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  1. For one I don't like carrying the weight around. Second, I run the timer a lot so don't want the weight or take the chance one bounces out of the holster or gets caught on a prop while I am following a shooter.
  2. I really like having a pistol rack or holsters on my cart.
  3. Were you at the match at Chipley, FL yesterday? Send me a PM and I can hook you up with some numbers.
  4. I looked in my Lyman 2nd edition shotgun load manual and I did find a page with load data for 473 in a remington rxp hull for 1 Oz of shot. Most of the loads were 1 1/8 Oz and higher. I don't have access to my older metallic loading manuals at the moment but will check them when I do.
  5. Everyone commenting about the slide missed the part where he said it was for wild bunch.
  6. So I am someone who actually had a problem that was cured by installing an aluminum liner. I live in Florida near the gulf and with the salt air everything rusts. My rifle developed a hiccup that while shooting a stage I would lever the gun but a cartridge wouldn't feed out of the magazine onto the carrier so no round would load and I would have to lever again. I tore the rifle down and found I had rust inside my magazine tube. I cleaned and oiled it and it worked for a match or two then happened again. I decided to try the aluminum tube with the stainless follower and it has solved my problem completely.
  7. We learned on nearly the same, I learned on a 1950 ford pickup.
  8. Growing up we had a 2 ton grain truck with dual 4 speed transmissions. Shifted very similar to the video but you had to use the clutch and had to double clutch a lot specially when down shifting.
  9. Media mail/book rate is usually cheaper than flat rate.
  10. I prime everything on the machine, absolutely hate hand priming. I load on a 650 and will occasionally get a high primer if I get lazy on the handle. I check all my rounds anyway so I always catch them so not a big deal.
  11. Do you happen to need the reloading dies or bullets? If so PM me, I have some I would like to get rid of.
  12. I have an 800 cvt (convertible) and a 800 plus, they are great machines. Currently setting up another 800cvt for a friend. The best thing I can advise is to get ahold of Jim at http://www.jimsearneye.com and order his pdf on how to adjust a PW 800. I think it cost $5 but it is the best $5 I have ever spent. He goes over adjustment of every stage on a PW 800. He approaches it from the stand point of you just got a used 800 from your buddy and it doesn't run right. He is also a good source for PW parts if PW is out of stock or really behind. You will love that machine!
  13. I am sure glad someone bought these, I worked myself into a fair sweat a couple of times trying to rationalize buying them. Whew!
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