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  1. I had the pleasure of shooting the 1st wave on day 3. I took my guns back to the hotel the night before and they were nice and dry, I found a place to charge the pistols under an umbrella or tent each stage. Also covered the pistols even though they were already under my rain coat when going to the loading table. Once they were charged I used those nice cases we had gotten to keep them dry. Long story short 12 stages and no failure to fire. Shot clean match except for that one pesky P
  2. I cannot imagine what my pair of SS .38/.357 OMV's must be worth today..... Hochbauer
  3. Am doing some research for a friend and trying to get an idea of the value of a barrel. Its a 7.5 inch colt 45 caliber. Not sure if its 2nd or 3rd gen. Any info would be appreciated. Hochbauer
  4. Did you seat all of the caps with a pusher after capping the cylinders?
  5. We attended EOT in 2014. It was a long drive coming from Central Pa. Fortunately we had family to visit on the way there and back. This year was a not so quick 10-12 hour drive. But was that made it like it was around the corner. I am not retired quite yet so time off is a determining factor of what big shoots we can attend. If it can be alternated that would be great...if not I would still try to make the trip out west and see the sights on the other side of the country. It was a great match aside from the rain....Kudos to all that ran the match and who helped get the range ready.
  6. I have been loading 44wcf and was using a Lee fcd. It was suggested to push out the collet and clean between the fingers...that made a bit of a difference. But still had some issues on the rare occasion when I loaded smokeless powder cases collapsed in the rifle. The Redding profile crimp die solved the issue for me. I would still use the Lee fcd for straight wall cases. Hochbauer
  7. Will be packing the vehicle later on and be on the road early Saturday morning.....I brought 4 boxes of shotgun for each of us. Time to go and cleanup the vehicle and begin the countdown. Safe traveling to all. Sgt Hochbauer
  8. I tried the CCI #11's on my ROA's with the slix shot nipples....was not happy with the results. I have been saving my Remington # 10s for EOT. Will experiment more after EOT. The Slix shot nipples and Rem caps worked great. Hochbauer
  9. I have been playing with an 87 and getting the hang of it. My normal go to dbl is a TTN hammered gun. I am bringing both to EOT. Still not sure which I will use for the main match. I will try running the 87 for the Plainsman side match. Hopefully I will make the right decision....will find that out next week. Hochbauer
  10. Just curious if there is an updated vendor list going to be available in the near future???? Hochbauer
  11. I think that I am seeing some casting and reloading today and perhaps a quick trip to the range to test some ammo. Having fun can be lots of work! Hochbauer
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