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  1. Your former employer doesn’t allow buying your sidearm upon retirement? I hope the surplus gun company gets hold of you.
  2. I just checked and my .45 1911 locks back on an empty 9mm mag. So, in real life you want to intimidate a bad guy by racking the slide on your glock without chambering a round? In case no one’s told you yet; tv show and movie script writers get firearm info wrong all the time.
  3. some might argue the panhead (especially a 45 ) is their most desireable just so yall know- Bear Creek is still honoring his 2019 price list (for the time being, anyways)
  4. No sir, I traded for it but never fired it myself. Previous owner said he ran a box through it of cowboy 45. If you want better quality pics, I’ll take better “daylight” ones. It looks like it’s brand new to me. But you can see the fronts of the cylinders aren’t unfired.
  5. You can use a 9mm magazine in the equivalent 40 cal Glock and vice versa. People have gotten 9mm barrels and magazines to convert 40cal glocks in the past. The only 45 that might fit the other caliber magazines woukd likely be the 45 GAP.
  6. I think they’re beautiful long guns, just never seen one in either 44 spl nor 44russian
  7. jus brothers cause me and my wife are their folks. (all 3 are rescues - the littles were just not wanted but toby was hand shy - as if he was struck) breaks my heart how someone could hit a doggie
  8. Toby is a standard (his nickname is yellow boy). Here’s one with his brothers Baxter and Charlie.
  9. my pocket pistols are .38 SW but my die set for ‘em aren’t Lee’s I miss those OWSS matches at Chabot, lots more pocket pistol stages than other monthly’s.
  10. always wanted to build a miniature city and go stomping into it
  11. from bring ur dog to work day
  12. Drat! I was hoping those boxes were marked S & I AND that pencil sharpener was mounted for lefty use.
  13. i miss the cooper’s corner articles he used to write (the Colonel was an icon)
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