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  1. I’m not PWB but the date is January 8th
  2. I shoot Dark Side with my 38-40 but I've always wondered if APP in my 38 would run a full match without trouble. I should load some up to try it
  3. At the 2023 NYS Championship there was 1 and he is a resident of NH
  4. Backorders are back open https://www.starlinebrass.com/38-40-brass
  5. At the Circle K in Upstate NY we shoot monthly WB on the day before Cowboy, Different target arrays and scenarios. Several years ago we modified our club rules and called it Rough Rider, here are the rules as published on our webpage. As you can see they are very close to the new rules except we also allow a 45acp revolver with moon clips. Note that we also run monthly 'Rough Rider' shoots at 10 am on the Saturday prior to our monthly CAS matches. For upcoming Rough Rider shoot dates, see our "Shoots" page. Below are some details as to how we run our Rough Rider matches. As you will see, we do not strictly adhere to SASS Wild Bunch rules for these events. - No more than SEVEN (7) rounds will be loaded in a pistol magazine at a time. - All handguns will fire .45 ACP from a moon clip or a magazine. - In addition to Traditional and Modern categories as classified by SASS, a Revolver category will also be offered. -Any size 1911 may be used in the Traditional or Modern categories. Full size, Commander, Officer, Long Slide etc. No fiber optics or red dots allowed. - The Revolver category will be for a .45 ACP 6-shot revolver. Moon clip with fixed or adjustable sights. No fiber optics or red dots allowed. - Revolver shooters may move with a loaded gun and a spent round under the hammer. Example; Fire 6 shots, reload for the 7th and then move to the next shooting position with hammer down on a spent round and 5 live rounds in the gun. - Any SASS legal pistol caliber rifle is allowed. - Any 1887, 1897 or Model 12 shotgun in 12, 16 or 20 ga. is allowed - Reactive rifle targets will be set for factory .38 special 158 gr. bullets. - Handgun reactive targets will be set for SASS Wild Bunch .45 ACP power factor. Has this helped attract more shooters? I would hope so, In 2023 for 7 matches we averaged 18 shooters with a high of 28. At the 2023 NYS WB Championship held using strictly the WB rules we had 68 shooters. My personal opinion is that anything we as a club can do to bring in just 1 new shooter is a step forward.
  6. If you are in Vt, you can head down to the Circle K in Ballston Spa NY for the NYS Championship... Doc McCoy comes down from up there to shoot with us!
  7. After reading the bulletin that’s what it looks like, effective 1/1/2024… looks like you can bring a few less rifles to Az this year!!
  8. I was surprised to see that there are 422 clubs but only 27 shoot Wild Bunch.
  9. Hard to tell in the pictures... Is the tool machined or is it 3D printed? I wasn't able to tell...
  10. I can see them fine Tyrel
  11. The only tool I have every heard of was made by Kermit Hoke but I’m not sure if he’s still in business, possibly retired??
  12. Looks like for $1500 you can get 150 pieces of brass and Willie will throw in a free rifle!! Good luck with your quest for brass, I just received my backorder that was a year old. 38-40 and 44-40 are great guns but it's like a treasure hunt for brass sometimes...
  13. A Frontier Cartridge shooter should jump on this... nothing beats a dash caliber for shooting smokey!!
  14. Starline is taking orders https://www.starlinebrass.com/38-40-brass
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