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  1. You work hard fo4 these wins. Well deserved. Congrats Sadie:
  2. PWB— I fully recognize your authority in these matters and appreciate all you do for us. And I would also hate to see a shooter lose time (or worse) for such an occurrence. That said, I have always understood that reshoots are available only for the three reasons stated in the rules. The only one suggested, here, RO interference impeding the progress of the shooter, has been declared limited to interference by the person who is then the TO. Thus interference by other Range Officials, including Spotters, has been said insufficient. So it is hard to understand how interference by someone who is not even a Range Official can give rise to a reshoot. Respectfully, common sense does not dictate ascribing the brass picker’s dropping of his tools to the RO— by that approach a Spotter’s interference (for example, improper coaching) could be attributed to the TO as failure to properly maintain the line of engagement. And it is easy to imagine all manner of other causes, human and natural, beyond the shooter’s ( and even the TO’s) control that might impede his progress, but I don’t see provision in the existing rules for reshoots in all unfortunate circumstances. I would not object to a new catch-all category for interference impeding a shooter’s progress arising from such “ beyond control” causes— I just don’t see it there now.
  3. Isn’t this interference by someone other than the TO? Reshoots are only available on specifically delineated grounds.
  4. Super creation, Gunner. Great contribution and very useful.
  5. Max No one agreed number, except that, since lead accumulates in your blood, all are very concerned with even low single digit numbers in young children. John Boy and Sedalia Dave have given you the scoop. Mine reached 33 about 2 years back- and that with wearing latex gloves while reloading and cleaning guns, and wet tumbling to avoid inhalation of lead dust. I now have it down to 10 (my Doc would like it under 10), the reduction attributable principally to refraining from running the timer. Have also concentrated even more on not touching food (or mouth/nose/eyes) during or after shooting without washing my hands vigorously, usually with De-Lead: Lead comes into your system through inhalation; ingestion and to a lesser extent, absorption through skin. Don’t handle primers barehanded-I put on the gloves to transfer rounds to my loading strips for that reason. Others have followed other regimes but you can take these steps first and I think you’ll see some significant improvement over the next year or so. Check your BLL every 3 months or so till you get it where you want it. Best wishes, Cass
  6. Hey buddy my wife's loads were a number 19 bushing of Clays and a claybuster pink wad and 1oz of shot we she started. Same MEC 600 press. Don't hold me to it but I think it was 11.9 grains. She HATED the shotgun and the only way I could get her to shoot was groom a very light load for her double. Those loads were super light but still took down all the targets with no issues. She shot them for years but I weaned her off them in time......I went up a bushing about every six months or so and she didn't notice. She shoots a 24 now. 

    1. Cowboy Junky

      Cowboy Junky

      Those even tripped her dirt merchant SG. 

    2. Cassalong Hopidy

      Cassalong Hopidy

      Great.  Thx Junky.  I will try it.

  7. You can contact me when you get in town for State Match and I’ll meet you to see the SKB 200. 8649159779.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. R. R. Ranger

      R. R. Ranger

      Are you shooting any side matches tomorrow? When are you getting into Greenville? If staying at Crown Plaza with others , it is close to where I work and can easily meet. Live close to the range too if that works better.

    3. Cassalong Hopidy

      Cassalong Hopidy

      I am teaching RO class at Range this morning (Thursday), starting at 8. Then side matches,  staying at Days Inn Mauldin.

    4. R. R. Ranger

      R. R. Ranger

      Let me know when you’re free. Will take me about 15 - 20 minutes to get there. I’m sure we can find a place to test fire if you like.

  8. Amaduelist. Can you call me 850.459.5472)?  I don't have your number.  Thx



  9. Happy Birthday to the organization that helps me live the dream! May SASS continue to grow and thrive. And thanks for the great leadership, Misty.
  10. Creeker In the proposed stage, there are 5 strings, including 2 revolver strings--whether you are shooting GF or not---because all shooters are changing firearm types 4 times. Yes, the stage conventions, as noted, require that the revolver be returned to leather at the end of the string, BUT those shooting GF style are expressly forbidden to reholster with the intent to use the revolvers again and so must shoot double duelist unless stage design accommodate grounding the pistols. Furthermore, as the relevant stage convention pertaining to a single revolver being deployed specifically notes, it may be overridden with instructions requiring or permitting the revolver to be staged rather than reholstered. It is not necessary that the revolvers first be staged in order to permit/require them to be staged after use. For the sake of clarity and consistency, in writing your stage instructions, you could simply require all shooters to stage the revolver(s) at the end of the first revolver string. Or you could permit it for those shooting other than GF style, allowing them the choice either of reholstering the first revolver or of staging it until the stage concludes.
  11. Bucky was one of my favorite cowboys--always easy going, relaxed, smiling. Nice guy and lots of fun to be around. I had been following his travails, thanks to Rolan, and knew he was struggling. Whiskey and all his family will be in my prayers.
  12. I have some badly dimpled shotgun knockdown targets. I wlll reverse those I can. But as for the rest, can they be ground down to recover a flat surface and used again or am I relegated to replacing them? Any advice on repairing dimpled steel, if that's a viable option, would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Meant to add I use 5744 and Starline brass. Make sure you get the right brass.
  14. The sight has to fit the tang, of corse. I was able to buy a Browning sight for my new Winchester High Wall at a good price and love it. Lee Shaver are great sights. MVA too, but more expensive. Will PM my 38-55 recipe for 250 gr bullet--very accurate at 300 yards. Have not shot longer ranges with it yet.
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