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  1. I work in the LEO field... we have many times over the years taken a call from a LGS saying, Hey can you run a gun serial number in NCIC for us, for numerous reasons. The numbers only come back 2 ways. No hit meaning not reported stolen. Or a positive hit as stolen with the entering PD report and contact information. I guess I never realized that FFL’s didn’t have access to the database.
  2. Got some Federal’s from my LGS last week. 74.99/1000. Owner says that’s the new price and his profit margin hasn’t increased from when they were 34.99
  3. Thanks Widder... I’ll wait patiently for that video.
  4. I love my Jax canvas shotgun belt. I wish them the best of luck if they have moved on from cowboy stuff.
  5. Hi Tincan, I’ll put you next in line if Henly backs out.
  6. FS: Mernickle 10 round shotgun slide, elastic loops. Fits up to a 2 1/2 inch belt. Never used. $60 includes shipping in the USA. Payment by PayPal or Venmo ** Shotgun shells for illustration only, not included
  7. Sold to Kid Rodelo, Thank you for the interest.
  8. 45 ACP reloading dies include carbide full length sizing die, powder through expanding die, bullet seat/crimp die and load data/instructions. New, never used. $50.00 includes shipping, Payment by PayPal or Venmo.
  9. 6 Ed Brown 1911 magazine’s, like new. Includes 5 sets of removable base pads for other than Wild Bunch use. $110 total includes shipping. Payment by PayPal or Venmo
  10. Question for you Outlaw... Will the IAC97's load 6 or do they require modification? Thanks!
  11. I actually got an xl750 from them recently when everyone else was showing them out of stock. I’ve found them to be very reliable with fast shipping
  12. https://www.titanreloading.com/dillon-precision-products/dillon-presses/dillon-square-deal-b/dillon-square-deal-b-38-special Titan is showing them in stock in .38 Special
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