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  1. "When you fight back you win, nearly every time. " - J. Cooper
  2. Howdy: The Modern Sight guns can not shoot in Classic Cowboy, Frontier Cartridge (?), Duelist, Gunfighter ( without looking, I'm not sure about B-Western ) BUT are fine for the regular "age based" catagories. I suppose you've discovered that this is a pricey game to get in on. Something to consider over the long run is ammunition costs. Big, Fat bullets cost a lot more than say, .38s. I know you are trying to get started with what you have. That BFR really is a bit much for this- yes, you can use it. You will also need leather for it , and speed of handling was not a consideration in
  3. Howdy- Had the same problem ( well, of course! ). I found, at Home Depot, an answer that I didn't have to do anything to, except find a wall space to mount it. It is a row of 6 coat hooks mounted on a fancy board. Mounts flat against the wall, keeps our ( mine and the wife's ) rigs and shotgun belts off the floor, and out of reach of ...the cats!
  4. Howdy- I have to differ with Keystone on an out and out prohibition on posting anything by non members. I feel it would be reasonable to maybe have non member not to be allowed to post items For Sale , but if someone is wanting to get into this expensive sport, they will be looking in the Wire Classifieds for offered items! I have sold to pards who were not yet members arms to get equipped for SASS, and , yes, membership followed shortly, although it WAS mentioned that without a monthly Cowboy Chronicle ( this was prior to the Quarterly edition which is another story ), not much benefit
  5. YEA, I recollect, back in the day, the argument was that Modern HAD to be eliminated, as there were TOO MANY categories . In retrospect, that excuse has been shown to be what it was- Bravo Sierra JohnHenryQuick hits it square-on; the format seems to attempt to set so many win/place /show opportunities, that those ribbons ( figurative ribbons, that is ) have nearly no bearing on whether a competitor actually did something noteworthy.
  6. DITTO. Excepting .454 Casull- those pockets I clean. But then, they get loaded on my Rock Chucker.
  7. WOW. Boy, is that ever appealing to my tastes! LOVE those older S&Ws . Have a habit of buying interesting K Frames as I come across them, and have yet to find one that has not shot well for me from that period before the left sided pimple ( lock). Even a few from the post Pinned Barrel era are still outstanding performers. GREAT find!
  8. Sir, we do understand each other! There IS room in SASS for correct and authentic, as well as close enough for a great time without lookin' all "Urban Cowboy" like. I , personally, am well past attempting to lug a saddle over one shoulder, and the thought of trying to do this without a gun cart is, well, enough to have this older guy who could use Lasic Surgery considering just plinking. Agree that when it's too much like a job, it's too much work...unless someone gets into that! If we were to meet, I would happily reciprocate your courtesy!
  9. Well, the "ayes" have it for Bond!! Back when I wanted a derringer for side matches, I too loved the Bond when I picked it up, but could not pay the tariff. I did subsequently find a used hardly shot America Derringer Company .38/.357 stainless that did not have barrels full of machining marks, and came in a "calmshell" case . Function is fine, never did devote any practice time to learning the piece , though. Later found a.pre 1968 Uberti copy of the C. Sharps four barreled derringer in .22 short, which is, at least, a bit more interesting, and came in a lined wooden presentation box. Both
  10. AS my previous post on this has mysteriously disappeared without explanation, I'll say here that I'm with Warden Callaway on this, that I started out using cross draws with a 7 1/2 " Blackhawk, and , after finding the stance described ( the foot on the side of the cross draw holster well ahead of the strong side , sort of a "Boxer's stance" or, for you past or current LEOs, an "Interview Stance ") does NOT require any time consuming "dance" regardless of the level of ignorance of many a Range Officer who had not seen this obviously safe approach used. Not once had I been thanked by same af
  11. Howdy- JUST my two cents worth! ( to evade from the dreaded "Jus'Sayin", ) Period Correct, and /or Historically Accurate automatically means NO Rugers, regardless of fixed or adjustable sights , and, if you really want to get into it, NO Italian nor Asian copies of anything, regardless of quality or cost ( As I said, depending on how Historically Accurate you want to insist upon; noting that, at a certain point of allowing substitutions, you no longer have Historic Accuracy ). AND, How about NO GUN CARTS as they were unknown to have been used , unless you want to use a buckboard or Conestoga
  12. Howdy: WAAAY back when I started out in SASS, I had a 7/12 " Blackhawk, and a 1st gen Vaquero 5 1/2 " . I used the Blackhawk in a crossdraw , and the Vaquero in a standard style ( no Buscaderos here ) strong side holster . My only problem with this was the convention ( at the time , in clubs other than the one in which I was a member ) that anyone using a crossdraw holster HAD to needlessly handicap themselves time wise by doing something that was know as "The Cross-Draw Dance " . REGARDLESS of how many times it was demonstrated safe to draw without the contortionist routine, it was still
  13. WHat-OH! THAT kind of Gyro! I was expectin' a photo shoot featuring Greek mutton, sliced thin, on a pita ! Oh yes, and a server or prep person looking far better than yours truly.
  14. Howdy- if all you aim to do is take the gloss off, Rooster Ron 's approach is near to what I'd done on my '73 when I'd changed the butt from crescent to the more comfortable ( for me ) carbine style, Got one that was unfinished, and did not want to duplicate the high gloss of the fore end. Got it stained reddish to match closely, and went over it with many coats of Birchwood Casey TruOil ( which is a tung oil based product, I have read ) . I let same cure well, then took down the gloss with 0000 steel wool, Did the same to the glossy fore end. Then dressed both with Minwax Paste floor wax. Go
  15. Howdy- I've taken to using my supply of CCI small pistol primers in my 9mms and .40 S&W ; Have gone through many thousands of CCI Large pistol as well, in 1911 variants and S&Ws using large primers; they do not let me down, no FTF . I use Winnies in most of my other Revolver ( SASS and other loads ) and lever rifle loads ( '66 and '73 ) were they perform without fail. As Federal have the softest cup, and are hardest to find, I save those for those few highly tuned guns we have; .38/357 original Vaqueros ( done up by Bob James, here in Phoenix ) and a PPC S&W Model 14 revol
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