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  1. my holsters were meant for the percussion pistols, the right side was a little tight at first, but wore in just fine. the left holster didn’t care
  2. Man, I fondly remember the SFGE from after it moved to 2nd Street. Not a single gun shop nor sporting goods store (that sells ammo) is in operation in SF anymore. Thanks for this reminder, Hardpan. Is converting a handgun’s caliber worth doing? I’d think selling it and buying in the caliber you desire is probably done more currently.
  3. try mark lee express brown. heat the parts to 150 in an oven.
  4. WOLFY


    Winchester and Federal
  5. race guns might need backups
  6. On the dillon I use a Lee FCD for my .44 loads. I don’t run a lot of .38spl (so those get single staged with just a 3 die set). if i decide to set the dillon up for .38, i’ll definitely utilize a FCD. This is great to hear, Mr Badly. Marlin 94s can be great CAS rifles.
  7. I’m liking those stocks! None of mine came with checkering (CS and Cowboy Ltd). I’ve been using BearCreek 158grn RNFP bullets (cause they have no crimp groove). Makes it easier to reload .38spl that feed perfectly.
  8. Are newer open tops just not reliable out of their boxes? I bought 2x Cimarrons followed 3 yrs later by 2x Taylors and all they needed was to have the grease taken off them, loaded up and shot. Or is “sass ready” like saying “race ready”?
  9. worked fine? didja settle for KWATREFOIL or Use O with an I?
  10. id really like to find a solid frame someday that isn’t “trenchgun priced” have an orig takedown as well as an interstate norinco.
  11. long bbl cimarron thunderers
  12. WOLFY

    May 4th

    nanu nanu
  13. out in the open? as in outside?
  14. I haven’t in mine but the rifling isn’t polygonal. I have shot other Sig Sauers with lead cast bullets before (mostly .380 and .45)
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