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  1. card wad Maybe not to you, but surely someone somewhere cares about you I guess if I was going to try this, I would see how much powder would fit with the slug in question in a standard case, use 1 1/2 Fg powder and remote fire the gun in a safety rig like an old tire etc. I doubt 10 grains of BP would get the slug out of the barrel. That being said a starting charge is a WAG and I would not make that guess myself. Best of luck and try not to get hurt.
  2. Keep in mind you don't have to wear boots. There are other choices in footwear that are acceptable Civil War brogans are one example. Men's dress shoes haven't changed much over the years and many would be fine.
  3. Me too and I'm a lawyer! I blame it on the all caps
  4. I checked the Sass Alias look up for this one as I think it is pretty good Holdin Aces
  5. Being from Indiana, when your mind races, what gear is it in?
  6. I will profer an opinion, but my marital bliss was so short lived I warn you, in advance, of my lack of qualifications. I had a trophy wife, so I'm not the right one to ask. I'll grant you she was a participation trophy . . . Tell her "I love you, you are all that matters in life to me, but as much as I love you, that's how much I don't love the cauliflower stew." Combine it with flowers and chocolates. I mean . . . it could work. . . maybe?
  7. If I wanted anything stored so as to survive a fire in a house, I would have a root cellar dug out and the safe would be in the root cellar and back filled with clay on all sides and the top and the safe would be waterproof.
  8. Neither will fire the .50BMG, so I don't see the point.
  9. I would have 20% of my liquid assets in a fire proof safe in an underground bunker with hermetically sealed doors and an underground Twin Peaks restaurant so I wouldn't go hungry in the event of a disaster.
  10. Called compound questions. I drive my sons crazy with one word answers when they ask two part questions. "Do you want to go to Cracker Barrel or eat at home?" "Yes!"
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