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  1. Sounds like politics as usual to me Someone gets elected based on his/her pledges, and then does whatever (s)he wants... So, yes, transparent voting is always a good thing!
  2. Here you can find a list of holster makers. The thread is two years old but I guess most of the links still work.
  3. Straight blade, safety razor, electric? C'mon pards, MAN UP!! . . . . . . oh, wait...
  4. Check out this thread, there is a very helpful picture of lightened springs made by @Buckshot Sheridan And you may also check out this thread. I hava two Huglu Hammer SGs, model 201 HRZ. As I understand, they are identical to the CZ. The first one made in 2018 was quite fine out of the box, with significantly lighter springs than my second one from 2021. Easy to cock both a hammer in one sweep. Haven't taken the time yet to lighten hammer springs of my second...
  5. I've never handled a Canik yet. Are you sure the striker is double action? Because the Walther PPQ is also said to have a very good trigger. While I wasn't that impressed with the common PPQ models, I found the "Match" models equipped with Walther's new Dynamic Performance Trigger really awsome! But the PPQ is actually a single action pistol, the striker is already fully cocked before the trigger releases it. They kept the striker fire typical trigger pull weight (between a single action and a double action). That way the trigger feels like on other striker fired pistols (Glock etc.), just much crisper and with much shorter reset. My guess is that Canik did the same, which is fine to me as long the guns are (drop) safe.
  6. Welcome Chris Check out McCandless' list of leather makers in this thread. It's two years old now but I guess most of the links will work. Before you order a custom rig, please take a lot of time to find out what your holsters should be and look like regarding drop, cant, shape (trigger guard covering etc.) and style. All this is determined by your personal preferences, mobility, barrel length of your handguns, but can also be influenced by the category if you're going for Classic Cowboy. Ask your pards for trying out their rig and ask how they chose its features. I am very happy with my two sets of holsters, one for SAA style and one for Remington style guns, both from Michigan Rattler. Each set consists of two strong side holsters (right and left) and a cross draw. My thought was to always have the possibility to shoot any style I want (Gunfighter, Double Duelist, Duelist, two-handed). I'm glad I did order 3 holsters, I guess it's a PITA the reorder a single identical looking holster later. Happy Trails Equanimous Phil
  7. Movie will start on January 19 here in Swizterland's cinemas, but I just preordered the Blu Ray to enjoy it at home.
  8. Welcome Yellowstone Curtis! As already pointed out there is no rule on how high to wear your belt. However, on the long run I'd recommend to get holsters with the right amount of drop so you can wear the belt where's the most comfortable for you. Although high riding slim jim holsters get you a lot of style points!! Only in the costume category Classic Cowboy the revolver butts have to ride at a minimum height on your belt, but you cannot shoot Gunfighter anyway in Classic. It's imho an ambitious goal directly starting as Gunfighter in this game with its many rules. In some stages you have to think differently as a GF. Be aware that you can always shoot double duelist style in GF, you don't have to draw both pistols simultaneously. You can always shoot one pistol dry after the other in GF, just use each hand. You may consider to start your first matches in Duelist category and get saddle-fast in the game before going full GF. Happy Trails, Phil
  9. If you disagree with an action taken by a moderator, please contact the Wire Forum Administrator.
  10. And sometimes it ends really bad when even car repair shop employees don't know how to drive stick, google Michigan Jeep David Hawkins Have driven mostly manuals all my life but that rental car in Ireland made me switch gears like a novice
  11. While I get your thinking, I would rather stay with SQUIB. I highly doubt that a new shooter will continue firing if the TO yells something at him he doesn't understand. Wouldn't he rather look at the TO expecting instructions? So, I'd suggest to yell SQUIB immediately followed by further instructions how to proceed with the pistol. When TO says STOP the stage is finished and shooter must not continue with next guns (or else he gets a MDQ). A reshoot would be indicated regardless if there's in fact a squib or not. At least, that's how I read the SHB.
  12. Good availability here in Europe, Vihtavuori is from Finland. N32C is what I use.
  13. I haven't yet seen it on the shelves around here either, but it's brand new and I haven't been to gun stores the last few weeks. The company's name that makes RS is NITROCHEMIE WIMMIS. It seems that they make powders for different other brands. Alliant and Hodgdon are names that pop up for sure. Maybe they are also a supplier for some Accurate powders? By the way, is Hodgdon and IMR the same company? Because you can find IMR Trail Boss and Hodgdon Trail Boss. Is/was this the same powder? Maybe the next TB is comming from Wimmis... Edit Just googled it: "Hodgdon purchased IMR® Powder Company in October 2003"
  14. Howdy Mohawk, no, never shot there. But as Switzerland is quite a tiny and crowded place you have to be creative in planning rifle ranges. It's not that uncommon that you shoot over a street. Below is an example of another range. It's in a narrow valley in the Alps that i cross quite often when I go snowboarding, and I always wonder how loud the echoing must be between those rock faces! Basically, all the ranges are made safe with berms and walls, and some hiking trails are closed during shooting. But sometimes there are hikers ignoring the signs... The range isin the Saas-Tal. The valley on the left is the Matter-Tal which leads to the Matterhorn Also quite impressive was when the Swiss military artillerie used to shoot over the city of Frauenfeld (~26k population) for practicing with their M109s. You could see the 155mm (training) projectiles flying above you in the sky. I guess they stopped that in about 2008.
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