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  1. Hoping to make it if I can swing the time off work. Making another trip to move more of the wife's stuff up here beginning of the month, so trying to work out the weekend with work
  2. Web address was just created on 3/26, and their site doesn't add hazmat fees. Definite red flag
  3. You tell 'em I'm coming.......and Hell's comin' with me!
  4. They are just over the state line in Milan, Illinois. I have not shot there yet, but heard nothing but good things about the club
  5. The 800# on their site has been associated with a number of Scams unrelated to firearms as well, so probably one of those scam boiler rooms common over there
  6. For those that are considering joining us for the 2022 match next July. Scenarios for side matches are now on the website. In order to mix things up, we added a couple of new ones that we hope you enjoy https://www.plattevalleygunslingers.com/2022-side-matches/
  7. FYI I just received this email from Henry. Many of you probably did as well, but wanted to make sure: We have been made aware of at least two fraudulent online retail websites that present themselves as being dedicated Henry firearm dealers. In the interest of your privacy and sensitive personal information, we would like to make the Henry Family aware of these retailers as we work to remove them. The websites share names like Henry Gun Store or Henry Gun Shop and require payment through apps like Zelle or a cryptocurrency wallet. If this
  8. I know we are still in the middle of the 2021 season, but we wanted to get on your radar in case you were looking for a match in the central US next summer right after HoW We have already started planning the 2022 match and have things lined up for the side matches. Please note that even if SASS awards another club the state championship, we will still be holding the same events. We have a couple of new side matches to add next year as well. Tentative dates are 7-10 July 2022. https://www.plattevalleygunslingers.com/2022-nebraska-state-sass-championship/
  9. Thanks to everyone that came, and we look forward to hosting you guys again. We have already made notes for your suggestions and will be implementing many of them next year. We hope to be the same weekend to give you guys something to do on the way home from HoW Results are here: https://www.plattevalleygunslingers.com/2021-state-championship-results/
  10. Those of you that run annuals understand what is involved, but for those that come up and shoot, or maybe hang some steel before the annual, this is not meant as a criticism, but as education in case you do not know what is involved. They following is a brief list of what your MD/volunteers do to make the annual happen. An annual is NOT a multi-day monthly match As soon as match is done, tear down range Take inventory of props and targets, and any repairs/upgrades needed Send SASS championship contracts and wait on reply (planning doesn't stop while we wait) Coor
  11. Still cleaning and tearing down range today. I hope to hope them live (and a link on the FB club page) sometime tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.
  12. Thank you my friend. Just did what I had to do to take care of my guests and cowboy family, but I will admit it will take me a while to recover
  13. Guys, as we begin planning for the annual in 2022, I have a side match question. In the past, in speed pistol, in order to give more chances at awards for shooters, we did traditional, duelist, and gunfighter, and in speed shotgun, we broke it our into 87, 97, hammered, and SxS. As we are looking at things does it make sense to keep the status quo, or break it down to just straight "speed shotgun" and "speed pistol?" From a MD standpoint, obviously I am always looking at ways to reduce costs without reducing the experience for the shooters, but just looking for opinions. Would it disappoint yo
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