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  1. 1.1977 FLHS 2. 2005 Softail Classic 1948 Clone 3. 2003 Ultra Classic Stage 4 4. My Son My Father Then Me. And My Grandson .
  2. Thats all I shoot is Plastic wads and APP. I give each barrel a shot of Ballistol and push a sheet of paper towel down each barrel one time . And All the plastic is gone ! Then clean action with hot water and another shot of Ballistol and push down another shoot of paper towel and done . Whole shotgun cleaning only takes about 5 min
  3. I had the exact experience with HRA. I had a Old Model Big Boy 44 mag I purchased ( Used ) That would not fee ammo right all the time . I called HRA and told them I bought it used a nd asked them what it would cost me to send it in and have it inspected . HRA sent me a shipping label on there dime . HRA called a few days latter and told me it was out of spec and it was a old model . They Shipped me a Brand New Rife to me door FREE Of Charge ! I took the new rifle straight from the box to a Local Match and shot a clean match with it . A Big Thank you to HRA . Made in America or Not made at all ! Rooster
  4. sounds like fun and for a Good Charity too
  5. If you look at the prices of a new 1866 or a 1873 Italian made rifle . HRA is about in the same price range and under . Plus it 100% American made ! We just now need to see this setup in Pistol Calibers, And HRA will have something more appealing to some of The Cowboy Action shooters . I personally think HRA is making Great American Made Products . So far I have Bought Every One of my Grandsons a Henry Youth Model .22 Leaver Action Rifle, And a Life Time Membership to the NRA for the day they was borne Rooster
  6. Thanks Pards . Im a Proud Papa If I knew Grand Kids was so much fun . I would have had a few more Kids myself. One of my Sons said to me one day . Dad I dont remember you being so nice and patient with us kids . I said I like the Grand kids More then I did you Boys LOL LOL
  7. My Beautiful Daughter. Gave me my 5th Grandson last night . My tab is open for all to celebrate a drink of your choice. Momma and baby are all healthy . Thank you Lord .
  8. I have run them for years in stock guns with Zero issues . Just sayin . Rooster
  9. Send it to Mike at http://www.goonsgunworks.com/ and you will never be sorry you did . Just sayin . Rooster
  10. Henry ( HRA ) Did that last year . Good to see Remlins Keeping up with the Jones . Just sayin Rooster
  11. I bought the Polish capper for my Colts as soon as they come out with the Colt design. I have to say they are worth Every Penny ! I have NO dog in this fight . But I would tell you to put down your Cash and Buy A Polish Capper ( Pun Intended ) Just sayin . Rooster
  12. I pray The Lord is with his family and friends threw this tragic loss. I pray for peace and understanding . Sorry for the Loss of your Pard. Rooster
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