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  1. Glad you enjoyed the match, we worked very hard to make it shooter friendly, hope to see you next year!!
  2. I will have them for you, I will be parked in the camp ground down by stage ten, look me up early and Thank you...CoJack
  3. I will have plenty of those, find me early...Thank you and see you soon...CoJack
  4. Just ordered a 750 for our annual match from Dillon, was expecting a three month wait, showed up at my door in less than 10 days.
  5. I will have Cimarron Bullets at Land Run in with Colt Faro Leather, I will be at the shooters camp ground right by stage 10, you can buy them direct from me also, if you need large quanities let me know prior to the match and i can have them for you...Thanks...CoJack
  6. He set the standard in shotgun belts a long time ago, I own two of them and they both are still like new, a fine holster craftsman also, and a great guy to shoot with, and a pretty good shooter for an old guy!
  7. Shooting Bull i to am left eye dominant and shoot right handed, it will always be difficult to overcome that and i under stand "Long guns with left eye shut", I shot competitive shotgun for many years and have taken lessons from the leading eye dominance coach in the US, and hes from England. He showed me how to overcome it and shoot with both eyes open. I will need to see you in person and i can show you what i was taught. However, in this game accuracy isnt always as important so some of it will not apply. I woul;d love to chat with you about it, it will apply to both pistols and rifle. Mayb
  8. ^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^......Its refered to as a "Bump Step"....very common mod, does not effect closing
  9. I am interested in your 454 Casull Ruger, you wouldn’t be going to EOT at Paradise Pass would you?

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      Any of your buddys going you could send the gun with so i could look at it, I am very interested but i would like to look at it first.



    3. Bad Company, SASS #20195

      Bad Company, SASS #20195

      None going. Gun needs to sell through an FFL also. It's in great condition. I shot 5 454's then a few 45 Colts thru it.  BadCo

  10. Kirk its hard to remember Cody ever being that little, really enjoyed watching him grow as a shooter and young man, we had many laughs out there, he has grown into a fine young man, look forward to seeing you guys again.
  11. I have three sets of Boogie guns, there is nothing like them, he is a great friend, I have the original two hammers that were the first set ever into the US, still running like a champ, if there is anything I can help you with, let me know...Thanks...CoJack

  12. I have never heard a valid argument for rank points that made sense, after reading this, I have still never heard a valid argument that made sense....
  13. Rank is no different in small matches versus large matches, it is not a complicated system, very easy to score. The smartest thing I have heard stated in this debate is "If you score a match with two different methods and end up with different results, one of them is wrong", The largest problem with rank is it punishes shooters differently who commit the same error. EX: One shooter may get 50 rank points for a miss on a stage, another shooter might get 95 rank points for a miss on the same stage, how is this correct?
  14. A buddy of mine had an Elmer Fudd hunt at his deer lease this year, and the requirement was you had to use older style lever or pump guns, no optics, I watched his father in law shoot a nice deer at 125 yds with one of those dang Lightning pump rifles in 45 Colt. One shot....dead where it stood, never would have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes!
  15. This is a good read, but realize the portion on coated bullets was written a year and a half ago, although there was great information on coated bullets in the article. The three major concerns with the bullets are correct. 1. The number one requirement from the manufacturer is that the coating must be applied properly to get good results, I ordered coated bullets from a dozen or so casters when I started wanting to shoot coated bullets, and all were different quality, some good some bad. 2. Care must be taken in the reloading process to load any bullets including the lead, plated or coated
  16. Where did you get that small cabinet behind that Mec shotgun press, I could use one of those in my gunroom...very nice and way to neat!
  17. The Cowboy bullets he has in Candy Apple,(looks like maroon metallic), and Gunmetal (looks like dark lead bullet), and his standard color is the copper-rust you see on the website, I have several shooters in OK using them. Would be glad to send you some samples.
  18. He does have that bullet available, it is just not on the site yet, available in several colors, I have some with me I would gladly give you some samples, my samples are the gun metal color
  19. Deuce we will talk at WR, I will make you a believer my friend! Over drinks of course....
  20. Yes i will, I always have 10 or 12k with me and will deliver to any range I shoot at or can meet anywhere in the metroplex......no charge!
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