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  1. @The Rainmaker, SASS #11631 Well, as English is a foreign language for me, I don't know if my idea was that absurd or it's not clear what I'm meaning.... So, for the record: IF there's a sequence for SG KDs in the stage description, misses can be made up at any time during the string?
  2. If the OP had specified there was a SG target order - that would have been a different question with a different answer. Yes, of course. My comment was refered to this quote: And yes, it has nothing to do with the OP's question (which is well enough answered in this thread). But some stages at our club are written with specific SG sequence now and then. That's why PWB's post and especially the part bold emphasized (by me) got my attention: I thought until yesterday, that in this scenario a P would have been already earned with shell no.2 as this shot was assigned to target no.2 and not as a make up shot for missed target 1. Equanimous Phil
  3. Yes, I see that in videos. At our club, some stages are written with shotgun targets any order, some require an order (mostly combined with easy rifle and pistol sweeps then). But it's a small club and we shoot at one bay, maybe that's the difference. Having requirements regarding KD order adds variety to the stages without moving the targets after every stage. And target order is some part of the CAS game, so why omit that with one gun?
  4. I always assumed that if there's a specific sequence for KD targets then misses are made up after the sequence and not right after the missed shot. But based on your statement above I assume now that misses can be made up anytime, also within the sequence?
  5. Lassy's link says (without mentioning a source) that only 4 such rifles were made, none of them was preserved, and reproductions were based on drawings. Equanimous
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