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  1. Hopefully this helps: https://homesteadparts.com/shop/winchester-1876-c-1_5.html
  2. Thank you for the response to entries. So far, we have shooters registered from 12 states, including some that have never visited here, and we are honored that you chose to spend some time off with us. If possible, we would like to receive entries by 6/1 so we have time to finish the awards. The last thing I want to do is have someone short an award that they earned. July 8-10: State Championship July 11: State BP Championship More info can be found here: https://www.plattevalleygunslingers.com/2021-nebraska-state-sass-championships/ Stirru
  3. That sounds fun and exhausting. Congrats!
  4. You got it my friend. Holler if you guys need anything
  5. Wish I could join you guys, but have some important life circumstances controlling my April and May
  6. Looking forward to joining you guys next year after we move. Looks like your range is only about a half hour from our future home
  7. I had a few people reach out to me asking if we were going to offer age based breakouts of the core base categories. At this point, we will be offering all of the base core categories, but the breakout ones will be based on the number of shooters that sign up. For example, if you want a "silver senior B Western" then please spread the word among your fellow shooters so enough sign up. Unless the club changes its mind, we will honor any additional category that has at least three shooters, but if not, the category will be consolidated and the shooters will be contacted to let them know. I hope
  8. We decided to only allow it at monthlies, with an end point of end of 2021 season. where we will re-evaluate, but not allowed at annual
  9. In this day and age, that doesn't seem like a bad thing
  10. Due to some upcoming life changes, there is a very good chance that I will be relocating to northern Alabama south of Huntsville in time for the 2022 shooting season. Just looking for potential club recommendations. Thanks!
  11. I am speaking as a middle of the pack shooter. I have some medical challenges, so I know that I will probably never bring home a buckle, but I shoot for fun and hanging out with friends. Whether we want to admit it or not, any sport where you are measured on speed is about speed. I still try to go as fast as I can despite the reality of where my health is. And from the MD side of things, especially at an annual, we need to design and set up stages that are easy to reset and keep people moving. If I set up every stage with Texas stars and knockdowns at the back of the be
  12. Try refreshing your screen or go here: https://www.sassnet.com/mercantile/sass-end-of-trail-2021-signup.php
  13. Although I love cowboy shooting, unfortunately, you are 100% correct. In my state, we don't have a lot of SASS shooters, but of them, there are only 4 under 40 that I have seen at shoots (and 3 are in the same family)
  14. I am far from an expert, but in my opinion (and it is worth what you paid for it), is that the Ubertis have a similar feel and are the closest to the Colt feel of the ones I have held
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