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  1. Wasn’t sure if you meany cattle or Dow Jones.
  2. In the US an AFV is primarily an armed personnel carrier. A tank would never be referred to as an AFV.
  3. Research would argue against that. These animals are not domesticated. Their genetic makeup will eventually overcome whatever loving human environment they have been raised in.
  4. No such thing as a wild cat that will make a good pet. They will temporarily seem to be okay, but it’s only temporary.
  5. I came very very close to that one morning.
  6. No doubt the fuselage is full of holes.
  7. I suspect he’s like that off camera too
  8. When you rid a bike you do it with a heightened sense of awareness. You have to be sharp of eye and fast of movement. Split second decision making is essential. Or you die.
  9. Funny thing was I went out to fill the feeder because the jays were kicking up a fuss. I thought it was because they were out of bird seed. I guess they were screeching at the cat. Nothing on the trail cam this morning. Well....not nothing. A bunch of pics of the feeder and pond. The wind blowing the bushes around last night triggered the camera about 50 times
  10. Filling the bird feeder at the pond and looked over to se the biggest Bobcat I have ever seen staring at me from about 20 feet away. I walked back to the door and locked back but he just sat there watching me. I called Carol to come see and he turned and slowly wandered up the hill.Thought it was a Lynx until I looked at photo comparisons. Definitely a whopper of a Bobcat. Couldn’t find any tracks. Ground is too rocky. I set the game camera out. Maybe he’ll come back for a drink later. Just another mini episode of Wild Kingdom. Without Marlin Perkins.
  11. Georgia at Tennessee. I think I’ll get me some popcorn. and a beer.
  12. The boats in the PT 109 movie were actually modified USAF air/sea rescue boats! No operational PTs could be found.
  13. The British army was, dare I say, a bit conservative. They were married to the Brown Bess and were convinced it was the best in the world. Like the US Generals in the Civil War they would have been horrified at the thought of those scurvy foot soldiers wasting ammunition. Volley fire and then give em cold steel was their strategy. That philosophy endured even when the 1903 was adopted. They insisted on a magazine cut off switch so the rifle could only be fired single shot until otherwise ordered. Even the semi-auto Garand was initially conceived with a 20 rd box magazine. The brass rejected it. Troops would fire too much ammo and lose valuable magazines.
  14. Vinyl records are the new hip thing maybe 35mm film will be. I got interested in basic photography when I was with Special Forces in the 60s in Germany. We had Leica cameras issued to each A team for target surveillance. Learned how to make contact prints under a poncho. We had a great photo lab on post too. After getting out, I did a lot of fiddling around in my own bathroom dark room. A lot more fun than digital stuff.
  15. Bison are cooler than Buffalo.
  16. That’s how it was with my department. I never took possession of a ccw holder’s weapon.
  17. Now I have something to do whilst sampling a wee dram o’ Scotch.
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