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  1. Also, if you're using an acid base cleaner, and any part of your brass has ferrous metal, steel, it will turn the brass pink. Another reason to deprime your brass before cleaning. As a side note, I do some silver work and, after soldering, I toss the piece into a pickle pot, which is an acidic fire scale cleaner. If there is ferrous metals in the pickle pot, which is highly discourage (including using steel tweezers to remove the piece) pinking occurs. Then it has to stay in the burnishing tumbler longer to remove the pink.
  2. The shooter has options. 1. Hit target 3 and continue, then reload one round to complete the string = no call 2. Hit target 3 and continue with no reload = Miss for unfired round 3 Skip target 3 and continue with no reload = Miss for unfired round 4 Skip target 3 and continue, then reload and hit target 3 = P Regards
  3. Don't think they keep anything past 7 years.
  4. Here. EOT-Results (sassnet.com)
  5. True statement. It's slick. Very little will do ya.
  6. KG9. A little dab will do you. https://www.bing.com/ck/a?!&&p=519c51b1e560a67cJmltdHM9MTY2MTkxMTQzNSZpZ3VpZD05ZWE5ZTg5ZS1mYjRkLTQzN2QtYmM5My1mMGJjMTNhYmZiMDUmaW5zaWQ9NTE3OA&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=2b006b60-28d1-11ed-af72-496edeb5ddf1&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9zaG9wLmtnY29hdGluZ3MuY29tL2tnL3Byb2R1Y3Qva2ctOS1taWNyby1wdGZlLWxlYXRoZXJrb3RlLw&ntb=1
  7. Please note ROI Page 16 "Range Safety Rules - Everyone is a safety officer; however, it is the ultimate responsibility of the Range Officers to ensure the safety rules are consistently followed." It is already stated that the responsibility is the purview of the Range Officers. Those are listed in the SHB and ROI Manual.
  8. I like PWB's term Line RO's. It lets everyone know who should, and can, make comments/calls on the Line. Hope PWB gets this into the Documents.
  9. I shot mine, and won, at 800yds with a Buffington rear sight. 45-70 using a 560 grain chunk of lead on the end. Full BP, newspaper pad over the primer pocket, drop tube loaded powder, over powder polywad, pill. Also shot, and came in second, at 1000yds. Just use the sight required for the job and you're good to go.
  10. Also, if you're shooting the Buffalo Single Shot match, SHB Page 30 "Spring-loaded ejectors are also prohibited, except for Springfield Trapdoor Rifles."
  11. At the first of the August match, Barbwire said she'd have the apps up as soon as she got back from vacation. The dates are February 25 and 26. See you there.
  12. Just a matrix for you, for EOT's from 15 to 22 Year Buckaroo Buckarette Jr Boy Jr Girl 15 9 4 8 8 16 8 3 16 10 17 12 7 11 6 18 16 3 9 5 19 9 3 9 5 21 7 2 7 3 22 5 2 3 3
  13. Long range is not Main Match.
  14. In the beginning, it was if you came to the line with a cocked rifle, keep walking, SDQ.
  16. And you couldn't have done that without putting the shooter in a DQ position? It's just as easy to have the shooter hold onto the rifle and explain it as to have him put himself in jeopardy.
  17. The "option" to shoot gunfighter in all categories was brought up at the EOT TG meeting in 2022, a resounding NO was heard.
  18. still haven't seen the answer to this question.
  19. We need to know this: Is "Back 10 Degrees" up range or down range? The OP never states. If it's up range, SDQ. If it's down range No Call. Those are the choices, period, dot.
  20. For years and years and years. My statement stands. The rifle isn't last, it cools down a bit while shooting, either pistols for 10 or shotgun for 4+. Also, I've never carried my rifle from the stage to the ULT by the barrel, I hold it at the grip with my fingers between the lever and the trigger. Balance is better, control is better, weight is distributed better.
  21. If it's not carried up and slightly down range, unless the bay configuration and stage set up preclude, it's a SDQ. If the muzzle is pointed uprange, no matter the configuration, it's a SDQ. As for it being a black powder shooter, the rifle isn't last so that argument is moot at best.
  22. Pop it off and put it back on. Most times it's come out of alignment with the tube itself and snags on the side of a primer. Taking it off and resetting it seems to work for mine.
  23. Did you lube your own Snakebite bullets? What were they lubed with? They used to come with Thompsons BP or SPG. I always found Thompsons to be too hard and did not lube the barrel enough. The SPG lubed ones were great. Used nothing but GOEX in my '73 for over 15 years and had no problems. Straight wall cases will have blow by no matter what you do but the SPG lubed Snakebite bullets are great
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