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  1. I’m hoping this isn’t the closest club to you. Forget about ‘em, Loco. If I’m mistaken and you’d like to shoot there again, maybe I’ll ride out for a match. I’ll bring .44 that’s chrono’d at just under 1000fps. They’ll never complain about your loads being “heavy” again.
  2. That’s only .1 over minimum. Sounds like those cowboys might just be a bunch of “complainers”, to me.
  3. Waymore Loco, You can drop another 30fps by loading Titegroup at their minimum recommended amount of 4.7grns. Just re-read and noticed that’s a powder you’ve used before. I use 205grn bullets but when I started out I was loading 240grn and even at over 900fps no one ever thought I was “loading too heavy” (shooting with three different SASS clubs).
  4. If your bullets are hitting Point of Aim, you’re recipe is good. What’s your OAL, if you don’t mind my asking? Anything is gonna dent mild steel.
  5. I load bear creek moly lead 205 RNFP atop 5 grns of Titegroup for my .44 magnum cowboy loads. They clang the targets, but have never cratered one. These remaining magnum cases are a hold-over from when Betty-Lou used to shoot with (her 94 never liked .44spl consistently). My .44spl load is the same minus a quarter-half grain.
  6. Depends if you’re on duty or off. Rangers found this one leaning on a tree in a nat’l park. https://www.winchesterguns.com/news/articles/132-year-old-model-1873-found-against-a-tree-at-great-basin-nati.html
  7. WOLFY


    My fave motorcycle jacket is from the EU and it’s zipper is left handed. I shoulda bought American! Instead of starting a whole new thread: were zippers around in the cowboy era?
  8. Thanks for looking. Fedex pricing is probably between UPS and USPS plus they’ll no doubt have a next day air requirement like UPS.
  9. Irish Pat, If you’re asking about the M18, the compact P320 is the same except without the external safety lever the Army required. Ironhead, Can you ship direct to an ffl, if mine accepts from private individuals?
  10. by cleaned it, did you get under it? also might wanna give that chamber attention as well, if it’s got enough build up the spent cases wanna stick.
  11. Can an ffl ship to themselves via USPS? Meaning can one license be used for sender as well as receiver?
  12. Same can be said for a knuckle head HD, but you’re not gonna see anyone racing it at the track.
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