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  1. TINNITUS!!!!!! Had it all my life. Hope it goes away when I die. Knarley
  2. Was a darn good game..........................
  3. "New to you" bed from salvage yard??? Worked well on my Nissan.
  4. Was walking along a lake with the 1st wife one day, and a buxum brunette walked by wearing a tiny slingshot bathing suit. Of course the wife caught me with my tounge hanging out, and asked "How come you never look at ME like that?" I told her the truth..........."Cuz......... you never look look like that" I haven't seen her in 30 years, go figure.................................. Knarley
  5. Loading BP shot shells is easy. One night my wife came down to the loading room and announced she wanted to learn............SHE loads our shot shells now. Knarley
  6. Thanks for the link. I'm gonna be stayin' in the normal pistol loading bracket. I prefer pretty guns to blowed up ones............'sides, I like my fingers too. Knarley
  7. Most my loading manuals have a "Ruger/Thompson Center Only" section for pistol cartrages, are they usable if being used in a rifle? Knarley
  8. Parts for 10 whole years?? I can still get parts for my Harley, it was built in 1978. Too bad, I bet it will be tough to sell the rest of them now......................... I'd be leary about an Indian too. Knarley
  9. What's in it for me?? One shouldn't even dignify that with an answer.......... Just about every weekend is spent at the range working. Numerous articles donated to the range. Hauling computers and coffee, cookies flatware napkins along with tools, carts, building material. Donating prizes, lending out gear. Buying equipment to be used at the range, not to mention the money donated,and or loaned to get the club moving. What's in it for me??? An orginazation that is always standing at the gate with their hand out for money. They want yearly dues from the members, they want yearly dues fro
  10. I know quite a few shooters who have stated that this dues increase was the last straw. "It's like throwing money to the wind." Last year SASS sent us a bunch of gift cards as prizes for our State Shoot................ALL EXPIRED!!! Nothing in the "Mercantile" worth buying anyway The SASS Cronical is gone, That new rag isn't worth looking at. For a couple at $75.00 + $60.00 a year for what? Nothing. Why is SASS membership dropping? It ain't Rocket Science. Knarley
  11. My Bad!! Sorry!!! Was only seven years off, mine is a '73
  12. I have had Pedersoli sights on a couple rifles. The real spendy ones and their mid range ones. The really spendy ones, are kind of sloppy, and have twice as many hash marks as need be. The not so spendy ones, are a lot easier to read, but still have slop, or back lash when adjusting them. I put a "Kelly" sight on one of my rifles, and my my,that was a WHOLE lot better. I have heard good things about MVA sights, but never used one.. Seeing as I'll be needing some new sights down the road, AND it is the middle of winter, I figgured this would be a good time to discuss sights ........... So,
  13. I don't know if this s correct, but I have never seen any loads with smokeless for those big postells one would use at the longer ranges. Nothing wrong with smokeless,I shoot it in other guns. But the sound and the fire out of a "Buff" gun is just too cool.
  14. How often do you clean out the primer pockets on your brass? Or do you even bother? Knarley
  15. I have a Pedersoli Quiggley in 45-70. It has been re-stocked with custom "Myrtel" wood and has a "Kelly" tang sight on it. Soon it will be getting a "Kelly" front sight which has a bubble inside it. That being said, next fall, (I hope) a Shilo sharps "Saddle Rifle" in 38-55 will be arriving. It too will be out fitted with Kelly sights. Neither of them will taste "Smokeless" powder while under my care. I have a couple Marlins in 38-55 that will be smokeeless guns tho.......... I'm not saying you are making the right or wrong decision by waiting, and I know that it's a hard thing to do. Bu
  16. I wear suspenders, and I ain't got no shelf !!!!!!!!!
  17. I like trick or treating with a gun............ya gets more loot!!!
  18. Bought one a year or so ago in .45 Colt. Functions pretty smooth,has the nice wood. I just might have to shoot it this summer..............
  19. I recently bought a pair of .357 Vaqueros that are 600 apart. Just sayin..........
  20. Hell, no matter how ya score the match, some of us is ALLWAYS ridin' drag
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