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  1. Cant wait ! Have been waiting for a end for years . Mr. Wu ( @&#k Sucka ) Is Back Too ! 100% will see and own it Just sayin . Rooster
  2. RIP Judge . Lord I pray The Judge is by your side looking down on all your Cowboys and Cowgals . Lord I ask you to be with his Family and Friends threw this journey and guide them with the Holey Spirit. Father thank you for all the days you have given us with your Servant Judge . Its in Jesus name we pray. Amen .
  3. I have found with loading 44/40 . That just seating the bullet and crimping with a Lee Factory Crimp Die I dont crush brass anymore ! Works great for me , Your mileage may very Rooster
  4. Russian Baikal hammered Shotgun is tough as a tank and looks dang nice if you can find one.
  5. 1.1977 FLHS 2. 2005 Softail Classic 1948 Clone 3. 2003 Ultra Classic Stage 4 4. My Son My Father Then Me. And My Grandson .
  6. Thats all I shoot is Plastic wads and APP. I give each barrel a shot of Ballistol and push a sheet of paper towel down each barrel one time . And All the plastic is gone ! Then clean action with hot water and another shot of Ballistol and push down another shoot of paper towel and done . Whole shotgun cleaning only takes about 5 min
  7. I had the exact experience with HRA. I had a Old Model Big Boy 44 mag I purchased ( Used ) That would not fee ammo right all the time . I called HRA and told them I bought it used a nd asked them what it would cost me to send it in and have it inspected . HRA sent me a shipping label on there dime . HRA called a few days latter and told me it was out of spec and it was a old model . They Shipped me a Brand New Rife to me door FREE Of Charge ! I took the new rifle straight from the box to a Local Match and shot a clean match with it . A Big Thank you to HRA . Made in America or Not made at all ! Rooster
  8. sounds like fun and for a Good Charity too
  9. If you look at the prices of a new 1866 or a 1873 Italian made rifle . HRA is about in the same price range and under . Plus it 100% American made ! We just now need to see this setup in Pistol Calibers, And HRA will have something more appealing to some of The Cowboy Action shooters . I personally think HRA is making Great American Made Products . So far I have Bought Every One of my Grandsons a Henry Youth Model .22 Leaver Action Rifle, And a Life Time Membership to the NRA for the day they was borne Rooster
  10. Thanks Pards . Im a Proud Papa If I knew Grand Kids was so much fun . I would have had a few more Kids myself. One of my Sons said to me one day . Dad I dont remember you being so nice and patient with us kids . I said I like the Grand kids More then I did you Boys LOL LOL
  11. My Beautiful Daughter. Gave me my 5th Grandson last night . My tab is open for all to celebrate a drink of your choice. Momma and baby are all healthy . Thank you Lord .
  12. I have run them for years in stock guns with Zero issues . Just sayin . Rooster
  13. Send it to Mike at http://www.goonsgunworks.com/ and you will never be sorry you did . Just sayin . Rooster
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