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  1. I have your bag and camera in the score shack on the range. Let me know when you would like to pick it up. :)


  2. Just sayin' howdy and I'm official now maybe I'll get to shoot more this year

  3. hey pard great to here from ya

    yes FCGF is available just write in in and we will make it happen



  4. Hey Mose, its the Bullster.

    A shooter told me he is signed up for Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter for the US OPEN. I printed the form and could not find it on the application. Is it available?

    Yours in two fisted smokey shooterdom,

    Bully Boy

  5. Howdy Mose,

    I have some interested parties asking me questions about the TC so i told them I would find out.

    1. If a shooter has entered in the TC are they still eligible for the match awards as well as the TC awards.

    2. Do you have to be a SASS member to shoot these events.

    I told him that he would have to be a member to shoot Comin' at Cha for sure, or the T...

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