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  1. Maybe pass a new law to pay for people’s insurance and registration for those that don’t qualify/afford by taxing and penalizing those that do? That would be the California way.....
  2. I wet tumble with just the solution that came with the Frankford Arsenal unit. I tried the sample pack they sent and it worked awesome, can buy a bottle for like 7 bucks. No pins, no mess, shiny brass. i did not try on black powder, but I did use on old brass that had been laying around it was not fresh.
  3. When I sold our Motorhome last summer it was a challenge....I had the lowest priced unit in the country, perfect shape with upgrades, fully detailed and looked brand new and what a pain to sell. A bunch of uneducated buyers asking questions that had nothing to do with what I was selling or just kicking tires, trying to lowball etc it was horrible. They would all say it was the nicest, best condition one they had seen etc but no action. I found a reputable dealer that did consignment and called then....I was always skeptical of that but they told me they could get me what I was asking, after lots of questions from me answered I figured why not. They sold it for me in a month and I got my full check, didn’t have to deal with anyone. They have access to financing and ability to take customers with trades that makes it easier for buyers and gives them access to a lot more. So I guess my point is if you get tired of trying, the consignment route was great for me with zero hassle.
  4. Have you ever watched Idiocracy? If you want a funny movie to watch that when it ends you sadly realize this is where we are headed....I highly suggest it https://www.google.com/search?q=idiocracy+trailer&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari
  5. Jealous...haven’t seen a brown up there yet. have you been to the Alyeska in Girdwood I think it was? That place is awesome...took the cable car up top for dinner before it was nice. Double Musky near there was good too. Here was near Fairbanks by Angel Rocks just before you arrived.
  6. I think the inverter would be more important for a Motorhome. If you wanted to drive and have a set of plugs for the TV or say an electric fridge you can run those going down the road without a generator. thats the only time I ever used it....unless dry camping I would run it all night for the residential fridge than run generator to charge back up next day.
  7. Made me think of this poem from high school...
  8. I read something one time that you want a certain side of the two briskets. The reasoning went that whenever the cows stood up that 90% of the time they stand up with one leg/side first and that side was supposed to be tougher from all the use.
  9. I’ve got a new in box Valkyrie commander 45 AOC for a nice price if interested. I have the same in 9mm and love it, great guns.
  10. Great weather right now....I was in Fairbanks yesterday and over the weekend, just drive down to Anchorage today. Stopped by Denali a bit as well to enjoy the weather and saw some moose and caribou, but can only go to mile 15 without being on one of the buses. Mosquitos not active yet as still snow and ice in some of the water up north anyways, but I am sure they are coming. I did a 4 mile hike with no gun outside of Fairbanks and I’m still alive Safe travels!
  11. My hybrid minivan is getting 54 mpg right now and charges at any electric station for about a buck. It’s got a small battery that only gets about 30 miles on pure electric....but when gas near seattle is 4 bucks a gallon it adds up. Plus you get to park up front picking up a new style ram this week...they have the ETorque motors to add like 1mpg and up to 100 pounds of torque or something but I read they are always broke with no parts to fix so avoiding that. i had an 18 F150 and I will say the 2.7 eco boost was faster than the V8 by far plus like real world 22-23 mpg average. It was a great engine...I’ve had the 3.5 and the 5.0 as well, I’d take the 2.7 unless needed the torque of the 3.5 but the 5.0 was my least favorite of the 3 performance wise.
  12. I now live about 13 miles way from Seattle on the peninsula side. I love the weather and some beautiful areas, but the downtown is something I just don’t need to go to. This is supposed to be a great documentary, I have not watched it yet...
  13. I was downtown at a Mariners game this week and the homeless were much reduced from the last time I was there. Heard they had moved them out, still some on the walk back to the hotel and my first ever run in with a couple of working gals....I’ve lived a sheltered life. glad you liked Dukes, sorry to hear it was expensive....I’ve just come to accept that as normal around here. A beer and a hotdog at the game was 20 bucks.
  14. Dukes chowder house gets my vote. Anthony’s chains work too as both on the water usually at good scenery.
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