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  1. IMHO, the pistols should match in the following aspects: Trigger pull shouldn't differ much Same POA/POI. You shouldn't have to remember which revolver shoots where... Same sight picture. This can include also the finish as in some lighting conditions stainless and blue can look quite different. Same caliber. It just simplifies things a lot, especially if the rifle matches the caliber, too. At some clubs you can still encounter a reload now and then, or you reload because of a jacked out rifle round or a FTF in one of your revolvers. And two different calibers in your p
  2. In general, not at all. Just some specialties coming from the US were harder to get. My local gun store was (or maybe still is) out of Federal primers, but they have Murom, S&B, Fiocchi and CCI on the shelf. And Federals were always available in online stores (for the same high price as always, of course ) There was never a problem to get 9mm and such and no increased prices. Some thoughts: Maybe it was initiated by the increase in gun purchases, but it's not what keeps it rolling. It's just the toilet paper effect. But while people realized at some point that they have eno
  3. Yes it is. I've recently ordered one from Roy and it looks and feels great. I haven't shot it yet as my 73 rifle is currently disassembled...
  4. It's early in the morning Hence, some outcome of my brain activity The hammer needs a certain momentum to set off a primer which is defined as mass x velocity. So, it needs at least "some" mass. >0. Theoretical digression: If you had a spring that had such a strong force that it could set off the primer by itself you wouldn't need the hammer mass, that's what happens when a primer pops while reloading with a seating device. But basically for the hammer momentum, you can compensate the lower mass with higher velocity and with a lighter hammer and the same
  5. and required in the Classic Cowboy category
  6. Belt and Holsters are made by Michigan Rattler. I have two strong side and a crossdraw holster. The shotgun chaps are crafted by Docsoldwest, but he doesn't make holsters. Can highly recommend both for great leather work!
  7. Actually, that's what I would do (hadn't happened to me yet). BUT, because I know and TRUST everybody I am shooting and spotting with (very small CAS community over here...). And of course, you should always reconsider your call if there's further information available. Especially, if someone can point out a plausible mark on a quite freshly painted target there's kind of evidence or indication at least, so just revise your call. But without a mark, it still looks like a challenging situation for me: If a spotter calls a miss there's per definition no doubt in his view; if th
  8. There is at least one video of every club member on their website: http://www.city-marshals.info/mitglieder/
  9. If someone would show me an edger on the target to change my mind how could I be sure that this mark wasn't already there from a previous shooter. So, either the targets get properly painted after each pard or I have been spotting all shooters so far while having an awesome memory (which I don't have...). We never paint our targets, so we cannot look for new marks. Basically, I agree with you both, Phantom and Branchwater Jack, that if you want to find "the fair truth" you have to discuss everybody's observations and maybe make some investigations. But on the
  10. Not too much Info. They just explain what kind of guns are needed for CAS and WB, stage instructions, and to Contact them if interested. They are clearly dry firing with real guns. You weren't allowed to shoot the video from those angles with bullets (besides that'd be stupid..) They might have other reasons, such a video takes much more time to make than one thinks and usually shooting time is limited on european ranges. Maybe they thought it looks sexier without protection. I mean who wants to see John Wayne wearing shooting glasses?
  11. I somewhat question that practice for the following reason: If three spotters saw an edger = It's a HIT If two spotters saw an edger = It's a HIT If two spotters saw a MISS - and according the SHB this call always has to be without a doubt - and only one spotter saw (or believes to or just wanted to have seen) an edger and he "talks" at least one of the other two spotters into HIT, then one spotter suddenly becomes the majority. That's imho a bad thing. Every shot that missed the target quite closely someone could claim to be an edger that got marginally deflected before hitting
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