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  1. This year has really sucked. Mostly.
  2. Just how far in the future? you might only need rocks and a pointed stick
  3. A classic wacky movie by the Cohen Brothers. And Sam Elliott is in it briefly. snd that madam, is a White Russian, the Dude’s beverage of choice.
  4. I was in Phouc Vinh for The 4th in 1970. The 1st Cav CG put out an order that under no circumstances would there be any gunfire, hand held or mortar parachute flares, red, green, or white star clusters or smoke grenades. No kidding. Seriously. We laughed all night long at that.
  5. This will give you information. Searchable by name, city, etc. I went to visit the wall in 85 but was emotionally unable to make it down the walkway. Maybe someday. https://www.virtualwall.org
  6. Nothing but crickets here. And a fairly loud owl.
  7. I’ve even heard people in their 20s say that. It’s bad.
  8. I think I’ll Put The Big Lebowski in the BluRay and enjoy an appropriate beverage, man.
  9. I have about 8 N95s. Won't last long.
  10. Well not wanting to get more stressed out than I already am,I checked it out. THEY ARE NOT REPLACING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM. THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER WILL BE PLAYED AS USUAL. The other song will be played before it. I don't really care. The Star Spangled Banner was not played at ball games and sports venues until 1918. It did not officially become the national anthem until 1931. I think I'll save my outrage for something else. And I got plenty of it.
  11. The Zulu Assagi was unique however.
  12. Looks like Covid 19 may be airborne after all. That would explain the worldwide rapid spread. I never bought the concept that millions of people were infected by getting coughed or sneezed on.It just spread too fast.
  13. The Finns are the most expensive now. I’ve seen them for $600+. There used to be a seller in Florida who specialized in them.
  14. Right now I'm on the man cave laptop. We took it with us to Charlotte and my wife used it mostly, so now I'm having to change some settings. Home page, favorites, etc.
  15. I rarely do anything with my phone. If I’m in the man cave I use the laptop. In the house the I-Pad sits next to the recliner and is handiest.
  16. Another vote for Treso, if you can find em.
  17. If I was drinkin it, it wouldna got broke.
  18. The advent of the machine gun pretty much signaled the end of the bayonet charge. But isolated incidents have still occurred. The tactic of firing one volley and then charging with bayonets worked well for the British army for a a few centuries. Many an enemy unit fled the field at the approach of a thousand yelling men with gleaming steel affixed to their Brown Bess muskets. The employment of the accurate rifle by Colonials gave them some serious problems during our Revolution. But the bayonet charge persisted as a tactic through the 19th century and into the killing fields of France in 1914. Given the right conditions it can still be effective. But it’s rare. https://militaryhistorynow.com/2014/01/17/stickin-it-to-em-the-last-of-the-great-bayonet-charges/
  19. The prices are in the $250-400 range. A long way from the $79 specials of 8 or 10 years ago.
  20. It won’t. I couldn’t find a lot of pieces. It took a header off the 4 wheeler onto the rocks.
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