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  1. would not lock into battery properly, had feed problems as a result of that. I think it was the mag release button, but I won't keep an unreliable firearm
  2. Remington 1911 with 2 spare magazines all attached to the bed rail. Mossberg Shockwave 12 ga loaded with buckshot in the dresser drawer, AR with mags attached together for a quick mag change in the closet. I might be paranoid, I have been awoken by the icemaker.
  3. Had a micro 9. thought being a Kimber it would be a quality gun. I was very wrong
  4. I don't think that is SASS legal, looks to be externally modified
  5. Lawyer should be more careful about who can hear conversations. Probably gets thrown out, but I'd hate to be the lawyer involved. Besides all of my clients are not guilty.
  6. Well I was employee of the week last week LOL
  7. It is Melmac and Alf did come from Melmac. Melamine was the resin used to make Melmac.
  8. I think they will all work fine. I'd go oddball and reload the 300 Savage
  9. I like them halved, roasted with a bit of olive oil, sea salt and coarse ground black pepper, Cook them under the broiler until they are just shy of burnt. They are good this way maybe even good enough to eat 5 or 6 times a month
  10. I followed suite, as Jack left. I said my goodbyes and though there was curiosity about my destination, after I repeated my response from earlier "Somewhere west of here or east of there, can't rightly say, but I'd best get moving. No point in being late." they backed off, realizing I wasn't going to tell. It wasn't that I was secretive, but that I, in truth had no destination, just an urge to travel. When it hit, it was time to move. I headed north as I considered where to go. I'd heard of the Northern Lights, I decided it was time to see them and headed Northwest towards Oregon and to
  11. Day one was productive. Sitting here waiting on a Court hearing to start by telephone now, but the Judge is running behind. Hard to get much done when you know you are going to have to stop suddenly, but thank you all for the best wishes, the good advice and the insults, they keep me motivated and smiling.
  12. I'm not as smart as some of you-but I expect that with hard cast bullets or jacketed bullets you are going to crush the case if you crimp much harder. With soft bullets you'll be digging in and causing some deformation which may or may not affect accuracy. I'd suggest that you put the guns away and get drunk and if it still bothers you. . . you aren't drunk enough
  13. Thank you all. As the new boss and the entire staff I can't afford to shoot him, me myself and I would be cut down to a two person work force.
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