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  1. This has been the same since early studies showed 50-85 times the confirmed cases are actually infected and the numbers I ran probably 5 months ago still match what you mentioned. It’s statistically impossible for all the famous people and politicians that get tested to have half of them get it while we presume we don’t have the same rate...nonsense. If all is little people got tested you would see it skyrocket with lots of “didn’t even know I had it” responses. My 97 year old grandmother tested positive in a nursing home. Can’t tell the difference one bit, if they didn’t tell her she was positive I don’t think she would have ever known. You could also go look at CDC data for the past several years and see average daily and weekly death rates, and calculate for yourself if we have an extra 220k deaths....I won’t spoil it for you all....that way you’ll believe it with your own eyes.
  2. I will say this....Prime pays for itself pretty rapidly especially if factoring in gas prices for trips. I’m near Seattle, so I can order a lot of things and get the next day, great selection and best price shopping. Plus you get movie channels included and some other benefits. I remember talking to a coworker who didn’t have Prime and I was in disbelief. I asked her how she managed and she replied “I just plan ahead”.....
  3. Well technically one end of the barrel is threaded....
  4. Maybe this? https://www.xtremebullets.com
  5. It’s all about the sound....if you don’t care about a deep growl or putting straight pipes on it the 6 is probably fine but less time proven. The 8 will sound much better. For what it’s worth my only mustang was an 05 GT and so many people would stop and say how good it sounded at a light or something. I would push it out of the garage in the mornings and start it in the street to not wake up wife on way to work lol. On the other hand, having had F-150s with the 2.7 eco, the 3.5 eco, and the 5.0 the biggest dog was the 5.0. The 2.7 was the quickest and most responsive believe it or not while being great on economy. I understand they are differently set up than the car but maybe will help. my choice would be the challenger
  6. It’s going to get worse before better. Imagine all the protests and riots when a Supreme Court justice gets placed. Then triple that when one side won’t accept election results. Win or lose it’s going to be ugly as “any means necessary” and riots become the norm.
  7. I drive by probably a boat a month that is capsized from anchoring in too low of an area and bottom flipping it when tides recede but yet to come across this....
  8. Have you tried the “All Trails” app? It’s fantastic and searches near you, ranks the trails in level of difficulty, has lots of reviews and pics, and how heavily travelled the trails are. It’s a great app.
  9. Relative in Yakima that works for the DOT had the same thing last month....labeled as meeting for Covid which took 10 minutes and the rest of the 2 hours was the same as original post subject. My house listed and accepted offer last week, Idaho bound
  10. for those of us in certain areas...
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