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  1. I have found that Lee dies in .38/357 work well and with using the Lee factory crimp die. The Redding profile crimp dies works awesome for my 44-40 when loading smokeless powder, where the Lee die was not as good for me but fine for BP loads. Could have been me as well. I use a little of everything as far as dies go but do like the Dillon sizing decapping die very much. that's my 2 cents Hochbauer
  2. My normal match shotgun is a hammered double it seems strange to shoot any double without hammers. That said I do enjoy shooting my 97 but don't use it enough to be consistent on how I load it. This year I am going to try and have fun with an 87 definitely going to be a challenge as if shooting Frontiersman is not enough. Best to try shooting as many as you can before you buy and see what you are most comfortable shooting. Hochbauer
  3. I have been shooting a Uberti 66 in 44-40 feeding it a regular diet of Goex 2f I have not really done much as far as tuning other than changing some springs. That said having handled a box stock Miroku Winchester it was pretty sweet and would certainly like having one of their 73 also 44-40. Generally I shoot Frontiersman so am not having to worry so much about matching ammo. But I have a pair of Vaqueros in .357 that I enjoy shooting too. So then there is a mix of ammo no biggie as I also load .38 for the Mrs. Try as many as you can before you buy. Thats my 2 cents Hochbauer
  4. I know someone had it on here and I could not find the post for it. I just finished my last bottle of Clays and have a pretty full 4lb jug of unique. In the past someone had given some data for a light load. I have been loading 7/8oz loads for my wife. Any info would be appreciated and if you know which Mec bushing I would need to use. Thanks Hochbauer
  5. I have been shooting my Uberti 66 also in 44wcf I changed the lifter springs...other than that its pretty stock. I also cast my own bullets and make my own lube too. Just fill up the cases with Goex and it will take a few hours for that grin to come off your face after shooting it. On another note if and when you get your reloading dies I bought the Redding profile crimp die. I normally use the Lee factory crimp die for all my other ammo. But the 44-40 gave me some issues when on the rare occasion loading smokeless...collapsing cases. This solved the problem for me...others may or may not agree on that. Lastly that rifle is way to shiny it might blind the RO. Sgt Hochbauer
  6. I use a square load 1 oz shot dipper of Goexff 1oz of shot either 7.5 or 8 ...powder nitro card fiber wad and then shot with over shot card hot glued over the shot. But I just got from Circlefly paper shot cups. From what he told me there were good reports on how they worked. I have loaded up some but have not yet had the chance to try them out. Not sure if they are on his website www.circlefly.com his # is 717 862-3600 Hochbauer
  7. I know there are no parts available from Hornady. Am looking for a large primer tube. I have several shell plates for the machine I would be happy to trade one for the primer tube. They are as follows : 01,06,16,08,30,32...am not sure at what calibers these are for. Also not sure if they will fit a current LNL press. If interested in the shell plates make me an offer I cannot refuse. Hochbauer
  8. Does anyone use Graf&son re en-actor powder for pistol rifle and shotgun. The price is certainly nice. But hoping for some feedback from some fellow Darksiders. Would be for 44-40. Thanks in advance Hochbauer
  9. I have to agree with Garrison Joe on the Redding crimp die for 44-40 I was also using the Lee fcd but but had issues with collapsing bullets when loading smokeless. Loading with a full case of Goex never a problem. The Redding die solved the problem for the smokeless. Hochbauer
  10. I would agree with Lead Monger on this for my SG and 44-40....Although I generally use Goex FFF in my ROA's and 38 spcl. Hochbauer
  11. MY wife's Smokewagons were tuned by Cody and she is also shooting a 73 Codymatic in .38 specl. Both the rifle and pistols are a pleasure to shoot...if she lets me touch them that is. But the fit is very important and can make a bit difference. Hochbauer
  12. Looks like a neat gadget and probably a bit pricey. I have a simple wooden stand that I use when loading my ROA's Also have pre measured tubes with the charges I use. It would be another nice gadget to have but would not want to be taking the cylinders in and out at a match unless there was some issue. That's my 2 cents on the subject. Hochbauer
  13. I have 235 gr bullets Trail boss powder...Unique...Clays and Goex ff. But for now am interested in some load suggestions for smokeless. For sure there will be some rounds loaded up with the Goex. The rifle is an Winchester 94. Thanks Hochbauer
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