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  1. Why is Mel Brooks wearing a wig..? I know, NOT A MEME!!!
  2. I really don't know myself how I didn't stumble across this movie so far!! Well, there are a LOT of classic Westerns that I haven't watched yet, but most are already waiting in my DVD/BR collection. Being in my 40s while there aren't many good Westerns being made today anymore (if any at all ) I have to save a couple for the next years!
  3. That's a rather bold statement! Just ordered the Blu-Ray the check that, but it seems to be definitely a movie that belongs in my Western collection, thank you for the tip
  4. I add Turkey to the list, a Huglu shotgun. My others were all produced in USA and Italy.
  5. No offence, but by generally converting it into a "senior sport" you may keep a couple of pards in the game for a some years but you don't attract new (younger) members and WBAS will be doomed. You can always ask a match director on a local level match (in advance) to use small bore guns due to medical issues. I like Happy Jack's explanation of the initial idea of the game. The Wild Bunch is one of my favorite movies. And while it's just a movie, they're shooting, not just plinking in spitting distance. The required power factor is just normal ammunition, far away from magnum loads. And t
  6. Just be the "good guy" and wear a white(ish) felt hat, best with big brim and high crown
  7. I wonder how it looks like? Is there enough and the right information on it for someone who hasn't heard about SASS before?
  8. Yes, it's a human error. Mistakes happen everywhere from time to time. Remember that CAS is a shooting game based on time, so people basically want to shoot their rifle rounds as fast as possible. Mistakes can and will happen. That's why there are safety devices. You don't need a balcony railing, just don't make the mistake to step over the edge. And while there is a lot of "passive" safety equipment like helmets, airbags, and fire-extinguishers to reduce the impact of an accident, the trigger block saftey is an "active" safety that prevents an accident in the first place. Equanimo
  9. Watched some of Longhunter's Videos on Youtube a couple of weeks ago which aren't that old. He practices pistols on rifle targets because accuracy is a part in every shooting game. You're not good at on what you don't practice, just saying... And POA has to match POI if it's a bit further, of course. And you have to be able to adapt to the situation and slow down somewhat. As you said, everybody is capable of hitting a huge target like that on 15 yards.
  10. As mentioned before, I like variety in CAS. Here's some more thoughts (if you have time to read): There are sports and games where's everything (almost) identical all the time, the spacing between and the hight of the hurdles on a (official) 110-metre hurdles track are the same all over the world. Honestly, kind of boring to me... Then, there are other competitions with more of variance. Let's have a look at the F1 racing championship for example. The fastest average speed on the extremely curvy and narrow track in Monaco was 97 mph (2007) while on a high speed circuit
  11. A "big & close" stage is like a dessert for me. I appreciate and enjoy very much to get one (or two) and would be unsatisfied to leave without one! But I would definitely not want to have only desserts for the whole menu as I like variety and balance in food as well as in CAS matches
  12. I thought Evil Roy is advertising (and therefore using) VV's "cowboy powder" N32C?
  13. Is spur, has strap, has rowel, so must be BW conform...
  14. Don't have the SHB easily at hand (on the phone), but what would be the call if it happened on the 1st stage (after shooting a warm up stage or something)? I guess SDQ for the current/1st stage? Equanimous Phil
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