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  1. Definitely! The standard and carbide dies sets all come with the two seating stems, one for round nose, and one for flat nose such as semiwadcutter , wadcutter, and RNFP. Should be the same thread for all their current production dies.
  2. Shifty- try the flat semi-wadcutter/wadcutter seating stem. Worked fine for me with the RNFP bullet I used in my .38 lever actions. the only contact is the flat face of the seater to the flat point ( hah!) of the bullet nose.
  3. ARE you using a true Round Nose bullet, or the Round nose Flat Point bullet in common use? I noted the same problem with the RNFP ; took to using the semiwadcutter seating stem . Worked fine. Would not help with true round nose bullets, obviously.
  4. Howdy- Don't have an Uberti '66, but do have an Uberti '73. It slugged at .452". Shoots that diameter bullet ( at typical cowboy velocity ) well enough, have tried some Hornady swaged lead , dry lubed bullets ( soft, no lube groove ) ; they shot fine as well, but being so soft, there was no advantage to trying to push them faster. By contrast, I have a late production JM Marlin with the SHALLOW "Ballard" rifling that had become typical of marlins just before they closed down and were sold to Remington ; it slugged right at .450". Shoots well ( did have a Marble's tang sight installed, as they just flat work better for me. The 73 has the usual semi-buckhorn ).
  5. Howdy- how is the bore? No defects ? - hate to sound picky, but have looked down bores in the past to see the tell-tale ring were a squib bullet was hit by the next one fired, then somehow both got clear of the bore. Best to ask before assuming anything. Not trying to be smart, just trying to avoid being stupid ! Where in AZ are you? Conestoga Smith, 18219
  6. Howdy- Check out Wild West Mercantile, in AZ. They have about everything, and have an ad in the Chronicle. -C. Smith 18219
  7. "When you fight back you win, nearly every time. " - J. Cooper
  8. Howdy: The Modern Sight guns can not shoot in Classic Cowboy, Frontier Cartridge (?), Duelist, Gunfighter ( without looking, I'm not sure about B-Western ) BUT are fine for the regular "age based" catagories. I suppose you've discovered that this is a pricey game to get in on. Something to consider over the long run is ammunition costs. Big, Fat bullets cost a lot more than say, .38s. I know you are trying to get started with what you have. That BFR really is a bit much for this- yes, you can use it. You will also need leather for it , and speed of handling was not a consideration in it's bank vault like strength. There is a reason my Freedom Arms model 83 in . 454 will never see a SASS shoot , unless it's a side match . I started out with .45 Colt Vaqueros ( the original type, not the New Vaquero, which is Colt SAA sized ), and it was fun, but then I was shown how .45 Schofield brass could be used to better advantage ( for the game ) in the handguns, with the softball loads they made possible. Then there were the .357 Blackhawks I went to ( and needed new holsters for them ), shooting a 95gr. lead bullet cast for .380 Auto reloading , then the first several rifles in the search for the "perfect" .38 cal rifle ( with a new belt with loops for .38s instead of .45s )... and so it goes!!! Get a plan to get you started, and see it through. Get comfortable, and see where you want to go from there!
  9. Howdy- Had the same problem ( well, of course! ). I found, at Home Depot, an answer that I didn't have to do anything to, except find a wall space to mount it. It is a row of 6 coat hooks mounted on a fancy board. Mounts flat against the wall, keeps our ( mine and the wife's ) rigs and shotgun belts off the floor, and out of reach of ...the cats!
  10. Howdy- I have to differ with Keystone on an out and out prohibition on posting anything by non members. I feel it would be reasonable to maybe have non member not to be allowed to post items For Sale , but if someone is wanting to get into this expensive sport, they will be looking in the Wire Classifieds for offered items! I have sold to pards who were not yet members arms to get equipped for SASS, and , yes, membership followed shortly, although it WAS mentioned that without a monthly Cowboy Chronicle ( this was prior to the Quarterly edition which is another story ), not much benefit to membership was seen ( BEFORE you go and flame me for saying that, remember- That was something I'd been TOLD by a prospect, at the time. Offers for a VISA card with a not so favorable interest rate, or yet another Accidental death /dismemberment life insurance policy offer non-withstanding. Travel / Hotel discounts I can get from AAA, along with Roadside Service and Towing, which is actually useful, once every 5 years or so, without tagging myself as a gun owner, and setting myself up for theft ) . Just my 0.02 P.S.- my membership is current, though I still don't feel that I'm seeing improved representation from the increased membership fee. Something about the Founder's Ranch business comes to mind, not beat that horse again.
  11. YEA, I recollect, back in the day, the argument was that Modern HAD to be eliminated, as there were TOO MANY categories . In retrospect, that excuse has been shown to be what it was- Bravo Sierra JohnHenryQuick hits it square-on; the format seems to attempt to set so many win/place /show opportunities, that those ribbons ( figurative ribbons, that is ) have nearly no bearing on whether a competitor actually did something noteworthy.
  12. DITTO. Excepting .454 Casull- those pockets I clean. But then, they get loaded on my Rock Chucker.
  13. WOW. Boy, is that ever appealing to my tastes! LOVE those older S&Ws . Have a habit of buying interesting K Frames as I come across them, and have yet to find one that has not shot well for me from that period before the left sided pimple ( lock). Even a few from the post Pinned Barrel era are still outstanding performers. GREAT find!
  14. Sir, we do understand each other! There IS room in SASS for correct and authentic, as well as close enough for a great time without lookin' all "Urban Cowboy" like. I , personally, am well past attempting to lug a saddle over one shoulder, and the thought of trying to do this without a gun cart is, well, enough to have this older guy who could use Lasic Surgery considering just plinking. Agree that when it's too much like a job, it's too much work...unless someone gets into that! If we were to meet, I would happily reciprocate your courtesy!
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