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  1. I have used Wolf primers in the past and they worked as well as the Federals in my pistols and rifle. I would buy them if they were available. They were less expensive than Federals and Winchester. Hochbauer
  2. There is some good info on this subject on the wire section...Loading info for S&W .38
  3. Will be at the New Jersey State shoot this weekend and bringing a 5lb jug of TB doing this for a friend he is asking $160.00. I will be there tomorrow afternoon. First come first served. Hochbauer
  4. I use a stand similar to what Warden Callaway is using. If you look at his cart he has tubes which I am guessing he preloads before coming to a match. I do something similar so I do not have to mess around with a powder flask at a match. The slix rammer is money well spent I have one too. Also put the Slix nipples on my ROA's but mine only like Remington #10 caps. Back to what to have on your cart...I have dental pics that look like small brushes to clean my nipples. Balistol and bore butter. Or a some PAM which is a mixture of equal parts of Murphys oil soap, peroxide and alcohol. Works well. I carry a piece of wooden dowel in my pouch so I can make sure my caps are firmly seated. I am sure there will be more suggestions coming your way. I have a rugged gear cart that my wife and I shared...but once I got into shooting frontiersman I found a baby stroller and converted that to be my cart and it has a nice solid work area on top and room for all of my stuff. If you go on Fake Book and lookup Captain Baylor there was a big thread on this topic of what to carry on a gun cart and lots of pics. Hochbauer
  5. Lots of good information. I am going to be patient and get the right components before I shoot the gun. I just might look for some loaded ammo as suggested. This is not going to be used all that much so a box of 50 will last for a spell. This looks to become a winter project. Thanks all for your input. Hochbauer
  6. Larsen, Sometimes you just dont see the obvious...as I have been casting and reloading for so long buying ammo has been out of my thougt pattern for a very long time. Hochbauer
  7. I am trying to use the resources that I have on hand (also being cheap) and do have lots of .38 spcl and a trimmer. Also have a goodly amount of 100 gr hollow base wad cutters. Any particular powder or load would you suggest? Hochbauer
  8. Was given a HR breaktop. Is it critical to use .38 s&w brass or will .38 spcl brass trimmed to the correct length work and be safe. I have 100 gr hbwc or 105 gr tc bullets...as far as powder I have trail boss ,clays,also bullseye and goex. Any info or suggestions much appreciated. Hochbauer
  9. Thanks in advance...I possibly have the opportunity to purchase a sealed 5lb jug of Trail Boss. Just looking for some idea of what would be a reasonable price to pay in this current market...the seller wants to be fair and is not really sure of what to ask. Hochbauer
  10. As the old saying goes..."The check is in the mail" Looking forward to another fun match. Sgt. Hochbauer
  11. Thanks for sharing your pics and now have to decide what to do. Hochbauer
  12. Here is my 66 and hammered dbl....my 87 has not been touched yet.
  13. Looks like you used the same base as the cart I have already done thought you might like this idea for your pistols.
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