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  1. You're listing that pump as a 1879. Some people will be confused by that.
  2. Believe it or not, Micheal's arts and crafts has them as a set you can stain and stich together yourself. Very inexpensive and fun.
  3. Is there material enough to lengthen the leg an inch or two? If so, I'm your huckleberry.
  4. I have a tot full of 12 gauge hulls. Most are Rio, some Fiocchi. About 400+ most in manufacturepackaging. A few hundred wads and as many Overshot cards. Also have roll crimping tool. All the hulls are factory primed, so this would have to be a, "How close to Charleston SC are you" thing. CRIMPING TOOL IS GONE.
  5. Your location is about 7 hours from mine. What do you think it would cost to ship it?
  6. Looking to buy a Mernickle right hand crossdraw in Gunfighter Brown. Needs to fit an Uberti Cattlemen in 45 colt 4.75 " barrel.
  7. Al, I'll take that stock. PM on the way.
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