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  1. The title pretty much says it all. Would greatly appreciate any leads to where they can be purchased for a good price...Bass pro is about $8.00 per 100. Sadly I did not pay attention and did not realize that my supply is critically low. Hochbauer
  2. I don't have pictures of before and after...But I also put mine in to wet tumble and came out with the same results as Matthew Duncan. Sgt. H
  3. I load my 44-40 ammo using my Dillon 450 and Mec jr for my shotgun shells. But also have the Lyman bp powder measure that I use for loading tubes that I set up for my cap guns. I have tried the subs and if I were to go with one my choice would be APP...but the subs are sort of like eating boiled chicken...yes there is some smoke but no belching of flames. I am also guilty of not cleaning guns right after a match and none of them have turned to piles of rust or fallen apart but they do get cleaned within a day or two or three....yes I also still have some green brass too. That gets done eventually and when done usually stained and not shiny...but stained brass is still clean and shoots just as well as the shiny. That's my 2 cents as the saying goes "Just Do It" Hochbauer
  4. I have to say Rugged gear. I had a 2 gun cart that got converted to a 4 gun when my wife began shooting...needed more room and bought the larger 4 gun cart much better for the two of us. Then I began shooting cap guns so again room was limited. That said I bought a jogging stroller and set it up so I can carry all of my paraphernalia and use as a loading station. Now we each have plenty of room. My friend bought the original cart from me and he is likes it. You might try posting on the classifieds someone may have one for sale. Hochbauer
  5. I sent my Lee pro 20 melting pot back for repair as the flow control ceased working. Was shipped to them on the 10th and had it back on the 15th. No charge. The new parts seem to be an improvement over the original. I believe its just as easy to share a positive experience with a company as it is to say something negative. Hochbauer
  6. I am looking for the hard rubber grips that are on the Blackhawk showing on the Ruger website. I am told they are thinner than the standard walnut grips. I have small hands and have not found any that felt comfortable. I have grips on my ROA's that are perfect but have no idea where they came from and its a pain to keep switching. Am open for other suggestions.....Also trying to be frugal. Hochbauer
  7. I have loaded .38spl with APP fff the ff was like chunks of charcoal. But the fff metered well through my Dillon. I have tried the subs but for me they lacked the pyrotechnics of shooting real BP. But of all of the subs my first choice if I were to use that would be APP. That said I rarely shoot the .38spcl but if I do it is a full case of real Goex ff. My rifle is 44wcf loaded with a full case of Goex ff and 200gr bullet. Pistols ROA's with about 25gr Goex fff . I have tried fillers and would have to agree with Mr. Johnson regarding the use of fillers more trouble than its worth. If you do feel the need for filler than try fiber wads from Circlefly that have wads for about every caliber you shoot. That's my 2 cents Hochbauer
  8. Loaded up some rifle/pistol ammo seemed to shoot well...shotgun as well Thanks for the assist
  9. Thanks for the info will be doing some reloading a bit later and out to the range Hochbauer
  10. Thanks for the info will be doing some reloading a bit later and out to the range Hochbauer
  11. Have a jug of Unique and cannot find data for 105 gr bullet ....and since I am asking a 7/8oz load for sg. Thanks Sgt H
  12. I now shoot ROA's but also have 51 Navies in .44 Before the match I clear the nipples by popping off some caps only. For loading the cylinders I have found these to be a great help. I got them from Dixie Gun Works. They get the powder charge and then the balls seals the tube. I have a simple loading stand and pinch off the ball pour in the powder then I top it with a lubed wad from Circle Fly and seat the ball. I have the treso nipples on my Navies and Slix shot on the ROA's. If you are going to cast buy a 6 cavity mold that makes life easier I have two cavity molds too. Track of the Wolf carries the 6 cavity Lee mold for under $60.00 Have fun!!!! Sgt H
  13. I had the exhaust system on my 2006 Tundra replaced back in November of 2015. A few weeks ago I notice one of the pipes was hanging funny. Upon further inspection I noticed it was rotting through near the muffler. Today it totally came off with a little help from me. I reside in central Pa and during the winter they are generous with the salt on the roads. But have never had that happen before on a vehicle...I am the 2nd owner so do not know if the system I replaced was original to the vehicle. Curious as to what others think on this topic. Hochbauer
  14. We watched it twice and recorded it..No doubt we will watch it again. Was also glad to see the doc was still with us and not a "Lunger". On a side note EB was at a book signing in Harrisburg and sadly we found out the day after would have liked to have met him and bought his book. Sgt Hochbauer
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