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  1. I have been using APP for 8 years in a 92 with zero issues. Brake clean and Ballistol is your friends.
  2. I have been using the Powder Inc Loader with great success . Some use the Dick Dastardly Tower of power press with great success also . I prefer to load off the gun with multiple cylinders myself Works for me . LOL
  3. I believe only 45 Caliber is used for Mounted Shooting . Just Sayin . Rooster
  4. I love my 1849 . She is All Done up by The Goon . If you get one , Send it to Mike @Gonngunworks.com you will love what he does with it .
  5. Thank you all. I'm at McDonald's with the Grandkids for my birthday dinner tonight lol . That's what the Kids wanted to do lol. Getting Old Has its Moments.
  6. I shoot cap guns when, I shoot cap guns . And I shoot cartridge guns , when I shoot cartridge guns . If you think about it. This gives us another justification to buy more guns .
  7. I have the Henry 45/70 . I load a 405gr Lee bullet with 65gr of Black Powder . I think the Kick is pretty manageable. PS. Yes the Henry is Much lighter then my Pedersoli Rolling block . But that's also why I bought it in the first place. Rooster
  8. My Prayers go out to his family and friends. Sounds like he knew The Lord Himself. So we know he is now all OK . And awaiting our arrival. Lord Father we ask for your cloak of protection over Jennie and guide her threw this journey. Lord let her know she is Not alone and you are right there with her. In Jesus name. Amen.
  9. WOW Beautiful Guns . You might regret selling them one day . Free Bump.
  10. Belly up boys and gals . My Tab is open , to share a BIRTHDAY Drink With The Birthday Boy . May we celebrate many more .
  11. Got Her Today . Very Nice Rifle. Happy Birthday To Me ! Thank you . Rooster Ron Wayne
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