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  1. I know the old wire had a limit on posts per page, I feel like it went up on this one from maybe 30 to 40 posts? why the change? I also noticed that the post # went away. For instance, when someone said "look at post 14 for an answer to your question". That wont be possible anymore or is it a setting on my end in the way I view the wire? When I was looking around the Administrative Control Panel, I saw that posts per page and topics per page were set to 35 each. I imagine that was also the previous setting as upgrades usually grab previous settings and preferences. About post number, I noticed that too, when I wanted to refer to one, and don't like it's disappearance. Maybe a tech will see this and answer or fix it.
  2. I try to get out once or twice a month. I shoot IDPA pretty frequently as well in these colder months while CAS is on a hiatus in my area. Just did a sanctioned shoot this past weekend for IDPA. In the summer I shoot more frequently, I will do the IDPA match the day before the CAS match. Tell my wife its a shooting weekend. That goes over well EVERY time hahaha. Maybe thats why I'm not stellar at either one, because I alternate so frequently. I always say I'm going to pick one and stick to it for a year see how good i get, but I can't bring myself to drop either sport.
  3. Nice looking gun for sure, but I have to agree with Redwood Kid on this one, I can't see myself paying that price for a clone. I know Colt's are tough to come by, but you could probably come by a Colt for the same price, at that point it comes down to brand preference, and I would imagine that if you have a Colt available (however it is available to you) and that, most folks in this game would take the Colt. I'm intrigued to see what happens though.
  4. I'm in the category of "never" specifically doing it. They do come out clean though. Shooting black powder, after i leave the UL table, I have time to deprime and drop my cases into a mixture of dawn and water, let them soak until i get home, rinse off, they go into a sonic cleaner, for about 20 minutes while im doing other chores, after I let them dry, I will then toss them into the tumbler to really make sure all water is gone and they come out looking like new, if there is anything in the primer pockets, at that point oh well. For smokeless, they go from my bag to the tumbler to the press, no depriming at the range. Never worried about it. Previous to me tumbling, one gent I shoot with said my brass looked like I picked it up off the streets of dodge city HAHAHAH
  5. If I ever win one, I expect it will be the buckle for my gunbelt for a few matches, then who knows. I use slides for the shotgun so no shotgun belt to put one on....IF I ever win one.
  6. I would show you....but I haven't gotten any awards or plaques lol....yet
  7. I tried to count my 45 colt brass once, after about 33 I think I lost count, and I bet some of those are still in my collection. I've been using starline 45 colt for about 4 or 5 years, and I think I have had only 2 split in that time. That is for matches and practice on the home range, with both full black powder loads and smokeless loads. As another has said, I think I have lost more simply for not seeing them on the ground, and you could step on the 45 Colt brass and it laughs it off. My 44-40 on the other hand, I've had 1 split in the just about 2 years I have been using them, but crushed so many more due to the nature of that specific case. Never did try to count how many times loaded, but I will say I have not purchased any more starline brass than the original 250 I purchased when the supply was short when I got that rifle. I should probably get some more in case this post just jinxed me.
  8. I have to say, I am one of those fortunate people who is never in contention for a buckle or any award ... I am certainly trying to get faster, climb through the ranks etc. In fact, at the 2016 PA State Match, I think I was doing pretty well in the standings going into day 2, but I had 4 misses on one stage, that was enough to completely take me out of the running for anything. I tend to like it this way though. I have the name tag from the match, which would be the "participation souvenir" but to get a buckle, you had to be overall I believe, and to get a plaque, you had to be in I think the top 3. I like the name tag as a souvenir and I have my memories from the match, new friends etc. I was upset with myself from those misses, but that is how you get better. If I had gotten an award just for being in the category, I probably wouldn't appreciate it as much because there were other competitors that didn't have those problems. I think it goes to a bigger philosophy anyway and I disagree with participation awards. I am 31, and not long ago, you didn't receive a trophy or award unless you did something to deserve it, and showing up wasn't the thing you did to deserve an award. I think it is setting up people for failure in the long run for coddling them. As for the matches that give out buckles for being there, that is pretty sweet to remember the match, but I hope there is a better award for the actual winners of the match. Something to set them apart.
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