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  1. if you have to buy 9mm or other ammo right now, the best value buy is the premium defense rounds. The mark up on those is much less than FMJ. What used to be 8 to 10 bucks for 50 is now 30-40. A 50 round box of HST is maybe 60-70 bucks now on GB. Might as get the good stuff....makes more sense.
  2. Someone in Placer county died a couple hours after getting first dose...they didn’t identify which brand yet. Of course it could be completely unrelated.......
  3. I think it’s because people can’t find it on any online store....then gunbroker becomes the primary purchasing spot online and people adjust to what it takes. It’s a country wide audience as well for a very limited supply. Small shops without online sales options are probably holding the deals right now, especially if they are not savvy to what people are willing to pay right now. I’m still in selling mode...1,000 small rifle primers for 225 bucks, lots of ammo, guns etc. Clean out what you haven’t used or don’t want now and clean up! Sit on it for a few months and w
  4. Jimmy, if doing anything yourself and not sure of dates....we used PODS and that actually worked fairly well and reasonable. We thought we were moving 6 hours away...PODS dropped off our containers in scheduled day, we filled them, they picked up and took to warehouse. Our plans kept changing so we told them to hold, ended up moving 12 miles away lol, called and had them redelivered. Believe they store them in climate controlled warehouses but can’t verify, I will say not a thing inside them moved or was displaced...extremely impressed with that. Customer service was medium at b
  5. Hey I had the same thing happen with my check book on my last professional move! Glad I’m not alone lol
  6. Yes we can’t eat in a super well ventilated restaurant with half the seating removed here....it’s unsafe. Put up a non ventilated rental tent outside with no windows or vents and moist, humid non circulated air when you enter and pack as many people in as possible....and that is safe the wisdom of our governor is truly inspirational, but I’m not sure I’ll ever reach his ability to not breathe with his head so far up his ass.
  7. You can still find 7.62x39 for reasonable cheap. I’ve been watching 5.56 go up even further in last couple weeks and it’s around 1 buck a round....9mm is almost the same price. I bet gun prices on non collectible stuff keep dropping as no one has ammo for them........but I’m getting more and more likely to spend 150 bucks on 1,000 primers every day that goes by..... Benelli M4 with factory 7 round cap
  8. I think the best part of this thread is how some are taking it in stride and some as dead serious.
  9. Feds give a 7,500 tax credit for a qualifying electric vehicle. States can give incentives as well such as mine....but not until after I bought one. Then the state turned around and raised my registration 252% (not a typo) to make up for lost gas tax....so I got no state benefit but get to pay lots more each year for a Hybrid...not even an EV. Point of my note is the taxes will come en masse to EV owners to make up for lost gas tax revenue.
  10. Maybe be glad you didn’t get it yet.... https://www.yahoo.com/news/death-florida-doctor-receiving-covid-020002066.html
  11. They literally had news announcements to ask people stuck in traffic not to poop in the fields....I sh#t you not...pun intended.... I will say the WSDOT app is extremely helpful for monitoring the passes and any closures and making ferry reservations. As long as you are at the ferry 20 minutes or so early it’s no problem with reservations. They have shut the snack bar down and closed off the open fresh air deck for some reason....but hopefully open by this summer. It’s great in the summer just to enjoy the scenery and doesn’t get old...
  12. He’s gotta get there and back somehow lol....trying to provide lots of options! Comes in through Tacoma and out by the ferry and up north
  13. Charlie, The Sequim area and some places around it are in the Banana Belt of the state where it is much dryer and you will notice when visiting. Lavender fields are popular around there, as are a lot of local restaurants like Nourish...but check what day of the week you are there and what nights they are open. They have some good bakeries as well in their downtown area. In general there is much less rain in the state in the summer....my first one here went 2 months without rain, beautiful temps with low humidity but can get cool at night, and very few bugs. Casinos are there as
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