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  1. Australia and America, two countries divided by a common language.
  2. Miss Allie if you are in Jackson Wyoming you may know my Mother (Gwen Burns). She also went thru a cancer diagnosis and I pray the result is the same for you. Prayers up from way down South.
  3. I would be happy to pay any price USPS wanted. USPS have cancelled deliveries to Australia (due to lack of aircraft flying between Aust and the US, at the moment) so I had to use FEDEX ($107 USD) for a pretty light load from Track of the Wolf
  4. Australia, if the animals don't get ya the plants will.
  5. Backpacker murders have happened all over Australia with particularly infamous ones in the North and in NSW as well as that guy down south.
  6. I think that refers to this German Guy Roman Heinze jailed for at least 17 years for attack on backpackers in South Australia
  7. Probably the only one we can afford once we pay for our new subs
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