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  1. Frankfort Arsenal sells the solution and it isn’t badly priced. A tiny bit of that stuff without even using Pins works great for me but no black powder. I had just used their sample back, and after that I was sold.
  2. My guess from working in a similar industry is that the dates are out there and published by Ford somewhere for ordering etc ....but that your dealer didn’t realize it or research it and took the order without knowing it. They then found out the hard way by being told no, and to save face admitting they didn’t look at the details before hand blamed it on Ford. Glad it it worked out....hopefully he got more than 6k off the sticker. Last few Loaded XLTs I got were at least 12k off sticker. Got a New style Ram 1500 this spring for 33% off MSRP which I felt put it in line or a bit ahead of Ford pricing for value for the buck. I do miss the 2.7 ecoboost though...I was getting a real average of 21mpg with that and it was quick. 3.5 eco was about 18 mpg max, and the 5.7 Hemi is getting me 17 average so far but sure does sound good.
  3. Some really good buys on some Dan Wesson’s to be had right now. Valor 9mm Commander for around 1100. Vigil probably just under a grand.
  4. Take offs are optional...landings are mandatory. 02-14 for myself at wonderfully hot and humid Rucker. OH58s for a while then Ah64A. I was in the middle of a ton of transition...even started medevac training and BH simulators when we were gonna get those....only constant was change.
  5. A guy in my unit forgot to open the fuel switch shut off prior to takeoff on an OH-58. It supplied enough fuel yet for him to start up and get a few hundred feet up....then it stopped. He executed a perfect landing, no damage except to his pride.
  6. You may want to use a bore guide with the note snake to protect the throat. I don’t, but some do.
  7. If I was autorotating, water would be one of my last choices unless no other decent terrain. Water adds an entirely new element to an already high pucker factor situation. If it was over his head he’s not exiting the aircraft until the blades stop, and then throw in rolling over and trying to unbuckle. I personally loved the high speed low altitude autos, those were fun coming in over the trees and skidding down the runway. What i I hated was hovering at say 2 or 3 thousand feet in a single engine. That feels so wrong. Same thing in a twin is fine.
  8. I bought my 4 5/8” Bisley model maybe 6 months ago for I think around 600 new, model 0872 if I recall correctly . They are new within the last couple of years. I think the short barrel balance is fine and don’t think the round loses that much velocity. i have the Ruger Alaskan and the new ruger super redhawk both in 480 as well. The Alaskan is pretty fun. i also have the ruger toklat in 454. To me the 480 is a bit gentler to shoot, less snappy and more shove. For what it’s worth, I found some articles when researching that showed a 400 grain wfn at .475 would have more tko than the 454, forget the grain it compared. Either way, both will whack something good, probably a similar discussion between the two like Widder’s barrel length. I like the idea of the 454 for hunting for a bit more range and less drop, and the 480 for defensive or closer range hunts. my 2 cents, and no problems with any of the newer 480s.
  9. I have a few...which one looking at?
  10. You really need one of each. AK rifles are a bit looser on tolerances and operate far better in dirty or uncleaned conditions. The 7.62x39 penetrates barriers much better than the 5.56 and ammo is a bit cheaper. You can shoot steel cases all day and not worry about it. You can buy 75 rounds drums that work great and don’t jam like the 5.56 snail drums that are not that reliable. AR does have lots of options to play with and can dress it all up, but it’s still a 5.56. It is a bit more accurate in my experience, but you do have to take better care of it to ensure reliability. Depending on the scenario, I would probably take a well made, nicer AK over an AR-15.
  11. I have 4 rifles in .260 Remington....before the 6.5 creed was popular. It is a fantastic round...very accurate and very low recoil. I sold all my 308....can’t argue with physics of more retained energy at longer ranges. I think the new thing Is the 6.5 prc..... Tikka CTR in .260 is a great combo.
  12. People that sell stuff put it in bags with the label on in so you don’t miss anything. California has bounty hunters that can collect if they find people not following law. If everything has a label...no one really know what is it isn’t harmful but California isn’t worried about that.
  13. I wet tumble with just the solution that came with the Frankford Arsenal unit. I tried the sample pack they sent and it worked awesome, can buy a bottle for like 7 bucks. No pins, no mess, shiny brass. i did not try on black powder, but I did use on old brass that had been laying around it was not fresh.
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