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  1. I’m in Slidell, La but I do my reloading inside the house so sorry I can’t give any good pointers.
  2. Someone locally told me today that they had one coming this week. If it don't show up or I don't like it I'll let you know. Many thanks Deuce.
  3. Hello, I am in the market for a Miroku Winchester 1873 Short Rifle with Color Case Hardened frame in .45 Colt. None of the gun shops anywhere near me carry cowboy guns so looks like I will be needing to order online. Figured I would check here and see if any vendors on here have any and see the going prices. I know I can get one from Dirt Cheap or somewhere but wanted to give the possible vendors here a chance first. I would love to find one with decent colors. Thanks.
  4. Nice. I have 4 Rossi 92s in .357 and .45 Colt. Two each. I have always enjoyed them. They are very reliable and one of my .45 Colts is my go to gun for most things around the ranch. Accurate as can be.
  5. I have always had great service from Marbles also.
  6. Beautiful rifle. Which model is that one? 24" barrel?
  7. Slug your barrel first and order proper size as the 38-55 has such a wode variety of barrel sizes.
  8. Just to be clear. I meant it as a complete compliment. I love the look of the rifle.
  9. What is the website please?
  10. Well heck yeah, looks great to me. Like the six shooters too.
  11. Now that is a work gun. Lots of great character on that rifle.
  12. Sounds like a beauty of a rifle now.
  13. Yes, they come in .45 which is what caliber I shoot and like.
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