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  1. After my stroke, folks insisted I still come out even though I was hobbling on my cane and they went out of their way to get me safely though the stages, even moving guns for me, just so I could keep grinning and playing cowboy. I still use the cane some, and nothing has ever been said about it
  2. Garrison Joe already mentioned this, but on my Century Arms, the hammers are so wide that it is impossible for me to double cock.
  3. Put me down as tentative. Waiting to see how many vacation days I have for 2020 with using some early for Winter Range
  4. Hornady has generously signed on as match sponsor again, and they are donating a lot of door prizes
  5. Thank you so much. I am very honored. With those that were nominated, honestly, I never expected to receive the honor, and was happy simply being nominated. I am deeply touched. Thank you all
  6. I like to see 10-20%, mainly beccause I know clean matches make folks feel good even if they are not fast shooters
  7. Thoughts and prayers are with all who were touched by him
  8. That is correct. Quarterly magazine, two of them electronic, and two in print
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