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Congratulations: 2 new JEDI

Widder, SASS #59054

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These two Pards, along with a few others, have been 'pending' on the JEDI recognition for a few months,

but the C19 lockdowns have prevented any gatherings to make their recognitions possible.


NOW, its official.


Mudslide Mike  is JEDI GF #301 ........ FLORIDA

Eli Hawk is JEDI GF #303 ..........   TEXAS


Congratulations Pards.   Ya dun gud!   

And thanks to the other JEDI GFer's who sponsored you.   




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Two new members added to the roll!


Welcome to the ranks!!

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Heartfelt congratulations to Mudslide Mike and Eli Hawk!  I love seeing the ranks of good gunfighters swell and the Jedi designation has done much to promote that.

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