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  1. I have been using a 1oz square load which is a 1 oz shot dipper of powder and 7.5 or # 8 shot. I use a nitro card over the powder and then lubed wad (from Circlefly) shot then overshot card and roll crimp and have been cheating and using my drill press to do the crimp. It does not come out as nicely as the antique onces but my shotgun does not complain so I will just have to deal with it. Sgt H
  2. Thanks...that is something that I religiously do after putting on the caps. Hochbauer
  3. As I am sure many of you are having difficulties getting Remington # 10 caps. I have the Slix shot nipples on my ROA's. They are not fond of anything other than the Remington caps. Do any of you use Treso nipples and are they less fussy about what caps you use? Any information would be appreciated or educated opinions. Sgt Hochbauer
  4. Had a great time and was on a fun posse. No P traps other than self inflicted ones. Looking forward to next years match. Also had a chance to taste some pineapple pie....it was most excellent! Hochbauer
  5. Tom, Did someone give you a hard time this past weekend for that at Ruckus? I shoot duelist too but only use the one had to pickup the gun when staged on the table.
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