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  1. Pretty low! It is black gold. Lol
  2. That’s all the info you get right now! Can’t ruin the surprises. Ladies can wear moo moos , grass skirts, etc. Hint- you might want to start stretching now.
  3. Ok folks, the theme for Black Gold 2020 is” hillbilly luau”. Shooting attire- shorts and Hawaiian shirt or cowboy. Classic and b western please wear accoutrements. Now dessert must have coconut and pineapple. The twist- RUM! Oh, can’t wait to see what you bakers come up with. Good luck! Hillbilly style!
  4. One of the best venues in sass. Of course we will be back again and again. Steampunk did you say? Hum!
  5. We just want to thank The Notch, Blazing Vaquero, and Sonora Blaze for stepping up in a big way and helping us support some great charities. Thank you Tn. Tall and Rio Drifter for coming up with “ Tip the boot”. A charity that was started o try and help the children in our local communities. We as cowboys are so fortunate to be able to travel and do what we do. We have big hearts and some big pocketbooks. So if you see a pair of red cowboy boots in a glass container at your shoot, please drop a dollar for a child. Thank you to the folks at black gold and comin at cha for stepping up. And remember, please, “tip the boot”!
  6. I'm not real good at computer stuff. Sorry! but could you let me know the paypal account so I can send money for 2 pins?   Thank you so much, Iron Maiden

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