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  1. Im so confused by this post, I think your asking why the penalties are what they are....The simple answer....ITS THE RULES....If you think they should be different, either change them or move on....Its that simple....
  2. I forgot about Art, he is the go to guy for Browning, he refinished a shotgun for me years back and he has a large selection of used parts, and he can make everyone of them look factory new at a very reasonable price, and he does spectacular work. Art Isaacson is his name and he used to work at the Browning factory
  3. There is not many that have given to the sport as Aspen Filly has in the past, she goes above and beyond to help the shooters, she is one of the best in the sport and a world class engraver!
  4. This is the the best thing in this post!!
  5. Is this gun unfired? What’s the year of manufacture?
  6. This should answer all questions
  7. We were glad to have you both, look forward to seeing you guys again, ive never breathed so much smoke in my life....it was like a cap & ball convention on our posse! See you soon....CoJack
  8. You finally got sucked in! Welcome to the gang!! Snake Oil does excellent work, those are very nice, get them to Aspen Filly as soon as possible!!
  9. No prob, he recently bought a new 125 set Magma has and shooters really seem to like it, he hasnt used that set in a while
  10. Contact Mark at Cimarron Bullets, he has a set of that mold i think he would get rid of....CoJack
  11. Get rid of them, you dont need them in this game...
  12. Tell has been an outstanding contributor to the TSRA for many years, his donations have gone above and beyond, me and Texas Ghost cannot thank him and his wife enough for the kindness, this year was no exception, Tell...again...THANK YOU !!
  13. I had the pleasure of watching this fine young man shoot the match and also work hard making sure we ran our posse smoothly, he is amazing to watch shoot this sport, i am continually asking my self how and the hell he beats me by 4 secs a stage and i still cant figure it out, he is only in like second gear and moves like syrup smooth. He has come a long way and has truly shown us an amazing talent you can achieve with hard work, my hat is off to him. I encourage all to watch him when you get the chance, it will definately open your eyes to how it should be done....Congrats Buddy!!
  14. There is not anyone who has donated more to the game than Yul, a fine man and master craftsman, whoever wins it will be astonished at a fine piece of art! Thanks Yul for you generosity! CoJack
  15. Congrats to a good kid on a well deserved win, Dads a little sketchy but still shoots ok!
  16. I have three sets of Boogie guns, there is nothing like them, he is a great friend, I have the original two hammers that were the first set ever into the US, still running like a champ, if there is anything I can help you with, let me know...Thanks...CoJack

  17. I have never heard a valid argument for rank points that made sense, after reading this, I have still never heard a valid argument that made sense....
  18. Rank is no different in small matches versus large matches, it is not a complicated system, very easy to score. The smartest thing I have heard stated in this debate is "If you score a match with two different methods and end up with different results, one of them is wrong", The largest problem with rank is it punishes shooters differently who commit the same error. EX: One shooter may get 50 rank points for a miss on a stage, another shooter might get 95 rank points for a miss on the same stage, how is this correct?
  19. A buddy of mine had an Elmer Fudd hunt at his deer lease this year, and the requirement was you had to use older style lever or pump guns, no optics, I watched his father in law shoot a nice deer at 125 yds with one of those dang Lightning pump rifles in 45 Colt. One shot....dead where it stood, never would have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes!
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