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  1. thqnks mike i’ll give them a call
  2. Church K, That price for 8lb TiteGroup was about what they went for pre-covid. I saw shotgun primers at Cabelas last week, but it was $79 for a thousand (so I passed- still have a case and a half at home).
  3. bump- i phoned “we r arming america” but was too late. anyone know of a ruger or smith in 22wmr for sale?
  4. i should have written GPS didn’t emerge into civillian use until after desert storm. i do not recall when gps devices actually became “handheld”.
  5. We had Loran in the 80s (shipboard). IIRC GPS didn’t really emerge until after the storm (90s).
  6. I reload them and run them through the Uzi when we’re shooting in the open.
  7. 4500? get your hardware as inexpensively as possible, so you can buy a couple cases of ammo
  8. anything by Luc Beson or the Coen Brothers specifics: The 5th Element & No Country for Old Men
  9. “how’s that sound fair?” she loves her dear old dad
  10. Can’t see how having a rotation would reduce the webbing’s strength / load rating
  11. grips arrived quick and really improved my vaqueros


    thanks, CherokeeT


    deal with confidence

  12. these have checkered stocks and a longer bbl than the normal handy rifle. -to be sass legal, their ejector has to be changed to an extractor -i have no idea if the receiver/ rear sight is legal
  13. this is somewhat related/ was there a change to the thompson receiver? someone was talking how after a certain era they wouldn’t accept the drum magazine anymore (which sounded odd to me). or were they mistaking the grease gun w/ the tommy gun? [ EDIT : instead of bumping this thread a second time, big thanks to forty rod, cowtown scout & alpo ] Last observation... only two handguns I know of operate with double stack / double feed magazines. The IMI uzi and Steyr GB.
  14. Grease gun mage are double stack / single feed
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