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  1. Why are many of the big matches, like the upcoming Florida State Championships, scheduled for Friday and Saturday, instead of Saturday and Sunday. I can travel several hours to make it to regional matches, but I can't take off on Fridays. I may be able to drive down on Saturday and watch, but since the first stages start on Friday, I'm out of luck when it comes to shooting the match. I know that driving down on Thursday, then shooting Friday and Saturday is no big deal to folks that are retired. But those of us who still work 40-60 hours a week can't make those days of the week. Am I the only one that sees this as a problem/inconvenience? Perhaps attendance at the larger matches may improve if they didn't start on Friday. Just curious on y'all's thoughts.
  2. The only one in the pic with the bottom showing looks like Starline.
  3. I like the original better, if only for the Colt emblem.
  4. Before I got the last several replies, I found another source on line that suggested 4.0 gr of Trail Boss for the .45 Cowboy Special. I loaded up 10 rounds this afternoon and took them to the range. The rounds shot great, with recoil comparable to .38 target loads. Thanks y'all for the advice.
  5. When I opened the bottle of Unique, I found that the seal was partially broken. Not trusting it, I took it back to the LGS and swapped it for Trail Boss.
  6. I've decided to load a batch of smokeless for a change, so I picked up a pound of Trail Boss this morning to experiment with. I run .44-40 in my '66 and .45 Cowboy Special in my revolvers, with 200gr RNFP cast boolits for each. What would be a good load for each caliber if I'm wanting to try reduced recoil "cowboy" loads. Thanks y'all.
  7. Yes, I know, Tyrel, that you can shoot C&B revolvers in any category. That was not my point. My point was that you cannot shoot Gunfighter style in Frontiersman category. Frontiersman category, as you know, requires Duelist or Double Duelist style. This whole thing is about style, not which guns can be fired in what category.
  8. 4 and 20 blackbirds, baked in a pie. When the pie was opened, the birds began to sing.
  9. My goodness. Why is this so difficult? This rule has to do with "style", not safety. If it was a safety issue, it would be applied across the board. "Duelist" and "Gunfighter" are shooting STYLES. Certain categories have certain STYLES available to them and certain STYLES prohibited. Would you want Frontiersman shooting 2 handed, cocking the hammer with the weak side thumb at the speed of lightning? NO. It would be out of the style of old C&B pistols to do so. Classic Cowboy requires external hammered shotguns. Would you want CC shooting '97's? NO. It would be out of style for CC to use pump guns. The styles exist so that not everyone is forced to shoot in a manner that they don't want, and so that like styles compete against each other. If you want to shoot a different STYLE, then sign your entry card for a category that allows that style. It's really that simple. Otherwise, let's just get rid of all restrictions and shoot whatever you want, in any category you want, thereby making only one category. Do away with age, sex, propellant, and whatever else separates one group from another. Instead of allowing every group to shoot with two pistols in hand at the same time, let's just force everybody to shoot the same style. Say . . . . . Outlaw!
  10. There was a WTB post on here not long ago, Bart, with no luck. I think SASS flags are now so rare that no one wants to part with them.
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