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  1. It is out there if you're willing to pay. I know where there's both 308 and 30-06 national match ammo in the original boxes that are un opened. Lake City ammo. Feel free to message me if you want contact information
  2. I have seen parking places where the vehicle sits over a raised center section eliminating space between the bottom of the vehicle and the ground. Perhaps something like this in your driveway would be helpful.
  3. If I was a little smarter I would object to that
  4. Shades of Where is Waldo. . . https://photos.app.goo.gl/o6gTVRQD28XagU258
  5. You are not a buyer until you make an offer
  6. I'm in the other camp. First one too say I'll take it should get it. A test drive is hardly a commitment to purchase at full price
  7. Thank you! Just got back from a court hearing after nearly six hours. Hell of a way to spend a birthday. ( I won)
  8. One of my sons the alias Bear Lee Ready
  9. I have used a die grinder with an abrasive stone like Randy showed, but I first use a dressing stone to reshape the grinder stone so it will be a more shallow approach. I also have used small files. Either way go slow and finish up with polish on a soft mop. Watch the ledge and leave it fully intact.
  10. Shoot it after your build, at 600 yards and shoot it until you are comfortable with it. Your proposed Build will work well, even if there are numerous other ways to reach your goal. I would free float the barrel and bed the action. If it doesn't shoot well with the barrel free floated you can add a slight amount of material at the tip of the forend to put upward pressure on the barrel.
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