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  1. Mine was a rifle similar to yours, a Stevens Little Scout .22 single shot falling block. I was ten when my great uncle gave it to me. All of my kids, nieces and nephews and several friend's kids have shot that little gun as their first gun. It is put away in my safe and will be passed to my grandkids.
  2. Give Boomstick Jay a call also, I just got one from him.
  3. I got some from him in February after he started back up so I thought he was back up and running. I have already went through about half of them so I wanted to get some more on order.
  4. Anyone seen or heard from Waimea? I need some more bullets and can't get ahold of him.
  5. My buddy and I both sent in the paperwork. He got his number yesterday, still waiting on mine.
  6. Just putting this out there, I will be traveling from Destin, FL to the Tulsa gun show and would like to do a face to face primer trade either along my route or at the show if you are going. Our tables at the show are on the end cap on the north end of row 17A. Here is what I have to trade, 3k CCI large pistol, 1k of CCI large pistol magnum or 6k of CCI small pistol primers I want to trade even up for Federal Small pistol standard or magnum primers. My new custom tuned rifle doesn't like the CCI primers. If you want to meet along the way there are a few different routes I can travel so go
  7. At least there is a page loading this morning saying they are down for maintenance and will be back soon.
  8. This worked out great because I had been looking for a way to support your rebuild effort, always seemed to miss out on the stuff you were selling on the wire or it wasn't my size. If I win a gun that is just icing on the cake. Can't wait until you all are back up and shooting so I can come over and ring some steel with you!
  9. Is anyone else having trouble loading 24 hour campfire? I read stuff on there every day but it hasn't loaded for me since yesterday.
  10. Put Jack Spade down for 20 tickets. I will put the check in the mail tomorrow morning.
  11. Find another FFL that will accept guns from an individual. FFL to FFL shouldn't be a problem either, just some either won't do it because of the hassle and they don't make much on the deal.
  12. Two Shoots, how many grains of powder are you using?
  13. I just got a used PW 800 convertible that I plan on using to load LNLR for cowboy shooting. My previous loaders both had adjustable shot/powder bars, the PW uses bushings. The load I found that closely replicates the LNLR load calls for 14.7 gr of american select powder. In looking at the Alliant powder bushing chart for PW it shows the lowest charge with American Select is 16.4. How do I determine which bushing will throw the load I want to load? Anyone else load this load on a PW machine that would share their data? The load I am referencing is STS hull, WAA12L gray wad ,14.7 grains am
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