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  1. Here is the latest pic of Lucille. We rescued her two weeks ago and she has made a remarkable change. She is totally trusting of me and Dori. She is eating well and getting along great with the other 2 dogs. She has learned her name, as well as "no" and "come on". She'll learn other commands as time allows, I'm sure. She is THE MOST atypical hound I have ever seen. She has walked right over top of coon prints and deer prints out in the yard with no attention paid whatsoever. She totally ignores the chickens. We have yet to hear her bark or bay, even when a squirrel ran right in front of her and scampered up a hickory tree and barked at her. She never even attempts to get on any of the furniture, and doesn't chew on anything. I always wanted a coonhound that was too old and too sorry to hunt, and we have found the perfect one.
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