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  1. I do the same as Colorado Coffinmaker: basically: I used a piece of 2x4 Drilled the block with a spade bit to accept the Brass Hull about 1/4 of an inch Down. Then I drilled a centered hole larger than the primer (all the way through). Ice pick and a hammer and a quick whack Very high tech. Total cost was reasonable Hochbauer
  2. I have found loading 44-40 takes a bit more time than loading straight wall cartridges. That said loading with real bp preferably 2f I pretty much fill up the case and then seat bp lubed bullets. My issues came with loading smokeless powder....collapsed bullets. I have always crimped with a separate die usually the Lee factory crimp die. Works fine for me on everything but the 44-40. I got the Redding profile crimp die....problem solved. That's my 2 cents worth. Sgt Hochbauer
  3. I could not help it after reading this so I went into the safe to check My ruger OMV's two clicks.....my wifes Smoke Wagons 4 clicks and my USAF 4 clicks...did not check the ROA's probably will check them after. Hochbauer
  4. I had a .38/.357 that I had tried many different bullets and OAL. finally sold it as my wife was not having fun shooting it and was getting frustrated. The person that bought it later told me he switched to .357 brass and it ran great...that was the one thing I failed to try. But she loves her 73 Codymatic. Hochbauer
  5. I will be shooting smokeless a few times and would like to load 44 Russian in my .44 spcls till its time to shoot the holy black again and put in the 44-40 cylinders...Just curious what some of your favorite loads might be. I know that I can get info from the reloading manuals and the powder manufacturers websites. Sgt Hochbauer
  6. Thanks for edumacating me on the correct terminology... Hochbauer
  7. My friend just showed me quite an interesting Lemon Squeezer in .32 rimfire....But where to find such ammo these days? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Hochbauer
  8. I wish that it had come apart in one of the dies. It happened at the range 2nd to the last round in my rifle and was in the chamber. But all is well now and time to get some casting done and load up some ammo.
  9. I never realized talking about shooting long range with a 44-40 could get folks so riled up and testy.... Hochbauer
  10. Yes I always lube the cases when loading 44-40. But truthfully cannot say how few or how many times that piece of brass was previously loaded before.
  11. Got my new die on Saturday and loaded up some sample rounds with Titegroup. Sadly due to the weather did not get out to the range until today. Success...why have I never heard of this die before. The Lee fcd works fine for me on all the straight wall ammo but if I get another bottle neck will also be getting the Redding die in that caliber. The test was a success until a case came apart and brought things to a screaming halt. Never had that happen before but after a bit of time on youtube found a fairly simple method to get that piece of the case free. Thanks again to all that suggested the die Hochbauer
  12. I got the die in the mail yesterday and loaded up about a dozen test rounds. Looks to be a winner. Will be heading over to the range later to test them out.
  13. I have them on my OMV's and shoot them duelist and like them very much...but I mostly shoot frontiersman with ROA's and shoot those with the original hammers...I have gotten use to shooting both. That said I will be getting the hammers lowered on the capguns over the winter. Sgt H
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