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  1. Seems that my Crappy Cowboy Hat has some trouble to catch a transatlantic flight. Hope that USPS doesn't mess this up too much...
  2. ^^This^^ If recoil is an issue get a heavy SG!
  3. It's Tex. You have to answer those questions also for the first five posts you make.
  4. Why is that? More consistent? I haven't started with BP yet, but try to gather as much info as possible. I purchased the Lee dipper set to start with.
  5. Thanks for the video! And I am looking forward to next ones outlining BP categories, Classic Cowboy and B-Western But I'd like to say that I stumbled upon the folling highlighted wording which I consider not completely true and may mislead a newbie: In my opinion, there is a lot of clothing that is not explicitly banned as 'outlawed item' but still doesn't comply with the rule you stated in your video about clothing: I mean, my snowboarding wear isn't outlawed, is long sleeved, fabric doesn't matter for clothing and it would be a darn
  6. You're talking about a "kids table"? Imho, not very welcoming... Change the word HAS to CAN and I may agree. Respectfully, Equanimous Phil
  7. In bed, sleeping? ..... sorry, just couldnt resist...
  8. I am also curious what others say, but my guess is that you could do that as long you cycle them all out before staging the rifle or going to the ULT. You probably could also overload with live rounds, just not use (shoot) one without penalty. If you'd use one you likely get a SOG as it was on purpose (kind of...)
  9. One of them (Sahara) was on my short list. Was a really hard decision...
  10. Thanks for this link, I checked the site yesterday and after e-mailing with David about the right size I just ordered one I chose a 100X (100% beaver) cavalry shape in a nice "sahara" color. The hat has a noticable cut on the top that had to be fixed with a few stitches, so it will perfectly match my face
  11. +1!!! Mine is hard chromed. While I don't know if that makes much of a difference I've used a SS spiral brush without any issues so far.
  12. Yes, shooting those big irons one handed is very nice!! I was referring to your kid's technique in my post. The more you get used to a habit the harder to relearn later.
  13. Just noticed: Shooting two handed it's much more common to cock the hammer with the supporting hand while the shooting hand firmly keeps the grip, Longhunter's videos are great to watch and learn Equanimous Phil
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