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  1. Stick with any of the Smith J-frame revolvers. The main reason (for me anyway) is that parts are readily available. Now, I'm not a Taurus hater by any stretch. I've owned many, in fact my SASS revolvers are Taurus Gaucho's and I love 'em. But the problem with Taurus revolvers is finding parts. Additionally, it is extremely difficult (due to lack of aftermarket parts) to slick up a Taurus revolver. I carried a Taurus 805 for several years as a pocket gun. Very reliable and accurate for a pocket gun. But, the trigger pull was long, heavy, and jumpy (I will take "gritty", but this trigger
  2. And . . . Slim is a very knowledgeable and pleasant feller to chat with when you need advice. Worth a ton, in my book.
  3. Leave the gun, bring the cannula.
  4. Liberty, Liberty, Liberty.
  5. My wife loves to go to second-hand stores, Waimea, so I'll ask her to be on the lookout. She loves being on a "mission".
  6. Excellent! Thank you Mods and Admin.
  7. Dang, Pat! I actually caught myself clicking on the "Yes" button.
  8. Must be the proverbial "Drowning Cat's Ass" that is often referred to.
  9. I personally wouldn't mind returning to the days of the single pistol.
  10. Followed by . . . . . "Yain't from around heah, is ya?"
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