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  1. My wife loves to go to second-hand stores, Waimea, so I'll ask her to be on the lookout. She loves being on a "mission".
  2. Marshall, Just tell your friend to look for a '66 Uberti. All the allure of the brass framed Henry, with the go-fast innards of the '73. I set my sights on a '66 in .44/40 right from the start, and I got lucky and found one for a great price. Thanks to Judge Em All Duncan.
  3. Just join SASS, then the world is your oyster.
  4. Guests are not allowed to initiate posts in the Classified section. Your OP was probably deleted by the Mods.
  5. Check with Papa Dave. He does really good work on the Yildiz, and he may have some in stock.
  6. Are you looking for pre-64 only, Irish Pat?
  7. Uh, no. I didn't read you question wrong. You realized you didn't write what you intended, and then edited you original post.
  8. .45 Glock mag in a 9mm Glock? No .40 Glock (G23) in a 9mm Glock (G19)? Maybe. Haven't tried that one.
  9. Written, performed, and recorded first by Bill Monroe. But Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder did a great job with it as well.
  10. Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!!! Wallaby Jack wins the prize, as usual! Must have pics, Miss Sue!
  11. Thankfully no, no snow. Just unrelenting cold rain. We can deal with that just fine. Unlike the poor folks in TX, KS, LA, and others. We still have electricity, plenty of food, and plenty of firewood. We are very thankful that our area didn't catch the brunt of that winter storm.
  12. Yep, Los Angeles would be a bit of a stretch from Buzzard Hill. Everybody always refers to the section of the state as "L.A.", standing for Lower Alabama. Cheers Barney.
  13. Well, good news. I was hired this morning as a Manufacturing Engineer by Anvil Manufacturing in Ozark, Alabama. It's only a 30 minute drive, salary is reasonable, and most of all they have good medical insurance. So Monday morning, no more wandering aimlessly around the property or perusing the internet for jobs. BACK TO WORK!
  14. Hey Taos, have you tried contacting Lee direct? I bought mine straight from them about a year ago.
  15. That M70 looks similar to a Bersa. You can see if Bersa sights may fit.
  16. That must have been WAY back, before global warming and Al Gore.
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