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  1. Bullets by Scarlett......You can get a raincheck on the hug until you get to meet her in person. She also carries finished ammo as well. Hochbauer
  2. I would have to say he was the one that introduced me to Cowboy action shooting and was my mentor in all aspects of the sport. We met at a gun shop that he worked at and told me about the sport. Said it was the most fun you could have with your pants on. That weekend was the last shoot of the season at Westshore Posse. After watching that and listening to him I was hooked. That was the beginning of what became a very close friendship. Although he chastised me for going to the Darkside he liked to tease me about that. But was happy to hand his beloved Colts over to Dances with Toe shoes to give her lessons for shooting cowboy. He was responsible for getting many people into the sport. Since he has been unable to attend any matches the past few years due to his health I always made sure to bring him the shooters book from any 3 day match Dances and I attended....sadly I am unable to give him the one from the NC match we just came home from. Hired Gun you will be missed by all of us . Sgt Hochbauer
  3. Was a fun weekend...Enjoyed all the stages except maybe the one I got a P on. But did like the movement on the stages that called for it. I shall return! Hochbauer
  4. I am shooting an original trapdoor carbine. I have been casting 405 gr hollow base bullets. My first batch that I loaded was 60 gr of 2f. It was dead on at 100 yards. But the load thumped the heck out of my shoulder after shooting 15 rounds. That was what the original load was from what I had researched it was 70gr for the rifle but they switched to a 500gr bullet. I had gotten my info from a book the 45-70 springfield by joe poyer and craig riesch. It was more for collectors but had tons of info on all models of the original. I have seen smokeless ammo at sportsmans wearhouse marked as cowboy loads. Was at the NJ state shoot and they had a long range setup the Quigley which was 300 yards at a bucket...much to my amazement I hit it. Good luck and have fun! Sgt Hochbauer
  5. I load smokeless on a MEC 9000 works well for me. But I have it sitting in a baking pan when I bolt it down as things happens and shot and powder is confined to one spot. I mostly use a MEC jr for my bp shells or a PW375 both of which are single stage. The Mec jr would be a good place to start and its simple to use. Especially since you already have one. Hochbauer
  6. I was not planning on lubing the bullets. But that is why I posted this to get info. Are you lubing the bullets . I am also shooting a 66 with 24" barrel in 44wcf
  7. This was interesting. I recently got a 1873 springfield trapdoor carbine. Anyone know how to use a Buffington sight? I did manage to adjust it and hit a target at 300 yards but would like to get more knowlegable on how to really use it. Not trying to steal the thread. Hochbauer
  8. I am curious if anyone has been using the powder coated bullets using real BP and if you found any issues with that. I got 500 44-40 bullets and were curious if anyone has had any issues, or should I save them for smokeless. Hochbauer
  9. I am shooting a 405gr hollow base bullet in my Springfield Trapdoor carbine. I cast my own bullets and lube with a bees wax and crisco lube. It worked well for me last weekend at the NJ state shoot hitting a bucket at 300 yards. My first attempt at loading 45-70 was educational. I found information the original load was 60 gr of bp. That was not fun to shoot so I dropped it to 50 gr of Scheutzen 2f. which is the only BP that I have found locally. Hochbauer
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