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  1. Only noticed this now- Mercedes hour hand
  2. duriing production of Zissou (life aquatic), they had to get divers to retrieve a Beretta that inadvertently fell overboard
  3. i learned something new (besides being so wrong about ca allowing multiples). until this thread i’ve heard “semi” and never realized it meant tractor + single trailer. also, i’ll echo Blackwater’s question; it’d be neat to learn how a road train is started and finished (or do they drop a couple before entering major cities?
  4. maybe i was asking for the wrong color… what i meant was this kind of a blue not Zoolander blue (as in blued steel)
  5. A local watchmaker here had blackened hands but couldn’t get me a second hand right quick (so maybe next time). I like that it’s easier to read than with the gold colored hands. I only thought of this now… charcoal blue would be an even better fit (would the hands have to be steel?).
  6. some states (like Calif) don’t allow more than one trailer however i can’t think of anywhere in the CONUS that more than 2 are allowed
  7. I agree with you, Hardpan. Wells Fargo is synonymous with the old west. Is there a “watch smith” folks recommend? I’d like my Colt one better if it’s hands were black. I only recently saw this old pocketwatch / minute repeater. Holy smokes that’s another level of cool. There are YT videos of this Tiffany & Co one.
  8. decades ago (i had a friend that was in the business of repairing clothes). a wrist watch i had was tearing up the sleeve/liner of my jackets… she fixed them but one day gave me this pocket watch
  9. aside from the slim and full size there are also “original reproductions”
  10. JD calif doesn excuse .22 handguns from their AW (according to features) laws. Magazine not inside the grip = banned under AW regs.
  11. that’d be a fun shooter its too bad no one makes a broomhandle replica in .22LR
  12. The substitution is easy to spot as there were external differences between these ships as well. The Olympic had an open A deck as well as additional life boats.
  13. White Star ship names ended in “ic” while their closest competitor (in that era ) ended their ship names with “ia”.
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