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  1. Out on my Motorcycle and Any Good Bar with a Greasy Burger and Beer
  2. I think this is the Best way to start https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lee-90304-Classic-Turret-Press-Kit-Steel-Reloading-Press-and-Press-Accessories/352239387120?hash=item52031a81f0:g:UMkAAOSwBbBdAqzO So Saith The Rooster
  3. Our Government . Key word Our Government ! They have been over stepping the boundaries for a long time . Only way to change it . Is at the Voting booth ! And it's time to change it
  4. Wow a lot more hand tuning and fitting goes in to every Uberti's. Then a lot of people believed . So Saith The Rooster
  5. Might want to check the wife's purse Sorry I could not pass that one up It's really cheap to just buy a Mold one time and make your own for life . Just Sayin. Rooster
  6. I just ordered two New 1851's. 44 calibers Brass pistols . With 7" barrels and two spaire 44 cylinders . From EMF for 395.00 shipped to my home . I thought maybe some of you might want to get in on this deal if you need parts you cant beat this deal . So the guns with spaire cylinders are selling for 180.00
  7. I think Heritage is marketing a Birds head 32 H&R Mag . Made by Pietta . Rooster
  8. I have not handled any of the Pietta 1873 SAA Clones myself. But I have read they made the Trigger guard too small and it's a little tight for bigger hands . What do you think ?
  9. Im surprised this is still here . Unfortunately the Magna Port Kills the Collector Value . But It should be a fine shooter . You might want to post this over on the Ruger Forum for sale. So Saith The Rooster
  10. Wow ! I would not have believed it . If I did not watch the whole thing . So Saith The Rooster
  11. Hillbilly some times we just need to step back for a while. I have even done this myself. My Club I belong to has stopped shooting Cowboy altogether. And between running my business myself and my Bad Motorcycle crash three years ago . I dont shoot Cowboy as much as I used to at all any more . But I keep my Membership to SASS, to talk to all of you and also be able to jump right back in with both feet , Win or if I choose to. I say just take a step back . And Over the winter you can see how things work out . What ever you decide to do . DONT Sell Your Guns ! You will kick yourself in the A$$ If you ever start thinking about coming back to it. God bless Pard . So Saith The Rooster.
  12. I have already read some stuff on people shimmying the firing pin . And removing the rod. This makes the gun work like they should work . And can always be changed back if you sell the gun . But as Warden said . This could make new people to shooting. Think loading six is OK . And in the future we will read about more accidental discharges or shootings because of it. I bought the parts to have on hand just incase I ever need to repair my Cattleman 44 Special guns . I will never sell my guns . So I thought I should get some spaire parts while I can . So Saith The Rooster
  13. I bought the Powder Inc Loader . It's about half the price and just as nice . So Saith The Rooster.
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