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  1. Hi Griff! Really like the backstory! Thanks for sharing! Yes, I saw the correction when I opened the email on the pc instead of the iPhone. CBG
  2. Did anyone notice the Raffle for a life membership and the alias "Four Aces" SASS# 1111? The Member Bulletin was sent at 9:04 this morning and the drawing is today?!? CBG
  3. My wife and I moved to Oklahoma last year and to get our DL's had to bring our wedding license to prove who she was?!? CBG
  4. When this news first came out I had to wonder if he was a "YouTuber"? There are many on social media that do videos where they put themselves in a position to show the abuses of authority. They don't actually trespass but rather walk around the perimeters of military bases, energy facilities, government buildings, etc. while filming. When confronted it always devolves into stating their rights and court cases to back up their arguments. To me it's nothing more than trying to instigate a confrontation and gain some sort of notoriety. In this case I'm just glad someone confronted him before the worst happened. CBG
  5. Four or five years ago I had a several from the same lot that failed to fire no matter what gun you used them in. I notified Winchester but they never responded. No problems since then. CBG
  6. Charlie, I have a straight stock 20" in .45. It was tuned and short stroked by Griner Gunworks in New Mexico. Bought it new in 2012 , shot it a couple of years and it's been in the safe ever since. It does have some cart dinks. If you would like some photos let me know. CBG
  7. The same for Colorado. I knew a realtor who was showing homes to a couple from CA. In the process of showing a house she talked about the lifestyle and activities in the state when the man stated. "We'll fix that once we get enough people here who know how to vote." CBG
  8. Don't forget "sudden death", that one always gets me! CBG
  9. Thank you! I apply the same technique I was taught when I rode bulls. It's a matter of mentally going through every procedure so that your mind learns what is akin to muscle memory. However, once the timer goes beep.....well you know! HA!
  10. True. I thought about contacting Swagelok or some other supplier to see if the tube dimensions would be standard or custom. CBG
  11. I know a few people who have or had them and I always thought it was a good upgrade. I was told he quit making them due to production costs, which if true is makes sense. If they are ever available again I'd certainly buy a couple. CBG
  12. Visualizing movements, transitions, and all have help me as much as actual practice. CBG
  13. Correctly applying the rules at every monthly is a good place to start. When I've written stages I have at least 2-3 that offer shooters a choice on movement, gun placement/order, sweep direction, etc. CBG
  14. Thank you and I couldn't agree more! The Choice Hotels commercials, "badda book badda bloom". CBG
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