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  1. SHB p.32: "Internal modifications not referenced here that cannot be seen while the firearm is at rest (action closed) are allowed provided they do not affect the external operation or directly conflict with one of the modifications listed here." and "Firearms must operate as intended by the original pre-1900 designs they depict." To me it looks like it does affect the external operation of the firearm and it's not according the original design (but that's my opinion about short strokes, too )
  2. @irish ike, SASS #43615 Just wondering how many of the posse had to ask how to load those four rounds?
  3. I'd normally say "the simplest solution is most likely the right one" (Occam's razor) But loaned isn't necessarily simpler than stolen... You made a good CALL!
  4. I own the Huglu 201 HRZ, the coach with external hammers. As this topic is about extractors I'd like to show mine as I noticed a slightly different shape compared to the picture above. My extractor is a bit more narrow at the top and wider at the bottom for easier putting in the shells. I don't know the year of production of my shotgun but I bought it last year from a dealer who just started selling Huglu guns, so it definitely can't be a shopkeeper. I just wanted to point out that Huglu possibly made a general design change of the extractors, also on the ones with internal hammers, but that's just a speculation..... Equanimous
  5. I fully agree that the designation doesn't matter for the scoring and ranking, but doesn't it make a difference for the guys whose main (or even single) goal is a clean match? My understanding is that a missed bonus isn't counted as miss (but I haven't encountered many stages with bonus targets yet). So, bonus targets are a possibility to intersperse a couple of more challenging targets without having people lamenting their clean match denied? Equanimous
  6. Shooting 45 Colt and reloading through the gate as over the top seems to fiddly for me with this round. I understand that some pards use shorter rounds like cowboy specials for reloading over the top. I wonder if using different ammo in a firearm in a stage is within the rules? I didn't find an exact according passage in the SHB, though. But all rounds have to comply with the ammunition covenants like power factor, min. and max. fps. which may be tested (SHB p.25): "If a competitor’s smokeless ammunition is being checked for power factor, they will be asked to provide five rounds from each suspect firearm, already loaded at the loading table. From the five rounds, one round will have the bullet pulled and weighed. The other four rounds will be fired across a chronograph using the competitor’s firearm to record velocity data." A shooter could use a shorter lighter bullet for his special reload round. How would a MD check the compliance of that one? Don't want to be a smarta.. or something, just learning. Equanimous
  7. Question: The SHB (p.38) states that "Military configurations are not allowed (i.e., trench guns)". Why is a 97 shortened to 18-20" not already a (self-made) trench gun? Does it need further features like bayonet mount?
  8. If I read things like that I don't think that a squib can be unerringly removed on the line on the timer. Imho, the barrel should be properly cleared, cleaned and be declared safe at the ULT without time pressure. If a shooter pushes the wad (or some of it...) out with a rod, a bullet or whatever, I don't consider it easy for the TO to tell what kind of residues are in the barrel (especially after a couple of stages).
  9. Howdy everybody! I've read this thread and a couple more things came up my mind: Safety in gun handling is always a two stage mechanism. So, there have to be at least two safety rules to be broken that damage might happen. Claiming that it is safe to use only the clear barrel of the SG while the other barrel is clogged is like claiming (e.g.) loading six in a revolver is safe as long as you don't drop the gun. If the TO lets the shooter continue with the clear barrel, could he stop him before pulling the trigger if he loaded the wrong barrel? Imho NO! And an answer like "it depends on who's on the line" is not valid because it's the same game with the same rules for everybody, regardless if you're a newbie, world champion or 80 yrs old. Brain fades can happen to everyone... Claiming afterwards it was safe because nothing happened after a TO has let a shooter finish with a half obstructed gun is one of the major sophisms in risk management. If you have 10 similar events with a likelihood of 10% that an accident happens, you cannot say you just shouldn't have done the single event where the accident happened, the risk was the same at every event. And last but not least, the SHB clearly states (p.13) "In the case of a suspected squib, the CRO/TO will instruct the shooter to make the firearm safe and continue with the next firearm." There's no exception for guns with more than one barrel and no discretion for the TO. Equanimous
  10. I don't know which scoring program is used at our club but on the ranking list the raw time and penalties are always shown. The raw times are never cut off (as long they don't exceed 999.9s ...)
  11. What do those scoring programs actually do? An nice implementation would be if the "real" value had to be filled in but the overall (match) time was calculated with the maximum stage time.
  12. So, comparison to other sports, hmmm...? I'd like to throw in indoor climbing / bouldering: Every "stage" is unique Some stages are set up faster and easier (to be "clean") than others Sometimes nobody reaches the top (is clean) Different skills are needed more or less (strength, flexibility, speed) Athletes can have a look at for a certain amount of time before climbing it You have to figure out the best strategy I am quite new to CAS , haven't shot that many matches and maybe I am a bit naive. I just like to say that the diversity of this game is what attracted me! For me it's kind of playing cowboy and pretend to have gun fights. And like in a cowboy's real life you should never know in advance what's coming up to you, you just have to adapt to the situation. Sometimes you have to operate your guns as fast as possible, sometimes you have to slow a bit down and use your sights and sometimes you have to aim really hard and take your time for the shots. We sometimes shoot at 10" rifle targets up to 25 yards away. I know that CAS is definitely not bulls eye shooting, but that's what a cowboy could have faced back then... My impression from matches so far is that good shooters are complete shooters regarding speed, accuracy, movement and strategy. So, they can adapt to different stages and that's why always the same couple of guys finish on top while others are lacking one or the other skill and therefore prefer certain kind of stages. In my humble opinion, a match that refers to a be a championship should provide all kind of stages, while other shooting events may be "themed". Just some thoughts by a new shooter, Equanimous
  13. I stumbled across such covers at Ricochet Roy's: https://rroldwest.com/product-category/stock-covers/ He announces this option on his products: "Roy is now offering a new stock cover that easily converts the Uberti 66 or 73 crescent style stock and butt plate to a carbine style stock and butt plate." Happy trails, Equanimous
  14. The snap caps I have (.45 a-zoom) are lighter, shorter and a little different regarding shape than the rounds I use. They're imho good to practice gun handling and dry firing but not to check the action. Did you cycle the action at the same speed as when shooting? I guess dynamics have a noticeable effect. Just some thoughts from a not so experienced shooter, Equanimous
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