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  1. Legal advice in a public forum has questionable value. Even as an attorney, I am not licensed everywhere and I do not know everything. I give general advice at times, specific advice should come from someone in a position to be responsible for bad advice. AKA pay a lawyer, not merely for the advice, but for the malpractice coverage if he is wrong. Smaller issues such as this, I'd let her go to an ffl locally and purchase her own gun. Gift her money if need be, or buy the gift certificate.
  2. I would shoot and clean them a few times before I did anything. Then if the issue remains and bothers you look to the throats
  3. I am going to disagree with almost everyone here. I have done multiple shotguns with a wheel cylinder hone, lots of oil and constantly moving it. It is my belief that any method that does not use a stone has the risk of leaving the chambers looking smooth, but not as cylindrical as they are supposed to be. Use caution not to hone the extractor in the process, and don't feel the need to overdo it. I have done several hard chrome lined barrels and you don't get anywhere close to removing the finish.
  4. Needs a squared off sight to make that more manageable. Riding the slide is a no no for sure. I slingshot my carry 45's because I want to know that first round is fully chambered everytime. I shot IPSC 30 years ago and it does cost time, but not as much as a round that has to be shucked or a gun recocked for a second strike
  5. Not that exact iteration, but yes, or the Buell
  6. Blackwater knows his stuff! That being said, I want in on the race action. I'll bring something nasty and ill mannered (and not my former MIL)
  7. Interesting, it looks like it would be very stable to me. I would imagine it can move side to side a very small amount, but it should not be able to tip in any direction Then again, I might have welded all the chain links if I built something like that that
  8. I have considered building a cart with a pair of rubber covered metal L brackets so as to simply hang the shotgun by inserting the chambers down over the brackets. If they are long enough security would be very high
  9. Pat, we may butt heads here from time to time, but I am wishing you the best in your recovery. I'll even bend a knee and send up all the positive energy I have.
  10. Thanks for the link, I have been wanting to see this information.
  11. The physical dimension of the virus is about 1/5000th of an inch. To filter it out takes a hell of a lot more than these homemade masks are capable of doing.
  12. Rolan Kraps is a myth, he doesn't exist, you have been the butt of a bad joke.
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