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  1. My thoughts and prayers for Judge and his family.
  2. A HUGE congratulations to one most deserving--she has improved so much over the last year and is now consistently one of the top lady shooters anywhere she goes!
  3. You've got a great family, Capt. Bill. Glad you were part of the 2019 Ruckus.
  4. I guess I know when I've seen a phenom--Matt Black is the real deal. And his talent didn't fall far from the tree--his father is a whirlwind on a stage! See you at the Georgia State Match in a few weeks, gents.
  5. I sure hope so, Stan. I would give anything to be able to shoot within 3 or 4 seconds per stage of you on average. I'd love to say that I showed what a 70-year sold Matt Black would look like shooting that match, but I have a feeling when he gets to that stage of life, he will still be laying down fast times. With the talent we had there, I was very happy to finish where I did. And thanks much for your support and encouragement with this match.
  6. Hold your head high, Stan. You performed admirably for your advanced age.
  7. Matt and Colt are not just exceptional CAS competitors but hardworking posse members as well--a class act all the way around.
  8. Thanks, Colt and Matt. I really look forward to shooting with you two again in the near future. Your shooting skills are truly exceptional and you are wonderful emissaries for this sport we so love. Cass
  9. The scores are up: here's the link: https://redhillsrangers.com/scores/ Many thanks to the many who made this event possible with their efforts and support. We were honored to have the reigning World Champion, Matt Black, and his father, Colt Faro, shoot with us. We were equally blessed to have many World, National, Regional and State Champions in the competition--and even more so the many. myself included, who are merely cowboy action shooters having fun, enjoying friends and making new ones. My heartfelt congratulations to the 2019 Florida Champions, Hawkeye Gin and Santa Fe River Stan, the 2019 Overall Champions, Matt Black and Sue Render, and all the category winners. Wild Bunch mini-match scores are also up and we will soon post Side Match and Costume Contest winners as well. Cass
  10. Some good advice above, Tequila. There are 43 shotgun knockdowns plus a flyer (with makeup opportunity) and quite a few rifle/pistol knockdowns that can be made up, so . . . . There are 4 warmup stages, and Speed Shotgun with 6 targets which you can shoot as many times as you like. And that's not counting Wild Bunch. I wouldn't worry about bringing too many shotshells. Taking a few boxes home won't hurt anything.
  11. Very fun match. Thanks Smart *, Sunshine Rose, Greta, Purdy Sharp and the rest of the crew for putting on a shoot that’s always a delight. Nice to see Greta shooting again.
  12. Tequila-glad you are coming to the Red Hills Ruckus, the Florida State Championship. We’ll do everything we can to help you have a good time. And there will be 199 other shooters there ready, willing and happy to give you encouragement and support. Don’t worry about being nervous-that’s just adrenaline telling you that are doing something you find exciting. No better way to get ready for big matches than to go to them. And yes, we will have vendors selling clothes, bullets, knives and lots of other cowboy goods.
  13. I wish I could get you by 2.3 seconds. See you at Dark Day.
  14. Hollywood Dave had a dazzling smile--it never left his face. He got into cowboy action shooting mainly to be with his wife as she pursued a new passion. He shot with abandon and his great joy in being part of the sport was always evident to everyone around him--in fact it was contagious. We all had more fun because Hollywood Dave was there to show us how. Dave was a perfect example of what most of us mean our CAS experience to be---pure, lighthearted play mixed with lots of -ever-growing friendships. Ho;;ywood Dave had become a key part of our small Red Hills Rangers club, helping set up monthly matches and volunteering to do anything needed with the State Championship match. We have lost so much with his passing----but I know he rides with God's posse now. Love and miss you, Dave and hope to see you on the other side of the river.
  15. Red Hills Rangers (Tallahassee), Panhandle Cattle Company (Chipley), Ft. White and Valdosta are all within approximately 1.5-2 hours of Tallahassee.
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