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  1. As to why it is on the left side . . . most likely the rider works in the saddle and the right side is for a rope. AR is a backup in the event something untoward happens.
  2. I'd disagree as some of it is in the hands. When they don't work as well as they used to the head is only a hatrack.
  3. Prayers for her full and complete recovery. Prayers for her family in this difficult time. Michelle is definitely one of the good ones.
  4. You know that might work. Brazing is a similar option. Seems like a good way to mess up a gun to me, but what do I know?
  5. UB if I don't have a punch can i use a .38 Special?
  6. I think either would serve you well BQ, but I would recommend the Uberti, simply because you have had good experiences with Uberti guns. No matter how good a Pietta may be, the last horror show of a gun they made will always cause you some doubt. PS I tried to join the local Baptist Church here in Madison and I used you as a character reference. My application was denied and I was referred to the Unitarians.
  7. That is not the shooter I was referring to, nor was it in Tennessee . . . but nice try.
  8. the flag is the piece of metal that rises as you close the action, its purpose is to keep the shell from falling out of the receiver. If you cycle a gun and the flag doesn't work, you can have a shell fall out and get caught in the closing. If the right extractor strikes the primer you get an out of battery discharge. If that happens-you get hurt, potentially badly. It is one of the operating checks that all 97 users should perform regularly.
  9. I've shot on a posse with a Spencer shooter. Incredibly slow. Irritated some, amused others. Choose your posse wisely.
  10. Two in the chest one in the head. Same as any person with any other name
  11. My oldest son's middle name is Hallen after his Grandmother Helen on his mother's side. He hates it, so as a father I did something right!
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