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  1. I'm not a religious person, but I believe that we all will face challenges. How we face them defines us. Your wife is in pain, you are saddened by that, but she is, actually, glad that you are there to help her through it. Your connection will only become stronger for that. Your Mother in Law sounds like a great lady, sorrow at her plight is understandable, but take pride and joy in the knowledge that you have enriched each others lives and that she knows her daughter is in good hands. I learned from my Grandmother and my mother both that happiness is a choice. It is a hard lesson to learn and apply in life, but when you can choose how you feel the effort is worthwhile. I choose happiness. I hope you'll join me before too long in that choice. Until then, if I can offer an outlet, I will listen.
  2. Thanks, but at the moment, I feel no need for low recoil stuff. . .I have only shot sparingly since the break last year which was the worst of the injuries. My full bore .38-40 loads are still very manageable, just can't shoot as many in a day without some discomfort. I'm still fine for match quantities though.
  3. Trade me the .38-40 for a set of guns for your youngster. If interested, I am serious
  4. .41 Magnum Blackhawk-shot the throat out of it. probaby put over 30k rounds through it over a 5 year period
  5. As the message was received-do as you will-is my only remaining comment on this matter
  6. Well the climate in Cali is more suited to living outdoors than say Buffalo, NY. It would be interesting to know where the homeless people originated. Did other cities give homeless people bus tickets and spending money to leave town?
  7. Lightning rifles, both colt and USFA both in .38-40 and neither was reliable enough to be much fun. Some .38 Special conversion revolvers by ASM-again, liked the concept and the feel, but the reliability just wasn't there. There are many more I would like to have back, but these 4 can happily stay in their current homes
  8. Okay, I'll play nice I would strongly consider the S&W Model 60 as one of your listed carry guns. Small, light, reliable to a fault and fairly corrosion resistant. While I am not restricted as to what I carry, I have a S&W Model 36 that I carry more than anything else, a 1911R1, a 1911 Compact RIA that with a set of sights and a different trigger is one of my favorite guns. I have others that are passable carry guns, reliable defensive weapons etc, but the Model 36 points naturally. I also have right wrist issues as a result of 3 different breaks over the years and arthritis.
  9. Different states have different statutes about the priority of insurance coverage. For a completely boring read try this http://www.gallaghersharp.com/sites/default/files/Feb14_Rezie.pdf
  10. Are the terms Ammo belt and gunbelt interchangeable?
  11. I have a Shiloh Business Rifle in .44-77 and while the caliber requires a bit of effort to get set up for, it is an accurate and soft recoiling round that is plenty accurate with good sights to any range you would wish to compete with in a BP rifle. If you wish to shoot smokeless there are some accurate loadings, but smokeless will change the recoil. Also if you are considering smokeless, the bigger capacity case add some challenges to reloading. Both companies make better guns that the average shooter can utilize. The better the sights you choose, the happier you will be.
  12. Yul Lose I would respond to you directly, but you can't receive a message, at least not from me. So "Where do you get yours? Certainly not here, you never post anything. Quit your bitching or post something. Let’s see what you can do. So far your strong suit is zilch. " So I read your response and I gave it some thought before responding and decided, that I would send a message instead. (But you can't receive messages from me) I don't feel the need for outside validation-I know who I am, what I have done, what I am capable of, my failures and my successes. There is no outside source I need to judge me or say good job. I have posted on this forum for over 18 years now. If my post count were correct I would have close to 30K posts showing. But that is irrelevant. I have written stories with multiple forum members and I was very active at various times. I post when I believe I have something at least a little bit cowboy to share. As to what I can do-it's out there I am published several times over and I have obtained a judgment in excess of 25 million dollars for a client. I've practiced law for 27 years with the same firm and have raised two fine sons. Like you say "Zilch." I don't know anything about you and it appears the reverse is true. I have no problem if things stay that way.
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