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  1. Saw this one in person in Sequim, WA
  2. I was in armor enlisted before aviation. 120mm for our tank guns and they had the case that burns up and just leaves the cap, great for an ashtray. The training sabot pedals also fall off on the range and are cool to pick up. Also has high explosive round and proximity round. now in the real world these rounds are depleted uranium….so that was part of the sickness in the gulf war. Our tanks shoot a tank with a sabot, pop the turret, then we climbed all over the tank and uranium residue to look at it and for photos.
  3. I’d as soon as get rid of every TV in the house before my apple phone…If you can call in and get a person should be able to get you fixed quick…maybe just two bad ones but I have gotten lucky calling them apparently.
  4. I like Dubuque IA, Galena IL, or Prairie Du Chien WI. One should surely get some Spotted Cow when in Wisconsin. Spook Cave campground in McGregor has some cabins and we loved camping there. Also some casinos along the way if into that.
  5. Depends. When I flew with Vietnam vets they flew so close I was nervous….one wind gust away from contact it seemed like. When I was at the controls I tried not to tailgate as much…Never used tight formation flight except for the occasional training event.
  6. Bob, perhaps you can be the first person to make the news duct taped to a train seat? It’s been overdone on the planes but maybe you can be famous!
  7. Layout….If you look at Toy Haulers they come with very flexible garage bay layouts. You could set up a reloading bench in there….They also typically come with generators and things like a fuel pump/tank to fill up vehicles. Maybe you load a golf cart or lots of room for gun carts etc. Toy haulers can also drop the ramp door level with the rear and have fences for a fenced “patio” extension which can be great for dogs. Length and weight…vehicle to control and stop it at loaded weight. If you are dry camping, fresh water capacity.
  8. Mash, Cheers, and start of Married with Children
  9. Keep Kinder Morgan running Bob….my retirement plans depend on them!
  10. Anyone notice the Jeopardy answer originally given by Cliff on Cheers?
  11. For what it’s worth, OfferUp is a pretty good app. Ratings for buyers and sellers, just beware the non rated users and meet face to face.
  12. Notice the generic format and no specific mention of the item. Also people that don’t attempt to lower the price….all give aways as well as poor sentence construction and grammar. it could be fun to give them some false info, or otherwise mess with them.
  13. It’s a .99 cent rental on Amazon Prime right now…
  14. Stop feeding the Covid monster…
  15. If anyone is compromised I understand the worry, but since vaccinated/booster can contract and transmit while being more likely to not know it one could argue those folks are more dangerous. I had Covid 3 weeks back, less than cold and in years past certainly would have gone to work… but for the good of others stayed home. Just saying if you are that worried you have to assume everyone you contact is carrying it, you are taking a gamble. CDC recently admitted cloth masks make no statistical difference, and that medical masks reduced risks only about 10% so unless it’s a properly worn N-95 it’s false confidence inducing eye candy.
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