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  1. Im going to get rid of all 300 blackout stuff, so no confusion as I don't have any other rifles. I plan to sell the upper, dies, bullets, and ammo that's left so no chance for confusion. I would have never thought the 300 would chamber in a 223....doesnt seem logical but it makes me want to try it I could see a 223 chambering in the 300....
  2. Thanks all. I went ahead and ordered the Bravo Company 18" 410 stainless one. Primary Arms had it in stock, and they are gracious enough to give a 10% discount to military...filled out the form late last night and they emailed me approval this morning so the service seems to be there as well. Appreciate the help!
  3. May I add some different perspective? The examples have zero to do with you personally, just some experience to share so please do not take it as me inferring. My wife's father has not been able to hear well for a long time, and he has refused to get hearing aids until a few years back. When he did get them, he didn't like them and stopped wearing early on, think he bought a very cheap set up. Anyways, everyone around him including me continued to get frustrated with him....to the point of anger for his wife. He would nod his head and smile along or laugh, not hearing anything of what you said if he couldn't read your lips. Conversations in public were embarrassing to be around as he clearly didnt follow but would pretend to while everyone noticed he didn't have a clue, and driving opened up the real angry part for his wife for various reasons. For the 2nd time, he did go try his hearing aids again about a month ago and once again was not staying with them....dont know how it ended yet. My entire point is that while it does not matter if it bothers me, it bothers his daughters and his wife to a great degree and his lack of willingness to address it bothers them just as much if not more. They won't come right out and say anything to him other than kind suggestions, but they talk to each other or to me and complain about how bad it is etc...Im not sure how long my hearing will hold out, but it has made me realize when mine goes, im going to make sure I do it not for just me but for those around me. Just my perspective again from those around me.
  4. Thanks all, appreciate you reviewing my thinking and confirming all good. any brand preference between the two or others? Looking to stay 1/8 for some medium weight bullets. thanks!
  5. Most of my AR shooting has been in the military with a few varmint rigs in the past. A while ago on a whim I bought an AAC MPW carbine in 300 Blackout. I shot maybe 30 rounds in it, just enough to site in a red dot with some handloads. Anyways, I was cleaning the other day and found this, not running suppressed so really no use in keeping it and thinking about getting a different upper for it. A few questions as again I have only bought full rifles (or recently a Saint pistol). If I take off the 300 upper and get a 223 Wylde upper, I can remove the BCG and CH from the 300 upper and utilize with any other upper assembly for 223/5.56 as plug and play, correct? Should be no need to adjust anything as barrel and receiver should be already done? The only thing I may need to do is adjust buffer weight, spring, or gas if cycling issues... The AAC MPW has a Geissle trigger in it and some nice features, and the bolt is a pretty high end one as well so no need to buy an upper with them if I don't have to. Here are a couple I was looking at for a spring P-dog trip and just general paper whenever time allows. Im leading toward the Palmetto build with FN barrel and the wylde chamber but curious on your thoughts. I have a few 16" ARs laying around in the box so not looking for mil spec, just a bit more velocity and some better accuracy. Thanks, and as always any suggestions fire away.... https://bravocompanyusa.com/bcm-ss410-18-rifle-upper-receiver-group-w-mcmr-15-handguard-1-8-twist/#product-reviews https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-18-chf-rifle-length-223-wylde-1-8-15-geissele-mk14-m-lok-upper-no-bcg-or-ch.html
  6. Update: On January 23rd, the Washington Senate Law & Justice Committee approved three anti-gun bills, among them Senate Bill 6077 to ban most standard capacity magazines. These bills are now headed to the Rules Committee awaiting being pulled to the Senate floor. In addition, the House of Representatives passed House Bill 1010 to allow the state patrol to destroy confiscated firearms, clearing the way to send this bill to the Senate. Please contact your state Senator and urge them to OPPOSE SBs 6077, 6294, and 6288, and HB 1010.
  7. view the web version of this email Washington: Senate Committee to Vote on Gun Ban & Other Bills On January 23rd, the Washington Senate Law and Justice Committee will be voting on a number of bills heard earlier in the week that would severely erode your right to self-defense. Please use the “Take Action” button below to contact the committee and ask them to OPPOSE Senate Bills 6077, 6294, 6288, and 6163. Anti-gun bills: Senate Bill 6077 would ban the manufacture, possession, sale, transfer, etc. of standard capacity magazines that hold more than ten rounds of ammunition. This measure is strongly supported by the Governor and the Attorney General. Senate Bill 6294 would impose government red tape and expensive training requirements to obtain a Concealed Pistol License. Senate Bill 6288 would create an Office of Firearm Violence Prevention within the executive branch of state government. Governor Jay Inslee and his administration have already made it clear where they stand on Second Amendment issues—they routinely sponsor and support gun ban legislation and initiatives designed to disarm law-abiding citizens. This office would be nothing more than a tax-payer funded lobby group with the sole purpose of eroding self-defense rights in Washington
  8. Had a Rossi (same as Taurus last I knew) 357 I bought new 10 years ago. Had to wear safety glasses as not aligned perfect and would spit metal on your face when fired occasionally. The cylinder and frame all fell out into the snow one day when shooting. Sold it for next to nothing to be rid of it...don’t plan on ever buying a product of theirs.
  9. I’ve ordered a bunch of ammo and more spare magazines already. I have contacted some officials for various reasons and laws and have yet to get a reply from state offices or the Senators. Once one of these items, doesn’t matter what it is, makes it onto a ballot it will pass in this state due to King County and any words dealing with gun control.
  10. I came to the conclusion earlier that reloading 9mm would not pencil out well as far as costs of materials, preparation, and time. To me the only reason would be if I was downloading the rounds. Just my opinion, and in this situation maybe it’s not about the money
  11. Its an interesting topic and looks like several opinions on it. I see the "silent majority" in action with electing Trump, but I really feel that momentum will continue to grow. I wonder...at what point will the average middle class, law abiding citizen begin to rebel against the governments that want to give more to illegal immigrants or homeless people, at the expense of the afore mentioned productive citizens? They care more about pandering to these groups than they do about the people they are elected to represent...it is no longer the people's interest they represent, it is their own view they try to force on everyone else. Yes Pat, southern Cali probably does have great weather, but for an example of forcing me to pay a fine if I couldn't afford health insurance while spending millions/billions on illegal immigrants healthcare and now expanding that to illegal seniors...while our own citizens get nothing? Watching criminals go unchecked because they are illegal (if I was in any way related to that poor 92 year old woman in New York city I would be suing the person responsible for sanctuary status personally as well as the city)? Perhaps with the beginnings of alliances such as these, we are nearing that point? I hope we are....when I asked my senator for a list of what laws I could break without fear of punishment she didn't answer me....funny eh?
  12. https://www.yahoo.com/news/antifa-group-march-pro-gun-135931200.html
  13. Felt the need to add this to clean up my complaints about Springfield. When I picked the TRP up this week, the trigger felt in line with my other 1911s...the grit had vanished, and it has a clean break. It’s not the best I have but I’m good with it....no idea why. You could feel the grit before, maybe just cycling a few times. Springfield was sending me a label to ship it back, I said to forget it for now. thanks again for all the help! Was my birthday too and I traded one in so went above original budget
  14. Even if you shock yourself it’s not much but a tingle....one time I had to do it twice before I realized what it was. An inexpensive fluke can be your friend if you want to shut off breakers and such and go about it safely.
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