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  1. Our TG keeps us updated about rule changes. Please note that while our club is SASS affiliated, not all club members are SASS members. If I have a question about the rules I look at the SHB first and if still unclear I ask and discuss it at the local match.
  2. There's a cat around my neighbourhood that kinda looks like that, imho very eye-catching if you see it on the street. But everytime the cat is lying or sitting in the green field, no chance to tell if it is a rock or something else until it moves. Same with sleeping sheep, rocks all over the place...
  3. This track was from an album titled "Opium fürs Volk", opium of/for the people (Yes I know, Marx was talking of mind drugs, not physical drugs...) Reminds me of my youth (the music, not the drugs!), I was 19 in 1996!
  4. That's a number I also recently heard, 50'000 km for break even.
  5. Thankfully, one can't run out of energy with a gas/diesel car... Of course, with a combustion engine car you can just bring a can of gas. On the other hand, you can charge a couple of miles to your EV on every normal wall oulet. It's slow, but you don't need special EV chargers. Btw, a lot of reasons combustion engine cars get towed for you don't have any more in an EV
  6. Reasonable questions. The issue with such discussions is that there's rapid transformation these days in those topics and technologies. For example, EV batteries: Is there noteworthy recycling? No. But will they pile up? No. 95% of the materials of an EV battery can be recycled. But 10 years ago, there weren't many EVs on the roads. the batteries (fortunately) last much longer than suspected, and older ones are currently rather reused as energy storage in buildings etc. than recycled. The big amount to recycle has yet to come, and prior to that, nobody will build huge recycling plants. Don't know current number on solar panel recycling, but I'm sure people working on it because there's money in it. No. Reflections are basically the best regarding global warming. The energy doesn't get absorbed and reflects into universe. Btw, that's why pole caps are very important. The cause of the global warming isn't the initial reflection on any earth surface, it's the re-reflections between the atmosphere and the earth, the energy gets trapped and comes down multiple times instead of reflected into the orbit. If you're placing PV panels on a existing roof, it may or may not be economically advantageous, but mostly its is, see Yul's post above. But if you build a new house, (at least in europe) you cover the wood construction directly with the PV panels. Of course, it's still more expensive than a "normal" roof, but far less than a "doubled roof". And if the panels weren't durable, they wouldn't last in the first place on the roof. You just have to ensure impermeability. My neighbors just built their home that way. I'll report the outcome in 15 years Regardless what technologies we use in the future, the main challenge we have to handle is contained in the chart below
  7. Wikipedia Due to Western movies, I became interested in the mechanics of Winchester lever rifles and the article mentioned CAS. So, I checked if this is also a thing in Switzerland. It is! Very small community indeed, but it is
  8. I second that. You should be able to abide by the rules by reading the SHB. I can follow and also support the reasoning of the decision to not allow them. But after that discussion 8 yeards ago, some clarification should have found somewhen its way to the SHB, like "the length of pull or style of stock may be altered or replaced to provide safe and comfortable fitting to individuals" (underlined proposal (by a second-language speaker...) ) There's another clause in the SHB, p.32 FIREARM COVENANTS, ALL FIREARMS, that imho rather allows the modification than prohibits: "All parts may be smoothed, re-profiled, polished, de-burred, or replaced provided they are not prohibited in these Covenants." And technically, it's just a reprofiling of the stock, isn't it? As I said, I support to prohibit those terminater stocks, but the SHB should say so.
  9. Chicken strips you say? This comes to my mind...
  10. I do that with my 38-55 cartridges (for accuracy) , but I just own one single shot rifle in that caliber, so I know that all the cases will match the chamber for sure. But what is the maximum tolerance between largest and smallest chamber in different guns? I don't separate the brass from rifle and wheel guns. Should I gauge all my firearms in .45 Colt (2 x Uberti '73, 4 x Cattleman) first before I try? Or is neck sizing even generally recommended for .45 Colt? Blow-by isn't an issue as my loads are stout enough, but I would do it for the lifespan of the cases.
  11. Would be very interesting to see those stages
  12. Holster Maker Listings, an archived thread that'd be worth to pin..
  13. LOUD AS HELL!! Air cooled diesel engine that sits right next to you... The foto is a capture from a video that gives quite a good impression of the sound. Maybe I will upload it somewhere and post a link later.
  14. Me coming home from a day at the office in my Swiss vintage '69 off-road pick-up truck ( It's a TP20 from AEBI , est. in 1883 ) Equanimous Phil
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