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We need a sticky cartoon thread

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1 hour ago, Cold Lake Kid, SASS # 51474 said:

For those of us who had an "Incident" with their GPS.


Happened to us in Ireland last september. GPS took us down 15 wandering miles of one lane roads to an overlook and on the other side of the bay (about 3 miles) was our destination. Oh, did I mention NO bridge!


:FlagAm:  :FlagAm:  :FlagAm:

Gateway Kid

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2 hours ago, Alpo said:






An engineer dies and goes to hell


God calls down to the devil one day.


- Hey devil, how's it going?


- It's going great, ever since you sent that engineer down here things have improved tremendously. We have A.C. , cold water, refrigerators, ice...all kinds of things we couldn't have before."


- Engineer?


- Yeah, the one you sent two months ago.


- I never sent an engineer down there, you'll have to send him back.


- I'm not going to send him back, not a chance!


- If you don't send him back, I'll have to take legal action against you.


- Oh yeah? Where are you going to find a lawyer?


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