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  1. 9245

    Why only the 1897?

    I wasn’t asking about why it was 12 gauge only (and if you ask me 12, 10, and 8 gauge are the only legitimate shotgun gauges anyway, I never understood why people use 20, 16, and 28, unless it’s a youth shotgun. I was asking why it was restricted to two particular models of shotgun instead of any shotgun from the era.
  2. 9245

    Why only the 1897?

    It is an interesting one, it’s a pity it’s not better known. It does have a 5 round magazine, when loading 2 3/4 shells, if you loaded 2.5 inch shells though you would probably get 6, probably have to hand load though to get those. It may feed mini shells too but I have not attempted it. It does have a nice wide ejection port though so even using 2 3/4 shells dropping an extra shell through the ejection port at the end when the slide is back would be trivial. If it had made it to combat in World War 1 I think it would be a much better known design today and
  3. 9245

    Why only the 1897?

    My mistake, apparently the Winchester Model 12 is allowed too but still, why only those two? ”SHOTGUN REQUIREMENTS Winchester 1897 pump in 12 gauge, original or replica—Civilian or Military style. The IAC ‘93/‘97 reproduction Winchester is also approved. This shotgun may be identified by the numbers ‘93/’97 on the left side of the barrel and the words IAC Billerica, MA on the right side of the barrel. Original Winchester 1893 shotguns were declared unsafe by the manufacturer and are NOT legal for use in Wild BunchTM Action Shooting matches. The Winchester Model ‘12 pump in 12 gau
  4. Recently I have considered gettin in to wild bunch matches as I already have a 1911 and just recently picked up a period shotgun. However I was surprised to learn that despite being an actual shotgun designed, built, and used in the “wild bunch” era and being a classic design I cannot use it because it is not an 1897 Winchester. Why is wild bunch limited to one specific model shotgun? Surely people realize that other models existed and were very popular in the period. Ironically I got another John Browning design, the Stevens 520, which I believe started production in 1909, my p
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