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  1. I somehow would have expected a little more than 276 votes as there are over 500 SASS affiliated clubs listed. Does not every club has a TG or aren't they active anymore or just didn't care about the rule change?
  2. I will definitely continue to lower the hammers of my 73s before loading and I guess all of my pards I am shooting with in my club will do so. Basic gun handling and a very easy rule to follow. A look in the chamber, closing the lever, lower the hammer, start to stuff the tube. Same procedure everytime and no need to hurry while loading. It never happened to me nor did I witness a penalty because of a (half)cocked hammer (but I'm only for a year now in this game). Will EVERYBODY be as careful after the rule change as before? Wishful thinking!! There will always be those people asking "why should I? Just go click on the line and problem is solved." And you have to accord as it's the rule. In my opinion, the safety issue with a cocked hammer it's not the cocked hammer itself, but rather someone not capable of following such a simple rule regarding gun handling is more likely to create a much more hazardous situation some other time Equanimous
  3. A Free dry fire for everyone at the line!
  4. In the old west, if you were standing alone face to face with 24 "targets" you probably wouldn't get to the second shot...
  5. May I politely object as this equation has imho a little flaw: You wouldn't know in advance which shot(s) will be a miss Most shooters have a certain speed, a rhythm with quite equal split times for each shot. At the end of the stage, most bullets have hit the target and some maybe have missed. If you wanted to shoot clean you would have had to slow down for every shot, not just the one(s) you've missed! Assuming you aim 0.5s more per shot in a ten shot string that equals 5 seconds respectively 1 miss. Sure, a lot of theory, in reality the goal is to become as fast as possible with rare misses And there are more parameters, like in a big-and-close match a miss is more crucial than in a match with rather diversified targets etc. Just some thoughts, Equanimous
  6. And the more often they rack the gun before the first shot the more serious they are!!! (Also seen in couple of movies, usually with shotguns)
  7. "On the way" sounds like "on the move" to me. If so, SDQ?
  8. I dare to give a try. There's imho a lot to call: Staging the SG on the table with the two shells in the tube violates SHB 23.2 p.16: A shotgun is considered SAFE to leave the shooter’s hands in the following condition only: - Empty. Closing the action and dry firing on the move conflicts with this: SHB 23.2 p.16: A shotgun is considered SAFE for movement (in hand, while moving through a stage) in the following condition only: - Action open, round in chamber or on carrier. - Hammer(s) fully down on an empty chamber(s) or expended round(s), action closed. SHB 23.2 p.23 (SDQ overview): - Changing location with a long gun with the action closed and the hammer cocked. I'd say SDQ ...? Equanimous
  9. Same with these. It's what most pards shoot over here. Shotshells by a Polish company called Pionki, also availabe with BP: http://fam-pionki.pl/media/upload/files/Katalog- specjalnej-FAM-ang_.pdf
  10. Thanks for your answer. From a technical view, the cocked rifle hammer (with lever lock) is indeed a similar situation to a cocked revolver. But while every TO would be aware of the problem with the cocked revolver and react accordingly, 99.x% of the situations with the cocked rifle (TO hasn't read this thread) would probably go like: TO: "Cease fire, open lever" S: "Can't" TO: "Open lever NOW" S: "I can't, there's this thingy built-in in my rifle called a lever lock, so I can't open the lever when it's cocked unlike every other rifle" TO: "... WTH?!?.. Ok..., well, meanwhile the dog who ran into the bay went away, so point your rifle downrange and shoot that round. I'd say you shoot every round left in your rifle downrange 'cause I don't see yet how you'd get them out safely at the ULT." And there's a second point I'd like to mention: Consider that sometimes it could be hard to get a safe direction to point at if downrange has become unsafe, e.g. with covered props or in a indoor combat room. Just my thoughts, Equanimous
  11. May I ask what's the procedure if the TO commands cease fire during the rifle string and the gun is levered and cocked?
  12. I apologize then, I missinterpreted that. I absolutely believe you, as it's always the things you practice you're best at! If you practice something difficult you are better at it than at the easier things you don't practice. I still consider the two-handed shooting style easier respectively more accurate in general for the majority of shooters (practice assumed). Also, new shooters are typically advocated to shoot a two-handed grip, while shooting duelist or GF style is a higher league and more challenging. In that stage scenario I have in mind I wouldn't ever require a two handed shooting style for a duelist or GF, just giving the option.
  13. In my example I was thinking of a bonus target that was "a little" harder to hit than the other pistol targets, so you really have to aim and use sights, but still very hittable and not just for lucky shots. The idea is basically inspired by the movie scene Loophole LaRue mentioned and which looks quite realistic (as what a man would do in real life) to me: I was just wondering if such a stage with a shot that could optionally be performed two-handed by all categories basically would be possible by SASS rules. Well, nobody negated that. I personally like the almost endless variations you face in CAS. You know how to handle your tools but you have to handle stages that you never practiced before as every stage is different and you have to adapt your skills to the situation. I appreciate the open format of this game as opposed to other sports where you repeat the very same procedure over and over in practice and competition (been there, done that). Equanimous
  14. Full agreement, that's why I've written "two-handed allowed" in my example. If it's a bonus target (as in my example) you don't have to hit it to be clean. Some shooters will be discouraged, some will be extra motivated and enjoy the challenge.
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