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  1. Thank you. I will give them a call. Edit: They don't have them but saved their page because they carry lots of other parts and who knows when I may need something. Thanks.
  2. I am not aware of any of my friends who know how to do that. I do not have the original part. It fell out at some point. I know it used to be there but its long gone now for many years. Just kind of been wanting to get it back up and running. It has sentimental value because my grandmother used to pack this in a belt holster around her farm when I was little and I remember it well. Then in her later life she had it in her purse.
  3. I am looking for a firing pin for a Hopkins & Allan Safety Police .32 top break revolver. I am including a photo of the firing pin as well as the schematic from Numrich that shows it (number 23). This is the small frame top break revolver. If you have one or know ANYWHERE to get one please let me know. I have checked Numrich and the usual places such as ebay and gunbroker.
  4. Sorry for your loss. I am sure it must be tough. Prayers for you, the rest of the family and any friends who are feeling her loss.
  5. Picked up these two racks after someone told me about them locally. Holds the Schofields and 51 Conversions perfectly. The Ruger New Vaquero fits loosely and the old vaqueros are too fat. Actually have to press them down in there. Works well though.
  6. Thanks for all of the suggestions. Lots of good ideas. Someone told me that our local Sportsmans Warehouse sometimes has the coated pistol racks. I will run by and check today.
  7. I have one of these in my old stack on safes and they work okay while batteries are full but start to put off less and less light.
  8. It does have a few pouches for handguns which I put a few of my smaller revolvers and such in.
  9. Thanks for the input. I wondered how those would fare with the larger guns. Good to hear they can handle them.
  10. I recently broke down and bought a big 64 gun safe. Before now I have had a couple of the larger stack on safes crammed with rifles and the revolvers and such were kept in the zip up bags or the original boxes. Instead of trying to reinvent the the wheel I thought I would ask here. How do you store your revolvers in your safe? I have seen the hangers that go in the barrel, the racks that hold the guns upside down some that hold them right side up etc. What do you use? Which works best with cowboy style revolvers, some with up to 8'' barrels or so? Photos are always a plus but understand if you don't want to post pics. Not much around here locally so I would have to order most anything I get. Figured I would try to only order once. Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. If someone needs this don't hesitate to make an offer. Would consider trades for grips for either Schofields, OMV, NMV, 1851 RM Conversion. Open to other trades also. I paid 150.00 for the barrel here but don't let that scare you for a trade offer. If something catches my eye then value is of little concern. I just ended up not needing the barrel so its been sitting since.
  12. I just started trying my hand at leather working. I have made three holsters. The first one I made was a slim Jim style that would fit my 1851 Conversion. The second was a set that would work for 51 Navy BP, 51 Navy Conversions and also Ruger Vaqueros in 7 1/2" barrels. Learning as I go and enjoying it. I need to make me a belt though. Just got a strap cutter in last week so that should be coming soon.
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