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  1. I've used Fed and Win SG primers and don't know that I noticed a difference, then again I didn't do a side by side comparison either.
  2. Perhaps, but from personal experience I can tell you that beer and Cap'n Crunch is NOT a good combination....
  3. My suspenders (braces) hold up my pants, I have a D ring on the back of them, and run a strap from the D ring under and around my gunbelt to hold it up.
  4. Any time I get to shoot with Shooting Bull it is fun.
  5. That SUCKS! Best of luck for a speedy recovery. Grizz
  6. I'll be there, and hell's coming with me, you hear? Hell's comin with me!
  7. CONGRATS to the Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl Shootists of the Year for 2019, Stirrup Trouble and Mattie Mahala West.
  8. Two to four inches in the Denver area tomorrow, low tomorrow night in the teens. It was 82 today....
  9. Find a club or clubs in your area and let them know you're looking for a used rig. Lots of folks buy new starting out and then buy another rig after they've been at it a while and know better what they want in a 'custom' rig.
  10. If MDs want clean shooters they should provide showers and laundry facilities at the range
  11. I'm sorry Kris. Most days I'm between a 3 and a 6 with spikes of 9. Ain't getting old grand?
  12. Slim - Dragon Hill Dave said they were going to try and make their selections by Comin' at Cha. No clue if they have or not. I'm hoping to hear soon though, cuz depending on who it is, I may want to make plans to go to WR so I can be there for the presentation.
  13. Speaking of big irons... I have thought of getting a Colt's Dragoon and naming it 'Puff' I think there would be something magical about it.
  14. I'm aware of that, but typically they announce the winners ahead of time so that they can make plans to be at WR for the presentation.
  15. Anyone heard anything? I'm on the edge of my seat here!!!
  16. It's changed in the last couple of years, if the seller wants to go thru a FFL on his end just go with it would be my thought. Get the name and number of that FFL to see if he'll ship to an individual or not depending on state. If you want to know specifics, get ahold of Phantom, he has a shop here in CO now and is likely up to date on the laws. Grizz
  17. Go to the side match day for the Sand Creek Raiders Halloween match, they had a bunch of stuff like that last year, I expect they will this year as well.
  18. I recently got a brace of 45 Colts to shoot Classic Cowboy with. I'm using Win 231 loaded towards the bottom end of the published loads for 200 grn bullets and haven't had a problem with them even with severe arthritis in my CMC thumb joint shooting duelist. I did go with the 5.5 inch barrels in the 45s where I have the 4 and 5/8s barrels on my 38s. Shooting a 1911 with Wild Bunch loads has gotten painful as the arthritis has gotten worse, but so far cowboy guns are manageable. I get my left one fixed in a few weeks, and the right one after Winter Range. Grizz
  19. Had a shooter request a re-shoot because I was unable to tell him which target to shoot next after clearing a malfunction. Request denied. Haven't had any other issues like that while running the clock. Most folks I shoot with on a regular basis are the first to own their own mistakes. I know I am, called a P on myself that the spotters and TO had missed at our annual this year.
  20. I use Ringers bullets. In fact I need to order more for 38s, 45 LC and 45 ACP My postal carrier is going to hate me.
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