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  1. Shoot em-if they don't split and aren't berdan primed sell them, if they split throw them away.
  2. I don't think I've ever seen Brandon Fraser next to Steven Segal. Self defense and defense of others have different standards. I suspect you would stand trial in Tennessee and would be convicted of some crime in all the larger cities and walk free in all the smaller ones.
  3. Pat Riot, while you were gone, you were missed. Now that you have returned, not so much.
  4. Allie Mo, I don't think you get it. It is understandable seeing as you are terminally female. Men don't always make friends by being nice to one another, the good natured ribbing and insults are part of a language we speak. FKCGG was certainly the target of a few pokes and jabs, but nothing out of the ordinary. As to why some of the Saloonatics don't come back to post. . . well some just got tired of the BS here and found new places to play. Others just grew disenchanted with the Saloon when political correctness overtook common sense. When you prune things back to far, they don't grow back the same or sometimes at all. I am glad FKCGG was not driven away and I am glad he figured out he was spending too much time here for his own sake. I'm glad to hear he will come back at some point and when he does, I will buy him an electronic beer.
  5. so I just went through cleaning up about 60 guns that were in a house that burned. I won't say that this method is foolproof, but it is a start. Springs lose their temper starting at about 300 degrees. Receivers and barrels are not damaged by 300 degree heat. If the wood is not burned off and the springs still have their temper, every one I have cleaned has been fine. Granted most are .22's shotguns and .30-30's (I ended up with 5 30-30's) but everything tested worked fine, accuracy was as expected. If the stock is burned much more than on the surface, I would be very hesitant. Test fire in a tire for sure, but if you can gently clean them with lots of oil and bronze wool I would be surprised if they didn't test out safely.
  6. I couldn't limit myself to three tips if I tried so I'll hit the highlights Quality shooting glasses that wrap around and good quality hearing protection that fits! Sunscreen- Wet wipes-you'll be handling lead and drinking water-need to try and keep your hands clean Buy a good quality hat. It will feel better, last longer and look better than several inexpensive ones. Guns are a personal choice. Once you are ready to make that choice, consider where you are spending your money. You'll see lots of tricked out rifles, a fair number of revolvers with action jobs and some highly modded shotguns. But often you see folks buying cheap shotguns-this is a mistake. The place where a shooter can separate themselves from the pack is in transitions. I'd rather shoot a stock rifle and pistols and have all my spare spending money tied up in a slicked up quality shotgun. Better leather is a good idea. Used quality leather is about the same price as cheap new leather. Nothing wrong with buying used.
  7. My shockwave had a prior owner. He had a nylon cord tied around the butt/grip so that it was tight on the grip and left a loop large enough to go around the wrist (Or hang it up on a hook or nail.) He had worked security in the Phillipines for many years after his military service. I removed it, but only because of the fire damage. I can see a number of benefits to having a short sling on the rear of the gun. I managed to salvage and repair his high standard pump shotgun that he carried for many years, even swapping a stock from a JC Higgins onto it. Gun came out so slick I had to find another stock and rebuild the JC Higgins for myself. His son is giving back to him for his birthday later this month. Waiting to hear about his reaction.
  8. You are not helping Griff
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