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  1. A fellow measured his pistol and it was .462 (at the muzzle) still a bit off a 464 ball and .01 patch but weird none the less.
  2. Its very difficult and expensive to buy guns from the USA and import them to Australia. If you can get it done you are easily doubling the price of the gun. A Ruger Vaquero pair cost us $3599 retail and that's thru an importer, if we go it alone it can cost more. RUGER SASSV3574 VAQUERO SASS PAIR 357MAG 6 SHOT STAINLESS STEEL 117MM BARREL NEW $3599
  3. Wow, I just got the prices $1175 for the .44 Continental and $2250 for the .45 LePage, both are Pedersoli's. I would have thought smooth bore flintlocks were cheaper than revolvers or C&B?
  4. We cant get close enough to tell
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