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  1. Here is a tribute to my old man. I have managed to drag him out of retirement a few times, if we lived closer I'm certain I could get him out regularly. His alias is Mancos and his badge number is 512. Hopefully someone knows the other members of this team shoot. I believe they were randomly selected and placed on teams. Here is a picture from 1988 EOT. Mancos is my father! Back then you could buckle in side events. The also got a very nice plaque. 1 st Place Team Shootists End of Trail April 1988 Team Members: Left to Right: Bible Thumper , Midway
  2. SASS Alias: Sgt Chesty SASS# 73317 Where you are from: Carlisle, PA How long you've been Cowboy Action Shooting: 13 years
  3. In the aged based categories you can use any "legal" holsters. So yes you could use a buscadero rig if you wanted to. Classic Cowboy and B Western have specific requirements for their leather.
  4. Sgt Chesty. 

    M D Lancadter here 

    Send me an email rtmoxley@gmail.com

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