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  1. Michele and family added to the prayer list. Hoping for full recovery.
  2. Kneemail up for the family. I'm gonna miss shooting with Range Bum. RIP old friend.
  3. Get an Uberti and tune it yourself using using Pettifogers tune up guide. Fingers (Show Me MO smoke) McGee
  4. +3 on the Redding Profile Crimp Die. Solved the chambering problems with my 44-40 Lightning. Fingers (Show Me MO smoke) McGee
  5. Thanks for the link Warden. It is different in that Colt never made a brass framed 1851 Navy. Schneider and Glassick made something like less than 25 brass (gunmetal) framed pistols before they had to dodge the Union Army. They never got their manufacturing plant into operation. It is the Italian replica makers that popularized the fantasy Brass 1851 Navy.
  6. It's an Armi San Marco replica of a 36 cal Schneider and Glassick that was made in 1990.
  7. Sorry I haven't checked the wire like I should have. Sometimes life gets in the way. Between computer crashing and surgery to remove a melanoma, I missed your post Joe.
  8. It's gotten to where driving after dark determines where we go also.
  9. Southern Missouri Rangers in Marshfield tries to shoot through the winter - weather permitting.
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