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  1. Congratulations to you both! Proud to call you guys friends
  2. Amen! Not trying to be dramatic, but after everything I went through in the last two years, I would have given up if it wasn't for my cowboy shooters across the region. Checking in, helping me at shoots, and making sure that I don't isolate
  3. The people in this sport are awesome. A couple of years ago I had a mild stroke, and now I am battling Parkinson's, and most of the time I use a cane due to balance issues. I can't count the number of times when people have insisted on moving long guns for me and helping me get through a stage Shortly after my stroke, I was gonna cancel a shoot in SD, but they insisted that I come anyway if I was up to it. I told them I would try, and they said to text shortly before I got there. When I pulled in, about six guys met me and insisted on setting up my little camper for me. I thought I would end up hanging out and watching the match and maybe spot for the weekend, but I discovered they had assigned a young man to be my "caddie" for the weekend, moving my cart and long guns for the weekend. Obviously, I was slow, but with their help, I was able to finish the match. Then, while visiting and waiting on the awards, unknown to me, they hooked up the camper and I was surprised to see I was ready to roll when I got there. The last couple of years have been challenging. The people in this sport keep me fighting
  4. They do have a cool range. Sorry I had to miss this year
  5. She was grinning after we talked her into shooting the guns too!
  6. DHD, for Classic Cowgirl of the year, I would like to nominate Boss Shamrock from Missouri. Although she has only been shooting Classic for a few years, both her and her husband have fully embraced the classic style and lifestyle. She goes all out on her dressing the part, and always has a smile no matter how the stage is going. Heck of a nice person too that would do anything for someone else. She is well deserving of the honor, and last weekend they both told me that they could never see shooting another other category and they were so glad that I talked them into trying it years ago, to which I gave them my typical line, "We have to keep playing Classic, because even the gunfighters need heroes."
  7. StirrupTrouble

    Gun Cart

    I am not familiar with that company, but with the shelf and guns so high, I question if it would be top heavy on uneven ground. If you like that style of cart, Rugged Gear has a big following within the sport
  8. I enjoyed shooting with you. It was a great weekend. I really needed to get away from the four walls and doctors for a few days
  9. Unfortunately, with their new ownership, Cabelas no longer donates to clubs or gives door prizes unless the entity running it is a 501c3
  10. Because our range is a public range, spectators and non-shooters are not allowed to carry. The exception to this is on or off duty LEO or FD (but per city they must carry ID identifying themselves if not in uniform)
  11. Reach out to Hornady. They are very supportive of shooting sports, and they may help out some in exchange for a banner being put up at matches, especially since you are a Nebraska club
  12. Give them a call. I bet you would be surprised at how little the cost is (if any). They are also good for offering generous trade in allowances if you wanted a new rig
  13. I know a lot of the guys that work there, and they take great pride in their customer service. A few times I have broken decapping pins due to my own screw up, and when I called customer service each time I even told them it was my fault, and they refused to allow me to pay for it, and sent me a new one each time.
  14. Yep, just like the pirates that took out Shopko. They didn't want the company, they wanted the real estate, so they took it over, loaded Shopko up with debt, spun the real estate into its own company and leased it back to Shopko, and then bankrupted Shopko. Bingo! Free real estate
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