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  1. You need a team to go out on a busy street! Obviously my statement wasn't meant literally, I guess I should have said something about situational awareness,
  2. My concerns with any right handed rifle being used left handed is in the event of a failure like a ruptured case, the design will throw all the pressure at the center of the face. Semi autos throw brass and some do throw it backwards which can turn off a new shooter. As to eye dominance, he says it is left, but I am not so sure. Need some range time!
  3. If the fight starts and the gun isn't already in your hand, your tactics need improvement. I practice from ranges up close and personal to 15-20 yards with my self defense guns. I shoot my guns at farther ranges frequently as well to have a level of comfort with them, but if I end up in a gunfight with a snubby .38 special in my hand, I am not going to be slinging lead 25 yards down range, I am going to be heading for cover in a zig zag pattern as fast as I can. For newer shooters up close builds confidence-which can be false confidence. Shoot up close and as far as the gun is practically designed for until you are proficient at all ranges. and practice your draw and reload
  4. a bowling ball launched at 20 miles an hour would be devastating up close.
  5. My inclination is to take him to a range and let him start with a double action revolver and let him try it both ways and see which he finds most comfortable. I wouldn't mind converting one of my 45's to ambidextrous controls IF he prefers left handed, but teaching with a 45 isn't the best manner to start someone off IMHO. In his favor is the fact that he is big and strong (6'3 and 225) so he should be able to work up to it quickly. I have some .22 caliber pistols that are adequate for teaching and a semi auto browning .22 that is bottom eject, that other than the safety being designed for a right handed person, I think it will be fine. SA's would be easy to learn on, but the poor sight picture may be.challenging for a new shooter. He is not interested in competing, but would like to eventually be able to have a defensive weapon and the skill to use it.
  6. My youngest son is 19 and up til now he has never shown in any interest in shooting. He now would like to learn and I want to do a good job teaching. He is left handed, but does many things right handed like throwing a football etc. While SASS guns are mostly lefty friendly, he is more interested in newer stuff. I am looking for advice on helping him decide whether to try and shoot long guns right handed or to get a few true lefty guns for him to learn on. You folks always have opinions and advice, so I am hereby asking for the same. TYIA
  7. Just saw this myself. Loved his music and his style. Hell of a good man . May his memory be a blessing to his family friends and fans
  8. This will be unpopular, but perhaps you could burn it out down to the brush section which should push out with a rod. Take another bore snake and apply heat and see what happens. I think it is a nylon type weave and it will probably melt up pretty easily. If so the perhaps if you strip the gun as far as you can and use a little butane torch from both ends you can melt it enough to get it out.
  9. The Government has too much power over us already. No law should be passed giving them more. None, zip, nada! I am even against the law prohibiting felons from owning possessing guns to some extent. There are some felons that are rehabilitated and productive members of society that had points in their life where they were less developed emotionally and made bad choices. Forever is too long.
  10. Thank you and what a nice sentiment. I hope you don't mind if I glom on and say Ditto!
  11. If Blackwater throws em at a closed window, it will become an open window. I've watched him use his hands in place of hammers a number of times and would not want to be on the receiving end
  12. I have one. It needs the break in for sure. thats a lot of ammo at .22 mag prices. So far it has not performed adequately for me to recommend one
  13. Artie, long time no see. Easiest solution is to load up some correct ammo with good bp lube and shoot it as the last 2-3 rounds of each string. Nothing worse than some extra cleaning is going to happen.
  14. https://www.historicalemporium.com/store/006008.php?gclid=Cj0KCQjwoaz3BRDnARIsAF1RfLc5PYIR1LuJMot-yhJQGt-Rs5VuqxqCz66SqfSnSfs3ktj0Mlle8lIaAiBZEALw_wcB https://www.rakuten.com/shop/ranch-home/product/688499147095/?sku=688499147095&scid=pla_google_ranch-home&gclid=Cj0KCQjwoaz3BRDnARIsAF1RfLfII7zY7eKqFYly0cyxBmJknggHXvuYPfy3bJ-RqaG5-9Z5hJhH9YMaAt4LEALw_wcB https://www.jacksonswesternstore.com/leather-scabbard?_vsrefdom=googleads&gclid=Cj0KCQjwoaz3BRDnARIsAF1RfLfU-sImOOslHOYBizA-XXp3_ynM_sCDBzbzkkZ5H3uQlBRyWNDH9loaAj5tEALw_wcB
  15. CK doesn't have what it takes to be an NFL QB anymore. Everything else is just noise.
  16. Legal advice in a public forum has questionable value. Even as an attorney, I am not licensed everywhere and I do not know everything. I give general advice at times, specific advice should come from someone in a position to be responsible for bad advice. AKA pay a lawyer, not merely for the advice, but for the malpractice coverage if he is wrong. Smaller issues such as this, I'd let her go to an ffl locally and purchase her own gun. Gift her money if need be, or buy the gift certificate.
  17. I would shoot and clean them a few times before I did anything. Then if the issue remains and bothers you look to the throats
  18. I am going to disagree with almost everyone here. I have done multiple shotguns with a wheel cylinder hone, lots of oil and constantly moving it. It is my belief that any method that does not use a stone has the risk of leaving the chambers looking smooth, but not as cylindrical as they are supposed to be. Use caution not to hone the extractor in the process, and don't feel the need to overdo it. I have done several hard chrome lined barrels and you don't get anywhere close to removing the finish.
  19. I thought I smelled something on the wind
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