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  1. A heartfelt salute to Missouri Mae, FlatTop Okie, Roy’s Creek Dan and all the dedicated crew for the 2021 Land Run. This was absolutely the best match I have ever participated in, and I’ve been in a lot of good ones over the last 15 years. The stages were fun and challenging, the stage instructions complete, clear and precise, and the sequences and sets perfect for running and gunning. I was greatly impressed by the efficient way in which the volunteers helped run the Swap Meet and was able to do plenty of shopping with the large complement of vendors. I dearly loved the chicken fried stea
  2. I sure look forward to working and shooting with you, Billy, and all the Posse 4 gang. We’re going to have a rip-roaring time! Cass
  3. Two chocolate glazed and two raspberry filled for me, please Max. No sugar in the coffee. I’m on a diet.
  4. Hi CJ-look forward to seeing you again. I would like 2000 of the 105 gr Candy Apple 38 special bullets, see you at Land Run.
  5. Fox i will be there and would like 2 bags of shot (50#), please. Thx
  6. Absolutely beautiful. I need to talk to him.
  7. Seamus, you’re absolutely right. Great match and great people. I loved seeing old friends like you and Cayenne, Max and Ophelia, Shiloh Red and so many others. As well as my regular Florida pards. And thanks to Greta, Arcadia and crew for all the terrific work that went into this awesome State Championship.
  8. Hi CC I had the genuine privilege of shooting Indiana State with you and the Paradise Pass crew a few years back. Had a terrific time. Great match and I even did ok for an old Gunfighter. Really looking forward to coming back there for EOT. Not sure if I can stay on for the State Championship but I’m sure gonna sharpen my pencil and see if I can work it out. Cass
  9. Thanks for the update,Misty, and for posting it here. Cass
  10. Nice vids Creeker. Thx for posting. Still hoping to shoot with you one day. Cass
  11. Happy Birthday to an accomplished Gunfighter—from an old GF looking forward to shooting with C C Top and crew at Etna Green again.
  12. Congratulations to C.C. Top and Paradise Pass! This will be a great shoot and overall experience. The range is beautiful, the weather should be nice, and I know Deuce and Lassiter will give us a great match. Can't wait. I'll be among those jamming the lines to register Monday morning.
  13. Pins will often stick in bottleneck cases. Just have to shake them out,
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