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  1. Whew! And to think I stayed up all night worrying about this.
  2. I was going to give the Alabama law, but Lawman Mark beat me to it. There is no need to wait for the perp to exit the building, or to take anything for that matter.
  3. I'd like to see a video of someone who could really work a single barrel. I'd like to see the technique.
  4. I don't walk my dawgs. They poop in the back yard. Then the John Deere gets it.
  5. Any suggestions on different shotgun ammo, Coffinmaker?
  6. Horses and mounted police are also a great intimidation factor in crowd control. Urban types really don't know how to react around the big beasts, and tend to back off quickly.
  7. I've only used the Redding profile crimp die for the .44-40 rifle for the last two years. Does a perfect job every time. As for the cases, every Starline .44-40 case I've ever bought came with a slight bottle neck. The neck gets more pronounced after the first reload, but it's there none-the-less when new.
  8. Thanks y'all. All good suggestions. OLG, what's a good source for Flitz? Is there a particular compound I should look for? Tequila Shooter, got any info on Dry Lube? Sedalia Dave, I only shoot factory Winchester AA low-volume low-recoil that I pick up from Walmart. My only SG loader is a Lee Load-All, and I've never been pleased with the crimp it produces. I never knew I needed to put factory loads through a gauge, but obviously I should start.
  9. Please educate me on honing or slicking up the chambers on my side-by-side. I shoot a Yildiz, and really like the gun, but normal Winchester AA low-volume low-recoil shells only shuck out cleanly about half the time. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. I love these guns. My Dad bought me one when I was 6. My absolute favorite rifle. Good luck with the sale, AZ.
  11. Hey, hey, hey! I'll have you know, the eye shadow makes all the difference in the world.
  12. You can usually find H&R's at pawn shops for under 100 bucks. I've seen them as cheap as $75.
  13. What's that thing sticking out of the top of your head, Blarney Kid?
  14. Don't know Eli Hawk, but Mudslide Mike is an outstanding ambassador to our sport. Way to go, Mike!
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