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  1. I was just in a mood. Took me a little longer. I’m out of practice. But that’s good. I tend to eat too fast anyway according to Carol.
  2. Fresh, with olive oil or butter it’s fine. Overcooked, it’s nasty.
  3. Well. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices. Had some raw bok choy in my salad today. It was fine. Like cabbage or lettuce. Not like Kale. Cooked, it needs some additions. But a good cook can do that.
  4. Yup. Gun smoke used the old western set in Kanab, Utah a lot. Most westerns were filmed in California. Location moves are expensive. I suspect Gunsmoke was such a hit they had a pretty healthy production budget. Here’s a list of Gunsmoke locations. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0047736/locations?ref_=tt_dt_dt
  5. CGI stands for Computer Generated Images. They didn’t had any of them thangs.
  6. Ya Think? French history teacher beheaded
  7. The bok choy was surprisingly filling. I have lost 35 pounds since last year. But this had nothing to do with that. This was from a cookbook on meals for kidney disease patients. I have to learn a whole new story of cooking for Carol now.
  8. Here's a definite change of pace for us. Out of a kidney friendly cookbook. Shrimp and Bak Choy in parchment paper. Onions, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, jalapeno, cider vinegar, honey, and lime juice. I added a bit of Sriacha to kick it up a notch. with broccoli florets and chw mein noodles. (and my genuine war trophy chopsticks) Very pleasantly surprised. It was darn good. I added a bit of sriracha to ik it uop a notch. And a bit of Gekkeikan Sake just the way Bond likes it.
  9. An assault weapon is one thing. But when you say MACHINE GUN, liberals actually pass out. Like a possum under stress.
  10. Heads up ye scurvy Spaniards. 'Ere she comes!!
  11. And planet! And a big round thing called Luna.
  12. I spilt some on my stainless Vaquero. No effectat all.
  13. By a tactical do you mean weapon mounted or handheld?
  14. 1. The volume at concerts...and movie theaters these days prevents us from attending. 2. Thanks for not saying he was a trooper. That drives me nuts.
  15. I could never be that good. No matter how much I practiced.
  16. And most people would think it’s Col Sanders.
  17. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-54522203?xtor=AL-72-[partner]-[bbc.news.twitter]-[headline]-[news]-[bizdev]-[isapi]&at_custom1=[post+type]&at_custom2=twitter&at_custom4=B5F6FDD8-0D64-11EB-9D9F-9BDB4744363C&at_custom3=%40BBCWorld&at_medium=custom7&at_campaign=64
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