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  1. If you can't find the cowboy set, I have a regular set I would sell. $35 plus shipping.
  2. I have 223 and 5.56 brass for sale. Brass is mixed manufacture but sorted for caliber and polished. $18/100 plus flat rate shipping. 1k of 223 and 1k of 5.56 available.
  3. Brass is now sorted and will be relisted. Mods please delete this thread.
  4. Shooter was given one miss. Shooter did not know he could have loaded another round in the operational pistol and finished the sequence. He had a clean match up to that point which was at the last stage. The spotters and TO discussed if it was a P and a miss because he engaged target one three times even though one was a squib and then didn't shoot the last target with two rounds. The RO was called over and gave clarification of what the call should be. I am a very new shooter and am glad to know what to do in that situation.
  5. Stage had two pistol targets, instructions were to double tap each target. Shooter drew first pistol double tapped target one, double tapped target two, moved pistol back to target one and fired a squib, bullet did not leave the gun and impact target one. Shooter grounded pistol one, drew pistol two and double tapped target one, double tapped target two and finished with a single tap on target one. What's the call?
  6. I have mixed 223/5.56 brass. It is range pickup and wet tumbled with SS pins. Has not been deprimed or sized. $30 for 200 rounds plus flat rate shipping. I have 2500 available.
  7. Look up Southern Shine media. Haven't had to replace my pins yet but will probably go with these guys when I do.
  8. My grandpa used to tell a similar head scratcher, Three salesmen walk in to a hotel late at night and ask for a room. The clerk says the room will be $30 so they each pay $10 and head to the room. After thinking a few minutes the clerk decided he charged them too much for the room so he called the bell hop over and gave him 5 one dollar bills and told him to go give it to the salesmen. On the way to the room the bell hop decides five dollars will be hard to divide between three fellas so he puts two dollars in his pocket. He gives the salesmen each $1 back. So that means the salesme
  9. Found a screw knife, thanks for the replies, still looking for a fancy black badge holder.
  10. Bought that beautiful black Colt Faro rig from McCandles and would like to have a nice tooled black leather badge holder to go on it and a nice screw knife for the built in holder. Let me know if you have one you want to let go of or point me in the direction to buy one. Thanks! Jack
  11. Sorry I didn't update this guys, it is all gone.
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