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  1. If you have room in your safe for your leather, you don't have enough guns! My leather gets left in the back seat of the car much of the time, or in a box in the garage.
  2. I know lots of folks who do it that way. I am not one of them. They go in holsters by which I pick up first with no thought as to one vs the other. And which I draw first depends on the stage and transitions.
  3. Thanks, but I'll pass. Gonna try and stick with Dillon dies as I love how easy there are to clean.
  4. I just want someone to buy them so I'm no longer tempted! Too many other irons on my wish list right now that I want just a bit more.
  5. Jim - you want them, you need them, you deserve them, doggoneit, they'll make you fell pretty! Just buy them all ready! Dawg, I get a cut, right?
  6. Nice lookin' pair of Dawg Laigs you got there.... Of course after you sell them, they'll just be Hawg Laigs.... hahahahahahahahaha.
  7. I'm still looking. If anyone is interested in the stuff from captqueeze, PM him.
  8. Yes please, PM me a list, pictures and prices.
  9. Capt - if'n the price was right, I might be interested in the 650 as well.
  10. Yeah, compared to the cost of the rifle I just ordered, getting the 650 stuff to load for it isn't that bad. Just thought I'd see if anyone had some 45 LC stuff laying around they weren't using any more. But it seems that's not the case. I blame Major Artillery for it, what with him promoting the Classic Cowboy category so much
  11. Well I finally scraped up enough gold dust to order a 73 in 45 LC. So I guess I'd best get my 650 set up to feed that critter. I'm hoping some one is no longer shooting 45 LC and will make me a deal. Trying not to spend too much as now I'm saving for a pair of pistolas in 45 LC.. Looking for the following for my 650 for 45 LC Caliber conversion kit Quick change kit including powder measure Dillon dies for 45 LC.. Large primer pick up tubes Primer assembly set up for large primers. (looks to be much easier to swap out the whole assembly than just all the pieces parts.) Would also be interested in the first 3 for 45 ACP.
  12. The bomb cyclone blizzard is gone, and the range is actually looking pretty good! Tomorrow's monthly match is a GO! Dust off those irons and cowboy duds and come join us for the fun! Due to the possibility of a little mud, rubber boots are allowed and categories with specific footwear requirements are given a pass on that account. Registration at 8.30, pledge and safety meeting at 9.15 with lead flying shortly after that! Hope to see you there!
  13. Handguns even! Been a long long time ago, seems like Skaggs was primarily a drug store but maybe it was kinda a department store as well.
  14. First may have been a Marlin bolt action .22 magazine fed at a LGS, but not sure if that was a gift or if it was my money. First I know was my money was a Dan Wesson 6 inch .357 mag bought at Skaggs Drug store in Boulder, CO.
  15. There is no rule requiring a gunfighter, or B-western shooter shooting gunfighter style to alternate shots. So as long as one is shot with left hand, and the other is shot with the right hand, they can pull them both, shoot one dry, then shoot the other one.
  16. Even worse if the second is instinctively cocked as it is drawn while shooting the other.
  17. Yer gonna shoot a 97? Gadzooks what is the world coming to??? Good looking shotgun. Were I in the market I would be very tempted. But right now I focused on getting the gold dust together for a 73 and pair of Rugers in 45 Colt. And the associated reloading stuff so I can load 45 colt on my 650.
  18. We've done it first 3 for score, and you can run it again if folks aren't waiting for your own entertainment, no recorded score, and bragging rights.
  19. Normal monthlies and annual, only official SASS categories. Special 5th Saturday matches, add the following: Big Bore, Outlaw, Pistolero and .22
  20. I can't hardly lift the glass I use now! And yup, I've been thinkin' drinkin' again! or is it drinkin' thinkin'? I dunno, let's have another drink and think on it.
  21. In case anyone was wondering, since I use the pre mixed margarita from the bottle in the fridge, I went with no ice cubes so that more of the good stuff would fit in the glass. Carry on.
  22. Count me out, I've got more important things to worry about, like am I going to put three ice cubes in my margarita or only two.
  23. Only about 5 weeks away now! Get those entries in folks! And it would probably be wise to message Stirrup and let him know that you are coming so that he can make sure to have awards and banquet details finalized.
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