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  1. Uncle Walt sells lots of hats in that area, but most have mouse ears on them.
  2. Well, looky here what Hashknife Cowboy has for sale, Sweetwater. BTW, welcome to the game!
  3. If you really want a '73, take a look at this one from Hashknife Cowboy:
  4. Good luck to you, mean gun mark!
  5. 1857, if I was following family trends, I would have been a carpenter. Instead, I chose law enforcement. So I guess I'd have been a law man out west.
  6. If they were 11's, I'd take 'em. You need bigger feet, Charlie.
  7. "City of New Orleans" and "Comin' into Los Angeles" were also great songs.
  8. Colt Faro is the Yul Lose of leather.
  9. Well no damn wonder he hasn't been on the Wire much. He's busy selling used cars.
  10. Which "dry fire" app is that, Joe? I'd be interested in that one.
  11. Glad to hear that all is OK, @Phantom ! Many of us miss your input. Hope you come back full-time soon.
  12. Anybody heard from ol' Phantom lately? I haven't seen him on the Wire for a while, and was just hoping he's OK.
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