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  1. I added 3% if I messed up be sure to just keep it, keeps it simple and thanks !!
  2. Brazos makes a great bullet and well priced, less cost than many sources mentioned here. They have a .com and a Facebook page. I reallly like 'em ,and like that they sell sample pax .
  3. Lost art ? oh heck no, I often tell my buds that I shoot to reload. Now days don't shoot nor reload like before the dryup of components, but still doing it, still lovin' it.
  4. Brazos is shipping,give them a shout on FB or their website for shipping times.Good people
  5. bit of a hike from the Oregon coast but thanks ! check is in the mail.
  6. Slim that sounds great, pm me your addy and I'll have the gold dust headed your way right away. and thanks !! Ace Holliday, thanks pard, got 'er coverd looks like
  7. need 100 brass, prefer new, once or twice fired better than nothing . yellow brass, any brand, mhs even ok. as-is is fine. ... that easy enough for ya ? thanks !! area code 97439 if u need it, hoping sfrb will suffice
  8. The cast bullets I had for sometime hoping to get to them some day.Which never came.


    A lady close by called a friend of mine and said her husband had passed a couple years ago and wanted to know if he knew anyone who would like to buy all his reloading equipment,he mentioned me ,so I bought all he had lots of reloading equipment and ammo.Cast bullets and all.


    To make a long story short,I had intended to load and shoot a lot of them.I finally came to my senses and realized I was never going to get to it.  So I never messed with them and never loaded any of them so I don't know anything about them. I have shot a lot of his reloads and they shoot fine.


    Sorry I could not have been more help.


    Steve    aka  Dakota fox.

  9. fyi for those who say 'too 'late', I"m on several reloading pages on Facebook,and the number of newbies to reloading might just surprise ya. 8 years ago when ammo all but dried up,the number of newbs was thousands. It's backed off some,but they are still out there.
  10. The same situation drove me nuts a few years back,and yup, Mo powder was the answer in my .45's.
  11. Good luck to ya, 4 !! Have enjoyed shootin' with ya all these years. !
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