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  1. Hi CC I had the genuine privilege of shooting Indiana State with you and the Paradise Pass crew a few years back. Had a terrific time. Great match and I even did ok for an old Gunfighter. Really looking forward to coming back there for EOT. Not sure if I can stay on for the State Championship but I’m sure gonna sharpen my pencil and see if I can work it out. Cass
  2. Thanks for the update,Misty, and for posting it here. Cass
  3. Nice vids Creeker. Thx for posting. Still hoping to shoot with you one day. Cass
  4. Happy Birthday to an accomplished Gunfighter—from an old GF looking forward to shooting with C C Top and crew at Etna Green again.
  5. Congratulations to C.C. Top and Paradise Pass! This will be a great shoot and overall experience. The range is beautiful, the weather should be nice, and I know Deuce and Lassiter will give us a great match. Can't wait. I'll be among those jamming the lines to register Monday morning.
  6. Pins will often stick in bottleneck cases. Just have to shake them out,
  7. DDD- I use a Rebel wet tumbler. They sell 5 lb bags os SS media for $39.99. Cass
  8. Pig Iron Lane (Gary Reece) in Cummings, GA. None better made and fairly priced. Ask anyone who has them. My club bought 30 of them years ago and they are still going strong.
  9. App and entry fee going in the mail. This will be my first time at Land Run but I have heard nothing but good things about it,. including from my pard and regular traveling mate Fast Eddie, and confirmed them watching numerous You Tube videos. Keep those targets big and close! See you in April. Cass
  10. When will the 2021 Land Run aaplications be available? Thx
  11. You work hard fo4 these wins. Well deserved. Congrats Sadie:
  12. Super creation, Gunner. Great contribution and very useful.
  13. Hey buddy my wife's loads were a number 19 bushing of Clays and a claybuster pink wad and 1oz of shot we she started. Same MEC 600 press. Don't hold me to it but I think it was 11.9 grains. She HATED the shotgun and the only way I could get her to shoot was groom a very light load for her double. Those loads were super light but still took down all the targets with no issues. She shot them for years but I weaned her off them in time......I went up a bushing about every six months or so and she didn't notice. She shoots a 24 now. 

    1. Cowboy Junky

      Cowboy Junky

      Those even tripped her dirt merchant SG. 

    2. Cassalong Hopidy

      Cassalong Hopidy

      Great.  Thx Junky.  I will try it.

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