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  1. You and I are lucky to have "Bimart stores, nobody else sells TB for their price, or at least very few. That is why one of the comments..at least.. touted it as the most expensive. smokeless powder. Not if u buy it right and figure cost per oz. If one buys the 5 lb jug from Powder Valley with other things to offset Hazmat it's very close to any other pistol powder, cost-wise. Ignore the heathens who frown on my favorite .45 colt powder. They just haven't done their pricing homework. carry on ! and come shoot over in Florence with us, !
  2. I have a friend considering one of these, and it seems i've read more bad than good on these. Can ya'll help me out with experiences with them ? thankee kindly !
  3. while the original/copies of Henrys rate A in the cool catagory,, .. give a '73 a look, the side plates are much easier to remove and the tang separates making cleaning soooo much easier than a Henry or a '66. They all operate the same internally and can be smoothed and tuned, but you'll find that the '73's rule the game pretty much. hats? we don' need no stinking hats.! well,most catagories that is. Good leather and guns that run are the 2 most important, the rest is icing. imho you'd be better at 1st to shoot duelist, that gives you a free hand to rotate the cylinder if assist is needed, clear a cap, etc. welcome to a real fun shooting sport !
  4. Welcome to the fun and consternation that is SASS. ! ( Oh , youll find out what I mean, LOL ) practice your shotgun reloads...safely.. a LOT before each match the other guns are (almost) a gimme if you do that. YEE HA
  5. hope this is ok, FOUND IT, DELETE PLEASE a friend over north of Spokane,Wa has an Uberti Cattleman ,in .45 colt, would like to trade his std. frame and grips for a birds head frame and grips. HIs grip frame,being a Cattleman is Brass,but the birdshead in blue would be fine. You can TEXT him with what you have at... 509 844 7718 he's looking to trade even if possible. thanks,Pards.
  6. Is Long Hunter still around and working on guns ? My Google-Foo is weak today, fro some reason. Looking for Stoeger parts. Thanks ! .....FOUND WHAT I WANTED. THANKS. EDITED to say Long Hunter, THANKS Pale Wolf !!!
  7. those are a popular item on the rimfire central site, and bring a bit more,u might look into that if it don't sell here.
  8. I'm not, and not heard of anyone saying they had.
  9. with our 'long range' side matches upcoming, 'minute of close steel plate ' won't cut it on the 100 yard ram silhouette,so a group rather than a pattern would be much nicer.
  10. thanks all. got some. 454 diameter FOURTY FIVES coming to test.
  11. any action work been done to the carbine ?
  12. so I decided to actually sight in my Uberti-made '66. It's an early one, the rear sight slot being closer to the receiver. it shoots .452 bullets all over the place. !! Came home and found a few .454 boolits to slug the bore. VOILA, she measures . 454...does yours, if you have checked yours ??
  13. The cast bullets I had for sometime hoping to get to them some day.Which never came.


    A lady close by called a friend of mine and said her husband had passed a couple years ago and wanted to know if he knew anyone who would like to buy all his reloading equipment,he mentioned me ,so I bought all he had lots of reloading equipment and ammo.Cast bullets and all.


    To make a long story short,I had intended to load and shoot a lot of them.I finally came to my senses and realized I was never going to get to it.  So I never messed with them and never loaded any of them so I don't know anything about them. I have shot a lot of his reloads and they shoot fine.


    Sorry I could not have been more help.


    Steve    aka  Dakota fox.

  14. fyi for those who say 'too 'late', I"m on several reloading pages on Facebook,and the number of newbies to reloading might just surprise ya. 8 years ago when ammo all but dried up,the number of newbs was thousands. It's backed off some,but they are still out there.
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