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  1. Having owned several irons tuned by Cody, I can attest to the smoothness. Yet, at the same time, a 2nd gen Colt, I think I might save sans tuning for more of a special iron as Phantom says rather than making it a SASS regular.
  2. I filmed it approximately 4 years ago and uploaded it on youtube.. I'd have to watch the footage to be sure, but most was filmed in my shop, and the inserted clips likely at Pawnee Station in Nunn, Colorado. And yes, recorded digitally and edited would be correct, the word 'filmed' being loosely used if you consider that to be filmed using some sort of tape or film.
  3. I'm afraid I don't understand the question.
  4. Wow, youtube suggested my own videos to me, and it is timely. Life might actually allow me to shoot a monthly in a couple of weeks after a long hiatus, and it was fun to watch myself share what little I know about this game. I watch them at 1.75 times speed, which makes me sound like a chipmunk which makes it a bit more fun. Anyway, thought I'd post these here in hopes someone else might find something useful, or at least a laugh. Has it really been four years since I filmed that? Time does fly. Pleas
  5. Filmed at the site of this years NE state match. I highly recommend you go if you haven't', and even if you have! The first segment of this TV show is filmed about CAS at the Platte Valley gunslingers match. A great venue, and a great club ramrodded my that past classic cowboy of the year, Stirrup Trouble. Highly recommend! https://www.plattevalleygunslingers.com/2021-nebraska-state-sass-championships/
  6. I have one of them, well, close, 1909 USMC 45 Colt. Well, I had it before the break boating accident anyway.
  7. I use 231 for my 38s, 45 Colts, and 45 acp. works for me.
  8. Ol' Stirrup and the PVGS gang always puts on a first class match that I highly reccomend! Hope to see you there!
  9. Dang, and just when I was thinking I had a powerful want for an 87
  10. I'm left handed and use it as it on all my doubles.
  11. Bonuses can be fun, but unless the bonus is totally not score related, once the first person gets it, everyone else who misses it is more of a penalty. So say the bonus was to take 5 seconds off your time. Then it's basically another target. A shooter who doesn't get the chance to shoot a target due to prop failure must still fire the round, but is scored with a hit.
  12. Was thinking the other day, yes, dangerous for me. A genuine Colt will always be the gold standard I reckon, but what's second best, USFA? AWA? Something else? And for cost, Colt being the highest, then maybe USFA and AWA?
  13. Am I tough enough? Probably not, but I'll keep it on my radar and I'm sure you'll remind me.
  14. Grizzly Dave, SASS 85224 From the Colorado Territory Shooting for I reckon 8, 9 years now
  15. You go Sue! Sadly I am unable to attend this time around. I know that you will have fun!
  16. Info is now available on the Thunder Mountain website LINK
  17. I think a fair amount of the turnover can be attributed to the life cycle of any hobby or interest. People may give other reasons but I think it boils down to that.
  18. Wow, this thread not only jumped the rails, I think it did it on a bridge!
  20. One miss on the pistol and shoot where it was on the rifle. I myself would avoid using the use of the term 'target failure' so as to avoid having to look up in the books to see what that might or might not imply. JMO.
  21. First I'd be sure the extractor rod is clean and lubed. I use dummy shells made from fired hulls and have never had a problem, then again, I almost never practice.
  22. It's not, in the first email clicking either link would take you to the January edition, they have since fixed those links and send another email. In the original email clicking on the cover picture would take you to the February edition.
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