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  1. Though the first one is a 73 lever and I believe this one to be a 66 lever.
  2. Generally all attorneys in a firm or partnership will be bound by the attorney client privilege rules as to information learned as a result of representation or potential representation. In your example I would be okay, however, as my knowledge of your improprieties came from direct observation and or your own admissions before the merger.
  3. I do, Uberti from early 2000,s Been in storage and has a little cosmetic rust freckling, but functionally perfect. https://photos.app.goo.gl/QAQTfh8nj2kLo1VA7 $40.00 plus actual shipping
  4. I occasionally belt carry a small knife with a cutting surface of about 2 1/2 inches and a handle that is disproportionally long. In a pinch it will work for self defense and offers the advantages of being very concealable, very quick to bring to action and not so large as to be easily taken away. It is also legal in most places. As it is a slice not stab type tool, tactics, should you employ a similar device, may need to be adjusted. But I also carry a 1911, or a S&W Model 36, so it is usually not intended as a self defense tool. That being said, it will cut.
  5. Never noticed the dual sight bead's on Elmer's shotgun before!
  6. That is virginia creeper aka five leaf ivy. It can irritate the skin of some people, but not to the extent that poison ivy does. How it attaches is less damaging to trees and structures that english ivy and it is beneficial to birds and some insects. Leaves of three, let it be, leaves of five, let it thrive.
  7. Last time around they were pretty raucous, this time around I have heard and seen no sign of them at all.
  8. Along the Mississippi Delta, the only thing that kills mosquitos are Fighter aircraft with air to air missiles. Good luck!
  9. Looks effective. For a work vehicle, Why not?
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