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  1. Second list of for sale stuff working on passing 20+ years of CAS on to new users. All items are medium (42 - 44) unless otherwise marked and have been lovingly maintained. Prices include shipping' 1. Purple and black Rockmount B-Western shirt. $45.00 2, Green white and gold Rockmount B Western shirt. $45.00 3. Canvas Plainsman Hunting Jacket with cape. $85.00 4. Frontier Classics Tan, full button, collar shirt. $17.50 SOLD 5. Frontier Classics White, full button, collar, shirt. $12.50 SOLD 6. Frontier Classics White, full button, band col
  2. So you could safely load 6. They were patterned after the Manhattan revolver.
  3. Sorry to hear of your troubles. We've added you to our prayer list as well. Stop by if you get up this way. We'll give you the grand tour of Missouri.
  4. Doing as good as the Parkinson's disease lets me. This is the first of many for sale posts cause my shooting days are done.
  5. Have the following B Western shirts with ties for sale. All have been meticulously maintained, worn only to banquets, dry cleaned after each wearing. All are size medium. Prices are shipped. First "I'll take it" gets em. #1 - Rockmount - red with white fringe - NO TIE $40.00 #2 - Rockmount - purple & beige with roses $40.00 #3 - Rockmount - blue & black with flowers $40.00 #4 - Rockmount - yellow & black with flowers $40.00 #5 - Panhandle Slim - Red and tan with guns and roses $30.00 $6 - Scully - Be
  6. Pair of Uberti Leech and Rigdon .36 caliber percussion revolvers that have been defarbed, patinated, restamped and had six additional bolt stop cuts machined into the cylniders to to resemble a pair of C. H. Rigdon's from 1864. One of the revolvers used was mfg in 1973 and the other in 2007. These were my main match guns for a couple years around 2010 and have been sitting in the safe since. The last photo is the original that these clones were based on. $700.00 shipped
  7. I saw my first 2nd Gen 1851 Navy Colt at a match in Ft. Collins, CO in 2003. One of the local shooters was using a pair of C series Navies. I bought a pair of them as soon as I could off of GunBroker. I've been buying 2nd Gens ever since. The Adler refecence is a good source for information on 2nd and 3rd generation Colts. A more recent publication "Collecting Modern Colt Blackpowder Revolvers" by Eric Deaton (2019) is an excellent reference that discuses manufacturing, packaging, marketing, and warranteeing and hits on the lack of production numbers for the Sig series guns.
  8. Sorry J-Bar, theyre sold. I still have the defarbed CH Rigdons. One pictured below
  9. I've come to the conclusion that, thnks to Parkinson's Disease my, SASS shooting days are over. As a result, I'll be selling off my match guns over the next few months. First up: Pair of Uberti/Navy Arms Frontiersman, SOLD Pair of consecutive serial numbered, .36 caliber, Uberti/Taylors 1861 Navies with American Holly grips and coil spring hand spring Both have been my main match guns for a numer of years and still look like new. Mfg 2003 $800 for the pair. SALE PENDING Added pair of Uberti Leech and Rigdons that have been Defarbed, aged, restamped, had action jobs a
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