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  1. Many thanks! I've been waiting for these to become available again!
  2. I had fully intended to shoot Frontiersman at EOT......until the online registration didn't work....and the phone was constantly busy all day....and my emailed registration paperwork was (and still is) ignored......and then they said "We're full." I lost half my trigger finger (index, right hand) to an accident a year ago today. I've spent the past year learning how to shoot my cap and ball pistols left handed and fire my lever gun and shotgun with my middle finger. Over that time, I purchased two new pistols (Stainless 58 Remmie New Armies), a new shotgun and a new set of leathe
  3. I sent Misty an email. I don't any other way to contact SASS. The online registration was a bust (error....error....error) and the phone was always busy....until about a half hour ago, then it just went to a full voicemail box.
  4. Tough? No. Impossible. With all the money, all the equipment I've bought, all the work we've put in over the past year -- all just so we could experience an EOT together before he goes off to school -- and have that met with an online registration system that doesn't work and a busy telephone. I'd say "not happy" or "disconcerted," but that doesn't even begin to cover it.
  5. I can't even print the application to fill out......
  6. I am BESIDE MYSELF with anger right now. At the prescribed time this morning, I logged in and attempted to register for my son and I. He goes off to college next year, so this was our last true opportunity to attend an EOT. I spent more than an hour trying to register, and all i got was error message after error message. So, I did "the sensible thing" and called. I called 7 or 8 times since trying to register online -- busy....every single time. Now, it's "Sorry, but we're full."
  7. You and everybody else it seems. I've heard that they expect to resume shipments in April '21. Good Luck!
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