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  1. I keep a closer eye on my 22 than my 38 or 45. I got into the game last time, or a previous time, things got tight, so I was ready this time around and stocked up a bit. I'm happy to see accommodations made for folks that weren't as prepared....for monthly matches, and scored separately. For me, if I go out, I want an average of 10.10.4
  2. Yes, normal Pawnee Station Monthly on the 16th.
  3. There's surely ways to work around either press's strengths or weaknesses. All a matter of what the user prefers and wants to do. I can say if someone gifted me a 550 along with the dies for calibers I loaded, I wouldn't refuse nor be overly inclined to sell it.
  4. Skimming thru the replies, no one mentioned that the 750 have 5 stations, and the 550 only four. Assuming you run separate seat and crimp dies, that doesn't leave any room for a powder check die. When I was buying my Dillon that was important to me, so I bought a 650 and don't regret it. Also, while the manual indexing does indeed make it easier to correct a problem, it also adds another manual operation that must be done and not forgotten. Running properly having to fix an issue is rare, so for me the auto indexing made more sense in my mind. If I do have an issue, I pull each
  5. I agree with others, nothing can be better than a mentor to help you thru the process, and a good loading manual, while it can cause information overload, is helpful. Years ago I made this video to show the basic process, on a single stage press as it's helpful to know what is going on in each die / step of the process. You may note that I use a combo seat and crimp die here, where sometimes you may be using separate seat and crimp dies.
  6. Lucky you, both because you still have a father, mine passed in 1989 at the tender age of 57, and also because you now have new to you iron. Enjoy them both.
  7. Before I even bought my 650 I watched a lot of videos on them, and it seemed to me that the powder alarm was chirping a lot, and one or two guys said they just ignore it most of the time. I chose to go with the RCBS lock out die, and have one on every tool head.
  8. Like. I like tombstone racks, plate racks, etc. Anything that makes everyone think and aim a bit more than normal. Not that I'm very good at them, then again, that could be said for a target the size of the side of a barn... LOL Merry Christmas! Grizz
  9. RCBS Lockout die. Have one on every toolhead. Live Primer chute thing-a-ma-bob. Don't remember who I got it from, but it's 3d printed chute that drops primer into slide out box. UniqueTek spent primer fitting and tube that runs thru a hole in my bench to a big plastic jar with a hole in the lid.
  10. From the tip of the buckle to the middle hole is 35 inches as shown. Not sure what the actual waist size would be, depends on how you wear your gunbelt. I bought this rig used years ago as a loaner for new shooters and visitors. It's only been used a couple times and I'm ready to part with it.
  11. $175 Shipped in conus. Nice San Pedro Saddlery RH with cross draw rig. Best fit is Ruger New Vaqueros with the 4 and 5/8 barrels. The 5.5s hang out the bottom as shown. Loops are 38/357 May consider discount for brand new shooter or local pickup. Grizz
  12. SG shells is where I'm always short. Loading them on a Lee Load All 2 don't go near as fast as everything else on the 650
  13. OMG, I know that silly. I have a full sized 1911 already, but want a commander sized one to add to my collection.
  14. Prefer SS, but would love to see what you got and for how much. Thanks Grizz
  15. Classic you have to shoot duelist. As to competition, depends on the match.
  16. Like I can remember what I did 'a while back?' LOL, looking forward to your call. Grizz
  17. Was finally able to get back out to the shop. After I cleaned the priming system, I re-oriented the kinked spring to where I thought it would work better. Just now, I ran 300 rounds or so with no primer feed issues. I ran maybe 20 or 30 then checked primers in the output bin, then dumped into another bin. Rinse and repeat for all 300, no issues. Well, other than failing to notice that the pin wasn't in the end of a primer tube when I shoved the follower in spewing 20 or so primers all over the place.... edit - just got an email from the nice folks at Dillon that par
  18. I just went out and took it apart. The return spring is kinked, but given where it goes that isn't surprising. I cleaned it all up with Rem oil, it needed it, and put it back together and back on the press. So far it has cycled as it should, guess I'll load some primers and load some more 38s and see how it does.
  19. I'll give that a try. But even off the press moving the arm by hand it doesn't always spring back far enough. I figure I'll take it all apart and clean good and see what that tells me.
  20. I checked that and it's cocking the indexer arm like it should, problem is that the arm is not always going back as far as it should when the platter is down.
  21. Congrats on the 750. I'd love to get one but would keep the 650 as well so I could have a dedicated small primer press, and one for large primers.
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