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  1. They make funny noises on the grill, too.
  2. Underneath that big ol' hat is one of the nicest ladies you'd ever meet. See you soon, Miss Cindy!
  3. You gotta eat Okra battered in cornmeal, then pan fried with pork fat.
  4. Howdy, H.H. Just a few hours east of you, the Panhandle Cattle Company will shoot the 4th Saturday of December over in Chipley, FL, just a few minutes south of I-10. We'd love for you to come visit and shoot.
  5. I can't tolerate the slushy voice of Beth Mowins on NFL games. Yet another reason not to watch the Neeling Football League.
  6. I was referring to mines, Jake.
  7. In Florida, at least in Bay County, there is a dual system for stolen items. One system is completely computerized, since I believe around 2002. This system incorporates the computerized digital Uniform Incident/Offense Report with data output from the Patrol units' laptops in their cars. The old system utilized hand-input data from handwritten reports. Both systems are computer searchable, but probably haven't been reconciled with each other.
  8. It really depends on the temperature of the dutch oven.
  9. I'd suggest that Alpo just skip to the final chapter of the book to find out.
  10. Respectfully, I fail to see any correlation between my initial inquiry, my subsequent clarification, and the current impeachment proceedings. Could you elaborate on the "similarities" you reference?
  11. Look up IAFIS on google. Answer to question #2, you could possibly be asked for a new set of prints. Due to amputations, scars, chemical burns, etc., you prints are subject to change. If you apply for a security clearance and are granted one today, you may have to resubmit your prints in the future for renewing your clearance.
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