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  1. Ha ha! Now that right there is funny! Gotta clean coffee off my screen now Have a great day
  2. Been way too long, my friend. Probably gonna bring 15-20 Nebraska shooters with me, and I have some door prizes from Hornady and a quilt to auction for the SASS Scholarship fund
  3. Prayers up for family and friends
  4. Bulldog, after working details out with JW, a bunch of Nebraska shooters are coming
  5. I also am bringing down a quilt that we will be auctioning for the SASS Scholarship Fund
  6. OK, details were finalized today.......a club in Kansas, the Capital City Cowboys just west of Topeka, has generously offered to host our Nebraska State Championship as a part of their T-Town Shootout August 14-16...so for you Nebraska Shooters, we WILL have a state championship after all!!! Side matches and warmups will be on the 14th, with the main match August 15-16. If you have already downloaded the entry form, if you are a Nebraska shooter, write "Nebraska State" at the top of the form just so it isn't missed that you are shooting in the Nebraska State match. If you are a Nebraska Shooter and you have already sent in your entry, contact JW and let him know so he can mark your entry as a state entry. Topeka runs a great club with fun stages, and you will not regret coming down (and Topeka is not that far from Grand Island). I love how the clubs in this sport try to find ways to help each other out. There is camping available on the range, and hotels and restaurants 10-15 miles each of the range. http://capitalcitycowboys.org/PDFs/t-town-2020.pdf
  7. Prayers heading up for family and friends
  8. Prayers up for his family and all who were touched by him
  9. All of the above are really good. That being said, everything I use is Hornady, but then I am spoiled (I work less than a mile from their offices anytime I have a question), and even when I told them I screwed up (pop a decapping pin, etc.), they always replace it for free
  10. I don't have my load notes here at the office, but I have a friend in another state that was fighting feeding issues running 38s. We talked about it and I suggested he tried loading them to .357 lengths as a test, and all his feeding problems went away
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