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  1. We also use a rack for our long guns and I always have to look very carefully which one to pick, there are just too many 73s! I really need to add some optical uniqueness to my guns somehow!
  2. off topic: On my computer the font looks like Comic Sans which is well readable while on my phone it is displayed as some kind of handwriting script font... strange
  3. I absolutely second that, but... 1. ...so does sweeping somebody with an empty gun, technically safe and nonhazardous. Of course, it's a no go an much worse than an empty hull, but just to get the picture... 2. There are situations where you cannot tell without any doubt if it is any empty shell or a live round in the chamber of an SxS. If you have an odd number of shotgun targets or have to make up a knock down I've watched different approaches: - Some shooters load just one and shoot one, - Some load two, shoot one and chuck the empty and the live - Some load two and shoot one after the other (the second just into the berm) - Some load two, pull both triggers and shoot both shells simultaneously And therefore I am in team "chamber has to be empty". The TO just can see if the chamber is empty or not. He cannot see if a remaining shell has been fired or not. In my opinion, in every shooting sport discipline (which unfortunately has to be enforced by penalties) has to start much earlier than when it could get hazardous. And people who struggle with minor rules are more likely to violate major rules. Just my thoughts, Equanimous
  4. Not a mod for a smoother action but imho worth the money: As the Uberti stock screws are quite soft I would replace them by a set of hardened ones!
  5. Thank you for the clarification! Didn't know that and just checked with my hammer gun
  6. It sounds indeed like the retractable fire pin but Uberti also had typical transfer bars. All safety systems are shown on page 13 to 16: http://www.ubertireplicas.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/LIBRETTO-Istruzioni-SINGLE-ACTION-2016.pdf
  7. Fresh painted targets are of course very helpful to spot hits and misses for spotters while spotting the shots. But it's imho not for investigation for investigators afterwards, except you spray them after every shooter and it's predefined to look at them after the stage run, but then you also had to consider such situations: Maybe sometimes splatters would provide absolutely clear evidence (for or against a shooter), but so would a video someone made in some cases.... Video/audio and pictures will never be allowed as evidence according SHB, maybe the list should get extended..? Equanimous
  8. All but the first shooter do not have the advantage of fresh painted targets. So, if you change it to a clean run for this first shooter it would be unfair for all the following participants with the same situation (2 spotters call a miss but the shooter is sure to be clean).
  9. Please consider the crucial difference: There's no life round under the hammer in the revolver until you cock it, but if the coach falls on a hammer it can go BOOM! Edit: Just learned that hammers are secured until trigger is pulled. Thank you Abilene! Equanimous
  10. It also has the flat buttplate (and different stock) which might suit better. The standard length of the carbine is a tad shorter, 19" instead of 20" barrel*, and there's even a 16" barrel carbine ("trapper") to consider, but somebody on the wire would have to confirm that it holds 10 rounds in .38 (I think I've read it somewhere) * probably there are a lot of different barrel lengths out there.... Equanimous
  11. I think nobody has mentioned "classic cowboy" yet. If you are considering shooting in this category (now or later) you will need big bores guns
  12. Howdy Rick I am kind of clueless Would you have a link to such glasses or explain what "transition, progressive safety glasses" are? Edit: Does "transition" mean they darken in sunlight? Thanks, Equanimous (who's mother tongue ain't english...)
  13. Howdy Chuck Unfortunately, he wears his revolver too high on the belt... And a bit more serious: The category is called "B-Western" and not just "Western" Though I cannot exactly give a definition what a B-Western is, I definetly wouldn't consider any Italo-Western (Leone, Corbucci etc.) a B-Western. For me a B-Western is where the "good guys" wear flawless white hats, have perfectly shaved and fresh faces despite the fact they were riding through the desert for days and wear neat shirts, or as it is written in the SHB "all coustumes are expected to be fancy and flashy"! It's sort of the opposite of reenacting, a made-up fantasy world created by filmmakers. I wouldn't claim that Italo-Westerns are more realistic than B-Westerns; they both have just a complete different deviation from the reality and wouldn't chime together on the same stage (besides in a kind of weird cross-over... ) Disclaimer: Neither I am actually shooting nor I am interested in shooting in the category of B-Western Equanimous
  14. There was a quite similar thread a few weeks ago about matching revolvers: Cheers, Equanimous
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