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  1. Hey FLR, how have you been ?? Well I hope.. I'm hangin in there, My old lungs gave out, hips and legs too.. Turned my tractor over several years ago and broke my arm... Can't shoot a rifle very fast now.. Figured it was time to hang it up... Sold my Harley too.. All I do is raise Hereford cattle with help of my son.. Not layin down and quitting though...... Good to hear from you.. Take care
  2. Sorry folks, I didn't realize cowboys guns were in such high demand.. Got "slammed" last night with "PMs" and they are still coming, (over90 so far), just read these this morning.... Try and get it together today ???????????
  3. Bandit is the fourth or fifth 97 left.  I'll take the fifth if it is?  Happy

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