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Do you like bass fishing?

Captain Bill Burt

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Good looking fish!

Not near enough to give it a try but it looks like you’re good enough for the both of us. (I am not much of a fisherman any more, but love the time spent along the bank). Let us know how things work out Monday.


Gateway Kid

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4 minutes ago, Cold Lake Kid, SASS # 51474 said:

I'd rather trout fish.


I’ve never been trout fishing, but I’m sure it’s fun. My dad loves it, travels to Colorado  and Wyoming to do it. Swan Lake is less than 200 yards from my house. Lots of bass, crappie, bream, and catfish, no trout.

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My bride and I just went fishing this weekend. Got some nice crappie, bluegills and perch. They be our lunch today.

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I used to love bass fishing when I was a kid and especially when I lived in North Carolina from 2005-2010. I had a Tracker bass boat with a 135 HP 2-stroke outboard engine. Lake Norman was my Mecca. I was a catch and release kind of guy. When it came to panfish though, a mess of those are the best eatin’ in the world. ;)


When I moved back to California near Sacramento I found there were no lakes that allowed 2-stroke engines and I hate boat fishing on a river. Done it many times, do not like it.

So, for 3 years my bass boat sat idle. 


Then I went salmon and steelhead fishing in Oregon. Salmon fishing was interesting because I love, love, love me some salmon. Steelhead, though, that was absolutely awesome. Makes bass look like messily little dinky fish when you hook a big steelhead. The world comes alive! Fantastic experience!


I moved to Oregon. Found the same thing regarding lakes. 2-strokes weren’t allowed in many lakes and river fishing in a fiberglass boat was not a good idea.

I donated my bass boat to Wounded Warrior Homes. They got $7500 for I at auction, minus $260 for the towing and auction fees. Good deal!


I have since given up fishing for reasons I won’t bore you with here. I may take it up again someday. It’s a wonderful hobby and sport. 

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