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  1. Looking for an Uberti or Pedersoli colt lightning in 45 colt.
  2. Has anyone done business with Manuel Solis? He's on one of my Facebook groups, but I've never done business with him before. Any input?
  3. Bought new , used only once, still have original box. This pistol is in excellent condition. $425.00 and $30.00 shipping to the first I'll take it.
  4. Looking for a reasonably priced birdshead with casehardened frame and a 4.75 barrel. Tuned would be nice, but not a deal breaker. Would be great if you had a picture of it. Thanks
  5. I'll take the 45 colt. How do you want the gold? PayPal or check?
  6. I have a pair of nickel plated 5.5in. Gauchos in 45 colt with transfer bars I'm thinking of selling. These are well kept and beautiful guns with original black grips and a set of imitation ivory grips included. My question is, what are they worth in today's market.
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