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  1. I'm far too lazy to cart extra irons to matches. I have a brace of 38s and a brace of 45s. So if I had both with me, I'd have backups unless I was shooting Classic Cowboy that day. For SG, I have 3, only one that would work for CC.
  2. you'll have to do without me this time. Life, and family health get in the way once again. Give Beans a hug for me, and ta heck if Cornbread don't like it!
  3. Well, last year a bought a pair of Ruger New Vaqueros from Long Hunter, slicked up with super blackhawk hammers on them. That should tell you what I think. I shoot CC, GF and age based with them depending how I feel and how my old arther itus lets me. Still have my 38s, but once you go to those big boolits, it's hard to go back. Enjoy whatever you decide on....and can find. Grizz
  4. It would seem proper to credit the artist.
  5. A true work of art and picture of fine craftsmanship. Congrats to Colorado Jackson.
  6. Via con dios. I never had the pleasure, but I offer my condolences on your loss.
  7. https://www.ksnblocal4.com/2020/08/23/platte-valley-gunslingers-member-diagnosed-with-parkinsons-feels-support-from-club/?fbclid=IwAR19rimRW-DjD8rRIcbTA_PiuloYizETJoR9H2hMlTiTJG8XhvhJ67bBu5o
  8. No, I don't know anything about that pistol.
  9. If anyone finds a 1911 left handed carry holster, keep me in mind
  10. What Jefro says is right as rain. Best take a sturdy leather belt that you don't need to hold your pants up that you can hang holsters off though, many folks carry an extra rig as a loaner, but the belts don't always fit....
  11. Participants won't be carrying loaded guns, I'd bet dollars to donuts no club will allow a spectator to do so.
  12. Heartland Public Shooting Park in Grand Island NE has a campground for those using the range. Partial hookups.
  13. Midway, Brownells, Ruger, etc but they can be hard to find. Rumor has it that they only make them once a year, and when they are gone, they are gone until the next run. Some of the cowboy smiths also lay in a stock, so might try them as well. Normally a drop in job, I've done 3 sets that were, but have also heard of some that needed a little fitting. I like mine, well worth the effort. If you're not savvy to taking down a RNV that far, there are vids published by ruger on single action disassembly and re-assembly that are helpful. Best of luck. Grizz
  14. For annual and above, sure hold to the rules. For a monthly for a club that is struggling to get enough WB shooters to make it worth while to even hold the match, I think allowances make sense to help get the interest in WB going. You probably don't want to hear about one club I shoot at that has a 'Wild Bunch' monthly match that features a PCC category, allows non standard guns to some extent, and even allows cowboys to come shoot cowboy guns for the match.
  15. Tyrels list is pretty spot on IMO. Only I'd drop the second list, get another gun for hunting. You want a lever gun get a Marlin 336 I think is the model in 30.30.
  16. For an annual having a story in the shoot book with a paragraph for each stage that the shooter can read on their own is fine. Personally I don't like the paragraphs read aloud, it takes time, and takes my attention away from what I'm supposed to be doing. I do like starting lines. Some matches will have them, some won't, depends on who wrote the stages. Absent a given starting line I'll make something up. As to your question I think there is likely some evolutionary aspect to it, as well as regional and other influences.
  17. Interesting question. Around here, it's recommended while not required. Some folks do, most don't. When around folks that do, I keep my distance out of respect for that individual person. Were a local club to require it due to local gov't requirements, it wouldn't stop me from going if I was likely to go otherwise, as long as I didn't have to wear with while shooting, and could take it off while distancing as it's sometimes hard to breathe, especially in the heat with one on. I'm more interested in keeping my local clubs going than making a political statement around folks I know probably agree with me anyway.
  18. I'll admit I haven't reviewed your documents but will make the following comment anyway... I think it would be wise to put a caution in the beginning that named sweeps can vary by region or club, and it is the shooters responsibility to pay attention during the stage reading and ask questions as needed. For example 'Nevada sweep.' easy right? If you didn't listen to the stage reading you might miss 'starting on the middle target.' Imagine you have the project well in hand, but here's a vid I did some time back to help some newer folks understand some of the basic sweeps.
  19. Dantankerous is surely a good hombre, but I'd like to make another nomination.... I'd like to nominate Colonel Lou. I had the pleasure of shooting with Col. Lou when he was in the Denver area attending gunsmithing school. Always dressed to the hilt in classic attire, always encouraging me to shoot classic, and always working hard and quick with a booyah. Though technically a visitor to our club, come time for the annual he was there helping set up, tear down, and do whatever was necessary. No matter that staying late working meant that he'd have to sleep in his truck instead of heading 'home' to his apartment for the night.
  20. If it's been a while, take a refresher and they'll give you a new one.
  21. Sounds good to me. Grizz
  22. I doubt it this year, too much going on with family stuff.
  23. I reckon Wizard means the San Juan Rangers in Montrose. But I'm sure he'll chime in shortly to confirm or deny that.
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