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  1. Dutch, Sorry but as the posting says face to face....To be honest I am lazy and that would entail way to much work and would just like to do a quick hand off with someone local. Sgt H
  2. Shotgun was used for one match. Have box and paperwork. It has had some work done on it safety disabled polished chambers. Shucked shells nice. Asking $405.00 (Not negotiable) Will do face to face only Pa or Md I will be at Thurmont this weekend. You can call 917 913-9391 if you have any questions Sgt Hochbauer
  3. How you doing Hochbauer, Snake-eye here.

    I wanted to contact you about my 1878 sxs. I decided to sell my backup which is basically new unfired with original box and paperwork, no work done on it. Thought I'd give you first crack at it before I advertise it. Get back to me if interested.

  4. If for some odd reason I do have to load some smokeless ammo for my 44-40 its 6 gr of TB and 200 gr bullet. But at least when loading with Goex ff I never have to worry about a bullet collapsing, the case is pretty full.....so no collapse. Hochbauer
  5. Get the Magtech brass hulls they use the large pistol primer and are not particularly expensive. I am sure you can order them from Midway or Cabelas unless a local place near you carries them. Sgt Hochbauer
  6. I am shooting real BP an occasional smokeless shell here and there and no to the vinegar cleaning or antiquing....When I do clean it I run hot water down the barrels and then follow up with moose milk. But I did speak with the shop and was told that it was OK and not what I thought was wrong. Will be picking it up and get the scoop. Hochbauer
  7. Thats odd about the message thing. I did get it repaired....BUT they epoxied the barrels...not what I was initially told that was going to be used was supposed to be a special automotive adhesive. Well stopped by the house grabbed 2 boxes of shells...bet you can guess what happened....yup gun went back to the shop. Now waiting to hear back to see what the next step is.
  8. Been shooting this gun for several years. Sadly to discover the barrels were beginning to separate. Anyone else have this issue? Sgt H
  9. I have a 66 in 44-40 24" barrel.....Love it! Except when I have to take it apart to clean the innards. When I bought my rifle I had the choice between that and a 73 but liked the looks of the 66. That said my next gun would be a 73 same caliber and from what I have seen of the Miroku Winchesters they are nice out of the box. Hochbauer
  10. I have a pair of the metal lined holsters for my OMV's and they fit the guns perfectly.....
  11. I have been loading 44-40 on a Dillon 450 with RCBS dies and Lee factory crimp die......Take your time as others have said I have the proof of that in a bucket under my bench. I like the Dillon case lube. Sgt Hochbauer
  12. I have been loading real BP on my Dillon 450 for 44-40 and shotgun on MEC Jr and PW 375....no special mods for either. Sgt Hochbauer
  13. I was given a Hornady Projector press...but did not come with the primer pick-up tubes. Was hoping to find some here that might be gathering dust and at a reasonable price and for large primer primarily but large and small are available ...please let me know. I tried the Dillon tubes that does not work to well. Sgt Hochbauer
  14. I have two work benches one for pistol/rifle and one for shotgun. The shotgun bench has holes drilled to fit MEC jr and MEC 900 also for a PW375. That bench is pretty much for shotgun loading and assorted other projects. I use bolts with wings nuts and washers...easy on and off when needing to switch-The other has a Square deal and Dillon 450 each on a strong mount....those are for now in their permanent location...mounted in between using bolts, wingnuts and washers is a Hornady Projector...that one is not in a permanent position. The inline products look very nice...but this system of nuts and bolts works fine for my needs.. Sgt Hochbauer
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