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  1. Yeehaw, my good friend. You showed us how it can be done-with enough determination, practice and pure skill.
  2. I was signed up and looking forward to shooting with friends old and new, but sadly a family death intervened so I will be at a funeral instead. Shoot well all and I’ll see you soon. Tell Lefty he can now relax and not worry about me nipping at his heels.
  3. Congrats all and welcome to the fold.
  4. Now we’re getting somewhere. All good suggestions that make perfect sense—deceit, resignation, acceptance and the steady company of bourbon and a good dog.
  5. I can’t really say you, my friends, are building my confidence. May have to bring my therapy dog just in case I lose.
  6. I don’t know who else is shooting GF (tell me if you do) but assume Missouri Lefty will. So I need your advice on how to beat him. I used to be faster but have slowed down a bit with my advances in age. Thx for your help.
  7. Prayers up for a great cowboy. May he recover fully and quickly.
  8. Hey Widder—In another few weeks you could make that 75+ GF. I have quit chasing age categories. Just shooting straight up GF now. Look forward to shooting with you again as well, friend. And with Badlands Bob also, even if he regularly puts a can of whoop ass on me these days. Love the game anyway—just being out shooting is a win.
  9. I have considered one. What are the pros and cons?
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