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  1. Thanks, all. We'll make it somehow. I wonder how I'd look in one of those orange Home Depot vests? The good thing is I'm still in relatively good health, but my wife's health is a different matter. I have to go find something with decent health insurance quickly.
  2. Well, I just got laid off this morning. Now I have to get back in the job market. Slim pickin's around here for Manufacturing Engineers. The really crappy part is we just closed on our new house about 2 months ago. But, even if I have to work 3 Walmart jobs, I refuse to lose or leave our new home on Buzzard Hill. May have to put some cowboy guns on the market. Never know. Later, y'all.
  3. Did they tell you that your car's warranty was about to expire?
  4. "Hot Fun in the Summertime", Sly and the Family Stone.
  5. Larsen and I are on the same page at the same time.
  6. And here I thought this was going to be a discussion of "genetic privilege".
  7. Or gravel engraving, sometimes tailgate engraving. I've use lots of precision tools for engraving.
  8. I engrave mine every time I drop them.
  9. Yep. The reins were put in the picture for "scale".
  10. Those are nice looking banjos. The one you're playing in your video looked a lot like a Pisgah Appalachian, but with a different headstock.
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