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  1. I never noticed that, but you are absolutely right, it could have both meanings. I guess most people here think of "gun run" only. Waffenlauf for gun barrel isn't a common term afaik, it's usually Gewehrlauf or Pistolenlauf or just Lauf speaking of the barrel. I don't think the pun was intended when this event was created, but who knows?!
  2. That's what I thought too! I should have said "exactly where I live" , as it is a 10 minutes drive. I remember that those Waffenläufe were quite a big thing when I was a kid (43 yrs old now), but I don't know if they are still held these days..? I always wondered then why they had those old carbines until later I was told that it was because of the weight (the Sturmgewehr 90 aka SIG 550 wasn't introduced and the Stgw 57 aka SIG 510 was a lot of steel to carry)
  3. Never ever expected to see videos posted on the Wire in Swiss German! The places shown are very close to where I live. The other link to the story of the oversea pards visiting our Schützenfest was also very interesting to read, many thanks! Equanimous Phil
  4. Really nice videos! I second what the other pards already said. But I know that making videos tends very quick to be very time consuming... In my experience, for people who weren't there and don't do CAS themselves all the shooting looks quite the same, but details around the shooting are very interesting for them that might be normal/unspectacular for us, as you did with the stage number for example. Here are some more ideas for some short "filler" shots to catch the eye and build a story: Wide shot of the range ("Oh, so many bays") Showing you pushing your gun cart Showing some props, you seem to have nice buildings there! Loading your firearms Showing various posse duties and camaraderie in CAS A spoter raising his hand indicating misses or clean stage Most important: your smile after a nice stage A second camera on a threepod while filming with the other in hand gives various options and still only one operater is needed. In the making-of "El Mariachi" Robert Rodriguez describes an interesting technique using just two cameras (all what he had) looking like multiple cameras: he zoomed or moved very quick with one camera and used the footage of the other camera in those seconds. But this seems to be rather advanced, just came to my mind... A body cam could also contribute some nice views! So long, Equanimous
  5. btw, this was already a topic in june: Typical number bullet of loops on belts Equanimous
  6. Some thoughts: If someone shows you two SAAs can you tell which one is the tool and which one the weapon (because once ore more used as such)? Can you buy a tooth brush? Wouldn't it become one by the first time brushing teeth? Well, how long does it take for a weapon to become a target puncher again? Do some come with a magic reset button? Almost everything can be used as a weapon and weapons can be used as other things (call it tools), but they remain what they are. I wouldn't call every today's firearm a weapon, but the models we're using in our game were designed for the battle field. Equanimous P.S.: It seems absolutely legit to me to ask people here to use a euphemism instead of the term weapon for peace sake, but not by saying it ain't weapons.
  7. I have two Uberti 73s in .45 Colt and both run reliably so far. Slicked them up a bit by myself and changed springs. Just like to mention that one was significantly stiffer, I'd say too stiff, out of the box than the other that ran already quite satisfactory. There si no such thing as "Ubertis are or run like ...." Equanimous
  8. Nice review of the Chiappa 92 from H.K. Uriah
  9. Basically, you need to be 18+ must have a clean criminal record cannot be citizen from certain “war-related” countries (Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia, Turkey, …) to obtain a handgun. There are some restrictions for full-autos, semi-auto rifles with more than 10 round capacity, handguns with more than 20 rounds capacity and for silencers, but everything else is trouble-free to get. You apply for an attestation by the state police for up to 3 guns and they will do a background check. Takes a couple of days, costs about 55$ and is valid for 6 months, so you can do it in advance if you plan to buy toys. You have to apply for every new purchase, also if you’re already a gun owner. You must declare a “purpose” for the gun, which usually is sports, hunting or collection. You also need such an attestation if you buy from your pard or inherit firearms from your family. Personally, those background checks don’t bother me because I can purchase as many firearms as I want to. On the other hand, I sleep very well knowing that every gun owning neighbor was background checked as well. Please note that carry is not allowed here, and it’s almost impossible to obtain a carry license if it’s not for your job (security guard etc). It’s even prohibited to transport a gun (in your trunk) if you’re not on the way to or from a shooting range or a gun shop. Kind of unique: While you are in the military service - and that’s almost every male citizen from 20yr to his late 30s - you keep your full-auto rifle (SIG 550) at home and have to proof your shooting skills once every year. Equanimous Phil
  10. I'll have my 1911 shipped next week and will check how it fits my CAS holsters. Definitely the way to go until I have something else for it. But especially for stages where pistol is not shot first and movement is required until drawing I will feel more comfortable if the gun is properly seated on my belt. And anyway, a nice gun deserves a nice well-fitting holster and the looks is also an important part to me in CAS Have not decided yet what style I want to order, more cowboy or military, and how much drop I prefer. Equanimous
  11. Fully agree, probably just a misunderstanding as English is a foreign language for me Of course, cocking is only allowed from 45°. What I meant was that it is not unlikely to happen to a bustling or careless shooter (resulting in a MSV) and therefore this case has to be considered for safety considerations.
  12. Thank you for that interesting info! But it brings me back to my initial questions... It seems that the drawing isn't covered that well in the SHB. I don't consider it a safety issue because the chamber is empty while drawing and the pistol has to be racked first (compared to a SA revolver where someone already could cock the hammer while drawing). And there is no reholstering in WB before clearing the gun. So, still looking for rule clarification regarding breaking 170°/180°... ...but still gonna order a straight drop holster
  13. Thank you Happy Jack and Rex for your responses! I will definitely order a straight drop holster now! I think the confusion arose as I was looking for on-stock available holsters and it seems that one can find a lot of "Wild Bunch" advertised 1911 holsters on sales platforms like ebay etc. that are in fact not suitable for WBAS. Also the Kirkpatrick site is a little bit confusing as the 'Wild Bunch Rig' is indeed listed first under "Old West Holsters & Cowboy Holsters", but scrolling down the other semi-auto holsters like '(Custom) Deputy Marshall' and 'Holdridge Rig' are also listed in that category. Regarding the required 'Traditional Design': I've found pictures of Wild Bunch rigs here that have forward cant which also didn't look very traditional to me, so I didn't consider the reward cant design a strict criterion for exclusion. Always happy trails! Equanimous Phil
  14. And what would be the procedure then to avoid the miss for live round in cylinder at the ULT? Declare the malfunction after last shot of the stage?
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