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Progressive press people, Question.....

Knarley Bob

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Griff, I didn't realize that they cleaned BP brass at Sonic,

I love their Super Sonic Double Cheeseburger.


Can they clean my brass while I'm having Lunch ???

You can ask Sam, but... I'm pretty sure they'll charge a LOT extra.

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I just started wet tumbling, and I do deprime before cleaning, prolly wont everytime but every so often I will, brass is much cleaner wet tumbling

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+ 5


Fingers (Show Me MO smoke) McGee

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I'm in the category of "never" specifically doing it. They do come out clean though. Shooting black powder, after i leave the UL table, I have time to deprime and drop my cases into a mixture of dawn and water, let them soak until i get home, rinse off, they go into a sonic cleaner, for about 20 minutes while im doing other chores, after I let them dry, I will then toss them into the tumbler to really make sure all water is gone and they come out looking like new, if there is anything in the primer pockets, at that point oh well.


For smokeless, they go from my bag to the tumbler to the press, no depriming at the range. Never worried about it. Previous to me tumbling, one gent I shoot with said my brass looked like I picked it up off the streets of dodge city HAHAHAH :lol:

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Don't clean pockets on cowboy and wild bunch ammo, I tumble it then it goes on the press. Station one deprime and resize, station two prime and drop powder. Only clean pockets on high power rifle ammo.



DITTO. Excepting .454 Casull- those pockets I clean. But then, they get loaded on my Rock Chucker.

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My momma always said, stay away from those Progressive Press People.

Knights of the PPP ? Oh bother........... :ph34r:

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