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  1. Slowly starting to recede in some areas, but chance of rain and snow overnight and possible rain over the coming weekend. Sure hope the weatherman is wrong
  2. Great match and people. Sorry I had to miss it this year, but I will return when life stabilizes
  3. It is definitely a mess. So far our town has been spared other than randomly losing power, but a lot of towns around us are ruined
  4. We do two chances with best time counts, after that (as long as other shooters are not waiting for their scoring time) if just for bragging rights. We decided on two because anyone can have a gun problem or a bad run, but at the same time, we decided we did not want three people standing there dominating the side match
  5. Looking forward to this shoot, and Emy is really wanting to camp and wear her prairie dresses
  6. If you are coming and have not sent in your form yet, please PM me which match(es) you are signing up for, what category, and how many banquet tickets you need. Thanks!
  7. Thanks to everyone that is coming. If you are coming but haven't sent in entries yet, please PM me your category, which match(es) you are shooting, and how many banquet tickets you need. We are working on buttoning up the final awards order. Thanks
  8. They could not have chosen better folks to take over the business. Good luck guys!
  9. The latest who's coming list is on the website. We now have shooters registered from ten states. Thanks to all that are coming https://www.plattevalleygunslingers.com/2019-nebraska-state-championship-whos-coming/
  10. I wasn't able to shoot this match last year due to my stroke, but I can vouch for the fact that they put on a fun little annual. Well worth the trip. I have shot the match several times and always left grinning
  11. Come on out! We would love to have you at the state match in April. Lots of fun planned
  12. Guns first. Worst case scenario, if you can't find the dies after you get the guns, someone will either have a set or will reload some for you until you find a set.
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