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  1. Hey Forty Rod, A B-17 is not an Aluminun Overcast,; in those days that title went ot the C-124 Glob Master. Now that was an Aluminun Overcast. I know as I have a few hours in that bird! Cheers, Hoss C.
  2. Way to go Jeff: driving at night in heavy rain. Did not learn that in NASCAR! Way to go Caddy! Welcome back to racing! Cheers, Hoss C.
  3. Happy Birthday SASS!!! Thanks for 23 great years for me! Loved it all. Cheers, Hoss C.
  4. Ms Hale was a beautiful; very gifted Actress. I had the good fortune to meet her in 1951 ( I was ten and fell in love) when some Hollywood folks came to my little Mississippi Delta town on a tour. RIP Barbara. Hoss C.
  5. Wow! A four piper WW1 Destroyer; and I am a Air Force Puke! Cheers, Hoss C.
  6. I love 1911s and Sigs, and I also have two different 9mm s. I really like the 45 the best. I am sure a lot of you know this little bit of Pistol history, but when the USA was involved in the Spanish -American War in 1898, the standard US side arm was the "new" double action Colt 38 Special. When the Army got to the southern part of the Philippines and encountered some very tough Natives called Moros, who had big knives and fought with all their body and soul. Even putting three or four rounds of the 38 s into the enemy would not stop them. Although the Moros would later die, they would often
  7. I bought a S & W 9mm shield about 8 months ago and I love it. Great carry piece and good clean trigger pull. Got it for $320. thru a Dealer here in Central FL that gave a deep discount for retired military. All you needed was a DD 214 or ID card, and the $$. Cheers, Hoss C.
  8. I am starting into my 16th year today and it has been a blast! Someone gave you some great advice; stay active and thank the Good Lord for everyday you have. Cheers, Hoss C.
  9. Angles Envy, Knob Creek, and Michter's are all excellent Bourbons. I love most all single Malt Scotches. especially McCallens 15 year old! Cheers, Hoss C.
  10. I have shot a TTN (1878 knockoff) for 10 years with no problems. No they are not as fast as a hammerless SxS, unless you watch T -Bone Dooly shooting. But you win on style. Also, as many have stated, they are heavy; guess what, a lot less recoil. Cheers, Hoss C.
  11. I will be away in GA for Christmas. so I want to wish all you Boys and Girls a very Happy Christmas and God Bless you all. Cheers , Hoss C.
  12. Never had Dogs sleep with us in bed: right next to it though. Every Cat we ever had would sleep in the bed with us without an invitation. The biggest one was a German Persian , which we brought back from Germany ( they do not have the pushed in noses). His name was "Sir Edward" and he was a cream color with Bight Copper eyes; get this, he weighed 28 pounds. Yes he slepted with us and took up a lot of the bed! Wish we still had him.. cheers, Hoss c.
  13. I have owner a lot of cats and dogs for well over 50 years. None has ever pooped in my bed. Couple of accidents on the floor for the dogs: cats always used the litter box. It has to do with getting them young and good training. Cheers, Hoss C.
  14. I loved/love this piece; thanks for posting it! Cheers, Hoss C.
  15. Widder, Merry Christmas my old Friend! I also spent two Christmas in SEA and it is not gun to be away from home that day. Miss shooting with you . Cheers Hoss C.
  16. I am late to the party, but PW know that I too have you in my prayers. Hoss C.
  17. Cool here today in Melbourne, FL. Only 78 and P/C, but still made it to the Pool (which was 84). Had my fill of the North and Snow! cheers, Hoss C.
  18. Hey Isom Dart, It is your old Pard Hoss Carpenter! Been a while since we started shooting SASS with the Lonsome Valley Regulators. Merry Christmas and Cheers, Hoss C.
  19. I stand corrected on the armament of the P-38. It was all in the nose and your did not need to "Harmonize" the guns as you did with a P-40, P-47, P-51, etc. It was a great Fighter plane! Hoss C.
  20. I do not know how to post pictures, but I shoot a fine pair of Gen 3 Colt 45s; 7 1/2 inch bbl . They have served me well for over 22+ years of SASS. My "backup" Revolver is a 5 1/2 in Colt 45 , again Gen 3. All are made in the early 1980s. Cheers , Hoss C.
  21. A gift card for Camping World. If you got big bucks. a Honda 2000 Generator. Cheers Hoss
  22. How bout a Colt 2 " Detective in 38 Special , 6 shot , rated for +P. Royal Blue with Box. Cheers Hoss C.
  23. We have had lots of cats (and dogs). We would leave for five days; dogs to the kennel. and as many have said. lots of water and multiple cat litter boxes. Never a problem, except the Cats were always Pissed when we came home got on the bed and turned their backs to us. After an hour or so, they came around, and were friendly again. Just remember " Dogs have Masters, Cats have Staff!" Cheers, Hoss C.
  24. Hey Texas Lizzard, Cut West Texas some slack. Ever been to the Davis Mts, or Big Bend National Park, or traveling on 10 West to El Paso West of Van Horn? Those place are not flat! Cheers,,,Hoss C.
  25. Chance, It was great seeing you there for the first time in years. Look forward shooting with you again. Cheers Hoss C.
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