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  1. I enjoyed my 94 Trail’s End. It ran fine back when my cowboy ammo was loaded using 44 mag brass. Once I moved on to 44 spl, it started to have the occasional misfeed. In my opinion, a rifle that has discouraged new shooters should no longer be “allowed” by SASS. When the Henry BB was first produced, it was NOT approved for our game. The wild bunch or territorial governors weren’t thinking clearly when they reversed that decision.
  2. why buy a henry when you can get an improved henry (ie any Uberti 66)
  3. imho shooting duelist or gunfighter, lower recoil loads don’t work right.
  4. wait a minute, i thought you mentioned loading your own 45acp prior to deciding to join sass. what press were you using? wouldn’t just gettin’ 38 dies be a good start as opposed to going with a progressive reloader?
  5. WOLFY

    38 Loads

    increase your bullet weights 125 bullets with 3.5grn of titegroup is what i like out of my RMConversion Ubertis. I also use thesame charge weight with 158 bullets.
  6. used to be my 97, but my lemon squeezer is two years older
  7. I have a shorter bbl set of 72 open tops that did fit loosely into orig vaquero holsters, I tightened those up just enough by cutting and stitching them to more closely follow the open top contours. They were the TripleK mexican loop holsters.
  8. my holsters were meant for the percussion pistols, the right side was a little tight at first, but wore in just fine. the left holster didn’t care
  9. sorry, i didnt see my emules were over the limit

  10. hi everyone, i have a couple old lemon squeezers in 38sw. one of them has a broken ejector spring. i got the cylinder and ejector ring appart and removed the broken spring. lucked into a replacement from Jack's but am having trouble getting it to all go back together. the spring starts resisting after about 3/4 of a turn. anyone have advice, or know a gunsmith i could take this to near San Francisco? it just hasn't been the same round here since Tabor's closed their shop in San Bruno. cheers, Wolfy
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