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  1. I remember my first Eot. There were huge tents put up, one was full of poker players w a stage and can can dancers. One had a huge dance floor, bar, and live band. There was actors n a fake town putting on a gun fight. Gun twirlers, knife throwers, trick horse show, singing, dancing, and Hugh Obrien was there. There were vendors as far as the eye could see. It was a world championship! I told everyone how cool and exciting it was and couldn’t wait till the next year to go back. Lots of others went w us the very next year, and it was all gone! I feel for the newbies who go for the first time expecting so much more, but getting the same as many state matches. Folks are getting so serious about the competition that they forget to have fun w it. Yeah, I’m as competitive as the next person, but if I can’t have fun with it, then I’ll find something else to do also. At Black Gold in Ky. We have the hillbilly olympics after the shooting. Take olympics games, etc. and make them hillbilly! Folks love it! We have cooking competitions so the wives can also be involved. We have a hillbilly spelling bee. And other stuff. You can participate or just sit back and enjoy the show. We have 2 live bands, wild bunch, pro steel, sides, team shoot, man on man. So much to do. Everyone stays after the shooting and enjoys the comraderie. That’s how you get to know others. You can shoot anywhere. It’s. The extras that make a shoot.
  2. Hey, we were on page two! Can’t let that happen. I might have something important to say. But not right at this minute.
  3. Big congrats special lady! Well deserved
  4. Ok everyone, the sock hop party will be Friday evening. We have Milkbone on Saturday. Might want to practice some hula hooping, bubble blowing, jitterbugging, yoyoing, etc. who knows what might happen. Main match side matches Warm up stage long range pro steel wild bunch match team shoot man on man hillbilly olympiks ladies class ro1 class lassiter fast draw pot shot’s bullwhip cowboy yard sale all of the food wars competitions a bathing beauty competition the band bourbon branch Thursday night milkbone Saturday night sock hop on Friday night karaoke Friday night lunches and suppers provided for two days other side competitions Tell me, what more could you ask for? cant wait to see everyone!
  5. I enjoy shooting anywhere. Let’s get that straight. Look at Bordertown, just a state match but has to turn people away every year. Why? Because the targets are big and close. You tilt the targets down and put small fence or hay bales in front of firing line. Not much splatter. We as shooters PAY thousands of dollars to go to eot. You don’t pay us. We are there to shoot with the fastest. A person who shoots a stage in the 20’s who is used to the 30’s will be back. Because he had a great time. If he shoots it in the 40’s , he won’t be back. Again, lots of money to feel bad. You didn’t slow down the fast shooters. All you did was keep the older shooters from getting their clean match. The numbers were going up because of the way the match had been set up. I bet they will start going down again. The hundred plus new shooters this year were expecting a different match than what they got. I hear a lot of positive on this forum. All I heard at eot and here at home is negative comments. I would love to know how many procedurals there were. Almost everyone I’ve talked to had one or two. Am anxious to see the numbers for next year.
  6. Will have a transition class on Thursday at 2 o’clock. Mostly ladies but guys welcome too. Ladies 1850’s swimsuit pageant will be Thursday evening. Be sure to meet with judges at 6:00 behind the stage.
  7. Be sure to bring your craziest socks for Saturday night!
  8. Black water, we need all the 50’s rock you got! Be glad to see you Shaddai.
  9. Alright everyone this year’s theme is the 1950’s. Gonna have gonna have a sock hop! The dessert this year must have only one special ingredient. No surprises. The ingredient is, Root Beer! Alright bakers, get your thinking caps on and start practicing. Good luck!
  10. I'm not real good at computer stuff. Sorry! but could you let me know the paypal account so I can send money for 2 pins?   Thank you so much, Iron Maiden

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