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  1. I have several Remington parts. I know some are interchangeable but don't know if these particular models are. When I get home today I can get the numbers. I just remember its from a Remington Targetmaster. Possibly a 510
  2. Is that the same as the targetmaster bolt?
  3. I finally found a gunsmith in my area who has enough knowledge and skill to make a pin for it. I will drop it off sometime next week. Most gunsmiths around here don't seem to do any machining.
  4. Still looking for a firing pin for one of these. I have tried every place I know. here is what the firing pin looks like.
  5. I am looking to purchase an old Hopkins & Allen Safety Police Top Break Revolver like the one pictured here. I mostly need a firing pin but would gladly take a parts gun or another working gun that I may use for parts. The one in my photos was carried by my grandmother in her purse for many years so it has sentimental value for me. I lost the firing pin many years ago and have tried all the usual places to find one but no luck. It will say Safety Police on the top strap along with the patent date info. Thanks you.
  6. Dog gone. Ha.....Good guy. If you decide you dont like them let me know.
  7. Does anyone here shoot a Real Winchester 1887 shotgun? If so, what kind of loads do you shoot out of it?
  8. Black one is sold. The mahogany Buck 110 leather holster is still available.
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