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  1. Doc, keep faith in the Lord God and Jesus Christ; I will pray for you and yours tonight. Hoss C.
  2. Hey UB , I am coming to Durango for two weeks in August to visit my Sister. If I showed up at your Ranch with a fine bottle of Bourbon, would I be invited in for a drink? Hoss C.
  3. I loved this. A few years back we had a 125 pound German Sheppard and a 20 # . gray Tomcat. They were best Buds and did a lot of this kind of "Play/ Fighting" many times. The Dog could have killed the cat in a flash. but would not think of it as he was his best Friend! The Dog was named Colt and the Cat was Ruger! Cheers, Hoss C.
  4. Hey Guys, I had an E9 Chief Master Sgt. that worked for me in my Sqd in Germany in 1979. I talked him in to applying to OTS and he was accepted and became a Brown Bar , 02. Before he retired, he made 04. Check the pay scales for a Retired E9 vs an 04. That is why it is smart for a Sr NCO to take a Commission if offered. Cheers Hoss C.
  5. UB I will remember you in my Prayers. Hoss C.
  6. Big Sage, Glad you enjoyed Alaska and you went "North to the Future"! I was stationed at Eielson AFB (North a few miles from Fairbanks) in 1968. Fairbanks was wild and wide open, as this was before the pipeline. First time I got to see folks walking down the main drag openly carrying! I took my Wife back in 1915 for three weeks and in 2005 we drove our Motorhome up there on the Alcan. That was a three month adventure. Great Country for sure. Cheers, Hoss C.
  7. Wonderful Pictures UB; my Dad was in the Army Air Corps too in WW2. He died in 88 at 80. Taught me to fish, shoot, hunt and to be a good man! I think a lot of us on this Forum were blessed with great Dads. Cheers, Hoss C.
  8. UB, I pray the Lord will bless you and pull you through your surgery. Cheers, Hoss C.
  9. Foot Note on Dave's Alias. Among so many of Dave's interest was the fact he was a very accomplished Golfer. One day many years back, he was playing in a Foursome and scored two Eagles (2 strokes under par) in the same 18 hole round. If you know anything about Golf, this is really something! Hence the name, Double Eagle Dave! You may remember his custom gun belt ; it had two silver Dollars "built in" to the back of the belt, each with an Eagle showing. Rip Dave. Hoss C.
  10. Tragic news; I remember him well from my days of shooting with the Comanche Valley Vigilantes. (from 1997 to 2001) I pray for his Soul and for his Family. God Bless, Hoss C.
  11. I had the pleasure of knowing Dave for 6 years when I lived in Chattanooga. Everything that has been said of him is so true. A real Cowboy in so many ways. God Bless Dave. Hoss C.
  12. Pat, I have been on Her three times; I am happy for you; What a great trip! Cheers, Hoss C.
  13. CAS/SASS was a lot of fun when I joined in the early 90s. But slowly the Speed Merchants took over with too many Stand and Deliver stages. Besides that, I am 78 and have a hard time cocking my 45s with one hand anymore. I now shoot a weekly Tactical match with a 9mm S&W that is a lot easier to shoot. Bur boy I miss the good old SASS matches. Hoss C.
  14. Hey Forty Rod, A B-17 is not an Aluminun Overcast,; in those days that title went ot the C-124 Glob Master. Now that was an Aluminun Overcast. I know as I have a few hours in that bird! Cheers, Hoss C.
  15. Way to go Jeff: driving at night in heavy rain. Did not learn that in NASCAR! Way to go Caddy! Welcome back to racing! Cheers, Hoss C.
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