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2nd time out with my daughter

Trigger Mike

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Had the day off today and my little girl kept saying she wanted to go try out her new pink stocked 10-22. She proudly displayed her rifle on my wall in the gun room, and proudly got it down to load the car. We had lots to do so I told her we would get up around 6 and head out. It was cold, in the 30's and cloudy. Once she got there she whinned how cold it was. I told her we should see how it sights on at 25 yards(tell me if that is too far for a 10-22) she got intimidated by the distance and whinned about that. She hit real high at 25 and I hit low at 25. Finally I took her to the pistol range before she shut down completely. We tried it there. She was more comfortable but still cold and shot real high. I shot low with her rifle. Not sure why she always goes high. IDEAS? SHe shut down further and became discouraged. I tried to tell her a ba day shooting is better than a good day at school. Told her when all else fails, blame the ammo and that I had switched to cheap ammo on her today(which I had switched from Remington to CCI). Finally decided she started with the 22 pistols last time so would start over. She did fine with a Colt 22, and her Bearcat. Her hands were cold though and she had a hard time working the action. Gave her a browning 22 lever, let her aim at the metal ones to get her confidence back, it worked some, got her to try hers again, she hit high again but did adjust it as I coached where she was hitting. then the rain fell so we came home. She says she might want to go out Monday. What makes someone shoot way high all the time? Bad sight picture?

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I have taught hundred of kids from age 8 and up to shoot, and shoot well with safety.


You want to look at the grouping of the shots to make sure they are actually using the sights in the first place.

Put them on the bench rest and take the strength out of the equation.


Now. If the grouping high they are allowing too much of the front blade above the rear sight. A paper illustration of the EXACT correct sight picture is a great help if right there next to them.


I can't help you with the wining. If they want to shoot the wining will stop. A package of hand warmers from Walgreen's all Walmart make a big difference.


One last thing..... Make it fun! Shoot a few exploding things like potatoes or lollipops.


Oh! And buy some NRA 25' targets. Just like cowboy, it's more fun to hit the target somewhere.

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When they whine, and say they want to stop, you need to stop. If they ain't havin' fun, it ain't fun. And if you make her keep doing it when she ain't havin' fun, then it gets to be a pain in the butt, and it won't never be fun.

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You two are apparently not using the same sight picture for sure :D


Draw it up on paper and ask her what she was using.


I don't know anything about this website but if you scroll down it has pictures of different sight pictures.





Just a guess , she is not pulling the front sight bead down into the notch in the rear sight .


I have had to make drawings to teach proper sight picture , several times .




2 x +1.


Have her draw what her sight picture looks like. Also, if she is leaning back, she may be raising up even more when she pulls the trigger. If you have some .22 snap caps load them into her magazine without telling her. See what happens when she pulls the trigger and doesn't get a bang.


25 yds isn't unreasonable for a 10-22, and should be a good distance for a young shooter. Close enough for hits, but far enough to be a little challenge.

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Hey Mike,


I think the sight picture suggestions on the thread are good. With respect to the whining, I can relate. My son and I have been doing some shooting over the last year (Daisy Red Ryder) and he can lose interest fast. I try to keep the sessions short and mix things up to the extent I can. I try to focus on what he is doing right, and praise him for it, while keeping the corrections down as much as possible. Notice I said TRY, I certainly don't always succeed. Not to long ago I noticed he was trying to aim with his left eye (he's right handed) and I put some tape over the left lens of his safety goggles. He didn't like that at all and that was the end of that session.


I recently bought him a pair of Bearcats and one approach I'm trying is to always call it quits before he wants to. When we start going to the range I plan on having him bring some of his electronic gizmos so I can have him stop shooting periodically and do something else. I don't know how old your daughter is, my son is six, but the young one's attention span can be pretty limited.


Tomorrow is the Cherokee Cowboy's match, perhaps I'll see you there and we can compare our experiences.

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It was cold, in the 30's and cloudy. Once she got there she whinned how cold it was.


I'd have been whining too. Sometimes kids THINK they're going to have fun, but once they get there, they don't


As to the sight picture question, I'm guessing that she was wearing heavier clothes than the last time you two went out. That will make the rifle fit her different. Wait untill it warms up to where it's NOT FREEZING out to go again!

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Kids and Dads do not see the same things. If a kid is cold and uncomfortable, for heavens sake, STOP.

A child under ten and perhaps older has a different set of priorities. Personal comfort is way up on the list. A Dad has a tendency to overlook personal discomfort for perceived fun. If you turn the child off to something that you want to teach, they will never or seldom grasp the idea.


My suggestion is to involve them in things that THEY find to be fun. Wait for a nice day to take them to the gun range. Make sure that there is plenty of things to hold their attention, and not things that hold YOUR attention. When they make a strong opposition to what your are doing, change directions or stop.


It is a good idea to use a sheet of paper and pencil to determine what her sight picture looks like, but

a few stick men and some funny comments might help the program. You want the end result to be



Just my $.02

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A kid who is cold and uncomfortable will make a poor student.

Some adults are like that too. ;)


Await for nicer weather then go over the fundamentals suggested. Make it fun for her.

Children's brains do not learn at all like adult brains.

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