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  1. Sure looks nice! Wife won’t let me get a sports car...some nagging about a vehicle to fit all of our kids....
  2. If you are sitting on a used, no longer needed car and don’t want to hassle selling to private party tire kicker lowballers now may be your time to shine.... Was looking at trading in my Hybrid minivan and couldn’t get dealers to give me more than “x” even though book showed quite a bit more. I filled out that Carmax 2 minute quote online to sell then my car and it was 5,600 more than the highest dealer offered...drive it down there and they are writing me a check with about zero hassle as we speak. basically with the insane used car prices the value was way up, almost
  3. I find the small frame revolver trigger in general very hard for me to use accurately with 38 loads, and find 357 to be painful at some time. I love the medium and large frame revolvers, 454 and 480 hurt less than a 357 in a 2” 23 ounce package. to an earlier posters point, unless something super close I would not be very effective, accurate, or fast with one....so the idea it’s a good fun for anyone would be hard for me to get behind. Maybe if you had never shot any other trigger in your life you would be good
  4. Love to see pics when done, I’m picturing walls lined with guns like in Tremors...
  5. Well good news is new plans to help get people to take the vaccine: https://babylonbee.com/news/10-great-ideas-from-jen-psaki-on-how-to-get-dumb-hick-conservatives-to-take-the-vaccine
  6. Curiously Doc, polls show medical personnel at hospitals where not mandated with over 50% opting not to take and in cases over 60%. like you said though, numbers all over heck. And we don’t all need to agree, just agree to disagree:)
  7. I got to thinking about this as it seems about every day in the news something with the vaccine related problems pops it’s head up....wrong mix manufactured, labeled wrong, blood clots, not effective, etc etc... Keep in mind this is making the news despite the fact the media is downplaying any adverse impact of vaccines and overplaying Covid impact. again, not judging anyone for getting it based on circumstances, but as I see more and more calls for vaccine passports and no fly lists please continue to consider those that chose not to take the greater perceived risk.
  8. Common denominator....broken laws, outstanding warrants, failure to comply....99% have these in common. Eliminate any of the first 3 and an unnecessary death doesn’t happen. No one will focus on first 3, everyone will focus on the 4th thing. Put yourself in a position that if a mistake happens you don’t die....pretty simple.
  9. Weather definitely is an impact even with just hybrids....perfect for Pacific Northwest where stays moderate, but back in Midwest would be poor performance I think. also registration costs are blowing up and they are increasing taxes....be prepared for surprise legislation where they give you an incentive on one hand then punish you with the other
  10. The media and big tech decide what is allowed....see google and YouTube Disagree and banned....
  11. Who am I to judge them as it causes me no problem whatsoever? Go for it, enjoy what you like
  12. Aside from just buying it, how far away is dealer/service center in case of any warranty or other work/repairs. Most warranty’s don’t cover travel...so if you don’t have a trailer paying over 100 bucks an hour to drive to your place, pick up, take back to shop, drop back off to you isn’t fun..... if you can get a reputable manufacturer extended warranty some cover travel. consider long term relationship with dealer as well.
  13. Cost can depend a lot on if your current wiring/switches support it and you want it integrated....vs just taping a couple wires here or there. At 100 plus an hour for a dealership to do it you can far exceed the cost of the physical light if not doing it yourself.
  14. Echo the dealer. Also be aware all the Covid and stimulus created massive lawn mower and compact tractor shortages and supply/labor issues for some manufacturers. I would buy sooner than later.....
  15. Colorado, you will never ever convince me that requiring an ID at a minimum to prove who you are to vote is voter suppression, and better yet racist. Look at every new program and restriction that is placed on me at my financial and time expense for a number of different things by the same group that says an ID for voting is racist. Tell me, why is the same group that is advocating for millions to enter the country illegally and at my expense advocating to make it easier to vote and collect votes? Could it be they are selling the productive, tax paying American citizen
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