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  1. That post talks about both the hammer and single trigger hammerless guns. My 200ae is a hammerless single trigger.
  2. You all forget Australia is a Nation born of convicts and one that glorifies our convict past and characters. We wear all sorts of weird stuff
  3. This has come up before. Try the below post. I have a Huglu 200AE and it looks to be exactly the same gun with a better finish (the CZ has the better finish not the Huglu). Huglu 200ae 20' side by side 12g • Enough Gun Maybe check for the Huglu schematics.
  4. I am going to go with three.
  5. I reported him to the admins so I guess they have removed the post. He joined the site in mid June and he is supposedly an American but three of the sites he liked are in Africa I just loved the hutzpah he showed
  6. check the guys history if you can but he has posted a photo of some Glocks on the SASS FB site. I made a joke and I am pretty sure he wants to sell me the Glocks? https://www.facebook.com/groups/247150769193328/posts/1204556863452709/?comment_id=1204563796785349&reply_comment_id=1204565246785204&notif_id=1659343898463492&notif_t=group_comment_mention
  7. Also maybe Lee Shaver, call him he knows what works on what. Lee Shaver Gunsmithing
  8. In JW voice "All the worlds a stage............... coach"
  9. Sorry to long ago for me to recall. Dim dark thoughts are that it was a 44 mag but that may be mixed memories between him and Clint Our service pistol at the time was the Browning 9mm mk1, but it definitely wasn't that.
  10. The Pedersoli 1886 is different to the 86/71 series. The 86 Sporting rifle has a 26" barrel. https://www.davide-pedersoli.com/en/products/model-8671-lever-action https://www.davide-pedersoli.com/en/product/1886-lever-action-sporting
  11. He was an Army Major and made our edible maps (a map of an area with bush tucker notes on the back and areas you could find the food added to the front page representations). I met him in Darwin in the 80's and he was just like he is on TV. There is a very early series made when he was still an Officer and he wears his version of our early green uniform with his rank slides on it.
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