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  1. They did find one rifle with 23 stuffed in the barrel(of course unfired).
  2. Howdy Pat, I would try VTI Gun Parts first or the distributor of the rifle. Hope you find one! CBG
  3. When we lived in Grand Junction, CO we had Cabelas & Sportsman's Warehouse. Cabela's, before the buyout, was a good store and I could always find something to buy, but they were never very supportive of local shooting sports. Sportsman's on the other hand was always willing to support local activities plus they were a true sporting goods store. CBG
  4. In no particular order; Scarlett, Badman, Cheycast, and Bayou. CBG
  5. Hi Griff! Really like the backstory! Thanks for sharing! Yes, I saw the correction when I opened the email on the pc instead of the iPhone. CBG
  6. Did anyone notice the Raffle for a life membership and the alias "Four Aces" SASS# 1111? The Member Bulletin was sent at 9:04 this morning and the drawing is today?!? CBG
  7. My wife and I moved to Oklahoma last year and to get our DL's had to bring our wedding license to prove who she was?!? CBG
  8. Oh yeah! The shooter's book and stages are now on our website! Yeehaa! CBG
  9. Hi Sue, The KOA is at 2819 U.S. Hwy 50 ( 970-242-2527), which is past the range turn-off but not too far away. Speaking for more than a few, your rendition of the Star Spangled Banner was excellent! See you soon!, CBG
  10. Sue, Yep, you are on the list! Look forward to seeing you again! Dave, Sure wish you could have made it, you will be missed on this side of the hill! 15 days until the match begins! There's still plenty of time to get those entries in! See you at the range! CBG
  11. The Who's Coming list is growing and we are busy sprucing up the range! 31 days until the match starts! Looking forward to seeing everyone! CBG
  12. For all the long range shooters, we have added information, on the TMS website, about the Long Range Match. It will be held on Thursday, June 9th at our Cowboy long range starting at 9:00 AM. Only 70 days until the match starts! Looking forward to seeing everyone! CBG
  13. Sorry Wolf, the clowns went home with Blackjack so he would have someone to talk to! HA!!! it will be great to see you all!
  14. The website appears to be gone, but they have a Facebook page. The number listed is 719-836-1411. Hope this helps. CBG
  15. The Thunder Mountain Shootists in Whitewater, CO are holding the SASS Colorado State Championship on June 8th, 9th, & 10th! We would like to invite everyone to come on out to western Colorado! There will be a warm up match, side matches, long range, 12 main match stages and for your evening entertainment, on the 9th, a potluck and movie! The application is on the Thunder Mountain Shootists website @ www.tmscba.com Looking forward to seeing everyone! CBG
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