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  1. The new Sig 365 is a hard pistol to beat for carry. Hoss C.
  2. Thanks very much Rye, it has been a few years since I heard that whole thing. Before I started it, I poured a couple of Drams of a fine Single Malt and sipped it while listening. Back in the 70s I had an opportunity to be in a Cathedral in Munich and hear this piece on an equally great Organ with a superb Musician. Can you imagine the complexities of Bach's mind in putting all this together? Thanks again. Cheers Hoss C.
  3. My favorite Bach is Tocata and Fuge (sp) in D minor. Anybody got that to play? Cheers, Hoss C.
  4. Since 1989 I have held a Carry Permit in NY (yes NY State), GA, TX, TN, and now FL. NY was that hardest and longest to get 6+ months. GA was the fastest and easiest to get: three days. TX had the best classes and shooting quals. FL was easy, only wanted to see a DD 214 with small arms quals, and Bingo! Cheers Hoss C.
  5. I loved old Jerry C. "Knock him out John" "won't be long" "oh what a bigan" "I reached behind me and got a stick and I poked the Coon! But it wouden a Coon. It was one of them souped up Wildcats. with big tushes in his mouth and long claws" "Ahhhhh" "What's a matter with John?" knock him out John" 'Ahhhh" "John, what's a matter?" "Knock him out John" and John said" Shoot that thing" "But John, we can't shoot up there we might hit you" John said " Just shoot up here amongstus; one of us has gotta have some relief"! Listened to that and more with a lot of great Duckl Hunting Pals in the Mississippi Delta Swamps at Duck Camp years ago. Cheers, Hoss C.
  6. I was born in Memphis and raised in the rural, Mississippi Delta. I have lived in MS, TN, GA, VA, and FL ( along with a lot of Yankee States and some western states : SD, CO, MT, and CA). Southern Folk are just plain nice, and it always surprises Yankees and Westerners. I was raised with manners, and that got me l long way down the road with a lot of folks. I love all of this country, but I am sure glad I was born in the South! After all. how many of you have heard of folks retiring and moving up North? Not gonna happen. Cheers Hoss C.
  7. She will be in my Prayers tonight 40 Rod. God Bless, Hoss C. she
  8. UB, My Sister lives in Durango and has been here in Melbourne , FL for a week visiting. She flew out of Orlando this noon and changed planes at DFW. Got on an AA plane and taxied to the Runway, when the pilot said the WX in Durango was getting much worse. So she is staying the night at a hotel at DFW. Long winter for Durango. BTW, it was 75 and sunshine here in Central FL today! Cheers, Hoss C.
  9. Duffield. you have been chosen; hang on for the fun to come! Cheers, Hoss C.
  10. 87 here in the Melbourne area and lots of Sunshine! Hoss C.
  11. If a Cat chooses you , you are blessed. Hang on for a lot of fun. If you chose the Cat, hang on , might not be so much fun! Ask Allie Cheers, Hoss C.
  12. I was a single Second Lt in early 68 at Castle AFB in CAL, and went by myself to the Base theater on a Thursday and saw this movie for the first time. Boy, I was blown away as ole Sam Peckenpaw (sp) had folks getting shot and blood came out of all of them. Great Movie! the next night I saw it again with three other friends I had talked into seeing it. We all loved it. I still watch it about every two years. Cheers Hoss C.
  13. It was 81 today here in Melbourne. Rode my Bike this am and went to the pool this PM. I Love FL Winters, Cheers, Hoss C.
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