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  1. I'm sure that Mad Dane would help him out, but he may be too far west for your friend. Maybe your friend could bring them to Chipley for Mad Dane to look at.
  2. This is the next reloading skill on my list, Hollifer. I'll talk with you about it this weekend. MH
  3. We all have our good days and bad days, Phantom. Buy you a beer?
  4. No, but I got over getting my shorts in a wad because of something some jerk wrote on internet forums a long, long, time ago.
  5. Yup, and 100 for the match in Chipley on Saturday. Gonna wear my speedo.
  6. In a word, . . . "No". No established chain of custody or possession exists.
  7. Generally speaking, the heavier the bullet the heavier the perceived recoil, given the same caliber, gun, and powder type. But, there is a huge difference between 6.8 gr. and 5.1 gr. Why such a spread? I understand that with the larger bullet, there is less space in the casing for powder, but there shouldn't be that big of a difference, should there? I haven't looked at the recommended load data.
  8. Are you making those bubbles with your snorkel?
  9. I've used Redding dies exclusively for .44-40 in a Lee single stage, and now a Lee Classic Turret press. Never had a foul up. I did, however, just buy a batch of .44-40 Starline brass (never fired) from a guy that had about 15% damaged case mouths right out of the container. I don't know whether these were originally Starline rejects or what. I got them at such a steal of a price that I really couldn't complain about the number of culls.
  10. I'll stick with ol' time fiddle and clawhammer banjo.
  11. According to American Rifleman, the trigger guards are removable and barrels are interchangeable with previous models: https://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2019/5/16/tested-bond-arms-new-rough-series-budget-friendly-double-barrel-pistols/
  12. It is now 3rd in population, behind L.A., but Chi-town had the nickname "Second City" for many years.
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