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  1. Winchester model 1906 .22 pump carbine, take down model, made in 1911. My Dad bought it for me when I was 6, and I still have it and shoot it. An amazingly tight and smooth little rifle to be over 100 years old.
  2. Just click on his name or avatar. When his page comes up, click on "message" up in the top center of the page. Type away and "send".
  3. Good to know, Sedalia Dave. Thanks.
  4. John, If Zeb wants it, feel free to make him first in line. I was inquiring for a friend who might want it. MH
  5. Can you take a pic with the front panel facing down, pleats upward? Hard to tell from your picture if the kilt is pleated to the set, or pleated to the stripe. Do you know what ounce wool?
  6. Rural King is a great store. They get all of my ammo purchase business after Walmart changed their policy. They also don't even flinch at open carry.
  7. Montgomery Street, Montgomery, Alabama.
  8. Just out of curiosity, would this device in any way deter the possibilities of OBD inherent in a '66?
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