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  1. "leveled off' sounds a whole lot better than increasing for sure. Stay the course!
  2. Sounds like a topic best discussed around the camp fire and over a few beverages. Pour me three fingers and I'll ponder it a spell..... Well.... Hmm.... Refill? As you said, with the variance in the vertical displacement of individual participants there can be no singular quantification for a 'clean miss.' Moving forward under that theory, the exact definition of a clean miss is as you stated, however will be varied by the dimensions of each individual what be doing the lead slinging at that particular juncture. refill? Furhter more, it could be postulated that a participant of exceptionally lofty proportions may have undergone illegal modifications to reach that stature and be deserving of penalty... In addition, what about them folks what can have one foot behind the prop, as required by stage instructions and with them long lanky laigs be hanging off so far to one side that there no longer a chance for a clean miss? so I clearly can not choose the cup in front of me! OK, well, maybe one more...then some one point me to my camper... what was the question again? I reckon you place the targets so that an average sized shooter has enough space between targets for a clean miss, whatever average is. And those outside the norm, well that gives us something to talk about around the campfire. I hope yer doing well today Widder. Grizz
  3. I'm sorry for your loss. Our fur babies really become part of the family.
  4. Back when I shot a Marlin, I just loaded 130 grn slugs and crimped in the crimp groove and they worked just fine.
  5. Nunn, Colorado, May 18 and 19 It's almost time to play COWBOY! Don't forget our regular Monthly Cowboy match this Saturday, and Sunday is Wild Bunch and PCC (pistol caliber carbine.) Forecast says mid to upper 60s both days. Registration starts at 8:30 AM, Pledge/Safety at 9:15 AM, Match starts at 9:30 AM. Hope to see you there! Link to Pawnee Station Website.
  6. btt for the weekend, lets sell this puppy! Grizzer needs some classic cowboy irons!
  7. slim, I used these dies on some used brass before, don't completely remember, but seems like I did have the problem but not to this extent. Yes, I ran all the cases thru the decap resize die, both to size and knock the stuck media out of the flash holes. Cholla Bob, no marks on the brass, and thanks for the suggestion, I need to do that next. Yet somehow I hadn't quite thought of it yet....
  8. brand new starline brass, tumbled for an hour or more. Tried one batch with no lube, and one batch with some Hornady one shot lube, no difference.
  9. What's important.... don't shoot yourself don't shoot me have fun
  10. As the title says, Lee dies, 45 acp, belling die... press is RCBS Rock Chucker even with barely any flare, not even enough to start the bullet, when with drawing the case from the die I have to yank up hard on the handle to get the case out. take out the powder funnel flaring piece, case goes up and down fine, take it out and run a previously flared case in and it catches coming out. my only thought is that the ridge inside the die that keeps the powder funnel flaring part from coming out the bottem has too small a diameter. what am I missing?
  11. May 8th Lets cut the price to $750. Much lower than that and I'll just keep it, and tear it down and salvage that beautiful hardwood for other projects. Thanks for looking, please ask if you have any questions. Grizz
  12. May 1, price reduced to $850. Thanks for looking, contact me with any questions or offers. Grizz
  13. Been up a while and no reasonable offers have been tendered. I will now entertain unreasonable offers I want to get this cart out of my shop and get some funds to help buy some classic cowboy irons. Thanks for looking. Grizz
  14. Think outside the box! C'mon up to the Shootout at Pawnee Station July 5-7 in Nunn, Colorado!
  15. Dana Delaney for sure, Catherine Bell never did it for me, liked Tracey Needham better in Jag.
  16. Thank ya kindly pard. For the right offer, I might be able to arrange delivery to EOT or a bit farther from Denver than a couple hours.
  17. High praise coming from the master himself, thank you.
  18. Thanks for the kind words guys. Like most things, I go overboard in planning, designing, and building things. Much of the hardwood came from my stash that I've had for many years, I hate to think what it would cost to buy today. I'm selling it to raise the gold dust to buy a pair of hog legs to play classic cowboy with, and because I don't need that big a cart for just me. Serious offers will be considered. As would some sort of a trade for a pair of RNV in 45 LC, Stainless, 5.5 barrels.
  19. Up for sale is what I call a couples cart, one of a kind. Made from curly maple, walnut, cherry, and a few other woods. This cart won 2nd place in Best Gun Cart at Winter Range in 2015. Features include: Removable gear box with sliding top tray Padded seat on top of gear box. Fold down design Swivel drink and SG shell caddy between the handle bars, it swivels to keep your drinks and shells from spilling. Room for 5 long guns. Designed so the balance point makes for easy pushing. Before it's delivered I am going to put a fresh coat or two of finish on it, as well as add the capability to latch it in the folded position so that it can be stored standing up. It's not a Yul Lose cart, but it's less than half the price. Will deliver within a couple of hours of Denver for free, farther than that is gonna cost you LOL. Price - $950 Reasonable offers considered. PRICE REDUCTION -- NOW $850 PRICE REDUCTION -- NOW $750 I will add more pictures later, but for now here are a few that I took back when I finished building it. Thanks for looking. Disclaimer - This is not a commercial post, I do not now, nor have I ever built gun carts for profit. This cart was built for friends of mine, who no longer have a use for it so they gave it back to me.
  20. I have seen folks use 4 wheel ATVs, but to me, the getting on and off would seem a bit cumbersome. I've also see a couple of folks build a motorized cart starting with an old riding lawn mower.
  21. McCandles - When I run the clock, I don't ask unless the shooter is looking confused, or is new to the game. And of course if they ask questions I'll explain it. To me, 'shooter ready?' includes if they understand the course of fire. That's my take on it. Grizz
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