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  1. The penalty is for a dropped gun. As Pale Wolf’s comments make make clear, the penalty belongs to the person who caused it to go to the ground.
  2. Yes. And you did the right thing since you couldn’t be sure the gun was safe to fire after that point. Not really a squib since no barrel obstruction, so a reshoot is in order.
  3. Same here, minus the hog jowls. My dad used to eat pickled pigs feet which I also learned, with one small bite, to give a hard pass.
  4. Nice work Fat Top. You’re definitely on your way to another sellout.
  5. Nurse Ratchett’s been looking for you.
  6. Condolences and prayers to Quickstraw and family. Sorry you left us soon. See you on the other side, friend.
  7. Congrats Mae and thanks again for your prodigious efforts in producing a wonderfully successful and thoroughly enjoyable 2022 SASS National Championship- and Run.
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