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  1. May not sound like good news, but docs figured out why I have the tremors and other quirks...Parkinson's....but now it has a name and it is mostly controllable with meds. An my old dog has self trained herself as a service dog. No clue how she knows, but she can sense when tremors are gonna start and will find me and nose me back to the couch and lay on me until they stop. Every time she has done that, she has been right Also, my late wife and I for years wanted to replace the old windows in our old house. Finally got enough saved, signed the contracts, and this Spring I will have
  2. Nebraska is the same way. We can literally back the truck up to the gun shop door and say, "Fill 'er up!"
  3. Just over $40 with tax at LGS
  4. You know, it wasn't brought up. I'll bring that up at the next meeting for discussion. Thanks!
  5. The additional categories are just scored by themselves, separate from the overall. We toyed with the idea of using math to assume the extra gun times, but that did not feel fair as we would be basing their scores upon an assumed time, not an actual time. So we have our regular overall, top working cowboy, top homesteader, etc
  6. Bob, have you headed down south yet? If not, swing by my place on your way down and I can give you a couple cases of 20ga ammo for Rick
  7. These are the changes we have made for our matches (monthlies, not the annual). We have temporarily added a few categories to keep folks shooting rather than have them not come because of ammo shortages (because we all know that once they leave and start new interests, there is a fair chance they won't return). Bear in mind that our monthly matches are still written as they always were for those that still want to shoot all their guns. These additional categories are scored separately: Sheepherder: all four guns, but in .22 for rifle and pistols Working Cowboy: one pistol a
  8. Bob, next time you are coming through Grand Island, let me know and I can arrange a behind the scenes tour of HPSP to show you everything, along with what we use in each building for. There are a lot of things you can't see just as a shooter that I can give you access to
  9. Just for future reference their support is fantastic and their dies have a lifetime warranty, even if you bought second hand
  10. If this info is correct, the listing says .30 caliber rimfire http://www.horsesoldier.com/products/firearms/handguns/7775
  11. It is political. They are reminding folks that they will receive less this time around to make them mad about "free money," in order to paint one party as bad and uncaring. I guarantee if it was more, no mention would have been made
  12. I have friends that work there, and I can tell you that the stories about the ammo companies getting threats is most certainly true. PD goes there at shift change just to ward off any numbskulls who want to try something. My friends inside Hornady have told me that despite running 24x7, if they stopped taking orders today, they could run like this for two years before they caught up Another thing to bear in mind is the extra demand from adding 7 Million+ gun owners in the last 9 months. If each of them only bought 4 boxes of ammo in the last 9 months, that is an increase in demand
  13. On my hope to make it, but waiting to see how some things shake out
  14. This was actually only in a phase 1 trial in Australia, but I have no clue on the safety of any of them
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