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  1. Howdy, Idaho Cowboy. Great advice here from Tequila Chase. Don't get too hung up on all the "add-ons" like knives, badge holders, etc. right off the bat. There are plenty of opportunities to pick up used clothes, boots, and other gear from our pards on the classifieds section. Welcome to the game!
  2. They both look great, GR. Consider them both sold. PM me with you regular email address and we can continue the correspondence. MH
  3. No, I don't have to have a photo first, Grass Range. If the skulls are intact, and you think they're good, that's good enough for me. Zip code will be 36305. PM me with address and payment type desired. MH
  4. The 2016 group looks a little "masculine" if you ask me. I think the one on the left is "Pat" from SNL after the pre-academy diet.
  5. I'll take the two skulls, #12 and #13. PM me with payment details.
  6. OK, I'll bight. How about a list of items, prices, and photos.
  7. And to think I can't even sharpen a pencil with a Barlow without breaking the lead.
  8. You just absolutely cannot beat a pard like Yul! My advice is to take Yul up on his offer. You'll not only probably get your gun fixed, but you'll have the opportunity to hang out with a top-notch gent all day. Win, win!
  9. Wait a minute, Driftwood! Those match . . . they're both shiny and they both look funny! So there.
  10. You're right, Charlie. It does sound like something Bragg would write. My favorite book of his was The Prince of Frogtown. I need to read more of his work.
  11. I would imagine that FL would reissue the same #, just so it would make it easier to track traffic offenses, etc.
  12. Don't know about Florida. When I moved from Florida back to Alabama a few years ago, AL reissued my old DL # after being gone 25 years.
  13. 3 finger Scruggs style, or old time?
  14. Any guitar, banjo, mandolin, dobro, etc. pickers here? I've played a little fiddle, and a little clawhammer banjo, and upright bass in the past. But tomorrow night I start my first lessons on the Dobro. Can't wait.
  15. Well I'll be danged! I guessed lucky this time! Thanks, Indy Kid.
  16. Yep, at home in Atlanta, hosting your Cards on Thursday! This oughta be good, Hoss!
  17. 1. Hillary's laugh. 2. Rosie O'Donnell saying anything.
  18. Looks like something Rick (Cheap Trick) Nielsen would fly.
  19. I would imagine that the deer hide thong would chafe a little bit, no?
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