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  1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/femail/video-1953570/Video-Bizarre-moment-parent-beats-stuffed-animal-make-child-eat-food.html
  2. 1. This ain't the real world 2. They are 50 feet away, I can't see their eyes 3. They intend to make me die a horrible death to steal from me. 4. My partner is an Apache-how many of you want to go to sleep with a thirsty apache of the 1800's at your side? 5. This is an Alpo question-reality sailed when you opened the thread
  3. https://photos.app.goo.gl/3EUqk6JWoMc9gy8s6 .44-77 Sharps The gun has a 4 digit serial number with no letter which I am told means it is a Farmington built gun. I'm not a collector, but just for your info Gun is in very good condition with a few safe handling marks in the wood-nothing significant Barrel is 30" Bore is fine, set trigger and shotgun style buttplate Front sight is folding, Factory rear sight still on barrel, and a Soule style vernier tang sight of very high quality. I am sorry I don't remember exactly, but I believe it is a Pedersoli sight that was reworked by Lee Shavers I will include the following: 50 rounds of smokeless ammo I bought with the gun. I shot 20 rounds and they are nicely accurate at 300 yards which is the longest range I had access to. You may choose to disassemble them for the cases and bullets or use as is. I may even have the notes on the loading from the prior owner. 15 empty cases in good condition 70 500 grain bullets lubed and sized a RCBS 3 die reloading set A buffalo arms Pope style Capper and decapper if you choose not to full length resize all the time (for better accuracy and longer case life) A bullet sizer that is just steel tube with a tapered hole for the .446 diameter bullet I had intended to load BP, but life got in the way and it has sat in my safe after the first firing. Finally, I have a letter indicating that this gun was Mike Venturino's aka Iron Duke and well known gun writer. Never mattered to me, but some people care. I'd need to get $2,500 for everything, plus shipping I would consider trades, partial trades and best offer, but this price is below market for this gun so anything short of asking price is going to be hard to accept. I'll post it on Gunbroker before I sell it for much less than my asking price. J. Mark
  4. Unfortunately it is not a single trigger model. Barrel length is 30" so I wouldn't call it a carbine either. I haven't gathered up ammo and loading supplies to see what I have yet but it sounds like it is not what you are looking for. https://photos.app.goo.gl/3EUqk6JWoMc9gy8s6 I'll PM you a price after I look through my loading room and if you aren't interested, I'll probably post it for sale
  5. Would you be interested in a Shiloh Sharps Business rifle in .44-77 with brass and dies and high quality vernier tang sight? My eyes can no longer see through the peep well enough to enjoy shooting it. Very accurate gun in very fine condition. If so I'll send a picture and price.
  6. https://www.woodworkingshop.com/product/hs6000/?inMed=GSTORE&dfw_tracker=18711-HS6000&gclid=CjwKCAiA58fvBRAzEiwAQW-hzaVIxiLGZZzRoLZuWvaLzsNCfAe1hPiztVSC2Ahi7Xe5gBPlrWem4RoCWTwQAvD_BwE https://lustersheenonline.com/shop/lustersheen-spirit-based-dyes/ both look to meet your general needs
  7. Thank you all and keep em coming. I got a message from his wife last night that the most recent MRI had found the pocket of MRSA and they anticipate a surgery to clean it up. I also saw that Michelle is doing a bit better too, so keep the paryers, thoughts, whatever you may subscribe to, coming.
  8. Welcome. Same load in both is perhaps not the most competitive, but then again, neither is .45. You'll find using the same load eliminates many headaches though
  9. So you just want a piece of wood shaped like a chick small enough to fit in the egg? Looking at the style I would think it would be pretty simple to make something like that for you. PM me your mailing address and I'll see if I can work with stuff that small this weekend. Can you give me more exact measurements of the egg's inner diameter?
  10. That's one good looking desert! and yes I know how to spell, but it's Knoxville -that is a desert Roll Tide!
  11. Just got an update-today was a better day with sufficient strength to rise out of bed and stand on his own for a bit.
  12. again, thank you all. While you are at it pray for Michelle Hunter aka Velvet Glove and her family too
  13. My current yard care philosophy is very environmentally friendly. I don't cut the grass anymore than I absolutely have to in order to maintain civil relations with my neighbors. Why waste the time and the gas and the wear and tear on the equipment? Cutting on wet ground is rough on the grass. My neighbor does it and I refuse to. Their yard looks like crap adjacent to where mine looks healthy. Never cared for the stripes left by cutting grass in the mud.
  14. Snow Virtue Snow Problem Snow Effinway Snow Charity Snow Moore
  15. I read the Team SASS wire regularly-while at work-but the links are generally blocked by the network administrator, so I can't see what the rest of the story is most of the time. Team SASS does deserve more attention, but it has a format that is not as readable as many others. As to the rest, It is a right not granted to us, but rather a natural or preexisting right, the 2nd Amendment is merely a prohibition to the government to prevent any attempt to take away those rights. I think the interpretation changes dramatically and our rights become much broader while the governments ability to enact laws restricting those rights becomes more tenuous.
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