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  1. Purly, got a spot for another old Gunfighter? Turns out I have be in the Cohutta area next Friday so thought I’d come join the fun. Looks like some great friends are already signed up. I’ll mail my app and check tomorrow if it’s not too late. Cass
  2. Oh yeah--and I don't do indoor ranges.
  3. Mine was 33. I get it tested every 3-6 months now. Last reading was 22--but it has gone down and up and down more than once. I test again in September. Would like to have it back in the teens. The measures I have taken are: 1. I went to wet tumbling, with stainless steel media (inhalation). 2. I try to be meticulous about washing my hands after shooting before I eat anything (ingestion). Occasionally, I forget, like when someone offers me Skittles during a match. 3. I wear nitrile gloves when I reload, handle ammo (e.g., put rounds in loading strips night before match), or clean guns. 4. I put all clothes worn during shooting in the wash. 5. I use a Dillon 650 and put a spent primer chute and tube on it that carries punched out primers to a 5-gallon bucket--put a cover over that so only the tube going into the bucket creates an opening. 6. I try hard to lay off running the timer these days, though like Capt. BIll, I am not always successful. I love running the timer and frequently find myself doing so for one reason or another. I do believe that inhalation of lead during TO activities is the single greatest source of blood lead in my case FWIW, as refraining from that activity seems to have produced the greatest reduction in BLL readings. I don't believe absorption through the skin is much of a factor. Good luck--it's not anything to be too casual about and I wouldn't care to end up in chelation therapy. Cass
  4. Thanks, Ringer for the great job you (and Ellie Gant) did with the scoring!
  5. Absolutely amazing young man. And friendly as they come. Congrats Lefty. I'd ask you to show me how, but I don't the "how" is the difference between your times and mine.
  6. Great people, great match--an altogether wonderful time with friends, old and new. Thanks Copperhead Joe, family and crew for all the hard work. Are the scores posted anywhere? If not, when and where should we expect them? Thanks again, all.
  7. I'll have to say it looks like fun. Probably can't do all that running anymore. My middle son did this for a couple of years. Ours is a fantasy sport too--with real guns and live rounds true, but we don't shoot at each other like they do in paintball.
  8. Well deserved. Congrats. Hope we get to shoot together again.
  9. Same here, Dutch. Would love to shoot with you again. Cass
  10. Guess I am not officially part of the CC, Stan, but am there in spirit with each and every of one of you. Great friends and competitors all. If the rest of you are a category with them, you will need to shoot well--they will give you a run for your money (or the chance at the Mercedes Benz I am sure is this year's prize).
  11. Great peeps. Sadie and Knot are FROM South Carolina, but now live in Phoenix. We really miss them back here in the East. Sorry I didn't make EOT this year, but family considerations are keeping me closer to home. Say hi to my pards Hollifer A. Dollar and Kay Sadeeya who pulled in Sunday. And to Fast Eddie, my usual roomie at EOT. Show 'em how we shoot back here, my friends.
  12. I repeatedly find myself in agreement with Creeker--really hope to meet and shoot with him one day. My experience is that shooters much prefer hitting targets to missing them. And like faster times over slower runs. So: Pistols: 4-7 yards (with occasionally longer shots on big targets that are shared R/P); Rifle: 8-12 yards (had a smallish KD at 18 yards in the State match in 2018, though, but just one shot in 10 stages), and Shotgun: 8-12 yards (with the shot pattern opening as distance lengthens, not much of an issue IMHO). Lots of ways to create variety: number of movements, target size and shape, lateral spread, vertical arrays, new or at least non-typical sequences, etc.
  13. If only common sense were a little more common. Anyway, really looking forward to Black Gold ( my 4th) and to seeing Kajun and so many other friends north of my home state.
  14. Looks like we are doing the RO1 class so I get to duck the BP demo (for now). The RO3 class is a tough one--either ya got it or ya don't it seems.
  15. I'll take care of the SASS end of things. Not sure I have the latest PP slide deck but just in case, will we have a computer-compatible projector and screen? PM me an email address please. Thx
  16. TT My app goes out tomorrow. I will happy to teach either a RO1 or 2 class Thursday with you if you are still looking for a Black Pin. The RO2 class would require the use of a shooting bay with targets for about 1.5 hours after the classroom session concludes. Let me know. Cass
  17. Thanks all. I’ll load a few and see how they run. Mechanical triggers on the SKBs so shouldn’t be a problem in that regard. And she has no problem hitting the targets,
  18. LOL, Scratch. I’m getting there all too fast.
  19. I shoot factory Win AA LRLN shotshells in matches but reload for practice. My wife has started shooting and I would like an even lighter load for her. I have been using Rem STS hulls, 7/8 oz. #8 shot, CB 0178-12 gray wads and 15.0 gr. of Clays (MEC 600 Jr. powder bushing #27). I have a #22 bushing which would drop 12.3 gr. of Clays. Has anyone tried that concoction (or something else with a smaller charge than 15.0 gr)? I know many could recommend other combinations of shot weight, wads and powder, but am really interested in knowing first if I can make a workable soft load with what I have or maybe some bushing between 22 and 27. Thanks.
  20. Just wanted to publicly thank Rugged Gear for the great support. Larry has come through for me with needed wheel parts at no charge twice recently. Love my gun cart and the company behind it makes me proud to own one.
  21. A good friend of mine has an acquaintance who has some expensive old Colt revolvers and some VERY expensive grips he wants fitted to them and installed. Anyone know someone he might speak with about that work? He is in the Tallahassee Florida area and naturally someone he could carry them to in person would be preferred. Thanks. Cass
  22. So sorry, Rolan. I loved her spirit and great sense of humor and always enjoyed being around her: She made CAS a lot more fun for me. Miss her already. My thoughts and prayers for you and all whose lives she was a part of. Cass
  23. Amaduelist. Can you call me 850.459.5472)?  I don't have your number.  Thx



  24. Happy Birthday to the organization that helps me live the dream! May SASS continue to grow and thrive. And thanks for the great leadership, Misty.
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