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  1. Regarding legal help. If you can get in contact with the Honda rep I would start there. If you are working with them and mention a lawyer there is a good chance they end discussion with you at that point and let their legal team handle it. I would only bring up the lawyer if you dead end, or document their lack of response that shows you tried in good faith to negotiate.
  2. I’m surprised this many have watched…
  3. Ask the dealer from a call from the Honda territory service manager. Let them know you have legitimate safety concerns with their inability to correct this problem. If they do not get back to you shortly find an executive email list at Honda. Don’t be afraid to send it high up, they usually send those down to get action pretty quickly. The better business bureau also would be a great contact, any company that cares is given so many days to respond. I would decide what you want….car bought back, repaired, etc so that you stick to that as keeping you in the current car is the simplest and c
  4. I’ve tried the Celestron Regal M2 and thought it was horrible compared to my expectations. All sorts of good reviews but all I could conclude were a bunch of 1st time buyers that didn’t know any better, at least for the one I had. Anything above 20 was near useless and I sent it back right away. Bought a Nightforce TS-80 and a world of difference. It’s a rebranded Meopta. I got as open box sale from Camerland so great price and huge difference. I think unless stepping up into a higher end Kowa at over 2k this is probably the sweet spot.
  5. If you want a good, but depressing and powerful movie with him in it try “The Road”. It’s been a while since I watched it, but recall it would probably be most accurate of post apocalyptic type movies and was hard to watch…not because it was bad but because you could see yourself faced with the terrible choices.
  6. I was thinking as above as well if you were on moving….sell it at a great price and maybe identify what you would want or need in an “improved” current set up. Maybe a location change or maybe no yard work set up etc. this would be much simpler I believe and depending on where at you may be surprised how much you could get right now. Instead of getting 62% you could be getting 120% of current value with things going over asking prices.
  7. Bob I have been in withdraw of Santiago’s green chile for some time. Safeway out there was carrying it and the in laws would bring some out each trip but apparently Covid killed it’s availability. Green chile is one of those things that goes great on anything…it’s replaced gravy for me on turkey and mashed potatoes even! I envy your green chile supply! now for hops….I have fields of those and lots of vineyards….maybe a trade…
  8. If you want to be paranoid, set up your reloading system to function with no power. So if that means physical manuals or notes, manual scales etc.....just in case...might not always have that internet or electricity when ammo might be most needed
  9. I think in some circumstances owning up to it is exactly the right thing. I could think of some instances where an opposing attorney would go to any lengths to take everything you had and handing them a tool to do that could turn out very badly despite good and honest intentions. Owning up while not handing them further ammunition is not out of line.
  10. If you have a camera operating, and you are at fault of an incident, might be real handy to know how to pull the memory card quickly...they are really small....oops forgot to have a card in it officer...
  11. I have a VIOFO with front and rear cameras and I think it’s 4K. Just have to buy a separate memory card and once you hook it up it will turn on automatically when you start the car. You have to hide the wires. Also keep in mind if you want GPS to show your speed that is a separate option but could be very handy if someone was trying to give you a ticket and you can show what your speed was the entire time. I’ve read about a lot of scams that the dash cameras can prevent
  12. What about as an ammo supplier for potato guns? Or are they no longer “in”
  13. Yeah you have missed the peak market. It’s probably 25% or so down from the high point....still good money but not near what it was. every day I get more and more emails about in stock ammo available and sales....I think the drop may become more aggressive as folks spend on other things for the summer and panic subsides. I personally was selling .223 hornady vmax rounds that I bought years ago for 1.50 a round. I sold a box of 1,000 S&B primers for 200. I sold two 50 round boxes of 357 golden saber for 100 bucks each. Spent the profits at the strip clu
  14. Wireless are ok as long as you don’t set anything else on them....some newer cars have them and some recalls and changes as people set keys or other items on the pad and bad things can happen. I prefer the cord....Apple is very light on printed instructions. Most come through the device once you turn it on...very odd at first but then you might soon appreciate it if you get an IPad or something else to go with it.
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