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  1. I’m trying to find a RN uniform. My beard wouldn’t make it with my other uniforms.
  2. The more lube the better, for Real BP. Substitutes are a different thing.
  3. I had 2 records as a lad. One was the Rudolph 45. I think Here Comes Santy Claus was the flip side. Just about wore it out. The other was Roy. Can’t recall his #1 side but the flip was The .old Rugged Cross, with Dale.
  4. https://www.bellmedia.ca/the-lede/tv/discovery/mighty-trains-2/
  5. It opened on Instagram for some reason
  6. I’d love to go but can’t make it this year. Going to be hot and probably rainy anyway, I do hope to attend the Winter Ball. https://1940sball.org/summer-ball/
  7. There are plenty of conservatives on Facebook, including some of us here. SASS has a FB page. Capt George Baylor does also. Yes it is owned by a jerk. So are a lot of companies. Ya have to balance the good with the bad. I ignore the jerks and uberlibs.
  8. An awesome airplane! https://disciplesofflight.com/beechcraft-model-17-staggerwing-aircraft-profile/
  9. Unless it’s because of smoke from wildfires. No sailors around here anyway. Just some cayakers.
  10. I’m reminded of the scene in Stripes when Harold Ramis was teaching the language class to immigrants and he asked if anyone knew any English. One guy raised his hand and said, “Sh**, Fu**, Son of B****”
  11. 1995. 21 years away from retirement. Why am I smiling? Must be punchy from the paperwork!
  12. Yeah.Especially at the casinos. I like Twin Arrows near Flagstaff myself. But I’m just a small time player.
  13. Most tree rats are useless except for protein. Earl, however, is different. More dog like than rodential. Can’t say I really dislike any critters. They just do what they do. They can test your patience though.
  14. I woke up in a crappy, dark depressed mood. I guess somehow the aggravation, minor though it was, somehow snapped me out of it. Go figure. Whatever works.
  15. I’m drinking Vodka. Made in Texas. Anything they can do, we can do better!
  16. I forgot to mention this is a cowboy coffee shop. You’ll take what’s served. No bellyachin, less you wanna ride drag tomorrow.
  17. Once I got the car cleaned out my new fancy coffee bean grinder arrived. Call me Utah Barista.
  18. Notice how neatly the bag split open as I gently tossed it into the car. What followed was a significant amount of cursing and 47 minutes of cleaning corn, peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc out of the cargo compartment of the Subaru. So how’s your day going?
  19. I kinda wish the deer would stop doing that around here.
  20. “Pax Romana” was the 200 year period of peace for the Roman Empire. Well, relative peace anyway.
  21. Yeah. Cortez. There’s a hardware in Dove Creek but they are always out of anything I need.
  22. Make an FKGCC ONLY stencil and fix it.
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