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  1. Thanks for all the info looks like I will be ordering a Redding die in the near future.... Hochbauer
  2. Normally I load and use the Lee Factory Crimp die which works well with a full case of BP. But when I load smokeless that is another story and I end up with collapsing bullets. I cannot get the seating crimping die to do both I have tried. Is there another crimp die or am open to other suggestions. Thanks Sgt Hochbauer
  3. If I have to soil my 44-40 rifle or pistols with smokeless powder I have been using 6.0 grains of TB with a 200gr bullet....works fine. But I do have a jug of Unique and think will be trying that over the winter. Hochbauer
  4. I was shooting Goex ff and App 3f in my Marlin 1894 in 38 spcl and was able to run a full match with no problems...That was easier to take apart to clean than my 66 which is 44-40. Wish I had a Marlin in 44-40... that's my story and I am stickin to it! Hochbauer
  5. I had my gun belt made with 3 dbl holders in the front it seemed like a good idea at the time.....After trying that a few times did not care for the location and now use a canvas belt with single loops that are close together so grabbing two to load my double works for me. My wife prefers to use slides. Hochbauer
  6. Sadly I can relate to this too. The barrels on my TTN separated and I took it to a gun shop where I would say where most of my wife's and my cowboy guns have come from. Without going into the details of how LONG it took till I got it back. After picking it up I head straight to the range to try it out. After two boxes of shells...you guessed it the barrels separated. I took it back after a few days got a call that it could not be repaired and they would give me a $100.00 dollar credit for parts. My reply was for $100.00 I would put it on the mantle. Not to mention was going to give it to someone else to work on. When I went to pick it up I was told that I could not have it back or the barrels would be cut up while I was there. I was for sure taken by surprise and by the owners attitude. I was given a credit for the repair and my old shot gun. I picked out a Stoeger and they slicked it up a bit. I did want a hammerless shotgun but not like this. I found someone that had a new in the box hammered double similar to what I had....sold the Stoeger annoyed me each time that I used it (only two matches) After all of that I would NEVER step foot in that shop again nor recommend anyone to shop there.
  7. I have my cart set up so I can load on that....generally I will work the unloading table and after about 4 shooters my pistols are ready to go and then I can help reset targets or spot. I precharge loading tubes and set up baggies with 10 each and another baggie with lubed wads from Circlefly...less expensive than wonder wads. It takes a bit of practice till you find the routine that works best for you.
  8. I have had a love hate relationship with this tumbler since I gotten it. The last batch I did was the first time I used a bit of the Lemi Shine......what an amazing difference that it made. My results have previously been clean but dull brass. Not that the dull brass makes any difference especially since I shoot BP. That said I am still not getting rid of my dry tumbler.
  9. My app will be in the mail in the morning...... Sgt H
  10. I am loading 44WCF on my 450 did not see the reason to switch it over to a 550. That said I have the Dillon powder die that I can use with my Lyman BP thrower and its set and need no adjustments. But I also have the older spring operated Dillon powder measure which someone at Dillon suggested to stick with. But I load Goex with that and sometimes you do need to clean out the funnel as they sometimes bridge, I found that was needed more when I used to shoot APP. Once my dies are set then its sort of once and done. That's my cents Hochbauer
  11. The title pretty much says it all. Would greatly appreciate any leads to where they can be purchased for a good price...Bass pro is about $8.00 per 100. Sadly I did not pay attention and did not realize that my supply is critically low. Hochbauer
  12. I don't have pictures of before and after...But I also put mine in to wet tumble and came out with the same results as Matthew Duncan. Sgt. H
  13. We watched it twice and recorded it..No doubt we will watch it again. Was also glad to see the doc was still with us and not a "Lunger". On a side note EB was at a book signing in Harrisburg and sadly we found out the day after would have liked to have met him and bought his book. Sgt Hochbauer
  14. How you doing Hochbauer, Snake-eye here.

    I wanted to contact you about my 1878 sxs. I decided to sell my backup which is basically new unfired with original box and paperwork, no work done on it. Thought I'd give you first crack at it before I advertise it. Get back to me if interested.

  15. Sgt. Hochbauer,  I didn't see an answer to your question about a 12 gauge load for 7/8 oz. and TiteGroup.  I have been using TiteGroup now for  about 6 months and it's a dandy 7/8 oz. load that is both pleasant to shoot and power enough to knock down our heavy steel silhouettes.  I use MEC bushing #17 in  bar 302 78  (which throws 17.5 gr. of TiteGroup), Win 209 primers, Down Range DRXXL- 7/8 wads.  Used them on opening day of doves and it's a great dove load too.  Hope this helps.

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