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  1. This year we have a new match director, and he is bringing some new and fresh ideas to the match. I will be glad to be his assistant, and with what they have planned, you don't want to miss this Thank you for your interest in the Nebraska State SASS Championship. The theme for this year is Cowboy Christmas in July, and once again, the banquet with feature a steak dinner! Get your entries in soon, because due to requirements from vendors, this year we have a hard cutoff of 120 shooters, and cutoff for entries is June 1. And for those that are wondering, after a meeting between the old and new match directors, we have decided that this year, target distances will be “Gunsmoke style” so you can really burn down the stages. Saddle up! We’re burning daylight! Entry forms: https://www.plattevalleygunslingers.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/2023NEStateEntry.pdf
  2. We are, but probably not for a few years. For now we gotta settle for visits with the kids in northern Alabama, but as soon as I can ride off in the sunset from work, we are pulling up stakes
  3. We have not sold out in some time, and sometimes we struggle to add a third posse. Each year in a little smaller no matter what we try to add. Not a lot of shooters in the state, aging and travel, etc., many of the same thing you all face. I congratulate any club that is still selling out, and I hope you don't face what a lot of us are facing for many years
  4. I am in the minority, but for the amount of shotgun shells we use, I am a big fan of the Lee Load All II. Works well with no issues, and I can load a couple boxes in about a half hour. I know it won't last for generations, but it has never steered me wrong, and when it wears out, at that price point I can pitch it and buy another (current unit I paid $30 for on sale and is 5 years old)
  5. My 45 92 worked great and then one day out of the blue started doing the exact same thing. Did a deep clean and discovered not only was it very dirty under the extractor, but there was also a hairline crack you couldn't see until it was taken off. Replaced after the deep clean and ran like a tank ever since (though I now do a deep clean of the bolt and extractor a couple times a year now
  6. Looking forward to spending a lot more time with the shooters instead of just running around
  7. Thank you to everyone that came out last weekend for the Nebraska State Championship and BP Championship. With the fuel prices and component pricing/availability, we are grateful to have you guys join us. Looking forward to shooting with the shooters after my retirement as MD next year
  8. Sending prayers and will add him to the synagogue prayer list. Friday night I will light an extra candle for him at the Shabbat table
  9. I would respectfully submit Dantankerous for the award. He epitomizes what a classic should be from how he carries himself and lives his life, to always doing everything with honor. He always dresses like he has stepped off of a tin type photo from the 1800s, and he never hesitates to help others with the category, and no matter what happens, never complains and always has a grin. One of the finest Classics (and men) that you could ever be associated with
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