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  1. When I was young, I loved her in "Pillow Talk" , Rock too. It tarnished somewhat when I found out he was Gay! Hoss C.
  2. I remember him well, when I shot with the Comanche Valley Vigilantes in North Texas around 98 to 2001. If my memory servers me right, His wife was Huricane. Good Folks for sure! God Bless his soul. Hoss Carpenter
  3. Even though an Elephant can lift one half of his weight, and an Ant can lift 80 times his weight, an Ant cannot lift an Elephant! Good night, Hoss C,
  4. Hey Forty Rod, I 'm 77 too (78 in June) and I too go to the VA (big clinic) here in Viera, FL. I am fortunate to not have PTSD as all my VN time was at 43,500 feet in B-52Ds. Very sanitary up there. Love to meet you someday and share some tales. Cheers, Hoss C.
  5. I carried a 1908 Colt, Nickeled plated 380 for years . Loved it; in close it was very accurate. I sold it to another Cowboy in Chattanooga a few years back. I miss it! Cheers, Hoss C.
  6. My Wife and I got married in Germany in 1980 at 0700 in the morning in the town of Zweibrucken. We took and express Train to Paris and spent a week there. The second day in Paris we went to the Dom and spent three hours there; we are not Catholic, but it was an amazing place. It sickens my heart to see it burn, no matter how it started. Devastating to the French. Hoss C.
  7. Hey Tascosa, nice pics; looks like "miles and miles of miles and miles"! Speaking of Mountains in Texas, there are some really big ones down in the Big Bend Country. Cheers, Hoss C.
  8. If you love the B-25 Mitchel , which by the way was the product of North American Aviation in So Cal. (Old factory at the corner of Aviation and Imperial on the SE corner of LAX) you need to find and read the book Indestructible, It is the true story of Pappy Gunn and how he single handed changed the war in the South Pacific with his "illegal" modifications on the B-25s. Pappy was a retired USN Chief / pilot in the first all enlisted Squadron in the USN in the 20s. He flew off the USS Langley, the first USN Carrier. He retired from the Navy in the mid 30s, moved his family to the Philippines and stated a small, inter island airline with three airplanes. A Staggered Wing Beach and two Beech 18s (became the C-45 in the USA Air Corps) After Pearl Harbor and the same day attack on Manila, the Air Corps seized his airplanes for the war use. So Pappy join the Air Corps and was made a Captain. ( he later retired as a full Colonel well after ww2) Pappy saw the B-25 enter the Theater and used only as a medium bomber from 20k feet. The Jap Zeros ate them up. so Pappy figured out how to jerry rig four Browning 50 cals in the nose, and fly the B-25 at very low level and attack Jap ships. He did so much more to define the weapons & tactics for the Mitchel, but get the book and read it; you will not be sorry. It has two authors, but I only can remember one, his daughter, so her last name is Gunn too. cheers, Hoss C.
  9. Let's not forget the early Model 94 Winchesters were first chambered in 30 WCF; not 30-30. Hoss C.
  10. Ben was a true Cowboy and a hell'ofa great rider! Cheers, Hoss C.
  11. There are so few WW2 Vets left today; these great B-25 Flyers were some of the best! Hoss C.
  12. While in OKC, don't miss the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Museum. superb stuff there. Cheers, Hoss C.
  13. Ever wonder why the WW2 Museum of the Pacific is located in Fredericksburg? Five Star Admiral Chester Nimintz (sp) was borne there of good German stock. Cheers, Hoss C.
  14. Hey Guys, when I retired from my second career as a Defense Contractor, we sold our Home and put a few things in a Barn we owned in CO. Then we joined Escapees in Livingston , Texas. You get a TX Drivers License, you register to vote in Livingston, TX and you get a Mail Service the Escapees club runs at their Park in Livingston, and a Street address (my was 161 Rainbow Drive) and you become a legal Texan. Escapees has been around for years and it is for the benefit of Full Time RVers. We lived in a 42 foot Motorhome and pulled a Jeep for 8 years. Never had any trouble with the law or the IRS. Check it out ; it works! Cheers, Hoss C.
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