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possum / opossum

Mose Spencer, SASS #63490

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You find them in the city, in the country, at the beach

In parks, in canyons, in a yard eating a peach


Rarely white, mostly black or gray

White face, pink nose, black ears they display


With beady dark eyes so sensitive to light

They much prefer to come out at night


Long whiskers and a nose that is pointed

Little hands with fingers that are jointed


They eat everything from snails to plums

Did I mention they have opposable thumbs?


Upon mom's back ride thirteen babies

Don't worry these guys do not get rabies


They sometimes will hiss, even snarl or click

They climb using their tail to hang on to a stick


If it looks like he's sleeping and should be in bed

He might be afraid and is just playing dead


Fifty sharp teeth to keep people distant

Set in a jaw that snaps shut in an instant


On the female you will find a pouch

If you try to look in it you'll surely yell "Ouch!"


70 million years they have remained

Since the dinosaur age, virtually unchanged


Just what are these unusual creatures

With so many astonishing features?


Did they come from another planet

With no other life form on it?


An animal such as this is really quite awesome

By now you know this could only be a POSSUM!

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ye ever heert of an O'Mule Skinner? NOPE...its Mule Skinner.


and ye ain't never heert of an Opossum Skinner neither.


IT's Possum........as in 'Possum Skinner'


just ask him!




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They are the critters that hid out under rocks and in holes while the rest were evolving.

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Possum is a southern word,

Opossum is a Yankee word.



Just got back from a trip Downunder. Possums down there are a lot like chinchillas, mink and ferrets. Cute, fuzzy and soft. Possums here are nothing like that.


Downunder Possum



Home Possum


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Possum is a southern word,

Opossum is a Yankee word.


No, Opossum is an anglicized version of the Indian name for the animal.


The word opossum comes from the Proto-Algonquian aposoum, pronounced *wa˙p- aʔθemw, meaning "white dog" or "white beast/ animal".




'Possum' is merely a colloquialism for opossum.

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Let's have some respect for Pogo...


The male opossum has a bifid reproductive organ. That's 2 instead of 1.


I don't know about you, but I'm jealous.



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