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  1. I have used both and have had no issues with my TTN hammered dbl loading my BP shotgun shells. Nor have there been any issues with my wife's smokeless sg loads in her Stoeger. Hochbauer
  2. I shoot a 66 in 44wcf. When I bought it I had to choose between that one and a 73. Could not pass on the brass beauty. It now has a great patina...the only shiney spot on it is the new brass magazine cap. That said my next 44wcf would be a 73...just a bit easier to tear down. Hochbauer
  3. I load my 44-40 on a dillon 550 with Goex 2f pretty much fill the case top off with a 200 gr big lube bullet..Shotgun is loaded on mec jr also 2f. I use a square load 1oz of shot and equal amount of powder. For my ROA'S I load 25 gr of goex 3f. I preload tubes using Lyman bp measure. I think the dipper would be 1.6 but dont quote me on that. Hochbauer
  4. Being a darksider I pretty much do not have a choice but to reload my own ammo. Not to mention casting my own bullets. Its very satisfying and saves $$$
  5. I use a square load for my 12ga. Its a 1oz shot dipper of goex 2f and 1oz of 7.5 or 8 shot.I like to use fiber wads and roll crimp my hulls if I am feeling industrious. Have fun and be safe. Hochbauer
  6. These are brand new unless you count the 20 test rounds. I am asking $600.00 or open to a trade such as a TTN hammered dbl. But open minded. Prefer face to face here in Pa or Md. They are sequentially numbered. Hochbauer
  7. I am not familiar with the Pale Rider category. That said I am a darksider and use a square load of 2ff goex. Whatever amount of powder that goes into a 1 oz shot dipper and 1oz of shot. I prefer to use fiber wads but use the claybuster red wads. This will work real well on any takedowns. Hochbauer
  8. I was having issues loading 44-40 with smokeless kept having bullets getting pushed into the case. I was using a Lee FCD which have worked fine for me on other calibers. The redding crimp die resolved the issue. Money well spent. If I was loading bp and using the Lee fcd no issues as the bullet was resting on the powder. Hochbauer
  9. Lunger, If you want to shoot frontiersman for the NC state shoot I will be happy to bring an extra for you to use. Just let me know. Hochbauer
  10. I normally shoot a 66...no lever safety thing on that never had issues with an AD. The question is this....To those that shoot these did you leave it as is or lighten the tension if so how. Or can that just be removed? Hochbauer
  11. I have the Slix Shot nipples on my ROA's and with Rem #10 no issues...I tried CCI #11 not such good results. Tried with the stock nipples same thing. I do have a limited amount of Remington #10 so am going to use them sparingly and likely shoot some cartridge guns a bit more than I would like. But I think I do have some Treso nipples and will try them if they fit my ROA's. Sometimes its just not so easy to have fun. Hochbauer
  12. I have been shooting Frontiersman the past few seasons or as I refer to it as I shoot the Masochist category. Last year I began experimenting with an 87 I must say its going well at least it appears that way to me. Happily my ROA's run nicely and of course once in a while I may have to go round an extra time to get one chamber to go off...just part of the fun. Am going to EOT and starting off using my 87...that said my TTN double will be coming along just in case Hochbauer
  13. If I am feeling a bit industrious I like to roll crimp my BP shells. For the most part I use AA hulls but will use the STS once they get a bit a bit worn and they get roll crimped. They all get run through a super sizer before loading on a MEC jr. For my wifes smokeless she gets STS hulls which is her preference and loaded in a MEC 9000. This year I have been using a 87 which has only been fussy with my paper hulls. Hochbauer
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