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  1. If the spring is still intact, wouldn’t it benefit from polishing? i’m used to springs weakening with age, not becoming stronger.
  2. My 44mag 92 isn’t a Rossi, however it runs 44spl pretty much perfectly. 44russian binds it up.
  3. This exactly. When I’m shooting .44s I’ll more than likely have my chopped up Russians on me. They’re by far my most accurate wheel guns.
  4. Thank you, Rainmaker. I believe the T bar was Uberti’s previous safety system (my buntline cattleman has that bar on the hammer face, under the firing pin). The Cattleman II system allows the firing pin to retract far enough into the hammer when the trigger is released that it doesn’t protrude past the recoil plate.
  5. local shop has a new .357 SAA i believe their price is 1400.
  6. sorry, i didnt see my emules were over the limit

  7. im hoping he’s still making these... Bill’s Custom Cases out of San Jose
  8. ah SHOT! i’ll bet you’re right.
  9. i couldn’t “right click” anyone have the actual video link? i donated to virginia citizens defense league godspeed, my brothers and sisters in arms sic semper tyrannis
  10. I don’t shoot the holy black. break free seems to keep my guns running well
  11. AZ Gunfighter, my marlin and revolvers run Bear Creek RNFP no grooves, so super easy to just crimp into the lead
  12. i emailed them. every time i tried to call, they were already closed for the day. my timing is poor
  13. WOLFY


    there’s a natural drive to be competitive... otherwise why have a timer? gamer imho is what MizPete describes: “bully their way out of penalties” etc. if the match was more fun without ‘em, they’re prolly gamers.
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