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  1. Having owned and sold a similar gun sometime back, and considering the value of the dies and ammo-$1150.00 would seem like a better than average price. If cash flow was better, I would have been very interested in this gun.
  2. After Cactus Jack Calder had left I spoke with UB for a few more minutes before I decided to join the game, so to speak. "UB, I believe I'll ride over to Doc Ward's place and see if I can offer my assistance. I don't suppose you would consider deputizing me?" UB scratched his chin and pondered a moment. "I know you wore a badge a few times, you sure you want one again?" I shook my head "No, not sure at all. Prefer to make my own call most of the time." UB nodded "I figured as much." No I don't think a badge is the right look for you these days. Go do what you think is right." I shook his hand and headed to the livery to fetch my horse and gear.
  3. Goes to an old saying, "Sleep is a weapon" I saw it first said by Robert Ludlum in regard to the Jason Bourne charachter
  4. I stopped by the Sheriff's office, curious about the prisoner I'd helped operate on. "UB, how's that prisoner doing?" i asked as I walked in. UB motioned toward the coffee pot and I poured myself a cup. "Doc says he'll be ready to fit a peg leg to the stump in a few months, if they don't hang him." UB chuckled, "seems a waste of good lumber if you ask me." I nodded, "Can't disagree." In the small office, the prisoner heard every word "Ain't it bad enough you you crippled me, now I have to listen to you talk about me like I was some kind of animal." I laid my guns on the desk and approached the cell "Mister, I'd not mistreat an animal, but what you got, you asked for." About that time Jack Calder walked in the door.
  5. I have one for my AK-it is nothing special when compared to my M7 US Bayonet which has such wonderful steel that after a proper sharpening, you can actually shave with it if you don't mind sticking a razor sharp double edged blade that close to your face.
  6. I believe I could get it down the stairs. I moved a gunsafe up a similar flight of stairs with a come along and an appliance dolly some years back. I am sure I could get it open as well. I am, however, of the opinion that the safe is probably empty or full of worthless crap.
  7. I guess this doesn't exist then https://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/general-gunsmith-tools/taps-dies/dies/fractional-carbon-dies-prod41701.aspx
  8. I'm putting together a sporter Argentine Mauser with 98 bottom metal in a 98 stock. Everything is done except, I need the rear screw to be about 3/8 of an inch longer. Screw size is 1/4x22 tpi Whitworth 55 degree thread. Would anyone have a source or a die so that I could make my own? Thanks J. Mark
  9. Blackwater-he's made more cowboy hats than you can shake a stick at
  10. So a hat maker tells him what to use and the rest of you are still spitballin' It is 2020 I guess
  11. Good luck! If I had seen any for sale I would have already bought them!
  12. "Kris, I thank you for the coffee. Tomorrow morning I'm heading out. Appreciate the cot saved me a little money." I said quietly. Kris looked at me a moment "You are welcome to the coffee and the cot anytime. I think I can take care of the place myself." she smiled as she said it while placing her shotgun under the counter. "Where are you headed this time Mark?" I smiled "Well now, have you ever heard of Flint Mountain?" Kris looked and thought a moment "In Montana, right?" I smiled "Correct, well you won't find me there."
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