been hit and miss. You could spend 1,000 bucks on it and not change its value or accuracy at all should you ever sell it. You could spend the same on a new Tikka that will shoot lights out from the get go, while not requiring a lot of time and money that may not produce any real results. This would allow you two different set ups with the capability to grab one for 300 and in and one set up for longer range, maybe even a caliber change? I personally think 24 power for 600 yards is more than needed for medium game. Lots of great options with holdover or dial reticles. sorry if you still don’t want to go this route and you might not want to hear it but it’s my honest advice. Good luck either way!
  22. Jersey Mikes Philly and Italian all the way!
  23. Drove across IL twice this week. Solid road construction every other 3 miles with not a construction worker in sight across the state. Amazing, it’s almost like they park the equipment, put up the signs, collect the money from crooked politicians etc without doing and work and slowing down the traffic.
  24. I feel like with Bob’s purchases he’s either driving inflation single handedly or or keeping us out of a recession
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