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  1. Can’t see how having a rotation would reduce the webbing’s strength / load rating
  2. grips arrived quick and really improved my vaqueros


    thanks, CherokeeT


    deal with confidence

  3. these have checkered stocks and a longer bbl than the normal handy rifle. -to be sass legal, their ejector has to be changed to an extractor -i have no idea if the receiver/ rear sight is legal
  4. this is somewhat related/ was there a change to the thompson receiver? someone was talking how after a certain era they wouldn’t accept the drum magazine anymore (which sounded odd to me). or were they mistaking the grease gun w/ the tommy gun? [ EDIT : instead of bumping this thread a second time, big thanks to forty rod, cowtown scout & alpo ]
  5. Grease gun mage are double stack / single feed
  6. Think I paid $40 for it... they’re going for $10 less nowadays.
  7. thanks TK... Tempted to put mine up FS. I’ll stop by Chuy’s shop on Tuesday, maybe he can just cut my bbls down.
  8. I wish I’d bought the 4.62” .44 magnums. Anyone want to trade? Mine are 5.5” or like the ad title, I’m looking to buy 2x bbls.
  9. I’m very immature. Plus (since I’m filipino) I have “secret asian man” genetics. I thought you were a great deal younger. Prolly cause of how other peoples’ kids gravitated towards y’all.
  10. When I started I’d just turned 35. Some folks brought their kids shooting, but more were older than me than younger. I think I’m 57... I have to look at my phone to figure my age.
  11. how clueless am i? only just now, said Pat Riot’s name as patriot. Get back on it soon, Pat
  12. a younger cousin of mine discovered competitive shooting. i mean he is HOOKED. he also got a dillon and started reloading. this drought is killing him, but he’s weathering it fine. lots of older shooters at his club have been a great resource for him. i help out when i have an opportunity, but i’ve never reloaded automatic cartridges before... well i just started reloading 45acp (but am no where as comfy with that as i’ve been with my cowboy ammo). OP, I liken reloading to driving a standard transmission vehicle. it’s less common, but way more rewarding imho.
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