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  1. I'm In. I made it!! Anyone interested in buying my spot for a couple of hundred dollars??
  2. Looking for a couple of Blued Gen 3 Colt hammers for an action job.
  3. Nice fun day at OVV. Weather was really nice. Congrats to our top ladies shooter Cayenne Kay and our top mens shooter Cripple Creek Kid. http://ohiovv.com/content/july-2020-fun-match
  4. I would like to be a weatherman. Good pay, short hours and you don’t ever have to be right.
  5. Signup starts at 8:30 shooting starts at 9:30am right after safety meeting. 6 stages, no categories no awards only for clean shoots.
  6. It started raining a little on our fifth stage, nothing real bad we were under cover of the stages. If your scared to shoot against me just say so don't use the weather as an excuse!
  7. Congrats to our top shooters, Holly Woody ladies and Gray Hare mens. Good shoot today thanks to everybody who came out. We had shooters from the state of North Carolina and Washington. Scores are uphttp://ohiovv.com/content/june-2020-main-match;
  8. Our regular monthly match is this Saturday June 27th. Shooting starts at 10:00am. Come on out.
  9. Thursday July 23rd, Afternoon Campers can start arriving and setting up. RV's and Tents. Saturday July 25th, 7:30am Registration Starts 10:00am Posse Marshall Walk-Through 11:00am Stages 1-6 Shooting (no break for lunch) 5:00pm Dinner 6:00pm Side Match Awards Sunday July 26th 8:00am Cowboy Chapel 8:30am Posse Marshal Walk-Through 9:00am Stages 7-12 Shooting (no break for lunch) 2:00pm Main Match Awards Presentation, 50/50 Raffle Prize Drawings
  10. It's coming up fast. Get your Apps in. Here is the schedule so far; Final Showdown Information: Friday, July 24 - Sunday, July 26, 2020 Theme for the 2020 Final Showdown is "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid". Saturday Night Banquet will be catered by City BBQ. Application: http://www.ohiovv.com/sites/default/files/OVV-2-Day-Application-2020_1_0.pdf Final Showdown Side Matches will be held on Friday, July 24th, 2020 Plainsman: (Starts Early) · 8:30 AM -- Plainsman match safety meeting at the Livery. · Shooting starts at 9:00am. · 4 stages · Black Powder or SASS-Aproved Substitute in all loads. · Contestants use 2 percussion or cartridge pistols shot one or two-handed, a single-shot rifle or big bore lever rifle (NOT a main match caliber), and a double or lever shotgun · 10 Pistol, 6 Rifle, 4 Shotgun per stage Categories: · Duelist Traditional (Percussion or cartridge guns shot duelist or gunfighter style, single shot, no ejectors) · Duelist Modern (Percussion or cartridge guns shot duelist or gunfighter style, single shot with ejectors) · Duelist Lawman (Percussion or cartridge guns shot duelist or gunfighter style, Big Bore Lever) · 2-handed Traditional 2-handed Modern · 2-handed Lawman · Josey Wales (4 Pistols) So, get some Plainsman cartridges loaded, & make sure your big bore single shot or lever rifles are cleaned, oiled, and ready to go! We're gonna have some fun!!! Wild Bunch Starts Early) · 8:30am, Wild Bunch match safety meeting at the Church. · Shooting starts at 9:00am. · 4 stages. Wild Bunch Ammo; 120 pistol, 40 rifle and 24 shotgun. Afternoon Side Matches: Approximate Time -- 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM · Livery -- long range rifle big bore, long range match rifle pistol caliber, long range pistol · The Log Cabin -- speed pocket pistol and derringer · The Church -- speed rifle · The Cemetery -- speed pistol and shotgun Looks like fun!!!! Bring a variety of guns and LOTS of AMMO!!!!!
  11. I did a little. Don't want him to get a complex.
  12. My vet told me the rabies virus can live up to 7 years in a skunk.
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